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Unlock Wet and Wild Fun: Top 15 Washington Water Parks

Dive into a splash-tastic adventure as we unveil Washington State's 15 coolest water parks where thrills and chills await! Ready to make a splash?

Tobi Miles
September 3, 2022

The state of Washington is known for its wine-producing power, ferry fleet, and production of apples. But have you ever wondered how the people of Washington have fun or beat the heat during the summer? The answer, Waterparks.

Washington is home to several amazing waterparks that never fail to pique the interest of its population. These waterparks feature a sizeable number of slides, squirters, geysers, swimming pools, and a wide range of fun facilities. With numerous attractions to keep visitors busy and entertained, the waterparks of Washington never fail to impress every visitor.

Below we have included a unique list of the best waterparks you can visit in Washington. Continue reading to discover the next waterpark you should include in your schedule

1. Birch Bay Waterslides, Blaine

Credit: Groupon

📍Map It: 4874 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Blaine, WA 98230 | Phone: +1 360-371-7500 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10AM–6PM | Entrance: Ages 6-60: $27, Ages 3-5 & 60+ : $20 

Birch Bay Waterslides welcomes its visitors with four main slides designed to give everyone a good ride. Also available are the river ride, ramp slide, and black slides to mention a few. 

After riding, you can spend time cooling off in the kiddies pool, activity pool, or hot tub. 

The fantastic waterpark also offers lounge chairs, picnic tables, and round tables where you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

 With so much fun and excitement in the air, every family member is sure to have a good time at the Birch Bay Waterslides.

2. Surf ‘n Slide Water Park, Moses Lake

Credit: Tour Moses Lake

📍Map It: 401 W 4th Ave, Moses Lake, WA 98837 | Phone: +1 360-371-7500 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10AM–6:30PM | Entrance: 0-2years: Free, 3-4years: $8, 5-17years: $16, 18-64years: $17, 65years and above: $16

At Surf 'n Slide waterpark, a twist, a turn, and a plunge gets your adrenaline up and running. It features an artificial surfing simulator, two 200 ft water slides, and a baby octopus slide for the kids. Also present are 1 & 3 diving boards for a deep plunge into its pools 

After so much fun, you can spend some time in the lazy river, floating, swimming and doing quite a lot of Splash. If you're feeling gamely, the waterpark has two sand volleyball courts where you can embrace that feeling of competition and fun. 

The Surf 'n Slide waterpark offers a splash filled with memories in Washington.

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3. Slidewaters, Chelan

Credit: Visit Chelan County

📍Map It: 102 Waterslide Dr, Chelan, WA 98816 | Phone

+1 509-682-5751 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10AM–7PM | Entrance:$33.95, Under 48” and Seniors(60+) : $25.95 

Step into a world of rides, twists, turns, plunges, and water-filled fun at Slidewaters, Chelan. The waterpark features a surfer's hot tub, a lazy river, a tipping bucket, and a tube blaster. 

In its wide range of slides, you can discover the 300-foot blue baster slide, the sidewinder slide, the intermediate whitewater slide, and the bug-a-boo slide for kids, among others. Also, you can have fun playing volleyball at the Slidewaters sand volleyball Court. 

Are you ready to have some fun-filled activity here in Washington? The Slidewaters, Chelan, is one place you don't want to miss.

4. Wild Waves & Enchanted Village, Federal Way

Credit: Federal Way Mirror

📍Map It: 36201 Enchanted Pkwy S, Federal Way, WA 98003 | Phone: +1 253-661-8000 | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11AM–6PM, Friday-Saturday: 11AM-8PM| Entrance: $49.99, 48" tall/65+years: $31.99

Wild Waves & Enchanted Village features its signature Pacific plunge, which offers visitors a long trip through twists, turns, and deeps. Also, the raging river tube and riptide never fail to fill every visitor with an adrenaline rush and a sense of adventure.

After so much activity, you can spend some time in the Konga lazy river and warming tubs to recuperate. Also, you can take time off to jest and gist with friends and family over a couple of drinks and snacks. 

Ready to beat the heat? Wild Waves & Enchanted Village is one of the best places to do that. 

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5. Southside Family Aquatic Facility, Spokane

Credit: Spokane County

📍Map It: 3724 E 61st Ave, Spokane, WA 99223 | Phone: +1 509-448-5090 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 11AM–5:30PM | Entrance: 2 years and below: Free, 3-5 years: $3, 6-59 years: $6, 60 years and older: $5.00

Take some amazing long rides through slides at the Southside Family Aquatic facility. The facility features 120ft, 168ft, and 200ft long water slides that never fail to offer visitors great fun and excitement.

With a wide range of activities to enjoy, every family member gets a share of the fun. Also, visitors can spend time with friends and family at the picnic area. Drinks, beverages, and other concessions are also available for purchase. 

Are you ready to make memories that will never fade? Southside Family Aquatic Facility can help you do that. 

6. Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton

Credit: Beautiful Washington

📍Map It: 1719 Maple Valley Hwy, Renton, WA 98057 | Phone: +1 425-430-6780 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 9AM–7PM | Entrance: Ages 1-4: $8, Ages 5+ : $16

Splash while you play at the Henry Moses Aquatic center. The center features a wide range of slides, rides, and a pool for every member of the family to enjoy. Everyone gets to see the Henry Moses Aquatic adventure through twists, turns, and plunges.

Also, the Henry Moses Aquatic Center has a lazy river where you can float or swim after rides. Are you feeling famished? You can get a couple of drinks, snacks, and other concessions at the center.

Memories made at the Henry Moses Aquatic Center never fade quickly, and you are sure to have a good time alone or with friends and family.

7. Splash Down, Spokane Valley

Credit: KREM

📍Map It: 11127 E Mission Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 | Phone: +1 509-464-9541 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10AM–6PM | Entrance: $15

Enjoy a day full of fun, excitement, and splash at Splash Down, Spokane Valley. This impressive waterpark features the fastball slide, cannonball slide, and four 400-foot slides that would have you screaming with delight all day. Also, the adrenaline rush down the slides is one thrilling moment no one should miss.

Every family member gets a splash at the Splash down water park with numerous fun activities and facilities. There are also various concessions available to all visitors. 

Would you like to beat the heat with a splash? Splashdown waterpark is everything Splash and more.

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8. Northside Aquatics Center, Colbert

Credit: Spokane County

📍Map It: 801 E Handy Rd, Colbert, WA 99005 | Phone: +1 509-468-5107 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 11AM–5:30PM | Entrance: 2 years and below: Free, 3-5 years: $3, 6-59 years: $6, 60years and above: $5

Enjoy a time full of memories at the Northside Aquatic Center. The center features a 20ft long water slide for kids, a 145ft long water slide for intermediate sliders, and, if you are daring, a 200ft long water slide.

With so much attention on the slides, you can spend time alone or with a few people in the heated swimming pool. Also, there's a deck space for picnicking with family and friends. 

At the Northside Aquatics Center, the water never stops splashing, and the fun never ends. Are you planning a trip to the center already? Then you are in for a treat. 

9. Slide ‘n Splash Indoor Mini Water Park Seattle South, Federal Way

Credit: The Crazy Tourist

📍Map It: 1688 S 348th St, Federal Way, WA 98003 | Phone: +1 360-748-6492 | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday: 4PM–9PM, Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-10PM | Entrance: $20

The slide n' Splash Indoor Mini Water Park features two water slides characterized by twists, turns, and plunges. In its 3500 square foot Indoor space, visitors can enjoy the 1100 square foot pool designed for splashes.

After much activity, you can take some time in the hot bathtub to cool down and get your body in order. Also, a wide variety of food and drinks are available to anyone who cares for them. 

Is it your birthday soon, or you'd like to have fun with friends and family? Slide n' Splash is one of the best places to do that 

10. Gail and Carolyn Shaw Aquatic Center, Chehalis

Credit: Chehalis Foundation

📍Map It: 401 SW Parkland Dr, Chehalis, WA 98532 | Phone: +1 360-748-6492 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 11:30AM–6PM | Entrance: $5

Enjoy a day with water toys, slides, and pools at the Gail and Carolyn Shaw Aquatic center. Through twists, turns, and plunges, all age groups can enjoy the adrenaline rush and excitement the center offers 

With a beach entry-style pool, the center offers a unique experience you don't want to miss. Also available are concrete walkways and benches where anyone can sit and gist with friends over a couple of drinks. 

With many attractions for everyone, the Gail Carolyn Shaw Aquatic Center offers enough fun and excitement to make your day. 

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11. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park | Grand Mound

Credit: Groupon

📍Map It: 20500 Old Hwy 99 SW, Centralia, WA 98531 | Phone: +1 800-640-9653 | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10AM–8PM, Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-8PM  | Entrance: $50, 0-2years: Free

Great wolf lodge water park is home to fun, excitement, thrills, and many splashes. It features Fort Mackenzie, the water tree Fort that provides fun and adventure, and the totem towers that promises a fun slide from the top of the Fort. 

Other fun facilities that keep you spellbound include the slap tail pond, river canyon run, Albert falls, whooping hollow, howling tornado, big foot pass, and more. After so much activity, you can spend some time winding down in its South hot springs. 

Great wolf lodge waterpark is one of the best places to spend a vacation and also make memories

12. Lynnwood Recreation Center, Lynnwood

Credit: Mission Glass

📍Map It: 18900 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036Phone: +1 425-670-5732 | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:30AM–9:30PM, Saturday: 7AM-9PM, Sunday: 9:30AM-6:30PM| Entrance: Children (under 2): Free, 2years and above: $6, Disabled: $6

Lynnwood recreation center is one place to have a nice swim all day long. It features a standard swimming pool with several attractions to keep visitors busy, excited, and entertained.

After hours of splashes and fun, you can spend some time talking and playing games with friends and family at its picnic area. Also, the recreation center features a couple of spaces for playing different court games. 

Are you looking for a place to have a nice swim and a lot of fun? Lynnwood Recreation Center is one good place to consider 

13. Ritzville Water Park

Credit: Pool World

📍Map It: 109 E 10th Ave, Ritzville, WA 99169 | Phone: +1 509-659-1003 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday: 12AM–8PM | Entrance: Adults: $5, 55 years and above: $4.5, 4-13years: $4

Picnics, slides, water sprays, and many more would make your day at the Ritzville water park. The park offers adventures through twists, turns, and a lot of splashes on its unique water slides. 

Also, kids can play in the designated playground and splash pads with many toys. Are you feeling gamely? Set up your game boards and cards at the Ritzville water park picnic area 

With numerous attractions to give its visitors a never-ending adrenaline rush, Ritzville water park is one of the best places to have fun. 

14. Snohomish Aquatic Center, Snohomish

Credit: Snohomish Aquatic Center

📍Map It: 516 Maple Ave, Snohomish, WA 98290 | Phone: +1 360-568-8030 | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:30AM–9PM, Saturday & Sunday: 7AM-7PM | Entrance: $7.5, 2years and below: Free

Make a dive and catch a swim at the Snohomish Aquatic center. The center features a recreation pool, Wilbit floating play structure, and a spray-play area where the water splashes never stop. 

Visitors can also take some time to wind down and relax in its hot tub and lazy river. Snohomish Aquatic Center is one place you don't want to miss with so much adrenaline rush on its water slides. 

Are you planning a fun hangout with friends and family? Snohomish is one place where the fun never ends 

15. Asotin county family aquatic center 

Credit: Eventective

📍Map It: 1603 Dustan Loop, Clarkston, WA 99403 | Phone: +1 509-758-0110 | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday: 5AM–8:30PM, Saturday & Sunday: 7AM-6PM| Entrance: 6-17years/60+years: $5.5-10.5, 18-59years-$7.5-11.5, 5years and under: Free

Stepping into the Asotin County Family aquatic center, anyone would deduce that they're in for a lot of fun, excitement, and adrenaline. The center features a splash and wave pool where visitors can wade all day long. 

Want to soak up the sun? Order some drinks and snacks while you sit on the picnic benches. If you're feeling a little tired, you can take some time to cool down in Asotin's lazy river and bathtub. 

The Asotin county family aquatic center has a fun facility for every family member.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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