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Unlock Ghana's Secrets: Ideal Months for Culture & Festivity

Imagine a time when every beat of a drum calls to your soul and vibrant colors dance before your eyes. Welcome to Ghana, where your ultimate calendar adventure awaits!

Tobi Miles
August 19, 2022

As one of the longest-running and most politically stable countries in Africa, Ghana is a hidden gem of beauty many do not think to visit. With a large array of cultural traditions, festivals, and a diverse landscape there is much to enjoy about this enchanting country.

The best time to visit Ghana is in October. With very little rain and temperatures around 30℃/86℉, you will find mild Ghanian weather to enjoy around the country. Roundtrip flights from the United States will cost about $1,100. Tourism is also quite low this time of year and you will not run into large crowds.

You may not know much about what this country has in terms of prices, weather, and cultural festivals. Follow along as we briefly outline the basics of what to expect on your trip to Ghana.

When Not To Visit Ghana

Temperatures and prices stay relatively stable throughout the year in Ghana. However, June and July can be difficult months to visit the country due to the levels of rain and influx of western tourists.

Rains can flood inland roadways and beaches can get crowded which are not ideal conditions for a vacation. Ghana is a very warm country with temperatures being pretty much the same year-round. But the rainy summer months bring intense humidity to the country, making it a less than ideal time to visit.

Cheapest Month To Visit Ghana

February is the cheapest month to visit Ghana. It is the last month of the dry season but experiences lots of dusty winds blowing in from the Sahara desert. You will not find too many activities or festivals this time of year either.

This means that there are pretty low crowds this time of year as well. The dusty winds tend to cloud the beaches and national parks, but you will still find good days to explore the outdoors! Your trip will be more mild and relaxed if your visit Ghana in February.

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Best Month To Visit Ghana

Many native Ghanaians say that December is the best month to visit their country. With multifaceted holiday celebrations and ideal weather, there is a lot of freedom to enjoy the country this month!

October is another great time to see Ghanaas the summer rains have left and the humidity begins to decrease. You will not see many crowds during this month and travel around the country is relatively cheap.

When is the Best Time To Visit Ghana: Monthly Breakdown

January: Best For Wildlife Spotting

This month brings in the new year in Ghana being the driest month on the calendar. You will typically see highs of 32℃ / 90℉and practically no rain.

January is a very cheap time to visit Ghana. A roundtrip flight from New York will cost about $1,000 to the capital of Accra. A room in Accra’s 4-star Marriott hotel is $260 a night, but you can easily find much more affordable housing depending on where you stay.

A great opportunity to visit this time of year is to experience the native Mfantsefo New Year Celebration of Edina Bronya. The holiday is rooted in Ghanas’ complex history and serves several functions for the community.

Edina Bronya thanks the ancestors for their blessings and welcomes the new year. It takes place on the first Thursday of January on our calendar and is a perfect introduction to Ghana!

  • Best time for Wildlife Watching
  • Visit Cape Coast Castle

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February: Cheapest Month To Visit Ghana

February is a hot time to visit Ghana, with the average daily high temperatures being 32℃ / 90℉. This is a very windy time of year, with the harmattan winds from the Sahara haze the skies and cloud up the views.

This is the cheapest month to visit Ghana with a roundtrip flight costing just $900 from New York. A hotel room is at its cheapest as well, costing just $230 a night in a 4-star room.

  • Experience the Dzawuwu festival
  • Visit Mole National Park

March: Ghana’s Independence

As the summer sun beings to shine on Ghana the temperatures get higher without the relief of rain. The month is usually regarded to be the hottest month in Ghana, with highs of 32℃ / 90℉.

Prices increase slightly as summer approaches. Flights from New York will cost about $1,150 roundtrip, and hotel prices tend to go up to $260 in a 4-star hotel room. This is for the country’s independence celebrations.

  • ExperienceGhana’ss Independence Day
  • Tour the Osu Castle
  • Visit the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary in Volta

April: Tour Ghana’s Historic Castles

April brings the beginning of the rainy season in Ghana. The rains are not too intense quite yet, but you will see temperature highs of 32℃ / 90℉.

Overall prices dip after the independence day celebrations. You can find flights around $1,000 roundtrip leaving from New York City. A hotel in Accra will cost about $260 a night in a 4-star hotel.

  • Enjoy the coming of age celebration of Dipo
  • Visit the Manhiya Palace Museum in Kumasi

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May: Enjoy the Good Luck of Aboakyir

The rains begin to pick up in Ghana in May, so temperatures drop slightly. Average high temperatures in Accra are around 31℃ / 88℉. With the coming rain, you will find festivals around the country bringing good luck for plentiful harvests in the fall.

As western tourists begin to arrive, prices begin to increase. Flights from New York cost about $1,200 round trip. A 4-star room in a hotel in Accra will cost about $260 a night in May.

  • Experience the exciting Aboakyir celebration
  • Hike around Lake Bosumtwe

June: Explore Ghanian Culture

The rains are still very intense in June, so it is a great time to stay indoors and explore Ghanaian culture. Average temperature highs are around 29℃ / 84℉. Coffee lovers will enjoy visiting the coffee shops of major cities to get a taste of this culture on the continent where it was discovered!

Prices are pretty expensive this month in Ghana. A flight from New York to Accra is $1,300 round trip. A nice 4-star hotel room will also cost about $280 each night.

  • Dzimbi Festival
  • Explore cafe culture in Accra
  • Visit the Larabanga Mosque

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July: Most Expensive Month To Visit

With the rains in full swing, temperatures are usually at their coolest, but this is also matched with more humidity. Average peak temperatures are 28℃ / 82℉ in bustling cities such as Accra.

This tends to be the most expensive month to visit Ghana as prices capitalize on summer travel from the western world. Flights are roughly $1,400 round trip, and a single night in a 4-star hotel will cost $290.

  • Bakatue Festival
  • Panafest

August: Explore the Makola Market

August is a relatively quiet month in Ghana, but there are still many ways to enjoy the country even if you run into some summer rain. The average temperature high reaches 28℃ / 82℉.

Prices are very similar to that of the rest of the summer just before they begin to dip in the shoulder season. Flights cost about $1,300 round trip, and a 4-star hotel room will go for $290 a night.

  • Chale Wote Street Art Festival
  • Explore the Makola Market in Accra

September: Explore Ghana’s Diverse Nature Scenes

Average temperatures begin to increase as the rains fade away in September, with highs reaching 29℃ / 84℉. It can be a great time to explore rushing waterfalls and early harvest celebrations.

Prices begin to average out in Ghanaian travel during the shoulder season. A flight from New York to Accra will cost about $1,200 round trip. A 4-star hotel room will go for about $280 a night.

  • Experience Oguaa Fetu Afahye on Cape Coast
  • Visit waterfalls in the Volta Region

October: Best Month To Visit Ghana

Overall this is the best month to visit Ghana. Temperatures are mild and reach highs of 30℃ / 86℉ and there is very little rain or wind to disrupt your activities. You will not find summer or holiday crowds this month as well, making it a perfect time to visit.

October offers the standard travel prices of the area. A flight to Accra from New York will cost about $1,100 round trip, and a night in a nice hotel will cost about $280.

  • See the Ngmayem harvest festival
  • Visit the luxurious Busa Beach

November: Explore Ghana’s Volta Traditions

November is a very mild month in Ghana, with average high temperatures reaching 31℃ / 88℉ and very little rain. The mild weather and low tourism make it a great time to explore the beautiful nature and traditions of the Volta region of the country.

Standard prices for travel in Ghana in November are $1,100 for a flight to Accra from New York and $260 a night in a 4-star hotel room. Venturing outside the major cities, you will mind much cheaper housing but a bit extra in transportation costs.

  • Experience the Hogbetsotso festival
  • Visit Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

December: Christmas Festivals

The weather is nice and warm in Ghana in December, and you will find little rain and wind to interfere with your trip. Average high temperatures reach 31℃ / 88℉. Many locals say this is the best time to visit Ghana.

Flights can be pretty cheap this time of year costing just $1,000 round trip. But with the varied end-of-year and Christmas celebrations, a 4-star hotel room in Accra will go for about $300 a night.

  • Experience the end-of-year celebration of Ashanti Akwasidae
  • Enjoy Afrochella

When Is The Best Time To Avoid Crowds in Ghana

The low travel season in Ghana is between April and September, where rains are common and the heat can be sweltering. However, October and November is the best time to visit Ghana to avoid crowds and intense weather.

This is the shoulder season for the country, so you will not run into summer or holiday travelers. Without the constant rains, the humidity is down this time of year and prices are quite affordable.

When Is The Rainy Season In Ghana

The rainy season in Ghana stretches from April to September, with May and June being the months with the heaviest rainfall. These months tend to see heavy rainfall, which leads to lots of roads being washed out. Which makes transportation a bit more difficult.

This rainy season also brings intense humidity to the country, which is what most people note when they visit. It is usually regarded that from August to September the rainy season is very mild, as the rains decrease as the year goes on.

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January 5, 2024

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