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Best Time To Visit Amalfi Coast (Best Italian Cuisine, Views & Experiences)

Plan your Amalfi Coast visit for the best Italian cuisine, stunning views, and unique experiences. Find out the ideal travel times for every traveler.

Tobi Miles
July 19, 2022
Best Time To Visit Amalfi Coast (Best Italian Cuisine, Views & Experiences)

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s top tourist destinations. Over 5 million travelers visit this coast each year to experience the beauty of Italy. The Amalfi Coast stretches out over a 30-mile span with views of beaches, villas, and colorful gardens. If you want to travel along Italy’s most popular coast, you may be wondering when the best time to visit Amalfi Coast is.

July is one of the best months to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast because it gets the least amount of rain and has an average temperature of 79 F/ 26 C. Since July is the peak of the summer season, all accommodations and attractions are open. However, February is the best month to find discounted flights and hotel rooms half off.

Is the Amalfi Coast on your travel bucket list? This is one destination that should be part of every Italian getaway. If you’re interested in seeing the Amalfi Coast for yourself, you should know when the best time is to go. Today, we’re going to break down when the best times to visit are and why.

When Not To Go To Amalfi Coast

There aren’t a lot of indoor activities along the Amalfi Coast. For this reason, January can be one of the worst months to visit because it’s the coldest and wettest month. Rain may put a damper on some of your traveling plans this time of year.

Another thing to consider about visiting Amalfi Coast is that this region is set up for enjoyable spring and summer vacations. Towards the end of the autumn season, the beaches and many hotels in the area close for the winter seasons. Traveling between November and March could leave you with fewer options of where to stay.

When Is The Cheapest Time To Visit Amalfi Coast?

The cheapest month of the year to book a trip to Amalfi Coast is in February. This is when you will be able to find bigger discounts on flights. In order to find a good discount on a flight, we urge you to start looking at least 4 weeks ahead of time. However, if you start looking several months in advance, you will have a better chance at a discount.

On average, a flight to the Amalfi Coast will be around $839. During peak travel times, like the Christmas holidays and the summer tourist season, flights can go for well over $1,000. In February, flights can be found for as low as $684. Look for flights on Tuesdays to find the cheapest rates.

One thing that every traveler should expect about Amalfi Coast is that it’s an expensive tourist destination. Accommodations can be very pricey. Since summer is peak season, hotel rooms will cost the highest rate. The Terrazza Duomo has rates that go over $400 during peak times. In February, the rate is dropped down to $138.

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Best Time To Visit Amalfi Coast: Monthly Breakdown

January: Best Month For A Peaceful Vacation

January isn’t an ideal month to visit Amalfi Coast because the weather is cold, most shops and restaurants are closed, and the ferries aren’t running. These kinds of conditions keep the tourists away. However, if you’re looking to get away from the noise and go somewhere for peace and quiet, you might prefer a January trip.

The Amalfi Coast isn’t all bad in January. It does rain more frequently, but the average daily temperature is only 50 F/ 10 C. If you’re coming from a place with snow and freezing temperatures, this may feel like a spring getaway to you.

For an enjoyable January trip to the Amalfi coast, we recommend staying in Sorrento. There are many restaurants and hotels open in this area. You can also spend rainy days shopping because most boutiques have winter sales running in January.

  • Try local restaurants in Sorrento
  • Warm up with a caffe amaretto
  • Enjoy winter sunsets

February: Best Month In Winter

If you want to book a trip to Amalfi Coast in the winter, February is a much better month than January. February is a great month for traveling to Amalfi Coast because there are no crowds and fewer rainy days. The mild weather usually stays around 52 F/ 11 C.

Travelers that prefer staying out of the heat may prefer a February trip over a summer one. Since it’s not as hot or sunny, walking around to see different outdoor attractions is a lot more comfortable. You will also be able to get better photos because there won’t be a bunch of other tourists in the way.

  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • Eat pizza in Naples
  • Walk around the villages surrounding the Amalfi Coast

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March: Sightseeing Without Crowds

During the month of March, you can enjoy popular attractions without a lot of crowds. This is just before the busy tourist season begins, so it’s a good time to visit attractions your want to see, like a day trip to Capri or a visit to Emerald Cave.

March is also a good time to go exploring around the town of Positano. This is a popular town for tourists to visit, so it’s great to be able to visit it before the high season.

There are several boutiques, gift shops, and restaurants. Even walking around the town and looking at the pastel-colored buildings is a great way to spend the afternoon.

  • Dinner at Ristorante Casa Mele
  • Breakfast at Collina Positano Bakery
  • Hike along the beach

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April: Ride The Ferry

April is a great month to visit Amalfi Coast because everything that was shut down over winter is now open again. If there was a hotel you had your eye on or a particular store you wanted to visit, you can look forward to it being open again. Ferries will be open for business again as well, giving you more options for how you get around to different locations.

This is a really nice time of year, with the average daily temperature being around 59 F/ 15 C. April is a great month to go hiking and walking around because spring flowers are in bloom. Wisteria is a common flower to see this time of year that has a nice sweet scent. The nearby towns look beautiful with these flowers hanging from vines.

  • Take pictures of wisteria blooms
  • Enjoy scenic ferry rides
  • Walk along the Pathway of Gods

May: Feels Like Summer (Without The Crowds)

May on Amalfi Coast has balmy weather, with most days being around 66 to 70 F/ 19 to 21 C. It’s a great time to spend a day at the beach without having to share the space with a lot of other tourists.

Amalfi Coast is famous for its lemon trees. These trees produce really big lemons, often weighing up to 4 pounds. One of the beautiful things about visiting this area in May is seeing all the lemon trees flowering. There are also many other wildflowers blooming this time of year, like ginestra and jasmine.

  • Try limoncello
  • Visit the town of Amalfi
  • Picnic on the beach

June: Best Month For Italian Music

Events and festivals on Amalfi Coast don’t kick off until June. If you enjoy Italian music, you’ll want to make sure you get tickets to attend Ravello Festival. This festival starts in June and continues through the summer months. Many talented orchestras and musicians from the area take the stage for this festival, like Deedee Bridgewater and Gruppi Cameristici.

The annual Amalfi Regatta is also held in June. When this event takes place, sailing fans from all over Italy come down to Amalfi Coast to see the events.

June is a lot warmer, as most days are around 73.5 F/ 23 C. When you’re not enjoying one of the summer festivals, the weather is ideal for lounging by the beach or going for a swim.

  • Cool off with a peach bellini
  • Tour the Amalfi Lemon Experience
  • Enjoy seafood at a local restaurant

July: Best Month For Beach Days

July is the warmest month on Amalfi Coast, with daily temperatures being an average of 79 F/ 26 C. Even though days do get warmer, it’s not too hot to enjoy a hike along some of the trails on the coast. However, after a hike, you’ll likely want to cool down. One of the best ways is to spend the remainder of the day by the beach.

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy some water activity along the Amalfi Coast. If you feel like treating yourself to a luxury day on the water, there is the option to rent a yacht for the day. All restaurants in the area will be open, so you can cool off at night with a refreshing beverage and an authentic Italian meal.

  • Eat gelato
  • Maria Maddalena celebration (July 22nd, annually)
  • Swimming at the beach

August: Best Month For Fun Events

August is a busy month along the Amalfi Cost because there are several annual festivals to look forward to. The month kicks off with a 4-day San Domenico celebration in Praiano. Mid-month, there’s an annual celebration in Positano where they reenact the pirate explorations. The end of the month is the Byzantine New Year festival.

It is just as warm as July, but you may experience a little bit more rain. This is still a great time of year to enjoy days by the beach or hike along the trails. It’s also a good time of year to arrange a boat tour, but you will need to do that in advance because reservations fill up quickly.

  • Cool off with a caffe shakerato
  • Morning hike
  • Stargazing

September: Best Month For Food

September is a great month to visit the local restaurants surrounding the Amalfi coast before many of them shut down for the winter season. The authentic food is part of an Italian vacation. This is one area where you’ll find restaurants serving the freshest pasta, risotto, and polenta dishes.

Mid-September, there is a festival in Minori. This event lasts for several days each year. It features a variety of food and beverages. There’s an assortment of art to browse and live entertainment.

  • Try fresh stuffed pasta
  • Get tiramisu from a bakery
  • Enjoy an antipasto

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October: Last Month Of Summer Fun

October is the last month that beach clubs, seasonal stores and attractions, and many restaurants around Amalfi Coast will be open. If you want to visit Amalfi Coast in October, we recommend visiting during the first half of the month.

The weather is still balmy, around 73.5 F/ 23 C. You will be able to get a few good beach days in early on in the month.

The second half of the month cools off significantly, with a low of around 61 F/ 16 C. Many places will close their doors after the 15th. However, in areas like Sorrento and Positano, you should still be able to find accommodation, restaurants, and stores open.

  • Annual Patron Saint celebration festival in Praiano
  • Evening walks along the coast
  • Explore gift shops

November: Best Month To Rent A Vehicle

November is one of the best months to rent a vehicle and go for a scenic drive around the Amalfi coast. Traffic is a lot lighter this time of year, so you will be able to take your time wherever you go. Ferries are shut down in November and there’s less public transportation available, so you will have more freedom with a rental vehicle.

There are more rainy days throughout November. This is why it’s a good idea to have a rental vehicle. You will be able to drive to spend a day in another nearby town, like Naples or Sorrento, and enjoy indoor attractions.

  • Visit Correale Museum (Naples)
  • Amalfi Cathedral complex
  • Warm up with an espresso

December: Christmas In Italy

Amalfi Coast is a beautiful destination around the Christmas holidays. Throughout the month of December, towns surrounding the coast are lit up and decorated for the season.

Many restaurants and bakeries serve traditional Christmas cakes and pastries. It’s also a great area to find some unique Christmas gifts.

  • Enjoy a holiday concert
  • Celebrate New Year
  • View the Christmas tree in Sorrento

When To Plan A Family-Friendly Trip To Amalfi Coast?

The best time to bring the family to Amalfi Coast is between June and September. The beach clubs offer plenty of activities to keep kids and adults entertained through the summer season. The beaches are some of the main attractions for families heading this way.

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