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20 BEST Things To Do With Kids In Tulsa, OK (Something For Everyone!)

Explore the top 20 family-friendly activities in Tulsa, OK! From the Tulsa Zoo to the Gathering Place, find fun for kids of all ages. Perfect for travelers.

Tobi Miles
September 10, 2022
20 BEST Things To Do With Kids In Tulsa, OK (Something For Everyone!)

Tulsa is the capital of Oklahoma, located along the Arkansas River. Known for its historic architecture and rich history, this city has plenty to offer for travelers of all ages.

When visiting the city of Tulsa, there are endless activities to explore for family travelers. Families with children can visit one of many museums, including the Tulsa Children’s Museum and Tulsa Air and Space Museum. The Tulsa Aquarium and Tulsa Zoo provide excellent educational opportunities, while parks and amusement centers allow children to get active and enjoy the fresh air. 

If you are planning to visit Tulsa and looking for family-friendly activities to add to your itinerary, look no further. Read on to discover the 20 best things to do in the city for children of all ages. 

1.Tulsa Children’s Museum 

Credit: Tulsa Kids

📍Map It: 3123 Riverside Dr, Tulsa, OK 74105 | Phone: (918) 295-8144 | Website | Hours: Open 9:30 am - 5 pm| Entrance: $10 children ages 2 and up, children 2 and under free | Age Group: All ages welcome

The Tulsa Children’s Museum, also known as the Discovery Lab, is an interactive play center with tons of exhibits and crafts to participate in. The museum is open to children of all ages, and is open daily from morning to evening. 

Some of the most interesting exhibits on the property are centered around Japanese origami, water, energy, math, and music. There is an area known as the “Ballapalooza”, which consists of a large play area with colorful balls to play with. If you are in the Tulsa area with children and looking for a fun indoor activity to beat the heat, this is the place to go! 

2. Gathering Place 

Credit: Wikipedia

📍Map It: 2650 S John Williams Way, Tulsa, OK 74114 | Phone: (918) 779-1000 | Website | Hours: Open daily 9 am - 9 pm | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Gathering Place is a recreational park in Tulsa located near the Arkansas River. The entire property consists of a massive 66.5 acres of land, with tons of attractions to explore within. 

It was created by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and intended to be a place for children of all ages to learn and play. Some of the things to do at the park include visiting the Discovery Lab Museum and participating in a variety of amusement rides. These include the Reading Tree, Fairyland Forest, Spiral Connector, and Volcanoville, to name a few. 

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3. Oklahoma Aquarium 

Credit: OK Aquarium

📍Map It: 300 Aquarium Dr, Jenks, OK 74037 | Phone: (918) 296-3474 | Website | Hours: Wednesday - Monday 10 am - 6 pm, Tuesday 10 am - 9 pm | Entrance: $19.95 per adult, $15.95 per child (3-12) | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Oklahoma Aquarium is located in the city of Jenks, easily accessible in less than 20 minutes from Tulsa. The aquarium has tons of interesting exhibits, along with a calendar of special events to take advantage of during your visit. 

The EcoZone Gallery will take you through a variety of terrains from deep sea caves to rocky coves, while the Extreme Amazon hosts a wealth of colorful fish in a 3,800 gallon freshwater tank. Walk through the property further to find a playground and Shark Tunnel. 

4. Guthrie Green 

Credit: Guthrie Green

📍Map It: 111 E Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK 74103 | Phone: (918) 574-2421 | Website | Hours: Open daily 6 am - 11 pm | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

Guthrie Green is a well-loved urban park in Tulsa, home to exciting activities and events year-round. On a typical day, you can expect to see outdoor fitness classes and green markets. There is a cafe on the property, as well as occasional concerts and music festivals to take advantage of. 

The First Friday Art Crawl provides an educational opportunity for families to view local artists’ work. The great thing about Guthrie Green is that it’s open to all ages and free of cost for entry. It is a community source of health, wellness, and entertainment with unique events to explore daily.

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5. Ultimate Reefs and Aquariums 

Credit: Ultimate Reefs and Aquariums / Facebook

📍Map It: 6020 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74145 | Phone: (918) 622-6366 | Website | Hours: Open Monday-Saturday 11 am - 6 pm, Closed Tuesday Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

Ultimate Reefs and Aquariums is a leading provider of tropical fish in Oklahoma. With a large selection of tanks, gear, and, of course, fish, it is a wonderful place to spend the day shopping around with kids. 

Children will enjoy viewing the colorful displays and spotting different species of fish. Who knows, you may return home from your trip with a new pet or two! 

6. Blue Dome District 

Credit: C. A. Seidel Sohne / Flickr

📍Map It: Tulsa, OK | Website | Hours: | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Blue Dome District is a historic neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the name suggests, it is characterized by classical buildings topped with blue domes. 

There is more to do here than just viewing the architecture, however. This place is a center for dining, shopping, entertainment, and even nightlife. When visiting with kids, there are plenty of daytime events to take advantage of during your stay. 

7. Shuffles: Board Game Cafe 

Credit: Discover Oklahoma TV

📍Map It: 207 E Archer St unit e, Tulsa, OK 74103 | Phone: (918) 728-7252 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Friday 5pm - 11 pm, Saturday 12pm - 12 am, Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm, Closed Monday| Entrance: $6 per person (game pass) Kids 5 and under free | Age Group: Open to all ages, age 3+ recommended for most games

Shuffles Board Game Cafe is a unique excursion for children of all ages. The establishment serves food and beverages in a restaurant setting, which is open to the public. If you purchase a game pass, you will have access to a plethora of thrilling and nostalgic board games. 

The passes cost $6 per person for kids 5 and older, those who are under 5 years old are granted a game pass for free. This makes the board game cafe perfect for families with young children. While babies and toddlers can enter, a minimum age of 3 is recommended to be able to participate in most of the games.

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8. Center of the Universe 

Credit: Management / TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 1 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103 | Hours: Open 24 hours | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Center of the Universe is another unique landmark to visit with children that will create unforgettable memories of your trip to Tulsa. When you stand on this wondrous spot, any noise you make will bounce back to you, only much louder. 

This unexplainable phenomenon can be enjoyed by children of all ages, and accessed for free every day year-round! Your kids will love to shout things and hear them echo back at a higher volume. This is a great way for children to dispose of any extra energy, and have some stories to tell after they leave!

9. Tulsa Air and Space Museum 

Credit: Management / TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 3624 N 74th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74115 | Phone: (918) 834-9900 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am - 4 pm, Closed Sunday-Monday | Entrance: $11 per adult, $8 per youth (5-12), children 4 and under free | Age Group: Ages 0-12 

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is a preservation of Tulsa and Oklahoma aerospace history. It is an excellent interactive educational activity to keep kids busy during your trip to Tulsa. 

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, but closed on Sundays and Mondays, which is something to plan ahead for. Admission is $8 per child, with children 4 and under admitted for free. The venue is friendly for all age groups, but kids 12 and under may enjoy this attraction the most.

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10. Wheels and Thrills 

Credit: Tulsa Kids

📍Map It: 10637 N Garnett Rd, Owasso, OK 74055 | Phone: (918) 272-7537 | Website | Hours: Open Thursday-Sunday & Tuesday 10 am - 1pm, closed Monday and Wednesday| Entrance: general admission starts at $10 | Age Group: Tiny Tots session (6 & under) Thursday mornings, All ages welcome

Wheels and Thrills is a nostalgic skating rink in Tulsa’s nearby town of Owasso. The family entertainment center offers general admission skating, as well as birthday parties and private events. 

In addition to the skating rink itself, there is an arcade on the property and a bounce house area. It is a one-stop shop for children’s entertainment, allowing families to spend an entire day there. 

One of the best things about this place is the Tiny Tots sessions they host on Thursday mornings. This is a time for children under 6 years old to go around the skating rink without potentially getting hurt by older children in an accident. 

This place is definitely something to consider for families with toddlers and other small children. Keep in mind that they are only open from 10 am to 1 pm, and close on Monday and Wednesday. 

11. BounceU Tulsa 

Credit: BounceU

📍Map It: 8922 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133 | Phone: (918) 249-0090 | Website | Hours: Open daily 9 am - 9 pm| Entrance: $9.99 per child (open bounce on Wednesday) private parties start at $295 | Age Group: Ages 2+ 

BounceU is a children’s amusement center in Tulsa with inflatable toys and trampolines to explore. They specialize in birthday parties and private events, charging a set fee per child in attendance. This is ideal for groups of at least 8 children, and pricing starts at $295. 

A private party reservation can be made on their website before you travel. If you are traveling with less children or would rather just stop in quickly during your trip, you can take advantage of open bounce on Wednesdays, where admission only costs $9.99 per child.

12. All Star Sports Complex 

Credit: BizJournals

📍Map It: 10309 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74133 | Phone: (918) 459-0399 | Website | Hours: Monday - Saturday11 am - 9 pm, Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm | Entrance: $9 per adult (16 and older) $6 per child (15 and under) | Age Group: Ages 8-18 recommended 

The All Star Sports Complex is a gigantic family fun center that consists of tons of athletic sports activities. Some of the most popular areas at this venue include the baseball batting cages and waterside mini golf course. 

If you are traveling with a sports team or larger group, the batting cages are available to rent by the hour for a private event. Keep in mind, however, that these reservations must be made in advance on their website.

13. Veterans Park 

Credit: Tulsa World

📍Map It: 305 S Birch St, Jenks, OK 74037 | Phone: (918) 299- 5883 | Website | Hours: Open daily 8 am - 9 pm | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

Veterans Park is a public recreational area in Jenks, Oklahoma. It is located about 20 minutes out from Tulsa, making it a convenient day trip for visiting families. 

There are endless activities to explore at this park, from fishing to picnicking and other sports activities. If you are planning to visit on a holiday or birthday, or are hosting a private event, pavilions are available for rental. 

The whole family can enjoy the space during your visit, as there are several playgrounds for children of all ages on the property. Families can also take advantage of expansive fields of grass and walking trails in the open outdoor space.

14. Tulsa Botanic Garden 

Credit: Studio Outside

📍Map It: 3900 Tulsa Botanic Dr, Tulsa, OK 74127 | Phone: (918) 289-0330 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10 am - 5 pm, Closed Monday | Entrance: $10 per person (age 16+), $5 children (ages 3-15), children 2 and under free  | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Tulsa Botanic Garden is another excellent place to visit with a family, inclusive of children of all ages. They are open weekly from Tuesday to Sunday, but close on Mondays. Children 2 and under are admitted for free, while entrance costs $5 for older children and $10 for adults. 

Upon entry, you will be able to explore the grounds that consist of beautifully arranged garden exhibits. You can expect to see bushes, flowers, trees, and more. Some special exhibits at the garden include The Garden of Lights.

15. The Escape Tulsa 

Credit: Escape Tulsa / Twitter

📍Map It: 1448 S Carson Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119 | Phone: (918) 574-8995 | Website | Hours:Wednesday - Thursday 4 pm - 10 pm, Friday - Sunday 11 am - 10 pm, Closed Monday-Tuesday| Entrance $99 per group (up to 7 guests) : | Age Group: Age 12+ recommended 

The Escape Tulsa is a classic escape room venue, offering several unique and exciting settings to get out of. If you’ve never experienced an escape room, it is basically a game where a group of people have to put their heads together to crack clues and escape before the time runs out. 

This is an excellent activity for families, especially those with older children. The recommended minimum age is 12 to ensure that all parties can participate and remain engaged in the activity. The cost is $99 per group, which can consist of up to 7 people in total. 

16. Tulsa Arts District 

Credit: Oklahoma Arts Council

📍Map It: Tulsa, OK | Website | Hours: Open 24 hours | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Tulsa Arts District is a diverse section in Downtown Tulsa known for its unique architecture and shops. When visiting, you will see classical red brick buildings and historical venues like Cain’s Ballroom. 

The cultural center regularly hosts open art galleries, which are ideal for families visiting with children. There is no minimum age for this area, making it the perfect place for families with kids to walk around and take in the scenery.

17. River West Festival Park 

Credit: Visit Tulsa

📍Map It: 2100 S Jackson Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107 | Website | Hours: Open 24 hours | Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

River West Festival Park is a public recreation area in Tulsa. Overlooking a river, the property stretches across 15 acres of open land. 

There are plenty of things for families to do while visiting the park, from picnicking to running in the fields and playing on the playground. In addition to just spending a day outdoors, families can take advantage of current events. The park is a frequent venue for concerts and music festivals that children of all ages can participate in and enjoy.

18. Sky Zone Trampoline Park 

Credit: Skyzone

📍Map It: 8306 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74133 | Phone: | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday 3 pm - 8 pm, Weekends 12 pm - 11 pm| Entrance: $15.99 per hour per person | Age Group: Age 3+ recommended for general admission, 5+ recommended for attractions 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is another children’s amusement venue for a fun-filled day spent indoors with kids. The entrance fee is charged per person on an hourly basis, and open to all ages. However, this attraction would be best suited for children 3 and up with supervision. 

There are several unique areas in the park to explore, from a bouncy basketball hoop to a foam pit and dodgeball section. These attractions are best suited for older children and those who can stand, jump, and climb independently.

19. Tulsa Zoo 

Credit: Management / TripAdvisor

📍Map It: 6421 E 36th St N, Tulsa, OK 74115 | Phone: (918) 669-6600 | Website | Hours: Open daily 9 am - 5 pm | Entrance:  $14 per adult, $10 per child, children 3 and under free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

The Tulsa Zoo is an awesome place to spend the day with children of all ages. Families can visit the expansive 85-acre property to view exotic animals and learn new things about the wildlife contained there. The zoo is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, admitting children 3 and under for free.

20. Woodward Park 

Credit: Leona Jordan / Flickr

📍Map It: 2435 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114 | Phone: (918) 576-5155 | Website | Hours: Open daily 5 am - 11pm m| Entrance: Free | Age Group: All ages welcome 

Woodward Park is another public recreation area that Tulsa has to offer families. With several acres of grass and open space, children of all ages can enjoy games, sports, and more during a fun-filled day outdoors.

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