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25 Top Treehouse Rentals in New England (Six States of Allure!)

Explore the best treehouse rentals in New England for a unique stay amidst forests and lakes across six enchanting states. Perfect for nature lovers!

Tobi Miles
September 7, 2022
25 Top Treehouse Rentals in New England (Six States of Allure!)

The states throughout New England are known for having beautiful forests and peaceful lakes. If you want to go on a secluded nature-bound trip, you might enjoy a New England treehouse rental. So, what are the best treehouse rentals in New England?

There are beautiful treehouse rentals in every state throughout New England. If you’re visiting Maine, Bar Harbor Treehouse in Hancock is a cozy place to stay. Treetop Sanctuary in Dunbarton, New Hampshire has an almost perfect rating. We also love the Vermont Treehouse Compound in West Pawlet, VT. This vacation rental features 2 treehouses and is ideal for large families.

If you want to have a camping experience with more comforts, you should book a treehouse rental. These rentals bring people back to their childhood. It’s also a great way to escape the noise of your everyday life. Today, we’re going to break down the best treehouse rentals in each New England state.

Treehouse Rentals in Maine

1. Bar Harbor Treehouse (Hancock)

Credit: Vrbo

Bar Harbor Treehouse is one of the top luxury treehouses in the state of Maine. This private location has everything you would want in a treehouse. It’s secluded in a nest of trees, including cedar, maple, and birch, among many other types.

The woodland setting is very peaceful. However, this cabin gets even more comforting when guests use the amenities. With this treehouse rental, guests will have use of a private steam shower, sauna, and whirlpool tub.

This treehouse has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. There is a master bathroom that has a queen bed. It also features a sleeping loft with two queen sized beds.

LocationHancock, ME

Vrbo Rating: 4.9

2. BREEZE (Appleton)

Credit: Airbnb

BREEZE is a charming treehouse rental for couples. This one-bedroom treehouse is elevated 20 feet above the ground.

There is a sleeping loft in the unit that is 40 feet above the ground. You can sleep in the tree tops for real when you stay here.

Don’t let the rustic look of this treehouse fool you. It actually has a lot of amenities to keep guests comfortable. This includes air conditioning for those hot summer nights.

There is a hiking trail near the property. It leads directly to the pond, which is a 30-minute walk. While this is quite the hike, the forest views are well worth it.

LocationAppleton, ME

Airbnb Rating: 4.97

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3. The Canopy Treehouse (Sanford)

Credit: Airbnb

The Canopy Treehouse is a beautifully renovated treehouse with remarkable views. Guests can take the safe spiral staircase to enter this treehouse. At the top of the stairs is a patio with a bistro table and chairs.

Inside the treehouse is two bedrooms with enough room to accommodate four guests. It’s a great location for small families. Many guests sleep comfortably through the night, without any city sounds waking them up.

One of the main features guests like about this treehouse is the kitchen. It’s equipped with everything they need to prepare a meal. It even features utensils, dishware, and glasses.

LocationSanford, ME

Airbnb Rating: 4.92

4. Spinny Brook Overlook Treehouse (Columbia Falls)

Credit: Airbnb

Spinny Brook Overlook Treehouse is the ideal place to book a stay when you want to escape. Nobody will find you at this secluded vacation rental. All guests will have a journey when they arrive. The treehouse is a ¼-mile hike from where you will park.

This treehouse can accommodate up to four guests. There are two single beds and one double floor mattress. You won’t forget you’re in a treehouse here because there’s a tree trunk running up between the two twin beds!

There is a firepit on site that guests can use. You can make a meal in the woods or enjoy s’mores at night

Location: Columbia Falls, ME

Airbnb Rating: 4.82

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5. Marsha’s Modern Tree Dwelling (Georgetown)

Credit: Airbnb

Marsha’s Modern Treehouse has amazing views from every angle. One of the most relaxing things to do here is lay in the king-size bed and enjoy the view from the wall of windows. People can see the treetops and river water from this rental.

If you thought the serene setting of this treehouse was relaxing, it gets even better. With this rental, you will also get to use a private cedar hot tub. The hot tub is available to guests all year round. The hosts highly recommend it for a winter visit.

Upon request, there is a second structure with this treehouse that can be set up. This is a great option if you have other guests traveling with you or if you want additional indoor space.

LocationGeorgetown, ME

Airbnb Rating: 4.98

Treehouse Rentals in New Hampshire

6. Treetop Sanctuary (Dunbarton)

Credit: Airbnb

The Treetop Sanctuary is a cozy little treehouse where people can connect with nature. What guests enjoy about this treehouse is that it’s easy to access.

They follow a suspended bridge to get to the treetop cabin, without having to deal with steep ladders or stairs.

This treehouse has several amenities to make visits more comfortable. There is electricity and WIFI. Guests can use the woodstove to warm up on a chilly night.

For the best views in Dunbarton, you must visit the Treetop Sanctuary. This treehouse is located 30 feet above the ground.

LocationDunbarton, NH

Airbnb Rating: 4.92

7. Caitlin’s Four Seasons Treehouse (Newbury)

Credit: Airbnb

Caitlin’s Four Seasons Treehouse is just as comfortable in January as it is in June. This lovely rustic rental is equipped for all seasons.

It features an air conditioner for those hot summer months, and in-floor heating for the cold season. There’s also a wrap-around deck, where you can get outside and enjoy the view.

This treehouse has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to four people. It features a full bathroom and a kitchenette that’s equipped for cooking.

If you visit during the snowy winter season, you can stay warm by the woodstove. The treehouse also features WIFI and TV, so you can stay cozy when you're indoors.

LocationNewbury, NH

Airbnb Rating: 4.99

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8. Kissing Oaks Backyard Treehouse (Ossipee)

Credit: Airbnb

Kissing Oaks Backyard Treehouse is an excellent vacation rental for families. This treehouse can comfortably accommodate two adults and up to three children.

This treehouse has a private outhouse and fire pit. There is also a swing set and slide for the kids. While this cabin is rustic, it’s very cozy for a family camping trip.

You can make meals using the metal grate together around the firepit. If it rains, there’s a TV in the cabin to keep kids entertained.

LocationOssipee, NH

Airbnb Rating: 4.60

9. Abby’s Cozy Treehouse (Sanbornton)

Credit: Airbnb

Abby’s Cozy Treehouse is a great location for a peaceful trip away. This quiet setting is perfect for taking nature walks, reading a book in the shade, or simply relaxing and enjoying the view. It’s also a close walk to the beach and nearby hiking trails.

This treehouse has plenty of amenities to keep guests comfortable. It features a bathroom, kitchenette, and even WIFI. It’s also equipped for comfort during all four seasons. There is hot water, heat, air conditioning, and fans.

In the living room, there is a TV with a Roku stick. Guests will have access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and more. The host has also included some board games if you want to keep the electronics turned off.

LocationSanbornton, NH

Airbnb Rating: 4.99

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Treehouse Rentals in Vermont

10. Vermont Treehouse Compound (West Pawlet)

Credit: Vrbo

Vermont Treehouse Compound is actually a 2-in-1 rental. This means that when guests book a stay here, they will be renting two treehouses together. It is a great option for groups that don’t want to split up for lodging.

The first treehouse is The Hermit Thrush Treehouse. This treehouse has a double bed and three twin beds. It can accommodate five people. The second treehouse is The Morning Dove, which can accommodate up to six people.

Keep in mind, that these are seasonal rentals only. The Hermit Thrush Treehouse is only available from June through September. The Morning Dove is insulated and it can be rented solo in the spring and later fall months.

LocationWest Pawlet, VT

Vrbo Rating: 4.9

11. Moose Meadow Treehouse (Waterbury)

Credit: Airbnb

Moose Meadow Treehouse is one of the most luxury treehouse rentals in Vermont. This beautiful log cabin-style treehouse brings the beauty of nature indoors. However, when you want to indulge in nature, the wrap-around deck is the perfect place to relax.

There are two levels to this treehouse. On the main level, there is a kitchen, dining area, and living room space. The second story is a dreamy bedroom with a queen bed and a balcony. Guests can enjoy the view first thing in the morning from this area.

This treehouse rental has been licensed and inspected by the VT Department of Health. The hosts take health and safety measures very seriously to limit the risk for each guest that visits.

LocationWaterbury, VT

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

12. The Beaver Pond Treehouse (Hancock)

Credit: Airbnb

The Beaver Pond Treehouse has close to perfect ratings on Air BNB from well over 600 visitors. This private treehouse is a wonderful place to visit when you want to get away from your busy lifestyle, without completely disconnecting.

This treehouse is peaceful and private. Guests won’t have to worry about anyone bothering them or seeing other travelers from their rental. However, they will still be connected to electricity and high-speed internet.

The Beaver Pond Treehouse is a small vacation rental with one bedroom. It’s ideal for a solo traveler or a couple.

LocationHancock, VT

Airbnb Rating: 4.94

13. Walker Pond Treehouse (Coventry)

Credit: Airbnb

Walker Pond Treehouse is located right above the water. If you want to be secluded in nature and enjoy the water, this is an excellent rental to book. It’s located on a 40-acre private property of forest and wetland.

This treehouse is set up for a fun getaway in nature. There is a canoe that guests are free to use on the water. After paddling around the pond, you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the outdoor cedar hot tub.

There is one bedroom in this treehouse with a queen bed. It’s ideal for one or two guests only. In the bedroom, guests can get cozy watching TV or enjoy reading a book on the reading bench.

LocationCoventry, VT

Airbnb Rating: 4.99

Treehouse Rentals in Connecticut

14. Water Forest Retreat Treehouse (Norwich)

Credit: Airbnb

Water Forest Retreat Treehouse is where treehouse meets tiny home. This small cabin on stilts provides guests with the same view as a treehouse. However, it’s equipped with more amenities for a comfortable stay.

It’s a one-bedroom treehouse, that’s suitable for solo travelers or couples. The treehouse is equipped with electricity. This allows the guests to have lights and heat during the cold months.

This treehouse is located right in the middle of nature. Guests can enjoy a hike on the land, go mushroom picking, or fishing. Since it’s such a peaceful location, it’s an ideal setting for meditating.

LocationNorwich, CT

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

15. Hiker’s Haven Treehouse (Norwich)

Credit: Airbnb

Hiker’s Haven is ideal for people that want to spend time exploring the outdoors. To access this treehouse, guests will have to venture on a three minute walk down into the forest. It is a relatively easy walk, but some areas can be steep.

The treehouse is a one-bedroom rental with a queen-size bed. This is a great spot for guests that want an old-school camping experience. While the treehouse has electricity and heat, it doesn’t have a kitchen or running water.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this cozy retreat. They are close by hiking trails that lead to ponds, marshes, and a waterfall. It’s also an excellent spot for wildlife watching.

LocationNorwich, CT

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

16. The Treehouse at Underhill Hollow (Thompson)

Credit: Airbnb

The Treehouse at Underhill Hollow is a fun place to bring the family. This treehouse gives people all the fun of camping, with the comforts of a roof and bed at night. There’s enough space to accommodate four people in this rental

Children have an amazing time when they visit this treehouse. It’s set up with so many fun things to do on the property, like treasure hunts, finding fairy houses, viewing farm animals, campfires, and more.

When you’re not exploring or enjoying one of the activities on-site, you can relax in the hammock. It’s the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the natural scenery. The hammock is also a peaceful spot for a midday nap.

LocationThompson, CT

Airbnb Rating: 4.96

17. Joe’s Heavenly Treehouse (Willington)

Credit: Airbnb

Joe’s Heavenly Treehouse is a fun vacation rental on a farm. Guests can live out their dream of staying in a treehouse, while also getting to enjoy the fun activities around the farm.

The owners of this property offers guided tours to guests that want to see the farm animals up close. However, you will also get an excellent view of the farm sitting up high in the treehouse.

While the treehouse is designed for a comfortable camping experience, it does have many amenities. There is electricity, WIFI, a bathroom, and a kitchenette with supplies. The host also supplies wood for the firepit at the treehouse.

LocationWillington, CT

Airbnb Rating: 4.88

Treehouse Rentals in Masschussetts

18. Mink Cove Treehouse (Wareham)

Credit: Airbnb

Mink Cove Treehouse looks just like it was taken from the pages of a fairy tale storybook. It’s a handcrafted design that sits 12 feet off the ground. When you look out the window of this rental, you can see acres of red oak trees.

The upper level of this treehouse is the sleeping loft. There is a double bed and a twin bed in this area. The bathroom features a composting toilet and a sink with running water. Guests will get to enjoy a completely private outdoor shower as well.

One of the features that guests enjoy the most about this rental is the wrap-around balcony. They can enjoy watching birds or taking in the view of the garden and forestry from many different angles.

There is also a small kitchenette in this treehouse. It has a fridge, microwave, and other essentials for making meals. The treehouse also has air conditioning and heat.

LocationWareham, MA

Airbnb Rating: 4.94

19. Anne’s Farm Stay Treehouse (Rehoboth)

Credit: Airbnb

If you want to camp on a farm, Anne’s Farm Stay Treehouse is the place to go. This quaint treehouse is on the same property as a sustainable farm. Guests will get to see sites of farm animals and vegetables growing.

In this location, you’ll only hear the sounds of animals roaming at night. There are no horns, sirens, or loud city noises to wake you up. It’s an ideal location for couples or solo travelers.

This treehouse is set up for an old-fashion camping experience. There isn’t any plumbing or electricity in the unit. Guests will be able to use a composting toilet and an outdoor shower. The host also supplies lanterns so guests will be able to see at night.

While this beautiful treehouse is in a secluded location, you won’t be far from attractions. It’s only a few minute drive away from restaurants, shopping, and other activities.

LocationRehoboth, MA

Airbnb Rating: 4.91

20. Prui’s Double Treehouse (New Marlborough)

Credit: Airbnb

This double treehouse puts a spin on the classic treehouse design. There is a live tree that grows right through the structure. Guests are able to enjoy nature even when they’re indoors.

The double treehouse design is very spacious. There are three bedrooms and enough room to accommodate up to four guests. It’s a great place for families to get away and it’s also welcoming to pets.

Guests will have use of a private backyard when they stay here. It also includes a firepit so your family can enjoy a bonfire and s’mores at night. This treehouse also has a spacious balcony where guests can enjoy a view of the river.

LocationNew Marlborough, MA

Airbnb Rating: 5.0

21. Enchanted Tiny Towers (Lee)

Credit: Airbnb

Enchanted Tiny Towers is a great spot to consider if you want a treehouse-like experience without the height. This charming vacation rental is designed to look like a whimsical tower. It brings the joys of camping to a more comfortable setting.

There is electricity in this tower. Guests can enjoy making a meal in the kitchenette area. It even includes a Ninja Foodie air fryer! However, there are many great local restaurants that are just a short drive from this location.

This tower is available to rent all year long. During the winter months, it will be heated with a pellet stove. It’s a very cozy retreat for couples that are looking for a unique way to spend their vacation.

LocationLee, MA

Airbnb Rating: 4.95

Treehouse Rentals in Rhode Island

22. Coastal Treehouse (North Kingstown)

Credit: Airbnb

Coastal Treehouse offers travelers in the North Kingstown area a unique take on glamping. It’s a safe and comfortable vacation rental when you want to escape in nature. Sleeping in the sky is one of the most exciting ways to experience camping.

This tiny treehouse is 80 square feet. It can accommodate up to two guests. Couples love this little retreat for a relaxing getaway when they want to get close to one another. There is only one bed, which is a sofa that folds out into a pullout bed.

When staying at this tiny treehouse, it will feel like you’re alone in the woods. However, you’re only a short drive away from places like Jamestown and Wickford Village. You won’t be far when you want to grab a bite to eat or go shopping.

LocationNorth Kingstown, RI

Airbnb Rating: 4.55

23. Jami’s Glamping Treehouse (Richmond)

Credit: Airbnb

Jami’s Glamping Treehouse has a nearly perfect rating on Air BNB. Over 70 guests and counting have had a peaceful getaway at this vacation rental. If you want to go camping but don’t want to sleep on the ground, this is a great spot to stay.

This treehouse is screened so guests don’t have to worry about bugs getting in while they’re sleeping. Mosquitoes can stay on the outside! There are also window shades if you find that it’s too chilly when you stay here.

It can accommodate up to two guests. The rental includes a very comfortable futon in the treehouse that can be folded down to sleep on. There's also a pool with a sitting area for enjoying the warmer days.

LocationRichmond, RI

Airbnb Rating: 4.92

24. Treehouse By The Sea (South Kingstown)

Credit: Airbnb

This beautiful studio-style treehouse is a wonderful destination to rest and recharge. It is the most luxurious treehouse rental in Rhode Island. People can enjoy being surrounded by nature and away from the noise, without having to rough it.

Guests will have use of a full kitchen, with electricity and running water. It includes a fridge, stover, coffee maker, and more. While there is a full bathroom indoors, guests are also free to use the private outdoor shower.

Treehouse By The Sea does have WIFI. This allows people that work remotely to stay longer. Guests can also enjoy a selection of books and board games included with this vacation rental.

LocationSouth Kingston, RI

Airbnb Rating: 4.95

25. Rustic Island Cabin (Jamestown)

Credit: Airbnb

Rustic Island Cabin is a wonderful place to stay if you want the privacy of a treehouse, without the steep climb. This beautiful no-frills cabin is located on a private lot and surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees.

It has on bedroom that can accommodate two guests. Many couples love this quaint cabin for a romantic getaway.

It features an equipped kitchenette with small appliances. There is a bathroom located just a short walk from the cabin. Guests can also enjoy lounging in the living area.

LocationJamestown, RI

Airbnb Rating: 4.94

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