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10 BEST Water Parks in Louisiana (All-Inclusive Fun Experiences)

Dive into the top 10 water parks in Louisiana for a splash of fun! From thrilling slides to lazy rivers, find your all-inclusive adventure here. Ideal for families & thrill-seekers.

Tobi Miles
September 2, 2022
10 BEST Water Parks in Louisiana (All-Inclusive Fun Experiences)

The state of Louisiana is located in the southeast region of the US on the Gulf of Mexico. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage, Cajun and creole, Madrid Gras celebrations, and many more.

Being a multicultural state, Louisiana offers tourists an environment fit for exploration, adventure, and entertainment. With so many attractions in the state, its fantastic water parks are the ones you don't want to miss. Louisiana water parks feature an exciting mix of water slides, swimming pools, splash pads, and water playgrounds that never fail to impress every water lover.

This article includes some of the best water parks you should visit in Louisiana. Continue reading to discover a fantastic world of water parks in this multicultural state.

1. Splash Kingdom Water Park, Shreveport

Credit: Shreveport-Bossier

📍Map It7670 W 70th St, Shreveport, LA 71129 | Phone: +1 318-938-5475 | Website | Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 11 AM–6PM | Entrance: $24.95

Hop on the fun train at the splash Kingdom water park, with a quick acceleration at the Geaux slide win, airstream, cotton candy, flash flood, or Bonzai. It features steep drops and sharp turns that would have you screaming out with delight during every ride. In the end, you enjoy a cushioned pool finish with 3 feet of water depth.

While you recuperate after your long ride, you can spend some time cooling off in the lazy river. You can also pick drinks and candy for your palate at the mini melts.

In Case you're feeling quite hungry, you can help yourself to some crispy chicken tenders and some surfside pizza. You never run out of things to enjoy at the splash Kingdom water park.

Ready to have a Louisiana splash? Splash Kingdom waterpark has got you covered.

With live events available to everyone with a general admission ticket, Splash kingdom waterpark promises fun for you and every family member.

2. Blue Bayou Water Park

Credit: Top Brunch Spots

📍Map It18142 Perkins Rd E, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 | Phone: +1 225-753-3333 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday 10AM-6PM | Entrance: Adults $27.75-$39.75, Guests 35" and under: Free

Experience a waterpark in its full glory at the Blue bayou water park. With many sharp turns and deep plunges on its water slides, the blue bayou has something for every family member.

Whether you’re taking a slide down the Lafitte's plunge, mambo, awesome twosome, or Azuka, you enjoy a perfect mix of fun, adventure, and entertainment. After a few good rides at the slides, you can hop into the lazy river right after.

While you fill up your energy bar, you could treat yourself to some good drinks, bayou sweets, chicken coop, sweet magnolia, and a fuel Dock, to mention a few. The T-Joe's family-style pizza is also available if you'd like to have light lunch with your family.

To round off your fun day, you can retire at any blue bayou partnered hotel at a discounted rate. The Blue bayou waterpark promises fun-filled memories every other day with attractive slides, fun games, and screams of delight.

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3. Aqua Pards

Credit: Livingston Parish News

📍Map It30372 Eden Church Rd, Denham Springs, LA 70726 | Phone: +1 225-664-8365 | Website | Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 12AM - 5PM | Entrance: In-District: $8, Out-of-District: $10

Enjoy an adrenaline rush of excitement and delight at Aqua Pards. Featuring numerous fantastic water slides, everyone can have a try at the twists, turns, and plunges an Aqua Pard water slide offers.

After a good ride, you can opt for a swim in the calm and comforting lazy river. Also, you can bask in the sun while watching your kids play on the playground.

Aqua Pards feature adventurous and exciting walking trails if you fancy a walk alone or with friends and family members. It is also one of the best water parks to spend your summer days with numerous fantastic fun activities.

While you, as an adult, may find it challenging to enjoy Aqua pads to their fullest, your kids might have an entirely different story to tell. Get your bags ready, prepare your schedule and bask in the thoughts of experiencing every bit of fun at Aqua pards, Denham Springs.

4. Spar Water Park, Sulphur Parks and Recreation

Credit: Sulphur Parks Waterpark

📍Map It933 W Parish Rd, Sulphur, LA 70663 | Phone: +1 337-527-2505 | Website | Hours: Monday– Saturday: 10AM – 7PM, Sunday: 2AM–7PM  | Entrance: In-District: $6, Out-of-District: $12, kids(2 years and below): free

Spar water park, Sulphur parks recreation is where the fun is in Louisiana. With fantastic water park slides and activities, Spar water park is one place to have never-ending fun.

It features a super bowl tube slide that spins you through several exciting rotations, a constrictor tube with twists, turns, and water drop, and several amazing slides for you to enjoy

After a thrilling ride, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the lazy river or bask in the sun while you watch your friends or family play. Also available are a splash and play island and the parrot island, which features a sizeable Polynesian bucket. The large Polynesian buckets dump hundreds of gallons of water now and then.

While you spend your day having fun and making memories, you can enjoy some chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hot dogs, and many tasty delights. At the Spar water park, a thrilling and fun-filled experience awaits every visitor

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5. Liberty Lagoon

Credit: Liberty Lagoon

📍Map It111 Lobdell Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 | Phone: +1 225-923-3202 | Website | Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 10AM – 9PM | Entrance: $12, 1year olds and younger: free

Enjoy a merry-go-round of fun at the Liberty Lagoon. Twist, turn, and spin in the Gator Bowl with a drop in the 8-feet Lagoon. Embrace joy and delight at splash pads and water playgrounds. While you watch your kids play, you can adopt a comfortable posture on a lounge chair or picnic benches.

Are you feeling a high Adrenaline rush? Take a swim down at the lazy river or have fun playing a bit of water volleyball with friends and family. To enjoy that thrilling feeling of adventure and competition,  the Liberty Lagoon presents Lily's lily pad crossing for your pleasure.

Have a splash filled with memories at the Liberty Lagoon in Louisiana! While you jest with friends and family after the waterworks and plays, you can cool off with some tasty drinks and snacks. Burgers, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and sweet snacks are available for everyone to munch.

6. Audubon Cool Zoo, New Orleans


📍Map ItNew Orleans, LA 70118 | Phone: Not Available | Website | Hours: Monday, Thursday & Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM | Entrance: Adult: $19.95, Children (2 -12): $14.95, Senior (65+): $14.95

Enjoy a lot of sightseeing and fun at the Audubon Cool Zoo, New Orleans. Featuring the cool zoo water park, Audobon offers lots of jolly good fun to be had. With a splash here and there, everyone gets screaming with delight in a short while

Whether you’re playing an exciting volleyball game in the lazy river or taking a spin in the Gator world, every splash is worth it. You can also have your fill of spouts, geysers, and sprayers during your stay.

After hours of activity, you can decide to cool off on the numerous lounge chairs available around the water park. Private Cabanas are also available to beat the heat and cool off in style.

At Audubon cool zoo, there are thrills for everyone. With drinks and lots of snacks to keep your mouth munching, you can satisfy your palate with drinks and snacks. Are you visiting soon?

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7. Cajun Water World

Credit: Groupon

📍Map It46053 LA-445, Robert, LA 70455 | Phone: +1 985-542-1779 | Website | Hours: Tuesday– Saturday: 24 hours daily | Entrance: $6/hour, $10/4 hours, $15/day

Cajun water world offers every visitor an experience full of fun, adventure, and thrills. Traveling through twists, turns, and spins, visitors get to experience water marvels at their best. At the giant water slide, everyone can enjoy the feeling of excitement, laughter, and a massive rush of adrenaline.

Plunging with a scream of delight, you get cushioned by a pool of water after your ride. Also, there are numerous slides for everyone to ride, so you don't have to repeat a ride on a specific slide. Mini inflatables are also available in the pools for the kids to play on.

When you feel out of breath, you can take some time to cool off under the shades. Candy bars, hotdogs, burgers, drinks, and other snacks are available at reasonable prices.

With its dazzling water environment, the Cajun water park is home to water lovers of all age groups. Catch a thrill, play some games, throw a jest and make memories like never before at the Cajun water park in Louisiana

8. Jambalaya Park

Credit: swimtopia

📍Map It1015 E Cornerview St, Gonzales, LA 70737 | Phone: +1 225-647-2841 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 8 AM-6 PM | Entrance: $6

Jambalaya park, located in Gonzales, Louisiana, is quite beautiful. The water park features a water fountain that welcomes visitors with an amazing sight. As you stroll in to get settled, Jambalaya offers an exciting and refreshing environment to get you excited.

Get right into the fun at the splash park and playground designed to give you a huge adrenaline rush. Also, different games are available for visitors to play, so every part of the family gets to take part in the fun.

After a long round of games and plays, you could spend some time strolling down the walking path. Or better still, cooling off in the swimming pool. There's also a reflection or meditation pool where you can relax and bask in the sun.

At Jambalaya park, there’s something for every member of the family. Get your bags packed and prepare to have a Jambalaya-themed fun

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9. Gator Grounds RV Resort

Credit: Gator Grounds

📍Map It: 200 Golf Course Rd, Bunkie, LA 71322 | Phone: +1 318-295-4030 | Website | Hours: Monday-Sunday 8 AM-5 PM | Entrance: see the website for an extensive list of rates

Gator Grounds RV resort is one of the best water parks here in Louisiana. It features signature indoor and outdoor water parks that offer every visitor numerous fun choices.

The indoor park boasts one water slide, two pools, a spa, and a splash pad area with a  small children's slide for the kids. The falls are more robust for the outdoor water park, with one ending in a pool and others in their unique slide end areas.

While fish in the ponds are considered catch and release, you can spend some time fishing and enjoying every catch. After a continuous activity, you can spend some time cooling off in the lazy river.

You can also have your fill of the snacks sold in the Gator Grills. With all these and more, the Gator Grounds RV resort is one destination you won't forget easily!

10. White Sands Lake, Franklinton

Credit: Whites Sands Lake

📍Map It: Sandstone Blvd, Bogalusa, LA70427 | Phone: +1 318-295-4030 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-7PM | Entrance: Adults(12 and up): $15, Kids(3-11): 10$, Kids(3 and below ): Free

White sands Lake is a family-styled water park designed to give you and your family lots of fun to last a lifetime. It features a clear, spring-fed lake offering everyone enough water and fun space. At White Sands Lake, a trip down the slides is all it takes to get you up and excited.

Inflatable water slides, trampolines, blog bats, and floating mats are available to make your day memorable. You could also decide to play catch in the water or step right onto the sand for an exciting game of beach volleyball. Whichever you choose, the games never stop, and the fun never ends.

After so much activity, you could take some time to bask in the sun and sip some juicy drinks. Also available are cabanas and bbq grills for everyone to use. If you are not comfortable with a public grill, you could come with your grill. More fun, more snacks, and a day full of good memories

Whether you are visiting alone or with friends and family, white Sands Lake offers a thrilling experience no one

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