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30 Top Treehouse Rentals in Virginia (Homey & Grandeur!)

Explore the best treehouse rentals in Virginia for a unique stay amidst nature. From cozy retreats to luxurious perches, find your perfect escape. Ideal for travelers seeking a memorable experience.

Tobi Miles
September 9, 2022
30 Top Treehouse Rentals in Virginia (Homey & Grandeur!)

Virginia is known for its beautiful scenery, colorful autumns, and historic landmarks. With the Appalachian Trail, tons of delicious food, scenic vistas, and so much more, Virginia has something for everyone. What better way to enjoy everything this state has to offer than staying in a treehouse.

Virginia has a multitude of incredible treehouses to pick from for your next trip. You’ll have choices from immaculate lodges, to raised platforms with tents, and everything in between. Enjoy Virginia’s natural beauty, catch up on a good book, or hike. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to have a memorable stay in one of the many treehouses available.

With such a wide variety of options to pick from, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit. That’s why we did the research for you. Here are 30 of the best treehouses in Virginia.

1. Tranquil Treehouse Cottage (Waterford)

Credit: Airbnb

This treehouse cottage is perfect for anyone looking for a scenic getaway in nature without sacrificing modern comforts.Here you can enjoy the comforts of Wi-Fi, electricity, and even charge an electric vehicle if you have it.

However, this technology doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of the treehouse built from reclaimed lumber on the property. Relax in the living room, sit in the dedicated workspace, or lie down in the king size bed.

The treehouse is pet friendly and comes equipped with an indoor and outdoor shower. So, if you or your furry companion get a little dirty on a hike, there’s no need to track it inside.

If hiking isn’t your speed, the private will ensure there’s plenty to see from the comfort of the treehouse. Here you can get a stunning view of the tributary leading to the Potomac. Plenty of wildlife roam the grounds as well. You may even see a bald eagle or two

Plus, if you decide to leave the treehouse, 3 different city centers are only 15-20 minutes away. So, you’ll have plenty to do in and out of your accommodation.

Location: Waterford, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.91

2. Treehouse at Backabit Farm (Palmyra)

Credit: Airbnb

This quaint little treehouse is perfect for a romantic getaway or a quiet, peaceful trip. Here you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with your partner or with a good book. With no WI-FI, this treehouse promises a trip away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Not to worry though; the treehouse still comes equipped with plenty of modern amenities. A kitchen, microwave, fridge, hair dryer, air conditioning, and more are offered inside. You can enjoy disconnecting without giving up the comforts of a modern lifestyle.

Brew some coffee at the coffee station, watch a movie on the TV, cozy up by the propane fire pit outside, or relax in the two-person hammock. This treehouse is perfect for board games, peaceful walks, conversations under the stars, or reading a good book.

Location: Palmyra, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.98

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3. Tree Top Cabin (Page County)

Credit: Vrbo

While not technically a treehouse, this tree top cabin is too good to exclude from this list. Sitting up high and in the trees, this treehouse like cabin is perfect for a group trip. It can house up to 10 people and is pet friendly.

Have a cookout on the gas grill on the deck, relax and chat in the hot tub, or watch something on one of the flat screen TVs. Outside, you can take a walk and even go right down to the river’s edge.

Nearby there are also loads of activities to participate in. Get lost in an awesome garden maze, visit a museum, explore caverns, or participate in one of the many water activities available on the river.

Plus, this cabin is wheelchair accessible! In fact, wheelchair accessibility was built into the design of this treehouse. The designers took extra care to keep that in mind, but obviously not every disability is the same, so make sure to call if you have any questions.

Location: Page County, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 4.8

4. Treehouse with River Access (Shenandoah)

Credit: Airbnb

This stunning A-frame treehouse is perched high in the trees and offers quick access to several of the nearby activities. Easily access the Shenandoah River and the Shenandoah National Park and Skyline.

This puts it in the perfect location for outdoor activities year-round. Go hiking in the forest, tube or boat down the river, go horseback riding, or fish. During the winter you can take the short trip to the Massanutten Ski Resort as well.

The treehouse itself also has plenty to offer. Enjoy a hammock, fire pit, and make use of their kayaks. Prepare meals in the full kitchen or on the grill. Make some coffee or relax in the queen size bed in the one-bedroom loft.

While there is no WI-FI, the cabin does come equipped with a TV. So, whether you’re roaming the outdoors, or cozying up in the treehouse, you’ll have plenty to do.

Location: Shenandoah, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.85

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5. Riverfront Cabin in the Trees (Page County)

Credit: Vrbo

This cabin is not a treehouse, but its position up in the trees and wooden construction will have you thinking otherwise. Here you can unwind and enjoy the simple and quiet beauty of the Shenandoah River area with up to 5 people.

Located mere minutes away from the river, this cabin is perfectly located for participating in tons of water activities. Plus, with a grill right by the river, you might even get to enjoy some freshly caught fish.  Indoors there’s also a mini kitchen if you’re looking to prepare a larger meal.

The property also comes equipped with DirecTV, so you can still enjoy some of the comforts of home while you’re on your trip. This cabin in the trees is perfect for a simple getaway into the nature of the Shenandoah River area.

Location: Page County, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 4.8

6. Massanutten Rustic Cabin (Luray)

Credit: Airbnb

This beautiful rustic cabin promises stunning views and a memorable stay high up in the “Blue Ridge Mountains.” Decorated in the traditional “shaker style” this cabin has a simple, functional, and comforting aesthetic and layout, perfect for a quiet getaway.

This simple and comforting feeling is carried through the entire experience of staying in this rustic cabin. Here you can disconnect, as there is no Wi-Fi, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Large windows and the high elevation give stunning views of the Shenandoah River and the town of Luray. From here you can also get views of the local wildlife. You may even see some harmless black bears roaming.

The cabin is also regularly updated with self-sustainable additions and replacements. So, you’ll be able to connect with nature outside and within the cabin itself. Plus, with an indoor fireplace and air conditioning, you can visit this cabin anytime of the year.

Outside the cabin, the surrounding area also has plenty of activities to keep you busy. Go hiking and horse-back riding or visit nearby Luray Caverns. This is a trip to unwind and cherish for a lifetime.

Location: Luray, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.91

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7. Falling Leaf Cabin (Rileyville)

Credit: Vrbo

This secluded cabin in the trees offers a private getaway with beautiful mountain views and the comforts of home. Located within three privately owned acres of the Shenandoah Valley, here you can get away from it all by yourself or with up to three other guests.

This is great as the cabin comes equipped with everything you would need for a quiet getaway. Air conditioning, a fireplace, washer and dryer, WI-FI, and kitchen are available for a comfortable stay. The cabin also comes equipped with games, a TV, and more. No need to sacrifice here.

In fact, get ready to enjoy quaint luxury. Relax in the hot tub as you listen to the sounds of the Shenandoah Valley or sit on the upper back deck for a stunning view of the Massanutten Mountain.

Outside the cabin, you can head over to the Shenandoah River for water fun or take a short trip to several popular attractions. Visit the quaint town of Luray or visit the Luray Caverns for an extra memorable trip to this beautiful cabin in the trees.

Location: Rileyville, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 4.8

8. Cooper’s Hawk at Primland Resort (Meadows of Dan)

Credit: Airbnb

When it comes to luxury treehouses in Virginia, you can’t get a much better view than the one at Cooper’s Hawk at Primland Resort.  Located 1,300 feet above the Roaring Creek and Dan River, this small but luxurious cabin offers everything you could want from a simple treehouse getaway.

Enjoy swimming in the shared pool or soak in a hot tub under the stars. Cook a delicious meal in the kitchen, watch TV, heat up by the indoor fireplace, or use the exercise equipment. Go hiking in the beautiful surrounding nature.

A washer and dryer will ensure you can clean up after. If you need to get work done, use the dedicated workspace inside the treehouse. You’re sure to be inspired by the star of the show, the view.

Sit on the 564 square foot deck and look out at panoramic views of the Roaring Creek and Dan River from your perch in the sky. At night, enjoy the surreal sensation of sleeping amongst the stars. This is a trip to remember for a lifetime.

Location: Meadows of Dan, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: Unrated

9. The Joshua Tree House (Bridgewater)

Credit: Airbnb

If you’re looking for an elegant and modern treehouse visit, the Joshua treehouse is a great place to start. This treehouse makes the most of its 400 square feet to create a lovely and comforting space. Inside is a fully equipped kitchen, bar, and walnut spiral staircase.

The treehouse also comes equipped with a loft-style queen size bed, hanging chair, and indoor fireplace for additional relaxation options. Plus, with a hot tub and grill you’re in for a cozy stay here. Outside of the treehouse are plenty of places to visit too!

The surrounding area is great for taking nice walks. Maybe one of the owner’s friendly dogs will pay you a visit. If you’re willing to make the short drive, you can also enjoy visiting local wineries, parks, and restaurants in Harrisonburg.

Location: Bridgewater, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.99

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10. Treehouse Campsite (Blacksburg)

Credit: Airbnb

If you’re looking for a closer experience with the outdoors and are no stranger to camping, then this is the place for you. Gone are the luxurious cabin style treehouses. Here you can “unleash the kid within” high in the trees.

Here your stay will be suspended between a cluster of trees on two platforms perfect for tents or hammocks. Nearby are your own outhouse and campfire for that authentic camping feeling. The treehouse still has WI-FI though, so you won’t be completely disconnected unless you want to be.

This treehouse is perfect for those looking for a getaway with no bells and whistles. Reconnect with nature and enjoy some beautiful mountain views here.

Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.95

11. Bear Creek Cabin (Carrol County)

Credit: Vrbo

This elevated cabin in the trees is perfect for a fun romantic getaway, or for a trip with the family. Located on the Blue Ridge Mountains above Little Reed Island Creak, this cozy little cabin provides some lovely views of the rushing water.

Inside is a 2-person jacuzzi by the fireplace, perfect for a relaxing soak by a crackling fire. The interior of the cabin is also outfitted with everything you would need to make meals, air conditioning, and other modern comforts. This is designed with comfort in mind.

Outside you have access to a large deck to sit at and enjoy the sound of nature and rushing water below. There’s also plenty of space to go on strolls through the woods.

One standout feature of this cabin is the downstairs level where a game room is located. Head down there for a fun game of foosball, darts, ping pong, or bring your own board games.

Location: Carrol County, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 4.8

12. Luxurious and Secluded Treehouse (Palmyra)

Credit: Airbnb

This small, quaint, and cozy treehouse sits elevated 15 feet in the air, nestled in a grove of sycamore and poplar trees. The treehouse can have up to 3 guests, making it the ideal space for a solo retreat, or a trip with a couple of close friends.

Its small size doesn’t take away from what it has to offer, however. Inside you will still find many of the comforts you’re looking for. Wi-Fi, TV, kitchen, and even a dedicated workspace. Every inch of the treehouse was meticulously designed and built by the owner of the treehouse himself.

Sip some coffee and enjoy the wrap around deck to view the surrounding forest. Head down the spiral staircase to sit at the private deck located beneath the main structure. Plus, its location on the banks of Rivanna River means you’ll have easy access to the water for various activities.

Location: Palmyra, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.97

13. Cozy Cabin with a Fireplace (White Hall)

Credit: Airbnb

If what you’re looking for is a traditional, rustic feeling cabin in the trees, this might be what you’re looking for. Located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with 20 acres of land to explore, this is the perfect place to reconnect with nature.  Take a stroll through the surrounding forest.

Inside a small kitchenette, fireplace, and smart TV are waiting when you come back from your stroll. If you’re looking for more than walks through the woods, the cabin is in the perfect location to accommodate. Only a few miles away are loads of activities to participate in.

Several wineries will provide an excellent selection of drinks for a decadent evening. Nearby Charlottesville also has everything you could want from country clubs, to bike tours, to stores, and much more. This rustic cabin has tons to offer.

Location: White Hall, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 5.0

14. Secluded Treehouse with Catwalks (Standardsville)

Credit: Airbnb

This treehouse is one of the standouts on this list. Three-hundred feet of catwalks make it an immediate spectacle, and the colorful lights make it stand out even at night. The cabin does not forgo function for form, however. It still has everything you could want and more.

The grounds surrounding the main structure are filled with activities and places to relax. Enjoy a meal in the picnic area with a fire pit, relax at the stone and cedar gazebo, or enjoy the water in the dip pool. There’s also a frisbee golf course, nature trails, and numerous ponds for canoes or other water fun.

There’s even more on the grounds too. You can visit the shared barn space for a massage, sky lounge, and if you reserve, a movie theater. There’s also a castle, yoga, a lunar sauna, and other nearby activities.

The structure itself also has plenty to offer. Here you will get most of the comforts of home with additional amenities. Enjoy an incredible cup of organic coffee, locally roasted using fair-trade beans. There’s an included grinder to make it fresh too.

Location: Standardsville, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.79

15. Spectacular 1 Bedroom Cabin (Luray)

Credit: Vrbo

While this cabin is only one bedroom, it is one of the bigger options in this list, with 700sqft of room. This means there’s plenty of room inside for fun and relaxation. This is the perfect place to escape the noise of everyday life and relax in the pines.

The cabin comes all the luxuries of home, including Wi-Fi, a smart tv, and a fully equipped kitchen to make your meals too, so you’ll have everything you need inside. There’s more than just the basics too. A 4-person jacuzzi and stone fireplace make it an extra cozy stay.

The surrounding area also has plenty to offer. Go on hikes, enjoy the fire pit, or sit in the screened-in porch. Plus, if you want to get away from the cabin for a while, it is located near the town of Luray where you’ll find plenty to do.

Location: Luray, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 5.0

16. Trillium Treehouse (Linden)

Credit: Airbnb

Trillium Treehouse is glamping at its finest. If you’re looking for a luxurious camping trip in the trees, this is the place for you. While it may not have the luxuries of a fully equipped cabin, there is still plenty to enjoy here, especially if you’re no stranger to camping.

Here you can enjoy a kitchen, coffee maker, and stove instead of having to do that all over an open fire. There’s also an adjacent outhouse, patio, and balcony. So, you’ll have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

There is no Wi-Fi or TV, so you can disconnect and enjoy the 120 acres of trails surrounding you. This is perfect for a trip to reconnect with nature.

Location: Linden, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.94

17. Old Rag Lodge and Treehouse (Madison County)

Credit: Vrbo

If you’re looking for luxury, then you can’t do much better than Old Rag. This large wooden structure is situated at the base of Old Rag Mountain and offers the luxuries of a lodge retreat. Prepare for scenic vistas, a chef’s kitchen, ponds, and more.

For the musically inclined, there is even a baby grand piano included. This is perfect, as the surrounding natural beauty are sure to inspire. Outside you can see horses grazing, go hiking on a vast network of walking trail, or go biking on an equally vast network of paved paths.

On the off chance you decide to leave the grounds, the surrounding area also has plenty to offer. If you’re willing to make the trip, you could even head to DC for some sightseeing.

Regardless, your home base will be immaculate. There are even caretakers on the grounds to ask questions if you need them.

Location: Madison County, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 4.9

18. Amazing Views at Grand View (Page County)

Credit: Vrbo

This pet friendly stay is located high up in Grand View and offers a grand view indeed! Stare out at the vast forest surrounding you or take a hike through it. The accommodation also includes a jetted, whirlpool tub to relax in after a day of exploring.

Outside you also have quick access to everything the Shenandoah Valley area has to offer. Go horseback riding, golf, or visit Luray Caverns. There is plenty to do in the quaint cabin in the trees.

Location: Page County, Virginia

Vrbo Rating: 4.9

19. Eagle’s Nest Treehouse (Shenandoah)

Credit: Vrbo

Eagle’s Nest Treehouse is a luxury treehouse that guests looking forward to returning to. It has a beautiful rustic interior and exterior. On top of that, it features all the amenities guests need for an enjoyable stay.

One of the main features of this treehouse is the screened-in porch. In this area, you will find a relaxing four person hot tub. The owners empty the water and clean the tub after every guest, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a communal tub.

Upstairs, there’s a bedroom with a king-size bed. Downstairs, there are two twin beds. When booking the room, the rate will be determined by the number of guests. One child is free per paying adult. Pets are also welcome at this treehouse rental, but there is a maximum of two.

There is a full bathroom on the upper level of this treehouse and a half bathroom on the main level. Guests can enjoy making meals in the full kitchenette. They will also have access to laundry facilities, WIFI, and more.

Location: Shenandoah, Virginia

VRBO Rating: 4.8

20. Treehouse At Backabit Farm (Palmyra)

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse At Backabit Farm is a beautiful location for solo travelers or couples. This quaint one-bedroom treehouse cabin has a king-size bed. The room also has air conditioning to stay comfortable during the summer months.

On a nice day, guests can relax outdoors on the 2-person hammock. There is a private deck where you can enjoy the view any time of day. During the evening, you can also use the outdoor propane firepit.

This treehouse cabin features a bathroom with a tiled shower. There’s a kitchenette that includes a coffee station. Breakfast is also included by the host, so you can sit back and relax in the morning.

The location of this treehouse is also great for people that want to see more of the area. It’s only a 20-minute drive to Richmond or a 30-minute drive to Charlottesville. However, this place is so relaxing that you likely won’t want to leave.

Location: Palmyra, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.98

21. Neff Girls Treehouse (Strasburg)

Credit: Airbnb

If you want a remote getaway with your family, consider Neff Girls Treehouse in Strasburg, VA. This cozy treehouse is the right size to accommodate up to five people. There are two queen-size futons and a single-size pullout sofa.

This space also features a full bathroom and a kitchenette. Guests will have access to Wi-Fi in the treehouse. There is a dedicated workspace that is used for guests who have to get business done while they travel.

Neff Girls Treehouse is a raised cabin that has a similar atmosphere to a treehouse. Guests can enjoy the view from above on the wrap-around deck. There is also a private backyard where kids can play safely.

While this treehouse has many great features, guests will need to be up for an adventure. To get to the bedroom on the upper level of the treehouse, you will need to climb a ladder. This is something all guests should be prepared for before booking a stay.

Location: Strasburg, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.8

22. Joseph’s Cool Treehouse Campsite (Blacksburg)

Credit: Airbnb

Joseph’s Cool Treehouse Campsite is a great spot for families that want a quiet getaway. This floating treehouse platform has two bedrooms. Large families have the option to bring up to two tents to accommodate more guests. Pets are also welcome.

This area is a great spot to consider if you want to get away from crowds and noise. It’s a quiet area and the campground has a policy stating guests are not allowed to be loud after 9 pm.

One of the great things about staying in such a quiet area is that families will have a better opportunity to see wildlife. Birds and deer are known to visit this campsite.

Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.95

23. Bella Rose Treehouse (Lynchburg)

Credit: Airbnb

For a romantic getaway in Lynchburg, VA, Bella Rose Treehouse is one of the top places to stay. This beautiful architecture was built by Pete Nelson from Treehouse Masters.

This treehouse has one bedroom. It features a lovely queen-size bed complete with a canopy. There is also a full bathroom and kitchenette. Guests can stay comfortable in any season because there’s air conditioning and a fireplace.

Another perk of staying in this treehouse is the beautiful garden view. The property is kept in immaculate condition year round. Guests will even have a view of a working watermill from this location.

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.89

24. Stay in the Sky (Leesburg)

Credit: Airbnb

Stay in the Sky is a romantic treehouse that’s the perfect size for a couple. When you and your significant other want some time alone away from the rest of the world, this is an ideal place to get cozy.

Guests take the spiral stairway up into this charming treehouse. Inside, they will have a breathtaking view of the area. In the winter months, it’s possible to see Sugarloaf Mountain in the far distance.

This treehouse has one bedroom with a luxurious king-size bed. There is also a full bathroom and kitchenette. Outside, there is a private deck with patio furniture. This is where guests can relax and enjoy a drink.

Stay in the Sky is a picture-perfect treehouse on stilts. The design is similar to a charming dollhouse. This is one place you will want to make an annual visit to for a romantic vacation.

Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Airbnb: 5.0

25. Romantic Treehouse On The Alpaca Farm (Richmond)

Credit: Airbnb

Romantic Treehouse on the Alpaca Farm is a romantic adults-only location. Couples can have a peaceful and private getaway in this adorable above-ground treehouse. This tiny cabin is 10 by 12 feet, allowing couples to get close to one another.

The owners wanted to create a place where couples can unwind and get a break from the noise at home. Everyone needs a break from the kids once in a while, and this is the place to take full advantage of that time.

To get to the bedroom in the treehouse, there is a sturdy handmade ladder. While this is very safe, it’s not recommended for anyone that is physically challenged or suffering from an injury.

The kitchenette in this treehouse is stocked with items you will need for cooking. Outdoors, there is a charcoal grill and outdoor seating. While there may be other guests on the property camping, the treehouse area is completely private.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

26. Glamping On The Water (Axton)

Credit: Airbnb

Glamping on the Water is one of the most adorable treehouse setups on our list today. It is such a unique take on the treehouse experience. This treehouse is located on a 5-acre private lake. Guest will stay in a tented structure above ground with a breathtaking

view of the lake.

Many of the treehouses we have mentioned so far come with amenities. Glamping on the Water takes things to the next level. Guests will have access to a private pool, hot tub, floating dock, and more.

This treehouse is just the right size for couples. It has one bedroom and a bathroom. There is a portable air conditioning unit for hot summer nights. Guests will also have access to kitchen space for making meals.

Many previous guests have commented that this host went the extra mile to make sure they had a 5-star stay. He is very accommodating and will show guests everything they need to have a great time at this location.

Location:  Axton, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.64

27. Trailside Treehouse (Richmond)

Credit: Airbnb

Trailside Treehouse is an authentic treehouse that was built in 2014 by the property owners. Do you want to feel like a kid again and spend the night in a treehouse as you remember from your childhood? This is the place to book a vacation.

The treehouse with built using redwood and windows from the owner’s old house. Every bit of detail put into this building makes it feel like a kid’s ultimate treehouse. The owners wanted to take each guest back to a simpler time when they stay here.

What makes a stay here even more special is that the owners go above and beyond to make you feel like you're a kid again. They’ve stocked the treehouse with board games and there’s even a secret bin of junk food.

Your whole family can enjoy the fun of this treehouse, as there are accommodations for six to eight people. There is a queen bed, bunk beds, and a floor mattress. When you want to relax, there are 6 hammocks as well. This place is also pet-friendly.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.98

28. Mountain Time Enchanted Tree Cottage (Charlottesville)

Credit: Airbnb

One of the most unique builds on our list today is the Mountain Time Enchanted Tree Cottage. This tiny cottage has an upper loft area where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor setting.

The railings of this tree cottage are what sets it apart from other builds. They are made from tree branches and logs. Each one keeps the authentic shape of the tree. This makes it look like you’re climbing up a tree to get to the loft.

Guests won’t have to go far for a refreshment in the morning. The owner supplies coffee, tea, and orange juice.

This tree cottage can accommodate up to four people. There is a double bed in a private bedroom area, and a queen-size bed in the living room area. It also includes an air conditioner and a fireplace.

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.94

29. Treehouse On The Chesapeake Bay (Kilmarnock)

Credit: Airbnb

This unique above-ground treehouse gives people a chance to disconnect from the busy world around them. Guests can spend time in nature with a stunning lakeside view without hearing a peep around them.

If you want to get away with family or a group of friends, this treehouse is spacious enough for the whole group. There are three bedrooms, two master bedrooms with full-size beds and one bedroom with two twin-size beds.

Guests can enjoy lounging in the hammock, having bonfires at night, or fishing from the dock. It’s also one of the best places in Kilmarnock to watch the sunset.

Location: Kilmarnock, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.43

30. Shenandoah Treehouse (Stanley)

Credit: Airbnb

Shenandoah Treehouse is where a treehouse and a cabin meet. This beautiful rental has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. It also includes a full bathroom with running water.

People who want an outdoor adventure will love this location. The Appalachian Trail is connected to the property. It’s near areas where you can go fishing or hunting. There is a fishing dock on the property as well. It isn’t far from cave tours and vineyards either.

Guests are allowed to bring up to two pets (cats or dogs) to this treehouse for an additional fee. Indoors is very comfortable. There is Wi-Fi and a TV with Roku just in case it rains when you visit.

Location: Stanley, Virginia

Airbnb Rating: 4.95

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