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Unlock Moroccan Magic: Top 20 Cities for Luxe History Buffs

Imagine stepping into a world where luxury meets history, where every alley holds a story. Welcome to Morocco's 20 most enchanting cities, your next passport stamps to adventure.

Tobi Miles
September 23, 2022

Morocco is an African country with a big appeal for tourism. The main reason people are interested in this destination is the diversity of the landscape. In this country, you can experience crisp mountains, pristine beaches, and sandy deserts. If you want to get a taste of Morocco for yourself, you may be wondering what the best cities to visit are.

Marrakesh is the most popular city for tourism because there are luxury accommodations and intriguing attractions. Fes is a great destination to learn more about the history of Morocco while exploring famous sites. If you want to enjoy time in nature, we suggest visiting Agadir. This city has many hiking trails and beautiful beaches to explore.

If you're looking for a safe and beautiful country to visit in Africa, you can't go wrong with Morocco. Today, we're going to introduce you to the 20 best cities to visit in Morocco. Keep reading to find out where your next vacation should be.

1. Fes

Credit: TripSavvy

Fes has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a lot of history packed into this city, with landmarks that date all the way back to the 9th century. The oldest medina in North Africa is still standing here. History buffs from all over the world are fascinated by the landmarks in Fes.

Why Should You Visit Fes?

Travelers can learn a lot about the history of Morocco when they visit Fes because it's the oldest imperial city in the country. It's also one of the top-visited cities for tourism in Morocco. Visitors enjoy mesmerizing attractions, like Bou Inania Medersa and Jardin Jnan Sbil, among many more.

  • Location: Fes, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: June
  • Winter Weather: 41 to 63F/ 5 to 17C
  • Summer Weather: 61 to 97F/ 16 to 36C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, tours

2. Marrakesh (Marrakech)

Credit: GQ

The most luxurious city in Morocco is Marrakesh. This is a place where travelers feel like royalty. They can enjoy palaces, eat at 5-star restaurants, and spend the day rejuvenating at a world-class spa.

Why Should You Visit Marrakesh?

Marrakesh is the #1 tourist destination in Morocco. There is no other city in the world like this one. Visitors can explore unique markets known as souks. You can find everything from leather goods to crockery at the souk. There are also galleries, botanical gardens, and museums to catch your interest.

  • Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: March to May
  • Winter Temperature: 43 to 68F/ 6 to 20C
  • Summer Temperature: 63 to 99F/ 17 to 37C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, shopping

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3. Casablanca

Credit: Wikipedia

Casablanca is the #1 city in Morocco for architecture. Touring around this city is fascinating on its own because it's the art deco architecture capital of Morocco. The buildings give the city a traditional feel with a modern touch.

Why Should You Visit Casablanca?

Casablanca is a beautiful city that travelers should take the time to explore. The restaurant scene is amazing and there are several Spanish-style tapa bars that provide a great setting for a night out. You can also find luxury hotels to stay at with unique interior and exterior designs.

  • Location: Casablanca, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: June through August
  • Winter Weather: 48 to 66F/ 9 to 19C
  • Summer Weather: 64 to 79F/ 18 to 26C

4. Rabat

Credit: The Crazy Tourist

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco. It's one of the country's best cities because there's so much to see and do here. The Royal Palace is in Rabat, which is the most important museum in Morocco. There are also several landmarks and monuments to visit, like Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of King Mohammed

Why Should You Visit Rabat?

Rabat is a beautiful city to explore. There are days worth of attractions to satisfy the curious traveler. You can spend an afternoon strolling the Oudaias Kasbah or you can admire landmarks like the Medina of Rabat.

  • Location: Rabat, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: June through August
  • Winter Weather: 45 to 64F/ 7 to 18C
  • Summer Weather: 61 to 82F/ 16 to 28C
  • Best Activities: historic landmarks, tours

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5. Chefchaouen

Credit: Lonely Planet

Chefchaouen looks like a city from a painting. It's famous for its powder blue streets and beautiful architecture. This picture-perfect town is one of the prettiest cities you can visit in North Africa.

Why Should You Visit Chefchaouen?

Chefchaouen has just as much personality as beauty. Inside this city, guests can eat at delicious Moroccan restaurants, tour the city's top attractions, and learn more about the area's history. Some of the top attractions to visit are the Kasbah Museum and Chefchaouen Medina.

  • Location: Chefchaouen, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: September & October
  • Winter Weather: 37 to 61F/ 3 to 16C
  • Summer Weather: 55 to 90F/ 13 to 32C
  • Best Activities: dining out, sightseeing

6. Tangier

Credit: Peregrine Adventures

Tangier is where you can get a taste of Morocco's city adventure without the crowds and noise of the more popular tourist destinations. This city has a culture of its very own that's intriguing to travelers.

Why Should You Visit Tangier?

One of the main reasons to visit Tangier is to see the landmarks and learn more about the area's history. This city used to be an international zone, so it has influences from Spanish, British, and French cultures.

  • Location: Tangier, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: March through May
  • Winter Temperature: 46 to 64F/ 8 to 18C
  • Summer Temperature: 63 to 84F/ 17 to 29C
  • Best Activites: tours

7. Agadir

Credit: KimKim

Agadir is one of the best Moroccan cities for travelers that enjoy an outdoor adventure. There are several hiking trails and areas that overlook the city. Visitors can also hike around the valley and enjoy the scenery, including the emerald waters.

Why Should You Visit Agadir?

Agadir is a resort town with a lot of modern appeals. Although it's not considered one of the main cities for tourism, it has its advantages. This is one of the best cities in North Africa to consider if you want a vacation centered around relaxation.

  • Location: Agadir, Morocco
  • Best Month To Vist: June through August
  • Winter Weather: 46 to 70F/ 8 to 21C
  • Summer Weather: 64 to 81F/ 17 to 27C
  • Best Activities: hiking, photography, spa

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8. Essaouira

Credit: Wikipedia

Essaouria has a quirky charm that has peaked a lot of travelers' interest. This city is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco. There are many unique aspects to this area, but what's more impressive is the abundance of artesian industries.

Why Should You Visit Essaouria?

One of the most appealing aspects of Essaouria for travelers is the lodging options. There is a great assortment of bed and breakfasts that are elegant and cozy. The overall atmosphere of this city is relaxed. Travelers can enjoy strolling around the city and enjoy the blend of Arabic and African culture.

  • Location: Essaouria, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: May & June
  • Winter Weather: 52 to 68F/ 11 to 20C
  • Summer Weather: 63 to 75F/ 17 to 24C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, shopping

9. Ouarzazate

Credit: Wikipedia

Ouarzazate looks like a storybook setting. That's likely because it's been used as one many times throughout history. Not only has it been the setting for biblical stories and Egyptian fables, but it has also been the setting for many tv series and movies.

Why Should You Visit Ouarzazate?

If you're a Game of Thrones super-fan, then Ourzazate is likely on your travel bucket list. There are several studio sets in this city that were used for the filming of the third season. Another fun fact about the studio sets is that they are currently the largest sets in the world

  • Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: April & May
  • Winter Weather: 37 to 66F/ 3 to 19C
  • Summer Temperature: 66 to 100F/ 19 to 38C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, photography  

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10. Larache

Credit: Wikipedia

Larache is a quaint city located at the mouth of the Loukkos River. It's a fun destination for people that are interested in touring around and seeing famous attractions but want to avoid the crowds of more popular tourist destinations.

Why Should You Visit Larache?

Travelers enjoy Larache because this city is home to many tourist destinations. They can enjoy visiting popular sites like Cromlech de Mzoura and the archaeological site Lixus. It will feel like you stepped back in time to another century when you visit these sites.

  • Location: Larache, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: April
  • Winter Weather: 48 to 64F/ 9 to 18C
  • Summer Weather: 63 to 82F/ 17 to 28C
  • Best Activities: visit landmarks

11. Asilah

Credit: Wikipedia

Asilah is a wonderful summer destination. This city is well-known for its art culture. Every summer, there are several events and festivals focused on art, like Asilah Arts Festival and International Culture Festival.

Why Should You Visit Asilah?

Asilah is a very lively town boasting with great spirit. If you're in town but there isn't a festival, you will still find plenty to do. There is a very stunning medina and beautiful orche walls to see, among many other attractions.

  • Location: Asilah, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: July & August
  • Winter Weather: 46 to 64F/ 8 to 18C
  • Summer Weather: 63 to 84F/ 17 to 29C
  • Best Activities: local festivals & events

12. El Jadida

Credit: Culture Trip

El Jadida is a charming seaside city that's known for authentic Moroccan culture. This city is also home to many great restaurants that offer superb hospitality. Guests are treated like family around this town.

Why Should You Visit El Jadida?

El Jadida has beautiful scenery. Downtown, you will find several great restaurants, markets, and attractions. When you need some peace and solitude, there are several beaches that are public but feel private.

  • Location: El Jadida, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: January & February
  • Winter Weather: 50 to 61F/ 10 to 16C
  • Summer Weather: 69 to 77F/ 20 to 25C
  • Best Activities: nature walk, sightseeing

13. Tinghir

Credit: Wikipedia

Tinghir is a scenic destination that's a dream for photographers, or anyone that wants to get an Instagram-worthy shot. This town has many walking trails and several stunning viewpoints. On top of that, there is a very charming vibe to this city that makes travelers feel welcome.

Why Should You Visit Tinghir?

Morocco has a lot of natural beauty within the country. One of the best places to take your time and explore what nature has to offer is Tinghir. One of the main sights to see in this area is the Todra gorge, which provides a breathtaking view of this oasis.

  • Location: Tinghir, Morocco
  • Best Time To Visit: October & November
  • Winter Weather: 32 to 57F/ 0 to 14C
  • Summer Weather: 76 to 96F/ 24 to 35C
  • Best Activities: hiking, sightseeing, photography

14. Tetouan

Credit: Nuvo Magazine

Tetouan is Morocco's home to modern art. Many travelers come to visit the famous collection of Iberian-Moroccan art at the Tetouan Centre of Modern Art. Any travelers that want to learn more about Morocco's art heritage should put Tetouan on their bucket list.

Why Should You Visit Tetouan?

Tetouan has a very impressive souk district where you can find many authentic goods. Another attraction in this city is Talassemtane National Park, which is an excellent location for a trekking adventure. Visitors also enjoy spending time at Tetouan's Medina.

  • Location: Tetouan, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: September through December
  • Winter Weather: 48 to 63F/ 9 to 17C
  • Summer Weather: 64 to 84F/ 18 to 29C
  • Best Activities: art exhibits, trekking, shopping

15. Meknes

Credit: Odyssey Travel

Meknes is the perfect location for visitors that want to go exploring to set base. While this quaint side is on the quiet side, it's close to some of Morocco's main attractions. Visitors that want to stop by the Roman ruins of Volubilis or Moulay Idriss should consider visiting Meknes.

Why Should You Visit Meknes?

Meknes is a beautiful historic city that's located in northern Morocco. Many travelers fall in love with the appearance of this city as they stroll across mosaic tiling and underneath spectacular arches. One of the most famous attractions is the gateway of Bab el-Mansour.

  • Location: Meknes, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: October
  • Winter Weather: 41 to 63F/ 5 to 17C
  • Summer Weather: 59 to 93F/ 15 to 34C
  • Best Activities: scenic drive, sightseeing

16. Taroudant

Credit: Shutterstock

The location of Taroudant is part of what makes this Moroccan city so special. It's located in Souss Valley sitting right at the foothills of the Anti Atlas Mountains. Visitors can take their time and enjoy the magnificent views and lush greenery in this area.

Why Should You Visit Taroudant?  

Taroudant on its own is a beautiful city to simply stroll and take in the sights. There are many shaded areas, so spending time outdoors is more comfortable. Some of the top attractions for visitors include Place Assarag and Thami Trip.

  • Location: Taroudant, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: March through May
  • Winter Weather: 46 to 68F/ 8 to 20C
  • Summer Weather: 87 to 98F/ 30 to 36C
  • Best Activities: nature walks, sightseeing

17. Ifrane

Credit: Morocco Tourism

Ifrane is a top-choice destination when you want to escape the busy city and enjoy serene settings. It's most famous for its crystal clear lakes and cool waterfalls. There are also slopes with large cedar trees that are ideal for exploring.

Why Should You Visit Ifrane?

Ifrane is a place where you can enjoy the fresh air and calm settings. Most visitors prefer to spend their time exploring the parks and lakes in the area. Lac D'Ifrane and Park La Prairie are two popular places for travelers to unwind and explore.

  • Location: Ifrane, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: March through May
  • Winter Weather: 41 to 63F/ 5 to 17C
  • Summer Weather: 68 to 95F/ 20 to 35C
  • Best Activities: hiking, swimming

18. Dakhla

Credit; IKSurf Mag

Dakhla has become one of Morocco's top tourist destinations because of the water. It has been named the best place to surf in the entire world. On top of that, the city also hosts many surfing and other watersport championship events.

Why Should You Visit Dakhla?

Surfing is the main reason that people visit this city. It's even popular for the Dakhla Experience Surf House. When you're not on the water, the area is lovely to stroll around in. It's also home to many top-rated restaurants and hotels.

  • Location: Dakhla, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: June through August
  • Winter Weather: 59 to 73F/ 15 to 23C
  • Summer Weather: 66 to 81F/ 19 to 27C
  • Best Activities: surfing, swimming, hiking

19. Safi

Credit: Britannica

Safi is one of Morroco's oldest cities. It's a popular choice with history buffs because it's rich with attractions. Many people also enjoy this area for the souk scene. It features some of the best handmade pottery in Morocco.

Why Should You Visit Safi?

Safi is filled with attractions to keep travelers interested for days. There are many museums, cathedrals, and galleries to explore in town. It is also home to a beautiful fishing port where you can see many sardine fishing boats.

  • Location: Safi, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: April through June
  • Winter Weather: 50 to 66F/ 10 to 19C
  • Summer Weather: 63 to 84F/ 17 to 29C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, museums

20. Oujda

Credit: Lonely Planet

When it comes to Oujda, it isn't on many travelers' lists. That's exactly why you should consider visiting this city. It shows a completely different side of Morocco's culture and there are no crowds.

Why Should You Visit Oujda?

There are some great attractions in this city. Travelers enjoy the relaxing Complexe de Tropical, where they can lounge by the water. Some other popular sites are Parc Lalla Meryem and Le Souk De Oujda.

  • Location: Oujda, Morocco
  • Best Month To Visit: March through May
  • Winter Weather: 39 to 63F/ 4 to 17C
  • Summer Temperature: 57 to 93F/ 14 to 34C
  • Best Activities: swimming, sightseeing

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January 5, 2024

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