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Verona Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Verona, Italy in 2024?

In Italy's heart, Verona is more than Shakespeare's love tale backdrop—it's a global traveler magnet. Is this ancient, romantic city safe for tourists?

Tobi Miles
March 30, 2024
Verona Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Verona, Italy in 2024?

The answer might surprise you. Verona, with its cobblestone streets and vibrant piazzas, holds a reputation for being one of Italy's safer cities. But like any popular tourist spot, it's smart to stay informed about safety tips and potential concerns. Let's dive into what makes Verona a must-visit city and how you can enjoy its beauty worry-free.

Key Takeaways

  • Verona is considered one of Italy's safer cities, with a reputation for low crime rates and a safe environment for tourists, supported by data showing a gradual decrease in criminal offenses over recent years.
  • The historical and cultural richness of Verona, including its Roman Arena and status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, adds a layer of responsibility for local authorities to maintain high safety standards.
  • Tourists are encouraged to take practical safety precautions such as securing belongings, staying vigilant in crowded areas to avoid pickpocketing and scams, and engaging with local culture and residents for an authentic and secure experience.
  • Despite the overall safety, potential concerns like pickpocketing in tourist hotspots and the importance of night-time vigilance in less populated areas are highlighted, emphasizing the need for awareness and preparation.
  • Community safety programs and measures like visible police patrols, strategic CCTV coverage, and emergency assistance contribute to the secure atmosphere in Verona, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for every tourist.

Verona: A Historical Gem

Nestled in the Veneto region of Italy, Verona is not just a backdrop for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" but a historical gem in its own right. Its well-preserved Roman Arena, enchanting streets, and vibrant piazzas offer a glimpse into its rich past intertwined with modern sophistication.

Verona's Historical Significance

Verona's history stretches back over two millennia, playing a pivotal role in Roman trade routes. The Roman Arena, dating from the 1st century A.D., is a testament to the city's ancient glory. Today, this amphitheater hosts world-famous operas, drawing thousands of global visitors. Verona's historical center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a treasure trove of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance architecture, illustrating the city's strategic importance and cultural wealth through the ages.

Crime Rate and Safety Data


Number of Offences

Offences per 100,000 Inhabitants







The data reveals that Verona's crime rates have seen a slight decrease, attributing to its status as one of the safer destinations in Italy. With vigilant law enforcement and community safety programs, the city is committed to preserving its appeal for both residents and tourists.

Exploring With Peace of Mind

When strolling through Verona's ancient streets, you're not just walking in the footsteps of Roman soldiers and medieval merchants but also ensuring a safe journey through Italy's storied history. While Verona embraces its past, it equally prioritizes the safety and security of its visitors. Leveraging local guides, staying mindful of surroundings, and respecting cultural norms can further enhance your experience in this historic city. With a landscape that has captivated hearts for centuries, Verona continues to be a destination where history and safety walk hand in hand.

Safety Reputation of Verona

When exploring the safety profile of any city, hard facts and data speak volumes. In Verona's case, the numbers tell a reassuring story. Recent statistics portray Verona not just as a city steeped in history and culture but also as one of Italy’s safer urban environments.


Number of Criminal Offenses







As shown, there's been a gradual decrease in criminal offenses over the past few years. This trend isn’t just by chance; it's the result of diligent efforts by local law enforcement agencies and community initiatives aimed at safeguarding both residents and tourists alike.

Tourist safety is given extra attention. With its rich tapestry of historical landmarks, Verona attracts millions of visitors annually. To ensure their safety, well-coordinated measures are in place. This includes highly visible police patrols in key tourist areas and strategic CCTV coverage, making it less conducive for petty criminals to operate.

When you're strolling through Verona's cobblestone streets, you're also walking through one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which adds a layer of responsibility on local authorities to maintain not just the city’s aesthetic and historical integrity but its security as well. This global recognition is not taken lightly, and it reflects in the rigorous commitment to safety standards that benefit everyone.

Moreover, community programs focussed on crime prevention through education and engagement have bolstered the sense of security felt by those who visit or call Verona home. While it’s always wise to take personal safety precautions when traveling, such as being mindful of your belongings and avoiding poorly-lit areas at night, the collective approach to safety in Verona can let you explore with an added sense of ease and confidence.

Remember, your experience in this enchanting city is as safe as it is unforgettable, thanks to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders involved in preserving its charm and security.

Tips for Staying Safe in Verona

As you plan your visit to Verona, safety should be at the top of your list. Though Verona boasts a lower crime rate compared to other Italian cities, it's always smart to stay vigilant. Here, you’ll find practical tips to ensure your trip is as safe as it is memorable.

Firstly, keep your belongings secure. Tourist spots, while breathtaking, can attract pickpockets. Consider using anti-theft bags or waist packs to keep your valuables close. In 2021, a reduction in tourist-related thefts was reported, thanks to increased police presence and awareness.

Secondly, stay aware of your surroundings. Enjoying Verona’s romantic streets and historic sites is best done without your nose buried in a map or smartphone. This not only helps you navigate more intuitively but also keeps you alert to your environment.

Here's a breakdown of the most common incidents reported by tourists in recent years:




Unattended Bag Theft













Keep emergency numbers handy. Should you find yourself in an unexpected situation, knowing how to contact local authorities can be invaluable. The emergency number in Italy is 112, and there's also a dedicated number for tourist assistance.

Finally, engage with locals. Verona’s residents are proud of their city and generally welcoming to tourists. They can offer advice on safe places to eat, visit, and enjoy, steering you away from less savory areas.

Remembering these tips will not only help you stay safe but also enhance your experience in Verona. With a bit of caution and awareness, you're set to explore everything this stunning city has to offer without worry.

Potential Concerns for Tourists

While exploring the charming streets of Verona, it's crucial to be cognizant of potential concerns that could affect your experience. Despite the city's reputation for safety, there are aspects every traveler should be aware of.

Pickpocketing in Tourist Hotspots: Like many popular European destinations, Verona has its share of pickpocketing, especially in crowded areas such as Piazza Bra and the vicinity of the Arena. Tourists are often targeted due to their valuables and sometimes distracted nature while sightseeing.


Number of Pickpocketing Incidents Reported







Data Source: Verona Local Police Department

The table above illustrates a notable decrease in incidents from 2019 to 2020, likely influenced by lower tourist numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there was a slight increase in 2021 as travel restrictions eased, signaling the importance of vigilance.

Scams Targeting Tourists: Scammers see tourists as easy targets, employing various tactics to deceive them. This includes fake petitions, overly friendly locals offering "free" tours that lead to expensive products, or counterfeit goods being peddled as genuine. Educate yourself on common scams and trust your instincts to avoid falling prey.

Night-time Safety: While Verona is relatively safe at night, certain areas can feel less secure after dark. Dimly lit streets, particularly those outside the city center, can pose a risk. It’s wise to stay in well-lit, populous areas and avoid solitary walks in unfamiliar parts of the city after dusk.

By understanding and preparing for these potential concerns, you’ll be better equipped to navigate Verona safely. Engaging with the city's beauty and cultural richness without undue worry starts with awareness and informed precautionary measures. Remember, vigilance and preparation are your best tools for a safe and enjoyable visit.

Enjoying Verona with Peace of Mind

When you're exploring the enchanting city of Verona, knowing how to navigate with confidence and peace of mind is crucial. The city's blend of historical architecture, romantic streets, and vibrant culture makes it a must-visit destination. However, like any popular tourist spot, it pays to be informed and prepared.

Firstly, awareness is your best ally. Understanding the common issues like pickpocketing and scams can drastically reduce your chances of encountering them. For instance, crowded areas such as Piazza Bra and the ancient Arena are beautiful sights but also hotspots for petty theft. Data shows a spike in such incidents in 2021 as travel restrictions eased, reminding tourists to stay vigilant.

Safety Measures to Consider:

  • Stay Informed: Before you head out, a quick check on the latest local news or tourist advisories can keep you updated on any potential safety concerns.
  • Secure Your Belongings: Invest in anti-theft bags or keep your valuables in inner jacket pockets, especially in crowded areas.
  • Night-Time Vigilance: While Verona is generally safe at night, sticking to well-lit, busy streets can help you avoid unwanted situations.

Engaging with local culture and experiencing Verona’s authentic side also means venturing beyond the tourist trails. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it's wise to do so with a local guide or thorough research. Local guides not only enrich your visit with insider knowledge but also navigate you through the city safely.

Health Safety Tips:

Considering current global health concerns, it's also imperative to follow any health advisories. Keeping hand sanitizer handy and wearing masks in crowded places can keep you and others safe. Additionally, knowing the location of the nearest hospital or clinic can provide extra peace of mind.

Verona invites you to immerse yourself in its beauty and history. By taking these simple precautions, you can enjoy all that Verona has to offer, while ensuring your visit is as safe as it is memorable.


Verona beckons with its rich history and vibrant culture. By staying informed and prepared, you can fully immerse yourself in what the city has to offer without compromising your safety. Remember, vigilance in tourist hotspots, securing your belongings, and embracing local experiences with the guidance of a local are key to a hassle-free visit. Don't forget health safety practices to keep your trip as enjoyable as possible. With these measures in place, you're all set to explore Verona's charm safely and confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit Verona?

Verona is generally safe for visitors, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in crowded places to avoid pickpocketing and scams. Awareness and precaution are key for a peaceful experience.

What are the common issues tourists face in Verona?

Common issues include pickpocketing and various scams, particularly in tourist-heavy areas. Staying informed and cautious can mitigate these risks.

How can tourists stay safe while exploring Verona?

Tourists can stay safe by securing their belongings, being vigilant, especially at night, and staying informed about the areas they plan to visit. Engaging local guides for an in-depth experience is also advisable.

Are there any recommended safety measures for health in Verona?

Yes, carrying hand sanitizer and wearing masks in crowded areas are recommended health safety measures. These practices contribute to a safer visit, particularly in light of health concerns.

What benefits do local guides offer to tourists in Verona?

Local guides offer invaluable insights into Verona's culture and history beyond the usual tourist areas. They can enhance your experience by providing safety tips, cultural understanding, and exclusive access to lesser-known sights.

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