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40 BEST Things To Do in Tulsa, OK (Fun and Unique!)

Explore the top 40 fun & unique activities in Tulsa, OK, from art deco marvels and lush gardens to thrilling aquariums and historical sites. Perfect for all travelers!

Tobi Miles
September 2, 2022
40 BEST Things To Do in Tulsa, OK (Fun and Unique!)

Tulsa, Oklahoma is widely known as being one of America's greatest attractions. Thanks to its beautiful art deco architecture, and historical appeal it is an ideal place for tourists and art enthusiasts who want to embark on a cultured vacation.

In addition, it continues to be the perfect travel destination for exploring nature and learning more about historic attractions. If you are planning a trip to Tulsa, you are in for a treat- Oklahoma boasts amazing sites to visit including aquariums, museums, botanical gardens and more.

Whether you are headed to Tulsa for a solo trip, couples or family trip, there is an abundance of excitement and adventure to embark on. Enjoy the beauty of this popular American city and all it has to offer when you decide to vacation in stunning Tulsa. This guide of forty things to do in Tulsa will be all the reassurance you need that it is the perfect vacation destination for the art and history inspired individuals.

1. Philbrook Museum of Art

Credit: WedddingWire

Map It: Philbrook Museum of Art Website | Phone: (918) 749-7941 | Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 9am-5pm | Entrance: $17 per entry

This incredible ode to art opened in 1939 and is infamous for offering a stunning tour of culture, art, nature and history all in one place. Originally known as "Villa Philbrook," this historical landmark once operated as an Italian Villa. Visit the Philbrook to enjoy a large variety of Baroque and Renaissance art. Though they specialize in this area, you can also view African, Native American and Asian art.

This lovely landmark sits on twenty-three acres of land that offer breathtaking views, lush green gardens and ponds to walk along. For a historical tour with a touch of nature, this museum is the perfect stop when you visit Tulsa.

2. Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

Credit: Wikipedia

Map it: The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art | Website | Phone: 918-492-1818 | Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 12am-5pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm | Entrance: $6.50 adult, $3.50 child, $ 5.50 seniors, Group Discounts Available

Those who practice and appreciate Jewish culture will adore this historical museum full of art, archaeology and more. Some Jewish history from over 5000 years ago is covered at this incredible museum, featuring the largest collection in the American Southwest. If you love a bit of history, you will simply love all the things you will learn at this informative and inspired museum.

With genuine archaeological artifacts from Jewish history and an extensive art exhibit, you simply can't go wrong with this cultured attraction. Gather the whole family and take a historical trip that honors Jewish culture and ancestry dating back thousands of years. Sherwin Miller is also listed as the third best Jewish Museum in the United States, so it's simply a must-visit.

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3. Woody Guthrie Center

Credit: Woody Guthrie Center

Map It: Woody Guthrie Center Website | Phone: 918-574-2710 | Hours: 10am-6pm Wednesday-Sunday | Entrance: $12 Adults, $10 Seniors, Children and teachers FREE

Discover one of America's greatest musicians when you visit the Woody Guthrie Center. Infamously known for "This land is your land," one of America's most well-known songs that represent our nation, this center is dedicated to him and his journey. His music defined an important part of music history- Standing against fascist politics and socialism.

His roots remain in Oklahoma and the importance of changing the music industry is a wonderful historic lane to walk down. Learn about his activist work and what made him such a well-respected artist. Lovers of music will feel inspired viewing his handwritten lyrics, seeing his instruments learning about the history of music in Oklahoma. His influence will leave you feeling good about both America and the music industry.

4. Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Credit: Wikipedia

Map ItOklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (918) 928-6430 | Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm | Entrance: $15 per entry

Fans of jazz music can go down memory lane with this fantastic historical museum. This genre of music dates back to African American origins and holds a special place in the hearts of many music fans. Enjoy exploring memorabilia, photographs and biographies of America's most beloved jazz artists.

Visit the works of beloved musicians like Chet Baker and Barney Kessel when you visit this jazz hall of fame. It is one of the most popular attractions in the area of Tulsa and lovers of jazz will see why when they leave this incredible ode to music history. Show your appreciation for jazz, gospel and blues when you visit this historic attraction.

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5. Oklahoma Aquarium

Credit: Oklahoma Aquarium

Map It: Oklahoma Aquarium - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (918) 296-3474 | Hours: 10am-6pm Daily | Entrance: Adults $19.95, Children, Seniors and Military $15.95

What would a vacation be without some cuddly critters? Take the whole family to marvel at the brilliant creatures that grace the ocean floor. From friendly fish to the tough bull shark, you can see it all at Oklahoma Aquarium. This aquarium has been open since 2003 and boasts 72,000 square feet with over 500 species to view.

Take a break from the historic landmarks and indulge in some fun for all ages. You can pet and feed multiple species or just enjoy the scenery. With an outdoor playground and a place to sit down for a snack, you can easily make a day trip out of this incredible aquarium.

6. Blue Dome Entertainment District

Credit: Blue Dome Entertainment District

Map It: The Blue Dome Website | Hours: 24/7

This appealing part of Tulsa offers nine whole blocks of exploration. The Blue Dome building is a historical landmark. Back when Tulsa was the oil capital of the world, this sweet spot was a Gulf oil station. Aside from the Blue Dome itself, you can enjoy exciting nightlight, festivals and dining in this incredible district.

From pizza to Andolini's to bowling at Dust Bowl, you can have a fun-filled day anytime you visit the Blue Dome District. With rooftop bars and an attraction for live entertainment, you can marvel at spectacular views of Tulsa city life. Check out the events nearby when you visit- you never know what you will run into when you visit this highly anticipated destination in Tulsa.

7. Gathering Place

Credit: Gathering Place

Map It: Gathering Place Website | Phone: (918)-779-1000 | Hours: 9am-9pm Daily | Entrance: Free

Take a trip to the Gathering Place, an outdoor landscape, infamous for being one of the most well-known parks in the Tulsa area. You will adore the architectural-inspired landscapes that sit on sixty six acres of land. Since 2018, this park has been a local attraction for tourists and residents alike.

Designed by landscape artist, Michael Van Valkenburgh, the breathtaking scenery is undeniable. Enjoy serenity and the quiet peace and natural beauty of nature all around. From birdwatching to scavenger hunts, the outdoor adventure is limited. There are also countless activities and restaurants on-site to enjoy when you travel to the Gathering Place in beautiful Tulsa.

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8. Gilcrease Museum

Credit: Public Radio Tulsa

Map It: Gilcrease Museum Website | Phone: (918) 596-2700 | Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-3pm | Entrance: Free

Take a tour at the Gilcrease museum to explore a vast collection of American west art. The history includes manuscripts, maps, books and documents that help to tell the story of America's art. You can learn all about the culture and art by either taking a self-guided or guided tour at this incredible museum.

This compendium of historic artifacts was founded in 1943 and was named after Thomas Gilcrease. It sits on over 450 acres of landscaped grounds and will give you and your family or partner a fantastic lesson in art history. Head on over to this unique museum next time you venture out to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

9. Tulsa Zoo

Credit: Tulsa Kids

Map It: Tulsa Zoo Website | Phone: (918) 669-660 | Hours: 9am-5pm Daily | Entrance: $10 Adults, $6 Children, $8 for Seniors

Animal lovers will rejoice when they find out they can check out a plethora of exhibits at the Tulsa Zoo. Hang out with the animals- all 1,500 of them- and learn all about their habitats, history and more. This zoo opened in 1927 and sits on eighty beautiful acres of land. Tulsa Zoo is one of the major attractions that appeals to all ages in the area.

From lions to chimps to African penguins, this zoo boasts it all. Spend hours marveling at the wildlife that roams here at the Tulsa Zoo. You will adore the animals and the experience as you learn facts at the discovery center or hang out in the playground once you've finished your self-guided tour. This zoo is simply a must-see!

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10. Oneok Field

Credit: Patabelena, Flickr

Map ItOneok Field Website | Phone: (918) 744-5998 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Sports fans will love visiting Oneok Field, infamous for being the home ground of the Tulsa Drillers baseball team. With countless events lined up each year, you can find a match or game to enjoy no matter what time of year. The local Tulsa soccer team also plays there seasonally so if you're looking for a sports game to watch, you will need to venture off to Oneok Field.

On occasion, they will also line up events such as concerts- there is always something happened at this popular field. Open since 2010, you can find it in the center of Greenwood and Tulsa Art District. If you're up for some excitement, you can easily obtain tickets for an event at Oneok Field.

11. Tulsa Performing Arts Theatre

Credit: Christian Dionne, Flickr

Map It: Tulsa Performing Arts Center Website | Phone: (918) 596-7122 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Head on over to the Tulsa Performing Arts Theatre, known for boasting over five hundred events per year. This historic theatre opened in 1977 and you can find it in downtown Tulsa. If you love performing arts, it is a must-experience when you head to Oklahoma. Gather the whole family and head to a Broadway show.

You can also find numerous events that include the symphony, opera and ballet. Celebrities are widely known for performing that this popular Tulsa theatre. So, if you're in the mood for classic entertainment, Tulsa Performing Arts theatre has got you covered.

12. Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium

Credit: Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium

Map It: Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium Website | Phone: (918) 834-9900 | Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm | Entrance: $11 Adults, $8 Children, $9 Seniors & Military

Discover the spectacular astronomy and aviation finds at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. This museum was founded in 1998 and boasts exhibits that cover the history of aviation. Learn all about Duncan A, an aviation innovator that changed history and helped paved the way for our technologically advanced aviation we have today.

Get inspired by Tulsa's involvement in World War I and World War II and learn all about how aviation ties into that equation. You can also spend your time marveling at the star shows, in addition to other astronomy-related shows, full of facts and knowledge that will leave you starstruck-literally! This museum is sure to appeal to all ages as well.

13. Safari Joe's H2O Water Park

Credit: Preview 819

Map It: Safari Joe's H2O Website | Phone: (918) 749-7385 | Hours: 10am-6pm Monday- Thursday, 10am-8pm Friday & Saturday, 12pm-6pm Sundays | Entrance: $26 Adults, $20 Seniors & Children

If you're in the mood for adventure, head on down to Safari Joe's H2O Water Park. Perfect for all ages, you can enjoy some good old classic fun in the sun when you vacation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Get the adrenaline pumping when you embark on huge roller coasters and water slides.

What sets this water park apart from the rest? You can also spot some exotic animals at this park such as parrots, tortoises and lemurs. Head to the wave pool for a beach-like experience or keep it simple with shallow pools throughout the park. Known for being the biggest waterpark in the southwest, you have to experience this unique attraction. Animals and exciting waterslides- what could be better?

14. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Credit: Trivago

Map It: Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Tulsa Website | Phone: (800) 760-6700 | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: Free

The Hard Rock franchise is well known for being a unique experience and paying homage to music history in the United States. Staying at the Hard Rock means lavish suites, private pools and a simply exquisite experience. However even if you don't room there, you can always visit the casino for some good old gambling. Don't forget to tour the premises and enjoy the displays of music artifacts throughout the years.

In addition to the casino, there are fine dining eateries on site to enjoy. This five-star hotel can offer you the perfect stay if you are wanting to experience the elegant nightlife. You might even be able to catch a live music event when you stay in Tulsa, Oklahoma is you're lucky!

15. The Golden Driller

Credit: Quirky Travel Guy

Map It: Golden Driller Statue

This historical landmark is a must-see when you head to Tulsa. Weighing in at 43,500 pounds and standing 75 feet tall, you definitely won't miss this golden statue when you drive by. It is actually the fifth tallest statue in the United States and honors the oil workers that once ruled Tulsa in earlier times.

Created in 1953, this proud oil worker pays homage to Tulsa's history. You and the family can head down to the expo center to view this famous masterpiece.

16. Tulsa Garden Center

Credit: Tulsa Garden Center

Map ItTulsa Garden Center at Woodward Park Website | Phone: (918) 576-5155 | Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4pm | Entrance: FREE

The Tulsa Garden Center is a truly unique educational and visually appealing experience. To learn more about horticultural matters, you must visit this nonprofit center, boasting stunning gardens and landscapes. Take a long walk around the premises to discover themed gardens. Most exhibits sit inside a glamorous mansion that you will love exploring.

Fountains, pools, an arboretum and more can all be found at this incredible conservatory. You can learn all about the origins of each themed gardens with a guided tour if you wish. This lovely experience will provide fun for all ages.

17. Center of the Universe

Credit: Wander Wisdom

Map It: Center of the Universe 

This downtown Tulsa landmark is known as the center of the universe. People flock to this exciting attraction to experience the unique phenomenon. Here's how it works: When you stand in the middle of the circle and speak, all voices are echoed but can only be heard within the diameter of the circle. If you are outside the circle, no voices are heard. Pretty wild, right?

Tourist folks love experiencing this acoustic anomaly and if you're headed to Tulsa, it's definitely something to talk about-no pun intended!

18. Tulsa River Parks

Credit Great Runs

Map It: River Parks

If you're looking for peaceful serenity and becoming one with nature, Tulsa River Parks is the perfect solution. You can enjoy picture perfect scenery that includes a breathtaking river surrounded by natural brush. You can also embark on adventure if you choose- bicycling, kayaking, fishing are just a few of the favorites that tourist and resident folks enjoy.

With an on-site bistro and cafe, you can easily make a day out of visiting this lovely Tulsa park attraction. If you love a stunning view and taking nature's beauty in, this is the perfect destination when you visit Oklahoma.

19. Utica Square

Credit: Oklahoma Magazine

Map It: Utica Square Website | Phone: (918) 742-5531 | Hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday

Time to shop till' you drop! This shopping mall boasts an outdoor shopping experience. Utica Square opened in 1952 and offers a wide array of stores and goods. Whether you're searching for designer quality items or unique deco art pieces, you can find it all at Utica Square.

Take the whole family to this widely known shopping area. You can't go on vacation without checking out the local shopping- let's be honest! With on-site eateries and countless stores to peruse, you can't go wrong with a trip to Utica Square!

20. Fat Guy's Burger Bar

Credit: Reddit

Map It: Fat Guys Burger BarPhone: (918) 794-7782 | Hours: 11am-10pm Monday- Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 11am-9pm Thursday & Sunday

If you're in the mood for a fat, juicy burger, Tulsa can easily provide that for you. Fat Guy's Burger Bar is infamously known for their huge burgers and is one of the best eateries in the area. Their diverse menu is what sets them apart from the rest- specialty toppings and ingredients that appeal to all is what makes Fat Guy's a truly unique experience.

If you love burgers, you must stop by! Their extensive menu means something for everyone even if burgers aren't your thing. This all-ages attraction is perfect for a quick bite that you won't soon forget!

21. Juniper Restaurant

Credit: Open Table

Map It: Juniper Restaurant Website | Phone: (918) 794-1090 | Hours: 4pm-9pm Monday- Thursday, 4pm-10pm Friday & Saturday, 10am-2pm Sundays

Support local businesses when you head to Juniper's Restaurant. This farm to table experience is located in downtown Tulsa and is run by renowned chef, Justin Thompson. This award-winning restaurant provides you with a gourmet dish that you will thoroughly enjoy.

For fine dining eateries, Juniper is top of the line, offering an extensive menu of different types of cuisines. This rustic restaurant prides themselves on all farm fresh ingredients, providing their customers with a truly high-quality dish they will be raving about for months.

22. Lefty's on Greenwood

Credit: Uber Eats

Map ItLefty's on GreenwoodWebsite | Phone: (918) 794-0017 | Hours: 11am-9pm Monday-Wednesday, 11am-10pm Thursday, 11am-11pm Friday, 10am-11pm Saturday, 10am-9pm Sunday

This lively restaurant is well known in the area. You can enjoy a meal and cocktail while you listen to live music. Easy entertainment is the vibe at Lefty's on Greenwood. Their menu consists of a large array of cuisines so you will have a great selection to choose from no matter what your heart desires.

From burgers to specialty macaroni and cheese, you will thoroughly enjoy the hearty meals and the cool cocktails this restaurant has to offer. Experience a bit of the Tulsa nightlife when you head out at Lefty's in the evening hours.

23. Route 66

Credit: Jerry Huddleston, Flickr

Map It: Route 66 Tulsa Admiral Landmark

This historical landmark is infamous for being America's first ever "all weather highway," connecting Chicago to LA. When you head out to Tulsa, you can see a section of this highway. In addition, you will have spectacular views of the city, including some of the most popular art deco buildings. Most tourists love stopping here and paying homage to some classic American history.

You can walk or drive along Route 66 to admire the beauty of Tulsa city. With various restaurants and beautiful scenery, you can easily make a day out of checking out this incredible tourist attraction.

24. Oxley Nature Center

Credit: Happening Next

Map It: Oxley Nature Center - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (918) 596-9054 | Hours: 9am-5pm Daily

If you're in the mood for a good, old-fashioned hike, Oxley Nature Center, located in Mohawk Park, is the perfect destination. With over 800 acres of lush, green landscapes, you can hike for easily over ten miles. Take the whole family or head out solo to clear your head and become one with nature.

You will adore the wildlife that surrounds you. From exotic birds to beautiful butterflies and small mammals like coyotes and raccoons, you will certainly have a unique wilderness experience when you head to the beautiful Oxley Nature Center. This attraction can provide you with a moment of serenity, if you will.

25. Club Majestic

Credit: NIghtFlow

Map It: Club Majestic - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (918) 584-9494 | Hours: 9pm-1:45am Wednesday-Sunday | Entrance: FREE

Get a taste of the nightlife in Tulsa city when you head out to the popular Club Majestic. You can unwind, have a drink or two and dance the night away when you decide to hit Club Majestic. If you're into the entertainment and social aspect of Tulsa, it will be the perfect place to meet people, dance and make memories.

You can also enjoy fine cuisine with your cocktails at this upscale club. To get a real feel of what nightlife is in Tulsa, Club Majestic is a must. Club Majestic is a 21+ club.

26. NYC Pizza

Credit: Yelp

Map ItNYC Pizza  | Phone: (918) 779-7760 | Hours: 11am-9pm Monday- Saturday, 4am-8pm Sunday

When you're out on vacation, why not explore the pizza options? It's always an interesting experience to try pizza's in different locations. They all vary so much in style and taste. But when you head out to Tulsa, NYC Pizza is the joint you need to try out. Enjoy cost efficient prices and a quality NYC, thin crust style pizza when you try them out.

After a long day of hitting the tourist attractions, you can't go wrong with a fresh, hot pizza.

27. The Cave House

Credit: Wander Wisdom

Map It: The Cave House - Linda Collier  | Website | Phone: (918)-378-1952 | Hours: By Appointment Only | Entrance: $10 per entry

If you're ready for a unique experience, hit the Cave House to enjoy some quirky, spooky stories about the history of the home. Now operating as a museum and restaurant, you can take a guided tour that touches upon the history of this home. It was once featured in the television show, "Home Strange Home" thanks to its rumors that it's haunted by the ghost of its original owner.

Lovers of the paranormal will absolutely love experiencing this tour. With facts about Tulsa's history and its tie to the home, you might leave this house feeling a bit spooked. But you can't visit Tulsa without hearing the amusing stories that revolve around this house and the ghost that haunts it!

28. Tulsa Children's Museum Discovery Lab

Credit: Discovery Lab

Map It: Discovery Lab | Website | Phone: (918)-295-8144 | Hours: 9:30-5pm Monday- Saturday | Entrance: $10 per entry

Let's get scientific! Head down to the Tulsa Discovery Lab, perfect for all ages. Indulge in some fun exhibits that touch on math, engineering, science, art and more. With activities and workshops that you can take part in, you simply can't go wrong with this family stop.

For example, children can create walkways inspired by underground passageways in Tulsa's vast history. This is just one of the creative workshops you can take part in when you head to the discovery lab. This is a great afternoon trip for children and families of all ages.

29. Boston Avenue Methodist Church

Credit: Boston Avenue United Methodist Church

Map It: Boston Avenue United Methodist Church Website | Phone: (918) 583-5181 | Hours:

Discover architectural beauty when you vist the Boston Avenue Methodist Church. Known for being one of the best examples of ecclesiastical Art Deco architecture in America, you simply must view the stunning design of this historical church. Designed and build in 1929, this landmark is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visit this church and learn more about the history of this Methodist church and its ties to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Perfect for sightseeing, you can gather the whole family and embark on an architectural adventure that won't soon be forgotten.

30. Prayer Tower

Credit: Victor Hamberlin, Flickr

Map It: Prayer Tower   | Website | Phone: (918) 495-7910 | Hours: 12pm-5pm Monday- Saturday

This tourist attraction is located at the Oral Roberts University campus and is widely known in the Tulsa area. The towers spiral is meant to mirror your relationship with God. This architectural beauty is always being visited by tourists and residents alike who can all agree that it is a sight to see. If you are religious, you will enjoy learning about what each part of the statue means and it's tie to God.

This incredible landmark is highly recognized in the area and perfect if you are looking for architectural structures to check out, along with history.

31. Philcade Building

Credit: Tulsa World

Map It: Philcade Building Phone: (918) 581-3300 | Hours: 8am-9pm Monday- Saturday: Entrance: Free

Embark on another historical landmark when you visit the Philcade Building. This art deco designed structure is thirteen stories tall and covered in brick. Enjoy the beauty of this unique building and discover the history as well when you take a guided tour. Inside, you can find elegantly designed interior complete with chandeliers and more.

Learn all about the history of the building's connection to the Philtower and the tunnel that was used years ago between the two. You will love experiencing a bit of history while marveling at the art deco beauty of this tall tower, located in the heart of Tulsa.

32. The Boxyard

Credit: Selser Schaefer

Map It: The Boxyard Tulsa | Website | Phone: (918) 900-2241 | Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 12pm-6pm, Thursday 12pm-7pm, Friday-Monday 11am-8pm

The Boxyard is a unique shopping experience. Enjoy fine dining and specialty, privately owned shops that you can peruse and shop in. You will adore the creativity in the fact that you are shopping inside shipping containers. Inspired by London developments, this is a shopping experience you simply must try when you head to Tulsa.

With loads of open areas for sitting and enjoying the view, the Boxyard is something to see. With 20 retailers that are all small business owned, you can indulge in a little shopping and sitting in open space.

33. NEFF Brewing Company

Credit: Tulsa World

Map It: NEFF Brewing | Website | Phone: (918) 367-0640 | Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 3pm-10pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday 11am-7pm

This family-owned brewery took ale to a whole new level. When owners Jon and Jonathan Neff set out to discover a gluten free beer, they really came through. Not only did he create a craft beer that is totally gluten free, but he was able to concoct a whole variety of gluten free ales.

This brewery offers guided tours, tastings and you can even book and watch live events at this unique place. You will love this brewery and all it stands for- celiac disease is something that is widely understood among so many people and being able to offer those who suffer a craft beer experience is incredible!

34. Tulsa Opera

Credit: Tulsa Opera

Map It: Tulsa Opera IncWebsite | Phone: (918) 582-3133 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies

Tulsa Opera is the twelfth oldest operating opera company in America, providing the public with unforgettable shows to this date. They continue to make history, appearing in Opera News magazine and giving back to education by informing young minds the beauty of Opera music. If you're headed to Tulsa, Tulsa Opera is a must see for the musically inclined and passionate.

Book tickets online and head to a show that the whole family can enjoy.

35. Tulsa Fire Museum

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Tulsa Fire Museum Website | Phone: (918) 619-6103 | Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm Entrance: $12 Adults, FREE for all children under 17

This historical landmark features an art deco style architecture and was first opened in 1934. Operating solely as the central alarm station in the area, this fire building closed for that purpose in the early 1980's. This museum was opened in the mid 1990's paying homage to those brave firefighters who served in Tulsa and saluting the fire history in the area.

With artifacts from the history of Tulsa firefighters in addition to artistic statues and artifacts honoring all fire services across the world, this attraction is simply something you must see. Gather the whole family and learn more about fire safety and the history of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

36. Vintage Sewing Center & Museum

Credit: Discover Oklahoma

Map It: Vintage Sewing Machine Museum Phone: (918) 280 0161 | Hours: 12pm-6pm Tuesday- Saturday | Entrance: $10 per entry

Tulsa is a widely historical city, popular for its informative architecture and cultural museums takes it one step further with the Vintage Sewing Center & Museum. Get a hands-on experience with sewing machines of all calibers, both vintage and modern. Learn all about the history of the sewing machine and get all the exciting facts about the origins of sewing.

This incredible attraction covers 170 years of sewing machine history. Take a guided tour and learn all about it- you can even take a class or use a variety of the machines. If you're a fan of sewing, fashion and textiles, this attraction in Tulsa is going to give you all the inspiration and a unique experience you won't find anywhere else in the states.

37. The Outsiders House Museum

Credit:  The Outsiders House Museum

Map It: The Outsiders House Museum - Google Maps | Website | Phone: 918-949-1345 | Hours: 11am-4pm Friday-Sunday | Entrance: Adults $35, Children $15

Based on the 1982 classic movie, "The Outsiders," this museum is based at the home the movie was originally filmed in. A fitting place to pay homage to the cult classic, you can now tour the house and feel just like the infamous Curtis Brothers. Lovers of film will rejoice when they can experience the genuine film set and check out the props and remnants left from the original movie.

When you experience the museum, you are paying for a guided tour which involves catching a bus and leaving the premises. On the tour, you will see other filming locations in the area and learn all the fun facts about the movie, its actors and history. This fun experience will allow you to get an inside view of the making of this film and will allow you to see more of the city in addition.

38. Elsing Rock Museum

Credit: Hubpages

Map It: Elsing Rock Museum Phone: (918) 495-6262 | Hours: Wednesday-Friday 1:30-4:30 | Entrance: FREE

Rock collectors will rejoice when they find out about this gem- no pun intended! Head over to Oral Robert University for the guided tour of a truly incredible rock collection. With minerals, crystals, sculptures and rare gems from across the world, you will marvel at all the glistening beauty this museum has to offer.

Willard Elsing dedicated his life to finding fascinating mineral and rock art scattered across the world. His curated collection was donated to this museum and remains free for anyone to stop by and tour. You will love seeing this unique treasury of rare rocks and minerals- there is no other collection quite like it! Not to mention, it's the perfect family day trip and will appeal to all ages.

39. Jamil's Steakhouse

Credit: Tulsa World

Map It: Jamil's Steakhouse Website | Phone: (405) 525-8352 | Hours: 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-10pm Tuesday-Friday, Saturday 5pm-10pm

What is a vacation without stopping for a gourmet steak? This one-of-a-kind, restaurant is family owned. Known for serving the best Angus steaks in the area, you simply can't go wrong with stopping in this unique, all American restaurant. You can also indulge in southern comfort dishes, seafood and their infamous Lebanese appetizers.

This restaurant is all original, opened in 1964 and still remains the title of one of the best restaurants in Tulsa. Located down the street from the capitol and amidst the historic landmarks, you can thoroughly enjoy both the meal and history of your experience at Jamil's steakhouse.

40. Nola's Creole & Cocktails

Credit: Nola's Creole and Cocktails

Map It: Nola's ...Creole & Cocktails Website | Phone: (918) 779-7766 | Hours: 11am-11pm Monday-Friday, 10am-11pm Saturday & Sunday

This restaurant isn't just an eatery- it's an experience that comes with a trip down memory lane! Located in the basement of an old elementary school, this restaurant pays homage to its Prohibition era with art and artifacts proudly on display for all to learn about the history. Enjoy some delicious food and cocktails at this unique restaurant in the heart of Tulsa's business district.

This Cajun-Creole inspired eatery has a lovely speakeasy feel and offers that vintage, authentic vibe. When you walk in you can feel at ease, laid back and you can even indulge in Prohibition era inspired cocktails. You've simply got to experience Nola's when you head to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tobi Miles
Article updated:
March 28, 2024
A nomadic wordsmith savoring the world's flavors and penning stories that turn every journey into an epic.
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