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30 Most Extravagant Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the World!

Soar high with the world's top hot air balloon festivals! From Albuquerque to Cappadocia, experience breathtaking views and vibrant skies. Ideal for travel enthusiasts.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
30 Most Extravagant Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the World!

Hot Air Balloon Festivals are an event of awe and wonder! Since childhood we are often read fairytales of magical journeys and destinations.

One which springs to mind is Roald Dahl’s classic “James and the Giant Peach”  and 1996 classic family movie version by Tim Burton.

Where the young orphan boy wishes to get away from his two terrible aunts, floats away on a giant peach for a wonderful adventure!

There is something quintessentially magical, romantic and even liberated about letting yourself just “Float away” into the sky!

Although, this may seem like the stuff of day dreams and fairy tales, it is in fact a wonderful extravaganza which happens all over the world at a Hot Air Balloon Festival!

So get ready to have your truly mind “Inflated” by the top 30 most Extravagant and Wonderful Hot air balloon Festivals in the world!

P.S. Scroll to the bottom for a list of our favorite HOT AIR BALLOON EXPERIENCES around the world!

1. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. -[U.S.A]

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, is the Largest and arguably the most extravagant Hot Air Balloon festival in the world!

This annual event is a wonderful showcase of the most creative, eye catching and breathtaking balloons in the world!

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico this balloon fiesta started back in 1972 with just 13 balloons, but now draws hundreds of thousands of guests every year!

Over 600 fantastic balloons envelope the skyline of New Mexico during this fantastic fiesta.

Lots of amazing events happen during this festival our favorite is the “Mass Ascension” .

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | By Yaabq_a1b

This is one of the most impressive and fairy tale like event of the entire showcase!

As the sun rises, hundreds of colorful and creative balloons inflate and lift off into the crisp morning sky all in unison.

The amount of balloons range from 500 to over 700 which truly makes for a eye catching and memorable experience. It is nothing like you have ever seen before!  There is also a tremendous display of sound which makes it even more so enchanting!

When is the Fiesta?

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is a one week showcase scheduled from:

October 3rd - 11th 2020

(The event is usually around this time in October but can vary slightly from year to year) At Town and Tourist, we always update our dates as soon as they become available so check back for the most relevant information. Or hit the notification bell in the bottom right to be informed of updates.

Where is the Fiesta?

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park, New Mexico U.S.A,

Albuquerque has to offer! Great events and even the award winning Breaking Bad TV series, was filmed there.

Where to Stay in Albuquerque?

Really you wan’t to be as close to Balloon Fiesta Park as possible!

We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Albuquerque   this is a fantastic modern hotel just 36 MINUTES WALK from the Balloon Fiesta Park!!

It also includes a indoor pool, restaurant, European terrace and even a free Casino Shuttle!

(we got it for just $108/night) as we booked in advance. Expect this rate to be double normally.

Address:5151 Journal Center Blvd Ne, Albuquerque, NM, 87109, United States of America,

There is also the Hilton Garden Inn Journal Center in Albuquerque

Located just 2.6 miles from Balloon Fiesta park its a great hotel with all the extras and a really great rate.

However, the decor is slightly more dated than the Marriott.

Address: 5320 San Antonio Drive Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87109

For our a full list of our recommended Hotels nearby, Follow the link HERE

Insider Tip:

Take a bucket list Hot Air Balloon Ride out of Festival season!

To book a life changing Hot Air Balloon Experience in Albuquerque, follow this link HERE

To find out more about this event you have to read this inspiring article: 20 Golden Reasons why Albuquerque Balloon Festival should be on your Bucket list?

2.  -[U.S.A]

The QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning is the largest summertime hot air balloon and music festival in North America!  It is a premiere family entertainment attraction in New Jersey.

With twice a day mass ascensions of up to 100 special shape and sport hot air balloons, to headlining music concerts and non-stop family entertainment.

For sheer variety of activities this is definitely one of the best!

With hundreds of crafters and vendors, great food, a spectacular fireworks show and evening balloon glow this festival is jam-packed!

Bob Haarmans via Wikimedia Commons

They even have Sunrise yoga, Pilates Classes and the famous running with the balloons 5k! This is an award winning festival, having won:

  • The New Jersey Governor's Award for Best Special Event.
  • A Top 100 Festival in North America by the American Bus Association. (6 times in a row!)

While Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is sponsored by “Canon” Photography New Jerseys Quick Check has a guy named Dave fired out of a Cannon! Explosive!

When is the Balloon Festival?

This year the event is held between: JULY 26-28 2019

Where is the Balloon Festival?

QuickCheck Balloon festival is  held annually at Solberg Airport in Readington, New Jersey, U.S.A

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3. Cappadocia Balloon Experience - [Turkey]

Originally forged by a volcanic eruption, Cappadocia is beauty which is risen from the ashes like a phoenix!

Although not technical a festival, this one definitely deserves to be high on our list.

Cappadocia is a bucket list experience dreams are made of! Recently, the popularity of this area has exploded due to wonderful instagrammable images popping up showing the true magic of this rocky natural wonder.

Ballooning in Cappadocia | Dennis Jarvis via Wikimedia Commons

Get lost in the areas vast network of tunnels and historic streets. From the air to true spectacular landscape if breath taking with ethereal “fairytale chimneys”, where the spikey limestone spires can be seen rising up.

Now A  World Heritage site, Cappadocia's is like a fine wine, aged, rich and full of flavour!

Where are the Balloon Rides?

Cappadocia Region, Central Turkey.

How to get there?

A great option is to fly to Nevsehir (NAV) airport then take a 45 min cab ride to the Cappadocia. We found this the easiest when flying from the U.S.A.

Alternative options are too try and Fly direct to Cappadocia. There are two main airports that you can use to reach Cappadocia.

  • Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR) located in Kayseri and nearly one hour drive to the center of Cappadocia region.
  • Turkish Airlines operates several direct (nonstop) flights from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) to Kayseri Erkilet Airport.

This is hands down one of the best places to float by on a hot air balloon, popular with engagements and even weddings!

Our advice would be book tickets for a hot air balloon ride as soon as possible, before Turkeys Majestic Secret is out!

How much does a Balloon Ride cost at Cappadocia?

The cost of a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is Between 150 euros -180 Euro, or ($170 - $200).

This is usually a per person rate for approximately one hour.Group bookings can be a lower price depending upon size.

Prices have seen an increase in recent years due to Cappadocia’s explosion in popularity!

How long should I stay in Cappadocia?

3 days or more in Cappadocia is a great amount of time. Three days allows you to see all of the big sites, do some hiking, check out the deep caves, and of course go on a hot air balloon ride.

For our list of recommended Hotels in Cappadocia follow the link HERE

We recommended this HOT AIR BALLOON TOUR in Cappadocia.

Its safe, professional and includes a free flight certificate!

Insider Tip:

Due to weather dependency of hot air balloon rides it’s a great idea to book one in on the first 1-2 days of your trip.

Then you can always reschedule if the weather is bad.

4. Lubao International balloon and Music Festival - [Philippines]

Lubao International Hot air Balloon and Music Festival | By Elmer Domingo via Wikimedia Commons

The Lubao International Hot air Balloon and Music Festival is now 6 years old and more popular each year! This is event is now the biggest hot air balloon festival in Southeast Asia.

Around 31 balloons shower the skies of Lubao, Pampanga with their magnificent designs and beautiful colors.

With soundtrack provided by the best international and local artists to provide a true spectacle!

You will never get bored at Lubao with something for everyone, to me it’s always been the “russian dolls” of the Balloon festival scene with lots of mini festivals all rolled into one spectacular event.

Lubao encompasses:

  • International Music festival
  • Spectacular Fireworks Display
  • Food Festival
  • Car Show
  • Off Road and Dirtbike Activities.
  • Bazaar (Markets)
  • Ultralight Plane flights.
  • Aerial Show.

When is the Balloon Festival?

The Festival is usually in early April, this year it was on: April 03 - 05 2020

Where is the Balloon Festival?

Pradera Verde, Prado Siongco Lubao Pampanga)  [ Philippines ]

For more info on this festival see it’s official website: www.lubaoibmf.com

How to get there?

  • Fly to the capital city Manila, Philippines.
  • Then Catch a bus down to San Fernando (2 Hours) ($4-$7)
  • From their grab a bus or taxi to Lubao, Pampanga. ($2)

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5. Great Reno Balloon Race - [Nevada, U.S.A]

The Great Reno Balloon Race came from humble beginning in 1982 with just 20 balloons, now showcasing 115 balloons and attracting an average of 120,000 spectators each year.

This makes the great Reno balloon race, the largest free hot air ballooning event in the entire world!

The Dawn Patrol is a classic event, but make sure your up before sunrise to catch it!

Several balloons head into the dark morning sky to check the weather conditions and signal the start after the festival .

After the great “Mass Ascension” begins from Rancho San Rafael Park.

During three days  event you will see the Reno skies filled with a colorful rainbow of hot air balloons.

Great Reno Balloon Race | Ken Lund via Wikimedia Commons

Fun Fact: The original event was started as a way to keep visitors in town during the weekend between the State Fair and the Reno Air Races.

These days enthusiasts travel from far and wide to attend the event making it a massive part of the community.

When is the Balloon Festival?

Annually in Early September. This year it is scheduled for: September 11-13th 2020

Where is the Balloon Festival?

Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno, Nevada, United States ,89510  . (For more info see: reno

6. Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off -[U.S.A]

The perfect start to a Labor Day weekend, watch more than 70 hot air ballon glide over Memorial Park. Started over 40 years ago,  Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off offers a large variety of events and entertainment,

From a skilled chainsaw carving contest to doughnut eating championship!

For those aeronautic enthusiasts out there spot the adrenaline packed sky diving demos!

Colorado Springs Hot Air Balloon Competition | By Darl Arthur S via Wikimedia Commons

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Labor Day weekend

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A

7. International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - [Canada]

For all the Canadians out there,International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is one on everyones calendar.

It has the prestigious title of Canada's largest balloon gathering with an average of 450,000 visitors each year and over 125 balloons!

International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu | Bouchecl via Wikimedia Commons

The multi day event has 125 balloons each representing a cultural mix of nations from France, Brazil, Australia and even Taiwan!

Aswell as classic balloon flights and evening glows, you can also be entertained by:  live music, Fairground rides, craft fairs, bistros, concerts, kids shows and even the infamous “pop challenge” a colorful racing course made up of 20 huge inflated structures!

This is definitely the perfect family balloon event to attend!  Held every August for the past 30 years, Canada’s largest international gathering of balloonists and avid fans is a must-see.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is located just south of Montreal and  is famous for its orchards, wineries and top rated golf courses!

And, if you are doing this activity at night, remember to bring the best flashlights with you.

When is the Festival?

Usually mid August.  This year: August 10-19 2019.

Where is the Festival?

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

For more info see: https://www.ballooncanada.com/

8. Bristol International Balloon Fiesta - [U.K]

Europe’s largest balloon event is on British soil in the vibrant city of Bristol, England.

This four-day event held at the historic Ashton Court Estate, a quaint mansion with vast grounds just outside the city.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta | Fofr via Wikimedia Commons

With over 130 balloons from a vast international roster, this is growing annually.

Started over 37th years ago, the event has evolved into a massively entertaining platform.

Expect to enjoy evening balloon glows, live music, model aircraft flying demos, helicopter rides, tasty foods and even a parachuting session!

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Early August. This year: 6th - 9th August 2020.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Ashton Court Estate , Bristol, United Kingdom (U.K)

For more info see: Bristol

9. Mondial Air Ballons -[France]

This is a record breaking event, literally. Each edition attempts to  set new records! For example, back in 2017 they broke a world record for a mass ascent of 456 balloons in less than an hour!

The event which takes place only every two years, is an awesome show of hot-air balloon mass ascents!

This event was started back in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution and now attracts more than 400,000 visitors every event!

The Awe-inspiring, Mondial Hot Air Balloon FestivalPhoto by: Pool Demnage via Getty Images

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Held once every two years in late July.  This year the event is held from: 26th July - 4th August 2019.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Chambley-Bussieres Air Base, Lorraine, France. For more info, see the following link: Mondial

10. International Hot Air Balloon Festival -[Switzerland]

Hot Air balloons over the snow capped Switz Alps is a true sight to behold! This spectacular backdrop provides a theater to the event like no other.

Close to 100 balloons from over 20 countries take part in flying competitions and a night-glow show!

Other entertainment includes  airplane acrobatics, balloon rides and hand gliders! So strap on your skis and head to the alps for some fun!

Switzerland Balloon Festival | Roy Egloff Wikimedia Commons

This nine-day event was started back in January 1979. Visitors of the International Hot Air Balloon Festival can also explore the town’s immense history at the hot air balloon museum.

He you will learn about the first attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a balloon!  Which was started in Chateau-d’Oex.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

End of January. Next event is: 25th January to 2nd February 2020.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Chateau-d’Oex, Switzerland

For more info see: Semaine de Ballons

11. Saga International Balloon Fiesta -[Japan]

Brining over 800,000 thousand visitors per year, this is a beast of an event!

Over 100 balloons come together on the Kase Riverside for the Saga International Balloon Fiesta.

A major highlight of the festival is the  Hot Air Balloon School. Here pilots explain the basics of ballooning and guests can actually touch and have fun with the balloons.

Saga balloon fiesta | Jewell Willett via Wikimedia Commons

A great event for families is the Balloon Fantasia, which is a popular compilation of animal shaped and cartoon character balloons!

When is the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta?

Early November. For 5days, October 30th 2020 (Fri) to November 3rd (Thu) 2020

This year is the 40th Anniversary event! So expect big things!

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta?

Saga, Japan.

12. European Balloon Festival - [Spain]

This Spanish showcase attracts more that 25,000 visitors each year and comprises of 50 balloons!

This event Brings together the beauty of the sport, with a strong flight and competition element.

An international assembly of pilots is magnetised to the event from countries all over the world, from Argentina to Israel!

Set across several locations around the city of Barcelona, it is a truly vibrant city experience.

Dubbed as the largest balloon festival in Spain EBF is perfectly marries competitive and recreational flights together.

Also included is a photography competition and a breathtaking city flight.

European Balloon Festival | Laureà via Wikimedia Commons

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

The first fortnight of July.  Next Event is: 10th to 14th July 2019

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Igualada, Barcelona, Spain

Our favorite Hot Air Balloon ride experience was in Segovia, check it out using the link HERE

13. Taiwan International Balloon Festival

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival is one of the most creative balloons festivals in the world with a vast array of strange shapes and cartoon animals!

Started around 8 years ago it is a relative newbie of the balloon festival scene. But this new kid on the block is popular and brings in over one million avid visitors each year!

A high tech festival, Taiwan Balloon festival combines Virtual Reality VR and other advanced technology to enhance the experience.

Expect to see laser shows, 3D projections, dancing water shows, and even Taiwan’s fighter aircraft doing a fly over!

Taiwan International Balloon Festival | Samuel via Wikimedia Commons

Also included are flying shows, mooring activities, balloon rides, a night glow music concert, balloon wedding celebrations, and a summer camp, providing visitors with something to take home as well as great memories!

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

The 51 days event will be delayed until July 11 and close on Aug 30, 2020.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Taitung City, Taiwan

14. Canberra Balloon Spectacular - [Australia]

A classic in the balloon enthusiasts calendar, observe more than 50 balloons take to the Skys from the grassy lawns of the Old Parliament House.

Set over nine days, this is a classic which is not to be missed.


When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Annually in March

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Canberra, Australia. For more info see, Canberra Balloon Spectacular.

15. Freedom Aloft Weekend - [Carolina, U.S.A]

If you fancy some excitement next Memorial Day weekend head down to South Carolina you won’t be disappointed.

Expect to see hundreds of balloons and a great live music event all rolled into one.

Past performances by Trace Adkins, David Lee Roth, and The Doobie Brothers, have attracted many to this event.

BackRoadRamblers via Wikimedia Commons

For the kids there is a popular “kids zone” packed with amusement rides and activities. For adults there is a classic vintage car show.

There is even a Frisbee Dog contest, for the pets!

This event is produced all in good spirits and helps to raise money for local and regional charities. So you can sleep good at night after the excitements over.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Event?

Annually in May.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Event?

South Carolina, U.S.A. For more info see, the official site. Freedom weekend

16. Teton Valley Balloon Rally -[Idaho, U.S.A]

Independence Day special, head down to Idaho, U.S.A. Make your way to the picturesque setting of Teton Valley, sit back relax and watch the sky be filled with a colorful shower of balloons.

The Teton Valley Balloon Rally is a non-profit organization, committed to keeping the magic of ballooning alive in the years to come.

The traditional event, now in it's 39th year, features several mornings of group hot air balloon launches from the Teton County Fairgrounds in Driggs.

Getting all fired up at Teton Balloon Rally!

During the four-day Teton Valley Balloon Rally, event as a visitor expect to attend a classic down-home parade, dance along to the tunes of a fiddling contest!

If your after a raw all-American experience, then head down to here. See the lush green fields and spikey peaks of the area as you float over in a balloon.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

The 4th July (weekend)

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Teton Valley, Idaho, U.S.A. For more info see: Teton Valley Balloon Rally,

17. Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair - [Arizona, U.S.A]

This is a jam packed event with a mass ascension and tethered balloon rides to start. When thats over head to the “Walk in” Balloon to get a feel of what it’s like to be inside vast material. Look over head and you will see captivating Air shows in the Skys above.

For kids, Carnival rides, creative balloons and a fire service display is set to keep them entertained. If your a car enthusiasts there is even an impressive classic car show.

After a fun and busy day relax in the evening and watch the luminous balloon glow show.

GregDinright via Wikimedia Commons

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Mid January

Jan 9th -12th 2020.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, U.S.A

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18. Mondovi ‘Epiphany’ Hot Air Balloon Festival -[Italy]

This is a festival which is less concerned with big music events and carnival rides and more tailored to the skill, tradition and technical approach to ballooning.

Some call this a secret in the balloon calendar.

This is an authentic and non commercial event like no other with around 30 balloons taking part.

Luukas | Wikimedia commons

Expect a non corporate, laid back approach to the organisation with minimal stress, worries, bureaucracy and some authentic Italian culture. Expect to immerse yourself in quaint food stalls and arts and crafts.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Usually in January although exact dates do vary due to it's laid back setup!

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Mondovi, North-West region of Piedmont, Italy.

19. Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - [Malaysia]

Hosted in Putrajaya, just south of Malaysia’s bustling capital, Kuala Lumpur. A vast colorful array of hot air Balloons glide majestically over the cityscape.

Expect to experience the vibrant tropical greenly and lush botanical gardens.

When your all “deflated” from ballooning try a helicopter ride! Other adrenaline pumping activities include paint balling and wall climbing.

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Malaysia

When is the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta?

Mid-March, annually.

Where is Hot Air Balloon Fiesta?

Putrajaya, Malaysia. For more info see, this link.

20. Leon International Balloon Festival -[Mexico]

Leon is an historic city famous for its cathedrals and authentic plazas. Take a balloon ride over to truly get a perspective on the beauty.

Called the Largest balloon fiesta in Latin America, this event started back in 2002 with only 27 balloons taking part.

These days expect to see 200 balloons plus. With an professional roaster of international pilots from over 20 countries.

Hot air balloons fly over a lake during the International Balloon Festival at the Metropolitan Park in Leon, Guanajuato state, Mexico, in 2013. (Photo: Hector Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

When the evening comes check out the night-glow, live music concerts, rodeo, even some dancing horses!

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Annually in Mid-November

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Leon, Mexico. For more info see: International Balloon Festival

21. Gilboa International Hot Air Balloon Festival - [Israel]

This is Israel’s largest and most coveted balloon festival, beginning at Ma’ayan Harod National Park near the majestic Mount Gilboa in scenic Galilee and ending to the south in Eshkol National Park in the Negev region.

Seeing the colorful hot air balloons lift off at sunrise and glide across blue skies above the Jezreel Valleys lush green fields is truly a memorable sight.

Gidona Council | Wikimedia Commons

This festival is a fantastic vibrant event, with a variety of family activities, great local foods, and entertainment.  Last year featured balloons came from Europe and the U.S.A. Hot air balloon rides can be taken in the Galilee and Negev regions of Israel.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Held annually (August)

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Near Mount Gilboa, Israel. For more info see: Gilboa International Hot Air Balloon Festival

22. International Balloon Festival - [Brazil]

A sea side hot air Balloon Festival held in the extreme hot south of Brazil with spectacular views over canyons, beaches and raw cliffs.

A unique part of the famous event is the famous “Key Grab” where a big key model is hung on the pole placed in the centre of the balloon field.

Whoever gets it wins a car! Expect a vibrant carnival vibe live music, a fairground and host of other activities.

International Balloon Festival, Torres, Brazil

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Late April - Beginning of MayFor more info see: http://www.torres.rs.gov.br/balonismo/

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

(Porque do Balonismo - Avenida Castelo Branco), Torres, Brazil

23. National Balloon Classic - [Iowa, U.S.A]

100+ colorful hot air balloons + 9 Days of an Iowa Summer! = One hell of an event!  Watch as the canvas of the Iowa sky is filled with a colorful fleet of eclectic shapes.

Margie Boylan | Wikimedia Commons

This family fun and friendly event has a kid land to keep the little ones entertained and live music to give a great atmosphere to the entire event.

Check out there great Dawn Patrols and evening Glows. Other great shows include skydiving and even a pilots competition!

Watch as the skilled pilots compete for points and prizes every morning and every evening while dazzling guests below.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Late July - Early August

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Memorial Balloon Field, Iowa, Indiana, U.S.A

24. Velikie Luki International Balloon Festival- [Russia]

If your a balloon enthusiast in this part of the world then this is the one for you. With more of a competition and race vibe to the event.

Expect to see several prices being fought for including the coveted “International Cup of Friendship”, the Women's Championship of Russia, and the Cup of Velikie Luki.

Velikie Luki International Balloon Festival- [Russia]

Velikie Luki International Balloon Meetup is a unique event in RussiaPhoto by: Viral Blasts.com

When is the Hot Air Balloon Event?

Annually, Mid-June

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Event?

Velikie Luki (Velikiye Luki), Russia

25. Saxony International Balloon Fiesta - [Germany]

Say “Guten Morgen” to the Mass ascension in Germany.

Expect a variety of beer gardens, live music concerts, a town parade, and even a circus!…oh and of course lots of ballooning! A great evening glow is a highlight at this festival.

A great evening glow is a highlight at this fiesta. At Saxony International Balloon Fiesta in Germany.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Beginning of August

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Leipzig, Germany

26. Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival - [California, U.S.A]

Wine and ballooning? Yes its great if your a passenger! There is no better place then Temecula valley, sample the local wines soak up the lush southern California weather and enjoy a whole host of ballooning fun!

For the kids, the TVBWF includes rides, inflatables, pony rides, face painting and even a petting zoo!

Kid-friendly food like hot dogs, pizza and ice cream will be available for hungry little ones.

A Fun packed Family Event! At Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival in California.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Third week of May

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Lake Skinner Recreation Area, Southern California Temecula Valley, California, U.S.A. For more info see. tvbwf.

27. Great Texas Balloon Race - [U.S.A]

Considered by many the best run event on the circuit. Many pilots who compete at the Great Texas Balloon Race hold it in high esteem.

The Great Texas Balloon Race earned Longview the official award as the  "The Balloon Capital of Texas" by the Governor of Texas in 1985.

Michael Shoemaker | Wikimedia Commons

The evening balloon glow, gives the signal for the Live concerts to begin with great music being pumped out till late on the weekend.

Kids Land is a safe play area for children, so don’t worry about a sitter!

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Third week of July

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Longview, Texas, the U.S. For more info see: gtbr

28. Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic - [California, U.S.A]

The event is typically held on a Saturday and Sunday, and both days get going early - really early!

At 5 a.m., when the pre-dawn morning is clinging to its last bit of darkness, a few brightly-lit balloons will rise majestically into the air.

Within moments, almost as if the balloons made it  happen, the first hints of sunlight will begin to color the landscape.

Frank Schulenberg | Wikimedia Commons

And while the colorful balloons drift hither and yon above, you can enjoy live music, chomping on tasty breakfast food, snatching up event souvenirs, checking out the work of local craftspeople, and watching the children have fun in the Kids PlayLand.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Annually in Mid-June

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Windsor, California, U.S.A

29. Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta - [Canada]

The small town of Sussex bubbles with excitement due to this event!  Up to 30 hot air balloons fly twice daily with an outdoor bandstand providing the mood.

Unique to this event is the ostentatious pilot welcome with a “Sparade” (spraying parade), where the marchers and visitors squirt each other with water guns!

The town is a hive of activity with a vast indoor market, carnival rides and other activities on throughout the day.

Cute Balloons Great for the kids and adults! At Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta In Canada.

When is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Every September on the weekend following Labour Day

Second week of SeptemberSEPTEMBER 6TH TO 8TH, 2020

Where is the Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. For more info see. AtlanticFiesta.

30. Serengeti National Park - [Tanzania]

Although not a balloon festival, the shear exquisite natural landscape of Tanzania, should be on everyone's bucket list for a private balloon ride!

A Hot Air Balloon Ride over Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is probably one of the most wondrous bucket list experiences known to man! Photo by Getty images.

While flying over Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, you’ll have a good chance of seeing an abundance of wildlife from lions and wildebeests to hippos and giraffes!

Should you take a Hot Air Balloon Safari?

Would you like a special experience for a loved one (or yourself!)?

Do you want to create life changing memories which will last a lifetime?

If the answer is YES, then you should book a Hot Air Balloon Safari!

A Hot Air Balloon Safari is an experience like no other!

Watch the lions and wildebeest run across the plains beneath as you lift high up into the air!

For more details on this unique experience, follow the link HERE

Want an Epic Balloon Ride over Orlando?

This tour is ideal for a group of friends, families or a fun couple!

Take the Sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride over the picturesque orchards & waterways of central Florida!

My Kids even saw Walt Disney World! They loved it, it definitely a better gift then some toy they would play with once!

Afterwards enjoy a Champagne toast with post-flight snacks and receive a special flight certificate!

For more details on this Epic trip follow the link HERE

Too Much Planning!?

  • Do you find planning a trip time consuming & even stressful?
  • Would you like a tailored Bucket List vacation?

If you answered YES, to these questions then you should contact a Travel expert to take care of everything for you!

Taking an organised tour or tailored vacation is great as they will organize flights, hotels, car rental, activities &  Insurance!

To find out more check out: Which are the Best travel Tours?

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