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Ultimate Prague Bachelor Party Itinerary: Stag Do

Plan the ultimate Prague bachelor party with our guide. Explore nightlife, clubs, and unique activities for a memorable stag do in this vibrant city.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Ultimate Prague Bachelor Party Itinerary: Stag Do

Prague is a popular hotspot for Stag Dos or Bachelor Parties with many groups of  wild guys heading to this gem of city for its nightlife, bars, clubs and host of crazy activities! So for your stags last night of freedom, there is no better place to be in the world for a bachelor party.

Old town square prague stag do Bachelor. Church of Our Lady before Týn . Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

Stag Do Itinerary/Bachelor Party: 

1 week or Long Weekend!

Here I have outlined a 1 week travel itinerary with the best places to go per day in Prague, if your traveling for a long weekend simply mix & match your favourite activities. The Day time is relatively quiet in Prague in terms of party atmosphere, but it really does come alive at night.

What time to go clubbing in Prague?

The Czechs like many parts of Europe, tend to arrive at the clubs later 12-1AM+, thus aiming to be at the clubs for midnight is usually your best bet. Most in the centre, Prague 1 have a relaxed door policy on entry, so you can usually get away with trainers & casual clothes.

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Day Time Activity: BEER BIKE RIDE

Take a Beer Bike Ride around Prague to tour the city and enjoy some tasty Draft Pilsner (Pragues famous Beer!), as you peddle around the city past Pragues major landmarks. With music, lights and a host of draft beer this is a unique way to see the city.

Each Beer Bike seats 13 People, max. So if you have anymore you may have to hire two. The major companies offering these rides usually have two. The ride lasts two hours and has an english speaking driver/guide.

Johs Seever | Wiki


The bike bar has over 30l czech draft beer from Pragues  micro-brewery other options include: lemonade / cider and prosecco.

How much does the Beer Bike Ride Cost?

The 13 person beer bike costs 350 EURO, thats 26EUR per person for all 13 people. Options include a "Pretty Barmaid on board" (+50 EUR) and a Prosecco toast at (4×0,75l) (+50 EUR).

Night Time Bar/Club:

Karaoke in Prague:

At around 9pm-10pm head for some Karaoke at London Underground Bar - Prague. A hilarious experience where your cheeks will be hurting with laughter after! This gets very popular with many people writing requests of popular ballads, the crowd is encouraging and electric.

If you've not done Karaoke before, I suggest having a few drinks then diving right in, you can even get a friend or two on stage with you which really takes of the pressure. Believe me it's great for your confidence once your up there.

Duplex Club (Rooftop Bar): 

After singing your heart out take a short 10 min, to Duplex Club/Roof top bar. Located on the seventh floor high above the city you will find this great bar, just off the main shopping road.

This has a very large, stylish rooftop bar with city views over Wenceslau Square. If you take the spiral staircase up a little further you enter a fully fledged nightclub, with great sound system, DJ and a rooftop view seating area for when you want some quiet time.

Duplex Prague rooftop bar stag Do Bachelor party1

Prices are Reasonable for drinks, with Monday specials including:

Beer – 50 CZK
Cuba Libre 90 CZK
Gin Tonic 90 CZK
Vodka Orange 90 CZK

This venue is popular most nights with Mondays and the weekends being especially so! Entry price is 5Euro.

Adult clubs (GoldFinger)

Parties at Duplex last until the early morning, but if you fancy leaving a little earlier to embrace the bachelor party mentality there is a stylish strip club bar called Goldfinger just a few doors down, offering private dances & shows, with some of the most beautiful girls & talented girls in the world.

There is a entrance cost of 500 czech Krona (20 Euro) ( which usually includes 2 drinks. They also offer VIP, Tables and VIP Limousine Pickup.

Limousine Pickup Includes:

  • Pickup from hotel in Prague
  • 45-minute ride
  • Capacity: 18 people
  • Welcome drink
  • 20 one-dollar bills for tips
  • Charming stewardesses
  • Possibility of a striptease or lesbian show
Goldfinger adult strip club prague stag do bachelor party. Source: Goldfinger.

Prices are: 

5000 CZK (200 Euro) ride only, 7000 CZK (280 EUR) ride & strip and 8500 CZK (340 Euro) (Ride & lesbian show). For more info see. 


After a big Monday you may want to take things a little slower in the day and just check out a few cool bars & Restaurants.

Day Time Activity: Best Bars in Prague

Popular bars include, Dubliner Pub with great atmosphere and food, located 100m from old town square. Hard rock cafe is also a nice spot.

Hooters, just behind old town square is a safe option. A great Sport Bar is (Tip Games) in Ve Smeckach. Green Devil's Absinth Bar is also a cool place to check out, close to Chapeau Rouge near Old town Square.

Green devils absinthe bar prague

Crazy Cow Steak house,  offers great steaks and atmosphere just behind old town square. Best place for authentic Czech food, Kolkouvna offering authentic Czech food and tasty craft ales with some branches having an onsite mini brewery.

They have restaurants all over Prague with Kol Kouvna, Celnice near old town square. For one of the best steaks in Prague head to the stylish Gran Fierro, an argentine steak house & cocktail bar.

Location: Voršilská 138/14, 110 00 Nové Město, just of Nardoni.

Night Time Activity - Prague Boat Party:

Head on a famous Prague Boat Party. These have an indoor with bar, DJ and club like atmosphere. Outdoors there a great terrace to see all the views.

The pre Party runs between 20:00 - 22:30, where you can take full advantage of the ALL YOU CAN DRINK BAR!! Thats right ALL YOU CAN DRINK! Drink selections, include beers and a variety of shots!

Prague Boat Party-stag. Source:

This is also a great place to meet other people heading on the boat, play drinking games such as beer pong or flip cup before heading to boat.

The Boat party runs 23:00 to 1:00, and heads down Vltava River where you can see the famous Prague sights such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle & the islands.

The party party ticket, includes free entry to some of the best clubs in Prague such as The Roxy, Chapeau Rouge, Duplex or Radost. The boat guide will usually walk the entire boat party to the club.


Day Time Activity: Pedal Boats

After another heavy night you may fancy something more tranquil during the day. Rent out some pedal boats or Kayaks and head across the river to see the great sights.

Night time Activity: Drunk Bowling

Just like normal bowling, except with a series of wild drinking rules!

Drunk Bowling Rules:
  • Two Gutters Balls means you buy everyone in your group a shot of Tequila or vodka.
  • One Strike means you get to choose who has to down there drink!
  • If you take out all pins except the pink pin, the bar will give you a free drink! You must take a picture if you get this.

Popular Bowling alley in Prague 1.

Bowling Celnice:  Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 110 00 Nové Město. Just type this into Google maps Maps. Link

After scoring a few strikes and getting alot of gutter balls when the drinks kick in! Head to De Ja Vu Club for some cocktails. (Split up your group as this place can sometimes stop large groups as they are a small venue.

Afterwards head to Chapeau Rouge Just up the street. A three level club with bar, and gritty basement offering heavy techno, drum & bass and sometimes hip hop/mix depending upon the day.

Adult Clubs:

If your after a wild strip club for afters check out Hot Peppers, located in Wenceslas Square, Prague. Václavské nám. 21, 110 00 Nové Město.


Day Time Activity: Watch live Czech Football

Head to Sinobo Stadium to watch some top rated Czech football from Slavia Prague or AC Sparta Prague at the GENERALI Arena. Suggest an uber taxi to the stadiums for the best price. Tickets can be purchased at the stadium and beer is very cheap as it's all locals.

Sonobo Stadium Prague Football Stag Do Activities Bachelor Party
Sonobo Stadium Prague, Slavia Prague Football Stag Do Activities Bachelor Party. Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

Night time Activity:

Head to Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club, near old town square. They have food upstairs and live Jazz downstairs. There is also a riverside Jazz bar, Jazz Dock , this is a good place to have a few drinks although be ware that Jazz doesn't actually start here till 10pm!

It's a little far out from old town square aswell, as its on the otherside of the river, so you may need to grab an Uber/ Taxi back to clubs.

You could head to M1 Hip Hop/ Rnb Club in Old Town square.


Day Time Activity: Cloud 9 Skybar & Lounge

Head to Cloud 9 rooftop bar above the Hilton for some epic city views and a few cocktails. Located, at Hilton, Prague, Pobřežní 1, 186 00 Karlín.

Danny Torvez | wiki

Night time Activity: Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl

Takes Pragues most famous Pub Crawl, the Drunken Monkey. This pub crawl runs 365 days of year and features a 1-2 hour  ALL YOU CAN DRINK bar to start with at the Drunken Monkey Bar. There is a 8pm and 10pm session which is run each day.

This is a popular tour with many party hostels in Prague and is a bucket list event unique for Prague. The bar crawl winds through the city before ending at a nightclub. Wear comfy shoes as alot of walking is involved.

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party activity

Prices are 600Kc per Person (Approx, 23 Euro, 26 USD, 21 GBP)

The same organisers also offer the Beer Bikes, and a Craft Beer Tour of Prague.

Best Clubs in Prague:

Lucerna Club:

If you fancy creating your own bar crawl, feel free then afterwards head to the iconic Lucerna club for a fun 80's and 90's night. A great time to dress up in some wacky outfits. They also run a variety of live performances from world renowned artists.

Location: Štěpánská 61, 116 02 Nové Město

Ace Club:

Ace Club, is also a great Hip Hop/RnB club in central Prague (Prague 1). 

Location: Melantrichova 5, 110 00 Staré Město

M1 Club:

If you fancy some RnB and Hip Hop in a central location head to M1 Club near old town square, although a small venue the atmosphere is great for a celebration.

Location: Masná 705/1, 110 00 Staré Město

Cosmic Club:

Cosmic Club, just of old town square is a unique, small & gritty underground club with some mad street art painting inside, a must see location to check out. The art here will truly wow you!

Comics Club Art Prague
Comics Club Art Prague. The detail is just jaw dropping! Photo by Ben at


Day Time Activity: John Lennon Wall & Pub. 

Located in Mala Strana (Across the Charles Bridge), is one of the most historic and truly Iconic Spots in Prague, the John Lennon Wall. A hipsters heaven this iconic wall has a deep expressive history.

After 1948, it became associated with people protesting the communist takeover of Prague. In the 1960's it was known as the "Crying wall" a place where protested painted phrases, art and lyrics although he government regularly painted over it.

Sonobo Stadium Prague Football Stag Do Activities Bachelor Party
Sonobo Stadium Prague Football Stag Do Activities Bachelor Party. Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

When, John Lennon was shot on December 8th, 1980, the crying wall became a popular place for people to express their grief and protest against his deaf. A single image of John Lennon remains as a center piece of the wall and hence the new name the john Lennon Wall.

This is a great place to capture a fantastic instagram/Facebook photo.

John Lennon Pub:

Just one minute away you will find the appropriately named, John Lennon Pub. A Beatles style pub, based on the Yellow Submarine, with an outdoor beer garden. This quirky is great for drinks & food. The Toilet is hidden by a British style red phone box door.

John Lennon Pub Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party
John Lennon Pub Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party. Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

Peacock Gardens:

On the same side of prague as the John Lennon Wall (Mala Strana) you can discover the Peacock gardens or Wallenstein Palace Garden Prague. The perfect place to nurse that hangover with some serene beauty and peacock sightings.

Insider Tip: 

Come here early in the morning, to get a more authentic photo without many tourists around.

Night Time Activity: 5 Floor Club Prague

One of the most iconic and highly rated clubs in Prague is the 5 Storey Karlovy Lazne Club

Karlovy Lazne - Nightclub- 5 floors prague-stag do

Highlights include:

  • 5 Floors of different music, Dance, Classic, hip, RnB etc.
  • Reasonable Priced drinks,
  • A video floor, which serves as a dance floor,
  • Oxygen bar
  • Ice Bar.
  • Relaxed Dress code.

 Other great Night clubs include: Moon Club

A fairly new & stylish place, which attracts many locals. A high end looking place with reasonably priced drinks, a vibrant dance floor offering, a mix of music from Hip Hop to house.

Moon Club Prague-Best clubs Prague
Moon Club Prague-Best clubs Prague. Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

Insider Tip:

This is a great place to chat to beautiful local girls, as the music is not to loud near the bar and there is an upstairs with comfy seating. Head here, like most Prague clubs 12 or later. Entrance is 100Kc/5Euro, girls go free.

Adult Clubs: 

You can check out GoldFinger, Hot Peppers or Finding Nemos (Which is a place for extras ;), although watch out for shady characters!

Cultured Sunday?

Day Time Activity: 

You've probably done alot of walking this trip in Prague so far? So rent some electric scooters & head up to see the castle on the other side of Charles bridge. You can rent these from one of the many scooter rental shops in Prague centre, such as

Scrooser TOUR- Fat Tire E-Scooter sightseeing tours

Praha 1, Saská 6, Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1

Prague electric scooter

Or alternatively take a classic car tour of the city, so get some scenic city snaps, for the family back home! An option for scooters is the little green ones dotted all over the city, simply download to app, hop on and scan the barcode to ride.

Night time Activity:

James Jean Bar/Club:

Popular Places on Sunday include, James Jean a stylish 1950's american style diner bar/club honoring the great James dean.

Upstairs you will find great food, drinks and friendly waitresses in 1950's style outfits. Head downstairs, past the Harley Davidson hanging from the ceiling and you will find a basement club.

James Dean Bar Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party.jpg
James Dean Bar Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party.jpg Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

Here they have flamethrowers coming out of the bar and an old Cadillac converted to comfy seating. In a cage you will see a dancing girl, half naked with just a 1950's style bikini on! A real unique place to check out.

James Dean Bar Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party
James Dean Bar Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party. Photo by Ben at (Copyright)

M1 Club:

Afterwards, you can head to M1 Club, just across the street for some hip hop/RnB. There is an entrance fee of 200Kc, but sometimes there is a guy outside offering free drink tokens.


Just on the street behind M1 Club, you will find Harleys, a venue with a little more rock & roll. This american biker themed bar has live music & DJ's. This is also popular on weekend and other days during the week.

Stag Do/Bachelor Party Tips: 

  • Split up your group into smaller 2/3's before approaching a club as some nicer places do not like large groups of guys, although most are ok.
  • Irish Bars, such as the dubliner are great options and very relaxed to crazy antics!
  • Don't use the ATM/Cash Points in Prague: They are setup or to try and get you to withdraw large amounts & also give you a really bad rate.
  • Best to bring Czech money with you and perhaps some of you local currency which you can exchange at a bureau if you run out. If you really need a cash point, use a bank and try to go the least amount of times.
  • Pay for everything in local currency, Czech Koruna.

Approximate rates: (Aug 2019):

1 USD = 23.21 CZK

1 Euro = 25.80 CZK

1 GBP = 28.40 GBP

  • Don't Burn out during the day. It all kicks of in Prague past midnight, so try not to drink to heavy during the day if you really want to hit it hard during the night.
  • Watch out for trams, after a heavy days drinking it can be easy for your balance & awareness to go, so be ware of the fast moving trams some of which won't slow down! A friend of mine, wasn't even drunk but was just walking along the edge of a tram line and nearly got taken out!
prague stag do bachelor party tips
Prague stag do bachelor party tips. Photo by Ben at (Copyright)
  • While in Prague you will be doing alot of walking! So make sure you wear comfy shoes/Trainers. Taxis are extortionate, and the series of cobbled alleyways make it difficult for pick ups in the centre. But if you really need one, use Uber as they have a fixed price. If your feeling adventurous you could use the city bus/trams, use google maps to tell you which to take.
  • When you lose your friends, which you will! Find a good pub/bar then share your location with them on whatsapp so they can follow the route directly to you.
  • Try to pay with cash over using your bank card. Many of my friends were overcharged some nightclubs.
  • Be especially careful in Strip Clubs, as the girls there will try to get you to buy them a "Ladies drink" which is over the top priced Prosecco. Some times the girls in these places just drink water in an attempt to get the guy really drunk! So be careful.

Airport Transfers (Prague):

What is cheapest way of traveling from Prague airport to the city centre?

If you are traveling in a small group or solo, take the airport express bus, this is the most cost effective. Tickets can be purchased from inside the airport and it runs very regularly from just out front of the airport. Not great for large groups, as it fills up fast.

If your in a larger group anything 4 or over, definitely book a transfer in advance.

The airport is between 30-40mins from the centre. Don't get in airport taxis they are extortionate prices. Or Alternatives include a day or week transport pass which can be purchased from inside the airport and is valid for all trams and buses.

Best Accommodation: Stag Do/Bachelor Party

Compared to most other parts of Europe, Prague offers some epic apartments at rock bottom prices compared to other parts of Europe making it a prime location for a stag party.

Our Favourite: 

Empire apartments: Live for tomorrow.


  • Outdoor Hot Tub with city views
  • Terrace
  • In apartment Sauna. (Great to sweat out the alcohol on a Sunday)
Empire Apartments Stag Do Bachelor Party
Empire Apartments Stag Do Bachelor Party. Photo by Ben at (Copyright) (Contact for usage) (Mail (at)

Insider Tip:

This place sells out fast especially in the summer, so make sure you book well in advance.

Check Availability & Book using the tool below: 

Use this link, to check out room variations etc.

Stag Do Friendly/Bachelor Party Friendly Hotels:

Grand Majestic Plaza. Republic Square. 5 minutes from the Old Town Square or a bit more to Wenceslas Square.

Amarilis. Just two blocks from Wenceslas Square, 6 minutes to the Old Town. Irish Bar Rocky O’Reillys in the same street. One block from Darling Cabaret & Atlas strip clubs.

Rokoko. Directly on Wenceslas Square, Goldfingers strip club opposite, Hot Peppers is 2 minutes away. 5 minute walk to three other strip clubs.

For Prices & Availability follow the Link HERE

K&K Fenix.  Darling Cabaret, Atlas and Sexy Sauna all in the same street and 1 minute to Wenceslas Square.
For Prices & Availability follow the Link HERE

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