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Kentucky Treehouse Havens: 25 Unique Escapes to Sky-High Bliss

Ever dreamed of sleeping among the stars, nestled high in the whispering Kentucky treetops? Uncover 25 enchanting treehouses where your childhood fantasies become luxuriously grown-up realities. Let's climb to your next adventure!

Tobi Miles
September 16, 2022

When planning your next treehouse vacation, Kentucky might prove to be the perfect location with its southern charm and natural beauty. Kentucky is home to a multitude of treehouses suited for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious accommodations in the trees, a modern glamping experience, or something else, you’ll find it. Enjoy dangling off the side of a cliff, rest under the stars in a dome village, and more. You’re sure to find plenty of nature to marvel at, water to enjoy, and plenty of other unique activities to participate in. 

1. Treehouse Master’s Cottage (Stonewall)

Credit: Vrbo

Designed by the legendary treehouse master, Pete Nelson, the Kentucky Climbers Cottage will show you that it’s famous for a reason. Located in EarthJoy village, this is one of three treehouses located on the 200 acres of privately owned land.

The area is absolutely filled with unique features. Down below the treehouse you’ll find a fire pit, two Adirondack chairs, and a hammock only a few feet away.

Venturing out further reveals miles of themed trails. Hike through the hobbit treehouse trail to immerse yourself in the surreal experience of walking by 10 hobbit homes. For a more romantic trail, head down the cabana village trail to find a tree pod perfect for a picnic.

There’s also loads of wildlife, five ponds to discover, an abandoned 1800’s settlers lodge, and much more. You’ll always have something to do outside when staying here.

Of course the inside is just as extravagant. Enjoy all the comforts of home any time of the year. Book a trip here and let this renowned treehouse awe you with everything it has to offer.

Location: Stonewall, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 4.9

2. Treehouse Experience with Playland (Stonewall)

Credit: Vrbo

This unique treehouse is one of three individual structures, strategically located to grant privacy, but close enough to rent out all three if desired. This specific treehouse is The Hickory and offers tons of charm perfectly suited for a family.

 One of the main attractions of The Hickory is the playground. It includes a cozy nook for games, a swing, hammock, and more. This makes it a perfect destination to bring the kiddos. There’s also plenty to enjoy for guests of all ages too, though.

Sleep up to six in The Hickory and enjoy everything the place has to offer. Relax on the wrap around deck, hike through hundreds of acres of trails, or head to one of three ponds. Here you can go fishing or set up a picnic for the whole family.

A master bedroom is available for the adults to have some privacy, and a full kitchenette is available to prepare meals for everyone.

Location: Stonewall, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 5.0

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3. Cliff Dweller Treehouse (Campton)

Credit: Airbnb

Those seeking a thrilling and truly unique experience need look no further than this incredible abode dangling off a cliff. The Cliff Dweller sits bolted high over the Red River Gorge and is perfect for those seeking an athletic and fun accommodation.

Just to get to the main structure you can expect to climb several hundred stairs, leading high above the canopy. Once there you will find a modern and sleek abode suitable for up to four guests.

From here you can enjoy the stunning views of the area below and relax in the cozy living area. Guests will be able to prepare their own meals in the well maintained kitchen and enjoy looking at the forest below from the deck.

Plus, the treehouse is air conditioned and heated, making this an ideal destination any time of the year. Due to its height, smaller children might not be welcome, but taking a trip with your hiking friends would be ideal here.

Location: Campton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.91

4. The Looking Glass Mirrored Treehouses (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

With its two mirrored structures high in the trees, this one of a kind treehouse offers a truly unique and chic getaway. Rest among its distinct angular structure and enjoy stunning views of the forest with up to five guests.

The treehouses were carefully designed and constructed, including geometric mirrors surrounding each structure. The design element of strong angles carries through the entirety of both structures. 

On one face you’ll find a decently appointed kitchenette, in another you’ll find a cozy sleeping area. There’s also a decently sized living and dining area to fit all your guests. The treehouses have heating and AC as well, so you can stay at this memorable location any time of the year.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 5.0

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5. Treehouse Aliyah (Germantown)

Credit: Airbnb

Another grand treehouse located in EarthJoy village, filled with plenty of character to make it distinct from the rest. Enjoy being suspended high up in the trees with a live Red Oak bursting through the center of the living room. Here you can reconnect with nature outside and in.

The surrounding area has 285 acres of land to explore through an extensive network of trails. Outside you’ll also have access to a hammock village, stone fire pit, patio, and more. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the outdoors here.

Inside the structure you’ll be treated to great views of the area and plenty of room for the whole family. A second structure with a bunk bed is accessible via a swing bridge. This separate structure makes the treehouse perfect for families that need privacy sometimes.

However, there is plenty to do all together as well. The interior of the treehouse has a full kitchenette perfect for family meals and the outdoors are filled with activities. 

Location: Germantown, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.94

6. The Tradewinds Treehouse (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

Rustic luxury awaits guests in this treehouse and bathhouse duo. Two structures sit nestled in the trees, large enough to sleep up to eight guests. These twin treehouses are a great trip for family and friends.

Inside, the treehouses are fully equipped with all the luxuries of home, so all your guests will be taken care of. There’s running water, electricity, a private bathhouse, and even a slide. Guests will also be able to soak in the hot tub and enjoy views of the surrounding wilderness.

You’ll have a great view of Peregrine Rock and can go out on the wrap around deck to sit under the stars. The treehouses have heating and AC, so you’ll be able to enjoy your stay any time of the year. Enjoy walking trails, sitting by the fire pit, and bonding with your guests in this luxurious twin treehouse.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 3.0

7. Cloud Dome Treehouse (Campton)

Credit: Airbnb

Those looking for a truly unique escape into the trees won’t be disappointed by this dome village in the treetops. The distinct dome shaped structures are connected by catwalks and spiral staircases. This is a one of a kind stay for those seeking an adventure.

Just below the dome village, guests will have access to the Red River Rockhouse Restaurant. The area also has plenty of places to go hiking, making this the perfect retreat for climbers and hikers. There’s loads of great views to enjoy from the village and the surrounding area too.

Inside your dome you’ll have a cozy little living and sleeping area with porthole windows to look outside. Any essentials that aren’t available in your personal dome will be accessible in the village, so you won’t want for anything during your stay.

Location: Campton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.93

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8. Echo Falls (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

This cozy, rustic treehouse is the perfect getaway for a couple looking to relax and reconnect with nature. Enjoy stunning views of the forest from any room in the house while taking advantage of all the amenities this place has packed in.

Outside, you will be mere minutes from Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge Resort Park. Here you can explore the beauty of the forest, lakes, waterfalls, and more. There are even a few caves and arches to marvel at.

At the treehouse itself you can soak in a hot tub on the back deck and listen to the sounds of the forest. You’ll also have access to pristine well water and all the comforts of home

Internet access will let you stay connected, and a fully equipped kitchen will allow for cooking meals. This space is ready for you any time of the year, just make sure you have a vehicle that can get you out to its secluded location.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 3.8

9. Sylvan Float Treehouse (Stanton)

Credit: Airbnb

Go off the grid and rest among the trees in this humble and cozy treehouse. This location is ideal for those looking for a low-tech disconnection from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is a glamping experience with loads of charm. 

Here you can have a simpler time and enjoy things like a water jug sink, battery-powered lanterns, and other basic amenities. However, the treehouse does come with a few commodities of home such as a gas stove and french press.

Outside you’ll have access to a charcoal grill, a deck, and a fire pit. One additional unique feature of the Sylvan is the floating hammock on the deck. Here you can relax suspended high above the ground with a view to the forest floor right below you.

Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.81

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10. The Observatory Treehouse (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

While there are a multitude of great views in Red River Gorge, this treehouse offers arguably one of the best. Resting high up in the treetops, this wooden structure promises stunning vistas to those willing to brave the trip to its height. 

The treehouse itself has plenty of large windows, including a lovely glass bedroom, so you can enjoy the view from anywhere. There’s also a screened-in hammock lounge to relax in. Of course it’s not just vistas that this treehouse offers.

Inside you’ll have access to a little kitchen, equipped with everything to make meals. This way you and up to 3 other guests won’t need to make a trip for food. The adventurous few are in for a treat in this cozy little treehouse.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 5.0

11. The Lions Lair (Stanton)

Credit: Airbnb

The Lions Lair is a cozy and modern getaway into the trees with plenty to offer the four guests that it can fit. Enjoy a lower and upper deck, plenty of outdoor activities, and more. Its location inside the national park makes it a rare find.

The treehouse’s location in the state park means you’ll have access to trailheads mere minutes away. Outside, nearer to the treehouse you’ll have a fire pit, perfect for relaxing and roasting marshmallows with guests. 

You can also relax in the cozy little seating area on the bottom deck of the lair and listen to the wildlife. The treehouse is heated and has electricity, so you can schedule your visit any time of the year

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, or just a reconnection with nature and friends, the Lion’s Lair is a great choice. Explore the beauty of Red River Gorge with a comfortable homebase to return to.

Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.89

12. Kentucky Breeze Treehouse (Stanton)

Credit: Airbnb

This treehouse strikes the perfect balance of rustic and modern, and offers breathtaking views of Red River Gorge. For those that want an even closer look, the treehouse offers a truly unique viewing option. It has a 15ft glass garage door that opens up to the canopy outside.

This unique feature allows guests to relax in the cozy living room while watching the sunset over the trees. The treehouse also has a lovely stargazing deck where you can enjoy the sound of a nearby creek as you gaze. 

Another perk of this treehouse, similarly to these owners’ other treehouses, is its placement inside the national park. Here you will be mere minutes or steps away from trailheads. Inside you’ll have AC, electricity, a cozy living space, and sleeping room for up to four.

Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.92

13. Woodshed Lake Cabin (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

Built and named for the seven woods that went into constructing and furnishing it, this spacious cabin has care put in every timber. With room to sleep up to six and loads of fun activities inside and out, this cabin is a great trip for the whole family.

The cabin rests on the border of the Red River Gorge area up in the hills, opening up a whole slew of activities from hiking to rock climbing, and more. The area is a beautiful one to just explore.

Inside, the cabin is spacious and its first floor is wheelchair accessible. It’s also pet friendly for up to 2 pets, so feel free to bring your furry companions on your adventure. The kitchen is also equipped with everything you’ll need to prepare meals for your whole traveling party.

Additionally, guests will have access to a foosball table, tv, and more. Whether going outside for an adventure or staying in for some fun, there’s something for everyone here.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 4.2

14. The Bungalow (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

Campers and glampers will feel right at home in this cozy little treehouse. Enjoy the simplicity of an off the grid trip with plenty of amenities to maintain comfort.

Enjoy a close connection with nature in this cozy little bungalow in the trees. The treehouse is completely screened-in, so expect to feel cool breezes and hear the sounds of nature clearly. Rest up to four in the two beds and wake up to sunlight cutting through the canopy.

Outside you’ll have access to a fire pit and propane stove, perfect for preparing a meal for your guests. There’s also a compact dishwashing area to make cleaning up less of a hassle. Guests can also sit at the picnic table and will have access to a composting bathroom.

However, the true star of this stay is the outdoors. This treehouse offers quick access to notable trailheads, great rock climbing spots, and even swimming holes. Those looking for a reconnection with nature will be treated at The Bungalow.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 5.0

15. Arboreal Abode (Berea)

Credit: Airbnb

Staying at Abi’s Arboreal Abode offers a truly unique experience. Here you can expect an elevated yurt sleeping area, modern amenities, and a history of community and events. Part farm, part event center, part campground, this is a stay with a unique variety of fun activities.

For your sleeping area, you’ll have an elevated yurt nestled in a grove of walnut trees. Inside you’ll find a bunk bed, uniquely themed décor, and a cozy little living space. The yurt also has ac and heat, so you can book a trip in any season. 

Outside you’ll have access to a centrally located and shared space. Here there’s a community kitchen, bathhouse, and place to mingle with other guests if you so desire. Just below the yurt is a hammock, and nearby is a picnic table and fire pit.

With its location on a hundred acre farm, you’ll have plenty of space to roam and explore as well. Those looking for a cozy retreat with the potential to mingle with others doing the same should check out this arboreal abode.

Location: Berea, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.95

16. Eagles Nest Treehouse (Stanton)

Credit: Airbnb

Rustic and custom made, the Eagles Nest treehouse is a fairy tale trip into the trees. Built as one of a trio of masterful treehouses, this abode has plenty to make it a unique stay. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the forest and disconnect.

Sit on the stargazing “nest” and enjoy a cup of coffee. Take a hike on one of the nearby trails through the national park. Enjoy the warm comfort from the homemade stone fireplace, or head out to the fire pit to roast some marshmallows.

Below the treehouse you can relax in the swing or at the tables in an ambient lit nook. Unwind and enjoy the sounds of the stream. 

Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.81

17. Puma Dome Treehouse (Campton)

Credit: Airbnb

A dome town in the trees connected by suspension bridges is waiting for the adventurous at the Puma Dome Treehouse. Weave your way through the canopy across the bridges to three different structures. Head down to the forest floor to walk through the valley.

The dome town consists of three unique sleeping spaces, a canopy lounge, and a bathhouse dome. In your private dome you’ll have a cozy sleeping area, great views, and a hot plate to make food. In the communal bathhouse you’ll have two full baths and a wash station.

Thankfully, with three individual domes, you’ll never have to worry about overcrowding. The dome town is also conveniently located near the Rock House Cafe. So, whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or want to get a warm prepared meal, you can do it among the trees here.

Location: Campton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.82

18. Haven at the Red (Stanton)

Credit: Airbnb

This quaint and rustic A-frame makes the most of its space by packing in all the comforts of home inside. Nestled between stunning rock formations in the Red River Gorge area, this A-frame has something to offer everyone, inside and out.

The A-frame comes with a full kitchen, an electric fireplace, and a DVD player just to name a few things. Outside you’ll have access to a lovely hot tub, multiple decks, and a fire pit and grill perfect for hanging out under the stars.

The treehouse’s location also puts it close to trails, the Nada Tunnel, and the Natural Bridge. You’ll have a blast exploring the Red River Gorge area knowing you have a fully equipped accommodation to relax in after your adventures.

Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 3.67

19. Hillbilly Heaven Cabin (Rogers)

This cabin in the trees is an ideal retreat for water and nature lovers. Located by two acres of lake in a private gated community, here you can relax in privacy and make the most of your escape. Enjoy the modern and rustic interior, and the beauty of the area.

Nearby you’ll have access to the lake for swimming and fishing, and the forest to explore. There’s loads of hiking trails, and the Natural Bridge is not far. There’s also a zip line and the rest of Red River Gorge to explore right outside.

At the cabin there’s also a jacuzzi to soak in under the stars. Inside there’s a well appointed kitchenette, a spacious living and sleeping space, and all the essentials of home. There’s even an antique Hoosier cabinet that guests can use as a bar. 

Location: Rogers, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.72

20. Shipping Container Cabin (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

While not technically a treehouse, this unique accommodation in the trees still offers a lot that compares to the best of treehouses. Enjoy the splendor of the Red River Gorge from this one of a kind shipping container cabin filled with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Inside, the cabin makes the most of its limited space. You’ll find two comfortable bedrooms, a full bathroom, and spacious living area. In the kitchen you’ll have everything you need to prepare a meal for you and your up to three other guests. There’s also Wi-Fi and a TV.

Outside you have the beautiful surrounding woods to explore. The Red River Gorge is filled with hiking trails and beautiful vistas to enjoy.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 5.0

21. Mountain View Cabin (Red River Gorge)

Credit: Vrbo

Stay in this classic rustic cabin to have a great homebase for all your adventures. Enjoy the coziness of a cabin without giving up the comforts of home. Conveniently located near a multitude of attractions, and able to sleep up to six, this is a great trip for the whole family.

Head out into the surrounding area to find rock climbing for all skill levels, hike trails, or head to the water. Kayaking, fishing, and swimming are just some of the options. Plus, while the cabin offers nature, it’s conveniently located near enough to Mt. Parkway to not be secluded.

The cabin itself comes with a fireplace, outdoor jacuzzi, and everything you need for you and your guests to stay comfortably. Spacious living areas, a grill on the deck, full kitchen, and more are available.

Location: Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Vrbo Rating: 4.3

22. Breathtaking Creekside Getaway (Georgetown)

Credit: Airbnb

A modern, chic, and luxurious glamping experience is waiting for guests at this breathtaking creekside getaway. Sleep, eat, and relax among the trees in privacy on 13 acres of beautiful forest. Relax in the cozy interior and deck, or head outside to enjoy the creek and forest.

Stay in the unique 16’ tent for unmatched ambiance. Bathe in the clawfoot tub on the deck under the stars. Prepare a meal with the well equipped kitchenette or enjoy the view from the outdoor seating on the deck. Outside you’ll have the creek and forest to enjoy loads of outdoor fun too.

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.98

23. Serene Ravine Treehouse (Stanton)

Credit: Airbnb

This multi-leveled custom built treehouse was carefully designed for a memorable and comfortable stay. Whether you’re looking to get away with the kids or need a secluded escape, this treehouse is perfect for any occasion. Explore the Daniel Boone National Forest through several nearby trailheads.

Relax on the balcony and listen to the stream. Sit by the fire pit, cook up a meal on the grill, or use the coffee maker to sip under the stars. This treehouse has it all, and loads of fun to be had around it.

Location: Stanton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 4.91

24. Sky Dancer House (Campton)

Credit: Airbnb

A pirate ship adventure dangling high in the trees off the side of a cliff awaits the adventurous here. It’s well equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay from a kitchen to a suspended lounge net, and more.

The treehouse is air conditioned and heated, so you can have a pirate adventure any time of the year. This one of a kind treehouse has everything you need and more to be an exciting homebase for your exploration of the area.


Location: Campton, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: Unrated

25. Cabin in The Trees (Burkesville)

Credit: Airbnb

Nestle yourself in the treetops for a cozy fishing retreat at this stylish and modern cabin. Built, decorated, and equipped with all the modern comforts, you can fish and explore without sacrificing your comfort. 

The cabin is spacious enough to sleep four and has something for everyone. Grill a meal, get work done with the Wi-Fi, go fishing in the backyard, roast marshmallows at the fire pit and more. Below the cabin is even an outdoor living area for rainy days. This is a trip you won’t forget.

Location: Burkesville, Kentucky
Airbnb Rating: 50

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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