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Myrtle Beach Magic: Uncover When Locals Say Go!

Ditch the clichés! Ever wondered when Myrtle Beach truly sparkles? A local spills the secrets on the perfect months to visit. Spoiler: It's not when you think!

Tobi Miles
July 14, 2022

Myrtle Beach is the most enticing attraction in South Carolina, and up to 14 million tourists visit each year. The nightlife, water, and fresh seafood make Myrtle Beach a mandatory destination for leisurely travelers. So, what is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach?

The best time to visit Myrtle Beach is between May and August, when the weather is best. You can save the most money if you go to Myrtle Beach in September, when flights and hotel rates are the cheapest. The worst time to visit Myrtle Beach is between December and February, when temperatures drop to 36 degrees.

Avoid Myrtle Beach in mid-April so that you aren’t surrounded by spring breakers. Otherwise, Myrtle Beach is typically comfortably crowded during the spring and summer. Follow along as we explore the best time to visit Myrtle Beach.

Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach

Winter is the worst time to visit Myrtle Beach because there isn’t as much to do. It gets quite cold between December and February in Myrtle Beach, which limits your outdoor activities. Temperatures can drop to 36 degrees or below during the winter in Myrtle Beach, which is unappealing for tourists.

Walking on the boardwalk and beach are staples of a Myrtle Beach vacation, but neither is fun in the winter. You can still enjoy great restaurants and nightlife, but you won’t find fresh seafood. It’s best to wait until March or April to visit Myrtle Beach when it finally warms up.

What is the Cheapest Time of Year to go to Myrtle Beach?

September is the cheapest time of year to go to Myrtle Beach. Tourism is less prominent in Myrtle Beach during September because of the change in weather. Myrtle Beach becomes emptier and emptier throughout the month each September, which keeps hotel rates low.

You can find a hotel room for as little as $80 per night when you visit in September. Round-trip airplane tickets to Myrtle Beach in September go for roughly $200 per person. However, you can get a better deal if you buy your tickets to Myrtle Beach 3-4 months early.

What Time of the Year is the Best Weather in Myrtle Beach?

January: Best Time to Visit in Winter

January is the coldest month in Myrtle Beach, but it’s still a great time to visit in the winter. The cold weather doesn’t stop fun events like the Carolina Country Music Awards and Totality Fest. Check out the Grand Strand Boat and Sportsman Expo to get a taste of the typical fun local activities.

The North Myrtle Beach Winter Run is a great way to warm up during this cold time. You can expect temperatures between 35 and 57 degrees during January in Myrtle Beach. It rains for an average of 6 days each January in Myrtle Beach, but you don’t have to worry about snow.

  • Totality Fest
  • Carolina Country Music Awards
  • Grand Strand Boat and Sportsman Expo
  • North Myrtle Beach Winter Run

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February: Best Time for a Quiet Trip

Temperatures begin to warm up throughout February in Myrtle Beach. Prepare for temperatures between 38 and 60 degrees when you visit in February. February is before the huge tourism boom so you can still enjoy a fun and quiet trip.

The Myrtle Beach Elvis Festival is among the most unique events throughout the year in Myrtle Beach. Celebrate the king of rock n’ roll and sample great food with a crowd of Myrtle Beach locals.

  • The Myrtle Beach Elvis Festival
  • Wildlife Expo

March: Best Time for Festivals

Myrtle Beach loves festivities, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is no exception. A quieter event like the Southern Carolina Environmental Conference may be more your speed if you want to avoid crowds. Otherwise, Cars & Coffee is a laid-back event that children and adults alike can enjoy.

Temperatures continue to increase through the end of March with average highs of 64 degrees. Make sure to bring warm clothes, however, because temperatures can drop to 43 degrees in March.

  • Cars & Coffee
  • South Carolina Environmental Conference
  • Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival
  • The Really Big Expo

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April: Best Time to visit in Spring

Temperatures fluctuate between 52 and 72 degrees each April in Myrtle Beach. The increase in temperature and humidity is welcome and kicks off a true Myrtle Beach spring. It rarely rains more than 5 days throughout April in Myrtle Beach, and it’s a great time to be outside.

  • Singing In The Sun
  • Earth Day Music Fest and Diabetes 5K

May: Best Time to Visit the Boardwalk

Hot Summer Nights on the Boardwalk is a diverse event with carnival performers, face-painting, and fireworks. This event kicks off in April, but May is the best time to attend it because of the great weather. You can expect temperatures between 60 and 79 degrees each May in Myrtle Beach with 5-7 rainy days.

It’s the perfect weather for a cool, nighttime stroll along the boardwalk.

  • Hot Summer Nights on the Boardwalk

June: Best Time to be Outside

June is peak tourism season in Myrtle Beach with events like the Carolina Country Music Fest. You can enjoy a day at the beach or some fun exercise at the Mighty Mini Triathlon. Temperatures stay between 70 and 85 degrees in July.

  • Mighty Mini Triathlon
  • Carolina Country Music Fest

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July: Best Time to go to the Beach

July is the best time to go to the beach and enjoy the water in Myrtle Beach. You can enjoy the water on a leisurely day, or attend one of several fun beach events in July. The Broadway at the Beach Fireworks is an unforgettable experience by the water.

Temperatures fluctuate between 73 and 88 degrees throughout July in Myrtle Beach. Check the weather before you visit the beach in July because it rains for 8 days of the month on average.

  • Jet Fest
  • Sounds of Summer
  • Mustang Week Car Show
  • Broadway at the Beach Fireworks

August: Best Time for the Arts

The Craftsmen's Summer Classic Art & Craft Festival is the top event during August. Events like the Blues & Jazz Fest also celebrate music and art from the area. It starts to slightly cool down with temperatures between 71 and 87 degrees.

  • Complimentary Carriage Rides
  • Blues & Jazz Fest
  • Sights & Sounds Bingo
  • Craftsmen's Summer Classic Art & Craft Festival

September: Best Time for Seafood

Check out the I Love Seafood Fest to taste some fresh catches. Buoys on the Boulevard is another unique event that you won’t experience outside of Myrtle Beach. Nighttimes get cool throughout September with temperatures from 66 to 84 degrees.

  • I Love Seafood Fest
  • Home Improvement and Outdoor Living Show
  • Buoys On The Boulevard

October: Best Time to Visit in Fall

Autumn is a special time in Myrtle Beach, and October serves to highlight this fact. There is no shortage of season events each October from the Fall Rally to the Caribbean Jerk Fest. Temperatures stay within the comfortable 55-76 degree range throughout the month.

  • Myrtle Beach Fall Jerk Fest
  • Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival
  • Caribbean Jerk Fest
  • Cruisin’ the Beach Car Show
  • Fall Rally

November: Best Time for the Community

Get into the holiday spirit early with the Dickens Christmas Show & Festival in Myrtle Beach each November. Experience the music that this region of the country is historically known for at the SC State Bluegrass Fest. Otherwise, you can soak up several styles of music and celebrate the artists that create them at the Carolina Beach Music Awards.

You can expect temperatures between 44 and 68 degrees when you visit in November.

  • Carolina Beach Music Awards
  • Dickens Christmas Show & Festival
  • SC State Bluegrass Fest

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December: Best Time to Celebrate the Holidays

The Surfside Beach Farmers Market concludes in late December and won’t return until April. Check out A Very Broadway Christmas Parade if you want to see how Myrtle Beach celebrates the holiday. Otherwise, December is a fairly quiet time for Myrtle Beach as far as special events go.

Myrtle Beach enters the winter in December with temperatures between 38 and 59 degrees. The cold weather is a far cry from the summer and early fall, but still warmer than many places in the country during winter.

  • A Very Broadway Christmas Parade
  • Surfside Beach Farmers Market

Best Time to go to Myrtle Beach With Family

The best time to go to Myrtle Beach is from May through early July. Many families visit Myrtle Beach as early as April because of how beautiful it is during early spring. However, this can be a mistake depending on when you visit because Myrtle Beach is a spring break destination.

You can typically avoid spring breakers in Myrtle Beach if you visit after April 25th. The party scene is less prominent in Myrtle Beach between May and early July. This makes it a great time for your family if you have children, and it’s before the tourism gets too crazy in late July and August.

Best Time to go to Myrtle Beach to Avoid Crowds

Winter is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach to avoid crowds. Tourism is down significantly during the late fall and this downtime lasts through the winter.  Myrtle Beach is not crowded between mid-November and the end of February.

Avoid going to Myrtle Beach between June and August if you want to avoid crowds. Everybody gets the same idea and visits Myrtle Beach at the same time each summer and it gets crowded. Up to 14 million tourists go to Myrtle Beach per year, and most of them visit in the summer.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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