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22 of the Weirdest Things Ever Found in Hotel Rooms!

Explore 22 bizarre finds in hotel rooms, from live babies to hidden jewels. Perfect read for travelers fascinated by the odd & unexpected!

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
22 of the Weirdest Things Ever Found in Hotel Rooms!

Weirdest things ever found in hotel rooms? When visiting a hotel, we expect to enter the lovely hotel room after a long day travelling, put our feet up and have some sweet dreams in a cozy big bed!  We expect to see nicely folded sheets, perhaps one of those little shortbread biscuits to snack on while making a coffee and maybe even a friendly welcome booklet!  But, for some people the whole experience is alot more crazy and shocking then you could have ever guessed! This can make some unlucky travellers wan't to check out asap! We have scoured the globe and even contacted our major hotel chains listed with our partners, to get the gossip on the weird, wacky and wonderful hotel surprises!

22 Weird, Wacky and Scary Things found in Hotel Rooms!

1. A Baby!

Yes that is 100% correct, a real living breathing baby complete with pacifier and a nappy! This strange story comes from Cate Cook, a Stockmarket Trader. While holiday to a Spanish speaking country with her husband she initially had trouble checking in due to the language barrier, which in the end nearly resulted in her getting arrested!

When she found her room, opened the door and went in - to see a tiny baby wrapped in a swaddling cloth asleep on the middle of the bed!

Cate Says, " At first I thought it was a large doll, because it looked just like a beautiful China doll, with a little mop of blonde hair and rosy pink cheeks. Its eyes were shut and it was totally still. I went over to it, gently stroked its cheek, and realised it was warm and breathing. It was a tiny baby, possibly around 2 months old."

After the initial shock she picked up the bedside phone and dialled ‘0’ to speak to reception. A comical conservation on the phone then unfolded!

"Cate: “This is Mrs. Cook, from Room 127. There’s a baby on our bed!

Reception lady: “Baby on bed? Ah, you want cot? I get cot for you?”

Cate: “No, this is not our baby. It belongs to someone else.”

Reception lady: “Ah, you want cot for friend baby?”

Cate: “No, this baby doesn’t belong to us. It should not be in our room. You need to find the baby’s mother.”

Reception lady: “You need Mummy for baby?”

Cate Continues...."By this time baby had started screaming loudly and thrashing its little arms and legs around. I handed the screaming baby to my husband and asked him to hold it for a minute.

We decided to take the baby down to reception, so we got our card keys and walked down the corridor to the lift. In the background we could hear sirens wailing, but paid them no attention. After speaking to reception the hotel’s front doors swung open and four large men in official-looking green uniforms marched in. I noticed the guns in their holsters and the batons on their belts. I felt quite afraid.

Two of the men noticed me sitting quietly in the corner. They came up to me and abruptly snatched the baby out of my arms. One of the men picked me up, turned me around, grabbed my arms behind my back and handcuffed me.

Just then another man wearing a suit and carrying a black brief-case rushed into the hotel, followed by a young girl wearing a cleaning maid’s uniform. She had tears streaming down her face. I was still pushed against the wall handcuffed."

Adorable Baby Sleeping found in hotel room. Weirdest things ever found in hotel rooms

So where did the baby come from...

Cate Explains..." Later, I was told the whole story by the pleasant young man, our translator. It turns out the baby belonged to the young cleaning maid who had started working at the hotel the week prior. Management were unaware she had a young baby. Her planned babysitter had bailed at the last minute, so fearful of losing her job she had brought her baby to work.

The thing is, being new and unfamiliar with the large hotel, she was disoriented and mistakenly thought she had left her baby in Room 227, on the floor above our room.

When she went to check on her bub 30 minutes later, and found the room empty, she panicked. She was scared of the hotel manager, her boss, and didn’t want to lose her job, so she called her sister, who called the police. The maid met the police when they arrived in the hotel car park.

The suited man turned out to be a doctor who had been called by the reception lady to attend to a sick English baby. He took the baby from the policeman’s arms and handed it to the relieved mother, who was still crying copiously!    - All Credit to Cate Cook ( Source: Quora Forum.)

2. Rolex Watches & Diamond Rings.

This Story is from Don Boser who after checking into a Las Vegas Hotel Room, proceeded to go up to his room. When he entered the room he saw Diamond Rings, gold chains and even a couple of Rolex Watches! Valued at between $30k - $100k! .  Having been thoroughly confused that he had got the wrong room he spoke to security who reluctantly checked and then congratulated him for his honesty & gave him an upgrade!

Jewels and Diamonds Weirdest things ever found in hotel rooms

3. Tarantula

This happened in you, yep you guessed it...Thailand! a couple stayed at a basic hotel room while in bed with the lights of they heard something scuttle! The guy turned on his flashlight and saw on the wall a massive Tarantula, about a foot in diameter!

Tarantula Spider with big eyes! Scary things found in hotel rooms

4. Crack House

One hotel cleaner told this story how during a routine room clean she came to a room full of needles, crack pipes, empty pill bottles and vomit in the tub, around the bathtub, and on the ceiling. Of course, they called the police!

5. Revolver

In Australia, where there are very tight gun controls, a hotel manager claimed one of his housekeepers found a Rolver under the bed. It was impossible to trace back to a guest because the beds were only vacuumed under every 6 months!

Revolver Toy Artistic. Weirdest things ever found in hotel rooms

6. Spy Camera

One man claimed he discovered a spycam in an air vent. Creepy, yes!

Photo of a spy camera | Mrkenjiex24 via Wikimedia Commons

7. Baby Ducks!

Baby ducks | Mike's Birds via Wikimedia Commons

A guest in a hotel room kept lots of little ducklings in the bathtub after their mother had died. The guest left the ducklings to be found by the housekeepers. They transported the ducklings to the hotel office until someone would come by and adopt them. Disturbing or just plain cute?

8. Bloody Bible!

In a Motel 6 in Riverside, California, a man claimed they found a Bible with blood smeared all over it. Satanic Ritual? Who knows?

9. Pugs (Bark, Bark)

A woman with three Pugs stayed at a hotel room for one week in Birmingham, United Kingdom, while her house was under going important structural repairs. She tactically avoided the no pets policy and got the pets up to the room. It turned out that one of the dogs, a pug was heavily pregnant at the time, in panic she put the pug in an empty bathtub! Barking and scuttling was heard by the neighbouring guests who phoned the hotel reception!  As the hotel manager went up to the room to investigate she discovered the Pug had given birth and the one week stay had been rumbled!

Cute Pug at a rare "pet friendly hotel" Weird things found in hotel rooms

A Pug dog Weird things found in hotel rooms

10. Severed Hand.

On a Reddit forum one man claimed they worked at a seedy hotel called Cranks in Flint, Michigan. During their shift they found a severed hand under a bed. Turns out, it belonged to a dead body they found inside the same room earlier that year...I think i will stick to the Hilton! Source:


11. Dead Skin - This is a disgusting one!

An old man stayed at a hotel in Texas, took a bath, and shed most of his leathery skin in the process. It dried on the sides and base of the tub. The next morning the cleaner discovered the bathtub full of skin and  vomitted in her own mouth!

12. Bleeding Walls!

An assistant manager at a bad hotel discovered a room full of blood. It was on the walls, the bed, and puddled on the carpet. They called the police and the room was blocked off for a while. To their knowledge, the woman that had stayed there was never found.

13. Toenail Bag

One man claimed while working the front desk at a hotel, the cleaning staff found a disturbing amount of toenail clippings. Equivalent bag full all over the floor!


14. Dead Animal Carcasses.

One employee worked at the front desk was the only one working at four in the morning when they found something disturbing in their hotel. After having an Amish community stay at the hotel, they got a call of a putrid smell in one of the rooms. Inspecting it, they found dead animals everywhere. A half-skinned deer carcass was in a pool of bloody water in the bathtub, fish were hung from hooks in the bathroom, and dead rabbits were on the counter.


15. Corpse.

In Mexico City, many guests checked into a room at the Hotel El Senador unwittingly sleeping on a bed with a dead body underneath. Police believe the body had been there for a week before it was discovered by the maid service. The unidentified woman was wrapped in a black plastic bag and placed under the bed by a man she’d stayed with in the room.


16. Bright Orange Metal Beam!

A solid steel beam, painted bright orange, running diagonally from the floor to the ceiling in the middle of my room. And a shower stall.

No, seriously. Part way down my room between the door and the window was a bright orange I-beam, an earthquake strengthening exercise on the hotel which was in an old, ‘20s, solid cast concrete building—strong, but too rigid and brittle for the requirements of Wellington’s modern building regulations.

17. Snake

"I am maintenance technician for a hotel. Ive been there just over a year now. One night about 10:30 pm comes around i get a call. It is the front desk. Our front desk girl frantically yelling tells me go to this room. There is a snake in the room! I thought to myself something was miscommunicated between the guest and the front desk. I go into the room to find three people absolutely terified out of thier minds. Now this room is a two bedroom with a pullout sofa. This snake was wrapped around the pullout sofa. Get this… right where you have to grab to pull it out."   Source: Quroa Forum.

18. Gimp Mask and Ensembles.

Thats right Mr 50 Shades of grey must have just checked out, this room in West London was found to contain, a leather gimp mask with mouth zip, a selection of whips, ties, body suits and a selection of chains! Whatever you into eh...

BDSM equipment found in hotel room | David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

19 . A Master Key

A key which opened more than one door!

"Yes I found this scary thing when I stayed at a hotel in Mumbai. A few years ago, precisely in 2016 I was on a official trip to Mumbai and I was staying at a hotel near the Mumba airport. I checked in the emir I got. The hotel front desk person handed me their room key. They had the rooms full so they put me in one of their older rooms which had those manual / traditional keys. My room number was something like 1012 (don’t remember exactly)… but it really caused a confusion."

Master Key | By Cindy Shebley via Wikimedia Commons

20. Bugged Room

On my way to Florida a couple of years ago, I stopped at a little motel in Clarksville, Tennessee for the night. After checking in, I opened the door to the room and walked in. After turning on the light and putting my bag down on a table, I turned on the TV and sat down to relax for awhile. On top of the TV there was a very large bright green grasshopper watching me.

I laughed, went over and picked it up and said to it “I guess this room is bugged”!

21. A Rabbit Not the fluffy type, the other one!

What? A vibrator. Yeah, you heard me, a vibrator…found in Hap Yai Thailand.

22. A Classy Homeless Man

"Yes, that's correct after checking into my room at the prestigious Marriot with my wife, I saw a shadow on the bed. Thinking it was a pile of clothes i flicked on the light and pulled back the covers to find a homeless Man dressed in an old Raggy suit! It turned out he was a former New York City Banker who had lost his job, his wife temporarily kicked him out, so he had been overstaying at the Marriot! I felt pretty sorry for him actually, the guys at the Marriot were great though and gived us the penthouse for free! Winner!  "

Story by Paul, 45  an Accountant from New York City.

If you have a crazy hotel stay story or any reactions to the above Comment below, we would love to hear it!

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