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December Gems: Top Cultural Havens to Explore This Winter

December's here, and it's the perfect time to pack your bags and explore some amazing places. Whether you're into snowy landscapes or sunny beaches, there's a spot just waiting for you to discover.

Tobi Miles
April 4, 2024
December Gems: Top Cultural Havens to Explore This Winter

Imagine walking through a winter wonderland or chilling on a warm beach. Sounds great, right? Let's dive into the best places to visit in December where you can make those dreams come true.

Key Takeaways

  • Cherish Festive Atmospheres in Europe: Cities like Prague, Vienna, and Strasbourg offer enchanting Christmas markets and lesser crowds in December, providing a perfect blend of festive spirit and cultural immersion.
  • Embrace Warmer Climates: Tropical destinations like Bali, Phuket, and Costa Rica promise sunny beach days, cultural festivals, and lower travel costs in December, making them ideal for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.
  • Opt for Winter Sports Adventures: Locations such as Aspen, Whistler, and Innsbruck are top picks for snow enthusiasts, offering a range of activities from skiing to snowboarding with options to avoid the heaviest crowds by timing your visit.
  • Explore Rich Cultures and Traditions: Venture into Kyoto, Oaxaca, Florence, or Fez for a deep dive into local customs and history with the added advantage of fewer tourists and milder weather in December.
  • Consider Timing and Location for Best Experiences: Early December visits and choosing lesser-known spots can significantly enhance your travel experience by dodging peak crowds and enjoying seasonal festivities or weather to the fullest.

Festive European Cities

When December rolls around, Europe transforms into a winter fairy tale. Thinking about the best places to visit? You're in luck. We've lined up some festive cities where the weather's cool, the crowds aren't too thick, and the festivities are top-notch.

Dive into the Heart of Winter Celebrations

Prague, Czech Republic, is a must-see. Imagine walking on the cobblestone streets with snowflakes gently falling around you. The Christmas markets here are legendary. They start in late November and go till early January, so you've got plenty of time to explore. Plus, Prague is less crowded in December, making it easier to see everything without bumping into too many people.

Next up, Vienna, Austria, offers its own brand of holiday magic. The city lights up with decorations and markets that seem to pop up in every square. The smell of mulled wine and gingerbread fills the air. Vienna's also known for its New Year's Eve Grand Ball, if you're staying till the year's end. And don't worry about the chill – it's the perfect excuse to pop into a cafe for some world-famous Austrian coffee and cake.

Beat the Crowds and Enjoy the Weather

Want to avoid crowds and still enjoy that festive vibe? Bruges, Belgium, is your spot. It's like stepping into a medieval Christmas card. The markets aren't as massive as in other cities, which means fewer people but the same amount of charm. The weather in December is chilly but bearable, ideal for enjoying a hot Belgian waffle as you wander.

If you're chasing the best weather, Lisbon, Portugal, offers a milder December. It's not your typical snowy December destination, but its unique Christmas traditions and decorations are worth experiencing. Plus, with fewer tourists, you can enjoy the city's attractions at a more relaxed pace.

Embrace the Festivities and Local Insights

No list is complete without mentioning Strasbourg, France. It's called the Capital of Christmas for a reason. The city's Christmas market is one of the oldest and best in Europe. You'll find everything from traditional decorations to delicious Alsatian treats. Strasbourg beautifully balances festive fun with striking gothic architecture, and despite its popularity, there are ways to avoid the big crowds by visiting on weekdays or exploring the lesser-known streets.

Tropical Destinations

When you're looking for the best places to visit in December, think about heading to some gorgeous tropical destinations. December is a fantastic time for warm weather and fun activities without too many people around. Let's dive into where you can find the sun, sand, and sea along with the celebrations and cultures that make these places truly special.

Bali, Indonesia is a paradise where you can find the best weather in December. It's the beginning of the dry season, meaning sunny days perfect for beach lounging, surfing, or visiting the iconic temples. Bali also offers some of the lowest prices for traveling compared to other tropical spots. You can explore local markets, try delicious foods, and even take a yoga class in the middle of beautiful rice terraces. Avoid the crowds by staying in places like Ubud or the beaches on the island's north side.

Phuket, Thailand is where the party's at. With its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, it's one of the best places to travel if you want a mix of relaxation and fun activities. December sees the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, a thrilling yacht race that draws spectators from around the world. Cost of travel here is quite reasonable, and you can find many deals on accommodations outside the main tourist spots. For a unique experience, visit the local night markets for some street food.

Costa Rica is for nature lovers. If you're into hiking, wildlife, or just soaking in hot springs, this is your spot. December marks the start of the dry season, offering clear skies and lush landscapes. You can avoid crowds by visiting less known national parks or beaches. Costa Rica also hosts colorful festivals in December, where you can enjoy local music, dance, and food. As for costs, traveling during the early part of the month can save you money before peak season hits.

The Bahamas are great if you want to mix beach time with some cultural events. The weather in December is fantastic, with mild temperatures and less humidity. The Bahamas’ Junkanoo festival, happening at the end of December, is a must-see with its lively parades and music. You can find good deals on resorts if you book early, and there are plenty of fun activities on and off the water. Avoid Nassau if you're not big on crowds and check out the Out Islands instead for a more laid-back vibe.

Winter Sports Getaways

With December comes a heap of snow in many places, making it the perfect time for those of you who love winter sports. Whether you're into skiing, snowboarding, or just sipping hot chocolate in a cozy lodge, we've got you covered. Let's dive into some top picks for your winter fun.

Aspen, Colorado is a no-brainer when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. Known for its high-quality snow and beautiful mountains, Aspen offers trails for all skill levels. You'll find both challenging slopes for the experts and gentler ones for beginners. Plus, the town itself is super cozy, making it a great spot for those post-slope hot chocolates. To avoid crowds, consider visiting in early December. Although Aspen is not known for having the lowest prices, the experience is worth every penny.

Next up, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Not only does Whistler boast some of the best weather for winter sports, but it also has one of the largest ski resorts in North America. The town hosts plenty of fun activities, from skiing and snowboarding to dog sledding and tobogganing. There's something for everyone. Like Aspen, visiting early or mid-December can help you dodge the biggest crowds.

For those of you looking to travel a bit further afield, Innsbruck, Austria, should be on your list. This city is surrounded by mountains, offering a variety of winter sports opportunities. Innsbruck is also known for its charming old town and historic sites, providing a nice balance of activity and culture. Plus, it often has lower prices compared to some of the more famous locations in the Alps.

If you’re aiming to avoid crowds and seek out a hidden gem, consider Bansko, Bulgaria. Besides having some of the lowest prices for skiing in Europe, Bansko provides a mix of excellent slopes and rich cultural experiences. The food is amazing and the people are welcoming, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to explore beyond the slopes.

Cultural Exploration

When you're thinking about the best places to visit in December, don't just focus on the weather or the cost. Sure, they're important, but so is getting a taste of local culture. You want to find spots where you can dive into the customs, festivals, and daily lives of locals without fighting through crowds of tourists. Plus, these cultural gems often come with the added bonus of better prices and cooler activities that aren't found in your typical travel guide.

Let's talk about Kyoto, Japan first. December is a magical time to explore because it's far less crowded than in cherry blossom season. You'll get to wander through ancient temples and shrines with fewer people around, making it feel more special. Plus, the city has lots of traditional tea houses where you can warm up and taste local sweets. Don’t miss the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove—one of those spots that's way cooler without the crowds.

Next up, Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is buzzing with vibrant culture all year round, but December brings something extra. Think night-time streets lit up with lanterns and locals celebrating posadas—basically, parties leading up to Christmas. You’ll get to see amazing parades and taste incredible food. The best part? It’s way cheaper and less crowded than Mexico's coastal tourist spots. Plus, the weather in December is pretty perfect—not too hot and not too cold.

If you're into art and history, Florence, Italy should be on your radar. Winter means fewer tourists, so you can take your time enjoying the Uffizi Gallery and Michelangelo’s David without bumping shoulders. December also has some festive markets, where you can pick up unique gifts and try Italian holiday treats. And since it’s off-peak season, you’ll find some sweet deals on places to stay.

For something completely different, check out Fez, Morocco. It's like stepping back in time. The old city, with its winding streets and hidden courtyards, is fascinating and much quieter in December. You can explore ancient markets, visit historic mosques, and even take a cooking class to learn how to make authentic Moroccan dishes. Weather-wise, it's mild and comfortable—perfect for spending the whole day outside exploring.

  • Avoid Crowds: Visiting these cultural wonders off-peak means fewer tourists and more


So there you have it—your guide to embracing the magic of December in places that are not just about the snow but are rich in culture, history, and unique experiences. Whether you're wandering through the ancient streets of Kyoto, savoring Oaxaca's culinary delights, admiring Florence's art-filled alleys, or getting lost in the historic heart of Fez, you're in for an adventure that's as enriching as it is exhilarating. Let this December be the one where you dive into the beauty of the world's cultures with open arms and an eager spirit. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes December an ideal time to visit Kyoto, Japan?

December is an ideal time to visit Kyoto, Japan, due to fewer crowds, allowing for a more personal and special experience at its ancient temples and traditional tea houses.

Why is Oaxaca, Mexico, recommended for a December getaway?

Oaxaca, Mexico, is recommended for December due to its vibrant cultural celebrations, delicious cuisine, more affordable prices, and ideal weather conditions.

What attractions does Florence, Italy, offer in the winter?

In the winter, Florence, Italy, becomes a prime destination for art and history enthusiasts. It offers fewer tourists, festive markets, and attractive deals on accommodations.

How does Fez, Morocco, provide a unique experience in December?

Fez, Morocco, offers a unique December experience with its historic old city. Visitors can explore markets and learn about Moroccan cuisine in a quieter, more immersive setting.

What are the advantages of visiting these locations in December?

The advantages of visiting Kyoto, Oaxaca, Florence, and Fez in December include fewer tourists, which allows for richer, more immersive cultural experiences and potential cost savings on travel and accommodations.

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