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40 BEST Things to Do in Waco, TX (Unique Local Attractions!)

Explore the top 40 things to do in Waco, TX! From the Magnolia Market to Waco Mammoth National Monument, find unique local attractions for travelers.

Tobi Miles
September 12, 2022
40 BEST Things to Do in Waco, TX (Unique Local Attractions!)

Waco Texas has become one of the most popular travel destinations over the last decade due to the popularity of the television show Fixer Upper. Waco offers enough that it will keep you busy for days. You can mountain bike or hike in Cameron Park, explore downtown where you’ll find the Magnolia Market, and browse wonderful antique stores and shops.

Waco offers several attractions, 5 historic homes, 7 recreational venues, and 9 art organizations that offer theater and music. If you visit the Visitor Information Center of the Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau, they’ll have some great information for planning your trip!

With the number of things to do in Waco, it's impossible to complete everything all in one day. From the most popular attractions to Waco’s hidden gems, you'll want to add these to your list to get the most out of your vacation. You'll discover restaurants, museums, music venues, shopping, distilleries, tours, water activities, and more!

No matter what you have planned, Waco has much to offer. Let’s dive into the 40 best things to do in Waco, TX.

40 Top Things to Do in Waco

Visiting Waco can seem overwhelming at a glance and you may have some trouble deciding where exactly to start on your trip. Below, we’ve put together an extensive list of things to do in Waco to make your trip an unforgettable one.

1. Waco Mammoth National Monument

Credit: ImagenX / Shutterstock

Map It: 6220 Steinbeck Bend Dr, Waco, TX 76708 | Phone: (254)-750-7946 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 9 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Free

Standing over 100 acres sits the Waco Mammoth National Monument along the Bosque River. The monument is surrounded by oak, and cedar trees, and offers an escape from the busy city life to give you a glimpse into the lives of mammoths and other animals of the ice age. When you arrive at this park, you will start your visit to the Welcome Center.

If you want to join a guided tour, they are conducted every 30 minutes, no reservations are needed. Tours can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour with a small tour fee.

You’ll be led down a path with your tour guide to the dig shelter where mammoth fossils are still in their original position. During your tour, you will learn about the ice age, how fossils were discovered, and why this is one of the most important finds in North America.

What you’ll need to know: If going on a tour to the dig shelter, you will need to pay a small fee. When going on a tour, it is always recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes.

2. Waco Suspension Bridge

Credit: Audrey Brooke Ross

Map It: 101 N University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76701 | Phone: (254)-750-5980 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 6 AM-2 AM |  Entrance: Free

The Suspension Bridge in Waco is one of the oldest bridges still standing in Texas today. Built in 1870, it was one of the first bridges to stretch across the Brazos River. Today, it is a pedestrian-only bridge and is a great place where you can view the river.

The Suspension Bridge is flanked by two Waco parks, the Indian Spring Park and the Martin Luther King Jr. Park. It is the center point of many festivals in Waco along with other events that serve the community.

What you’ll need to know: Make sure to bring a camera along as this Bridge is a popular spot for photo fanatics. If you time it just right, you can catch an amazing photo opportunity at sunset.

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3. Cameron Park Zoo

Credit: Marilyn Largent / Shutterstock

Map It: 1701 N 4th Street, Waco, TX 76707  | Phone: (254)-750-8400 | Website | Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM, Sunday: 11AM-5 PM  |  Entrance: Adults: $13, Children (3-12): $10, Seniors: $12, Children 2 & Under: Free

The Cameron Park Zoo is the perfect activity to add to your to-do list with the entire family. While exploring the zoo you’ll be able to start your journey at Gibbon Island and encounter White-Handed Gibbons. You’ll be able to continue to the Bald Eagle Habitat and meet their national bird.

At the Zoo, there are endless exhibits to explore that will be sure to put smiles on your child’s face. You’ll be able to take a break from the electronics and immerse your kids into a wild 3D animal adventure that they’ll never want to end.

What you’ll need to know: If you are military, you can receive a 10% discount as long as you show valid identification. It’s highly recommended when visiting the zoo with snall children to bring a stroller as you will be doing a lot of walking.

4. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

Credit: Mr_T_77 / Flickr

Map It: 100 Texas Ranger Trail, Waco, TX 76707 | Phone: (254)-750-8631 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 9 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Adults: $8, Children (6-12): $4, Seniors: $7, Children 6 & Under: Free

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is located on the banks of the Brazos River. This museum preserves the history and inspired the appreciation of the Texas Rangers which is a legendary symbol of the state of Texas. At the museums, you’ll learn about the timeline of the Texas Rangers in a year-by-year format.

You’ll also learn about interesting criminal cases, oral histories and biographies, books published, and more! The 31 Texas Rangers made significant contributions to the development of service and gave their lines in the line of duty.

What you’ll need to know: The Museum offers guides and self-guided tours throughout the year. It is always recommended when doing a tour that you wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

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5. Cameron Park

Credit: Davisdeatonphotography / Shutterstock

Map It: 2601 N University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76708 | Phone: (254)-750-5980 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 6 AM-12 AM |  Entrance: Free

Cameron Park is one of the largest parks that you’ll find in the state of Texas. It is located right next to the Brazos River and has an oasis of towering trees, two rivers, breathtaking cliffs, and a National Recreational Trail System. This 400-acre park can come alive with events, parties, festivals, and more!

On your visit, you will see hikers and bikers that share the park, along with golfers and picnic goers. You will see families, school trips, and couples who may be out for a nice morning or evening stroll. There’s so much to explore at Cameron Park!

What you’ll need to know: If you plan to go hiking on the trail, pets must be on a leash and you must pick up after your pet. When hiking, you’ll want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, bring water, food,  sunscreen, and bug spray.

6. Mayborn Museum Complex

Credit: GinnyBug2000 / Flickr

Map It: 1300 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76706 | Phone: (254)-710-1110 | Website | Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 AM-5 PM, Sunday: 1 PM-5 PM |  Entrance: Adults: $10, Children (2-12): $8, Seniors: $9

The Mayborn Museum is built up of a natural science and cultural history museum that focuses on central Texas. It has walk-in dioramas that include the Waco Mammoth site, and exploration stations for geology, paleontology, archaeology, and natural history.

During your visit, in addition to seeing the natural exhibits, you’ll see two floors of themed discovery rooms that encourage hands-on learning for any age and the historic village that is located on the Brazos River. Grab the family, and enjoy a fun day of learning!

What you’ll need to know: To assist in the upkeep of the facility, it is recommended that you make a donation. Museums that are free rely solely on donations from visitors to keep it running in great condition.

7. Dr. Pepper Museum

Credit: Mike Brake / Shutterstock

Map It: 300 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76701 | Phone: (254)-757-1025 | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10 AM-5:30 PM, Friday & Saturday: 10 AM-7 PM, Sunday: 12 PM-5:30 PM |  Entrance: Adults: $10, Children: $8, Seniors: $8, Children 4 years & under: free

If you’re looking for a unique museum to explore with the family, you’ll want to explore the Dr. Pepper Museum. The museums include the original 1906 bottling plant, the historic Kellum-Rotan building, a courtyard that connects the two buildings, and the two dedicated parking lots. The Museum is a perfect example of important American architecture and accurately preserved structures.

The collection at this museum holds one of the finest collections of soft drink memorabilia in the world, they aren’t just Dr. Pepper related. This museum is frequently called upon to open the collections and archives to academic research, the motion picture industry, and other museums.

What you’ll need to know: Parking is available at the lot across the street for a fee for $10 per day.

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8. Visit Baylor University

Credit: Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock

Map It: 1311 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76706Phone: (800)-229-5679 |Website | Hours: Open 24 Hours |  Entrance: Free

If you want to check out what Baylor University is like, stop by for a tour just to get a glimpse of their college life. Baylor University is a private research university located in Waco. It is the oldest continuously operating University in Texas and one of the first educational institutions west of the Mississippi River.

Baylor’s University athletic team is known as the bears and they are a member of the Big 12 Conference in the NCAA Division I. This is a beautiful campus so if you love academics it’s worth stopping by to take a look around.

What you’ll need to know: You’ll want to call ahead to schedule a your due to safety reasoms of the campus. When scheduling a tour, it’s important to wear a good pair of walking shoes as the campus is very large.

9. Go to McLane Stadium

Credit: Davisdeatonphotography / Shutterstock

Map It: 1001 S M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Waco, TX 76704Phone: (254)-710-1000 | Website | Hours: Times Vary |  Entrance: Ticket Prices Vary

If you want to get a glimpse of Baylor University’s sports team stadium, you can schedule to take a tour of McLane Stadium. When visiting their website, McLane Stadium has different times and days where you can have a tour of their stadium. They offer tours that will appeal to people of all ages.

The tour guides will ensure you will leave knowledgeable of McLane Stadium and Waco, Texas. The tour is 90 minutes long and will show you were the Baylor Bears play their sporting events.  All public tours will start in the Bruiser’s Locker Room and you’ll go through seeing the Baylor Locker Room, Presidential Level, Press Box, Recruit Lounge, and Suite and Field Access.

What you’ll need to know: You can purchase public tour tickets directly on their website located here. When condicting a tour, it’s recommended that you wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

10. Visit Valley Mills Vineyards

Credit: Paris2Dallas / Instagram

Map It: 1686 FM1687, Valley Mills, TX 76689Phone: (254)-848-4343 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 12 PM-6 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

Visit Valley Mills Vineyards if you want to taste wines made from 100% Texas-grown grapes. When you enjoy one of their wines, you are supporting Texas agriculture and a family-run business that is dedicated to delivering you a superior product. Their red wines are aged from 12-24 months in French and American oak barrels.

Their white wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel and released within 6-12 months of harvest. You’ll be able to visit their tasting room for bottles and glasses, but it is encouraged to make an appointment. Appointments are also encouraged for all tours and reserve tastings.

What you’ll need to know: After your tour, you are welcome to stay longer and use the $20 tasting towards a bottle. When conducting wine tastings, it’s always important to drink responsibly.

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11. Waco Hippodrome Theatre

Credit: Randy Carlisle / Flickr

Map It: 724 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-296-9000 | Website | Hours: Time and shows vary |  Entrance: Prices Vary

If you want to see a show during your visit, grab the family and head on over to Waco’s Hippodrome Theatre. The Hippodrome is over 100 years old and newly renovated. It hosts a variety of entertainment like classic films, live music, concerts, plays for children, and more.

They have a cozy and intimate large-scale space that will accommodate almost any event. If you’re looking for the best venue to see your favorite show, this is it.

What you’ll need to know: You can visit their website and view their current events here. This theater is appropriate for people of all ages depending on the shows available.

12. Armstrong Browning Library and Museum

Credit: The Old Texan / Flickr

Map It: 710 Speight Ave, Waco, TX 76706Phone: (254)-710-3566 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Free

If you’re looking for a free and educational activity, you can head over to the Armstrong Browning Library and Museum. This museum is dedicated to the study of the lives and works of Victorian poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett. It houses the world’s largest collection of Browning material and other rare 19th-century collections.

The Armstrong Browning Library prepares two or three exhibits a year that is drawn from its collection of letters, manuscripts, and books from the personal library. Some of their past exhibits include The Brownings in Our World, White Star Lines: Titanic Connections at the Armstrong Browning Library, and the King James Bible Exhibition.

What you’ll need to know: There is visitor parking available for this location. If the visitor parking is full, you’ll want to call ahead to see if there are any pay-to-park areas.

13. Texas Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Credit: Ryan S / Trip Advisor

Map It: 1108 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76706Phone: (254)-756-1633 | Website | Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Adults: $8, Seniors: $7, Students: $4, Children 5 & Under: Free

If you have a love for sports, The Texas Hall of Fame Museum is home to more than 400 Texas legends and was the idea of a sports editor at The Beaumont Enterprise. Located in Waco, the museum was opened in 1993 and is home to over 6,000 pieces of sports memorabilia. The Museum is the first hall of fame in the nation with memorabilia from each inductee that dates back to the first induction in 1951.

For educational purposes, interactive exhibits and educational curriculum / tours are available. You can browse the directory of inductees located here.

What you’ll need to know: If you are military and show valid identification, you can get in for free. When conducting a museum tour, it is always recommended to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

14. Waco Winery and Vineyards

Credit: Bonnie Moreland / Flickr

Map It: 6826 E State Hwy 6, Waco, TX  | Phone: (254)-875-2375 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 2 PM- 10 PM, Friday & Saturday: 2 PM-12 AM, Sunday: 3 PM-6 PM |  Entrance: Prices vary

This is a locally owned winery and tasting room that features Texas wine, local art, and local music. This is a great spot if you want to come and relax with a beautiful rooftop view of historical downtown of Waco. It is located just three blocks from sought-after Magnolia and other local shops and restaurants.

What you’ll need to know: People who visit normally stay for around 1-2 hours. The winery is also a great space for photo-worthy opportunities.

15. Visit the Waco Farmer’s Market

Credit: Dave Hancock / Flickr

Map It: 500 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-307-1884 | Website | Hours: Saturday: 9 AM-1 PM |  Entrance: Prices vary

Come spend your Saturday morning at the Waco Farmer’s Market. The market is open every Saturday and features the best local agricultural producers and artisan vendors. When visiting their website, you can click their “What’s in Season” tab to find out what produce is available in the market for that month.

Over the years, the Market has increased their nutrition incentive programs and has added Double Up Food Bucks and WIC Farmer’s nutrition program. Each weekend, the market hosts up to 80 vendors.

What you’ll need to know: The market is open every Saturday unless it’s a major holiday. The market is also open whether its rain or shine.

16. Have a Drink at Bare Arms Brewing

Credit: BABrewing / Twitter

Map It: 2515 LaSalle Ave, Waco, TX 76706Phone: (254)-759-8480 | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday: 12 PM-10 PM, Friday & Saturday 12 PM- 12 AM, Sunday: 12 PM-6 PM |  Entrance: Prices vary

Bare Arms Brewery is Waco’s first craft brewery and has been voted number one by the locals every year. They offer seasonal specials and one-of-a-kind that can only be found in their specific taproom. While enjoying a pint, you can play different games during a night out with friends.

On Wednesday night, Bare Arms Brewing has trivia night. If you’re lucky to try one of their dishes, you’ll want to try the Smokey Chicken Salad with bacon and perfectly toasted sourdough. Beer, trivia, and great food, what could go wrong?

What you’ll need to know: Bare Arms Brewery also carries a food menu, with $1 tacos being their most popular event! If you visit their website, you can get a list of events for each day of the week.

17. Make a Splash at Hawaiian Falls

Credit: 521 Photography / Flickr

Map It: 900 Lake Shore Dr, Waco, TX 76708 | Phone: (254)-892-0222 | Website | Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 10:30 AM-6 PM |  Entrance: Starting at $14.99

Hawaiian Falls is Waco’s most-desired waterpark for families. This waterpark spans over 10 acres  and is filled with exciting new rides and aquatic adventures. When it comes to fun in the sun, your family will have the time of their lives.

To explore everything this waterpark has to offer, you’ll want to come early. Some of their attractions include Kona Bay, Breaker Bay, Kona Kooler, Pineapple Express, and Tikitower Slides.

What you’ll need to know: Parking is free unless you opt for VIP parking, in which you’ll need to pay a small fee. When visiting the water park, remember to keep your belongings in a secure location.

18. Visit Brazos Bluffs Ranch

Credit: Jim Crow / Waco Tribune

Map It: 7007 Gholson Rd, Waco, TX 76705Phone: (254)-722-9182 | Website | Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Prices for activities will vary

Brazos Bluff will give you a unique experience during your visit at the point where the Balcones Fault and the Brazos River meet. You’ll get lost in wildlife and outdoor adventure while taking advantage of their proximity to downtown Waco. The Magnolias Silos, Cameron Park Zoo, and Waco Mammoth National Monument are very close.

During your visit, you’ll find that they offer horseback riding, lodging, wagon rides, and camping. Since 2011, guests have enjoyed the ranch that is operated by Lem and his wife.

What you’ll need to know: For $5, you can buy insurance just incase you need to cancel your trip. Cancellation insurance is recommended to have especially if you are booking as a large party.

19. Complete an Escape Room

Credit: David Hoffman / Flickr

Map It: 711 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-294-7550 | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday: 2 PM-8 PM, Friday: 12 PM-10 PM, Saturday: 11 AM-10:45 PM, Sunday: 2 PM-6:45 PM |  Entrance: Starting at $20

Grab your friends and check out the Waco Escape rooms that build a story or theme and will invite you to test your wits. You’ll be challenged using clues, puzzles, and maddening mysteries in the rooms. Each escape room is very unique and you never know what to expect.

These escape rooms want every player to experience satisfaction when it comes to different ideas so you’ll always find something new popping up. This is an activity all of your friends will love.

What you’ll need to know: Escape rooms normally last around sixty minutes and is recommended to play with four to six people. Make it a goal to see how many escape rooms you can complete!

20. Visit the Magnolia Market

Credit: Daveynin / Flickr

Map It:
 601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706 | Phone: (254)-235-0603 | Website | Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9 AM-6 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper, you’ll want to stop by the Magnolia Market in Waco. Chip and Joanna designed this gorgeous space to make welcoming for tourists all over the world. Each season in the market is ushered in with a new collection of products with an inspiring visual.

Whether you’re stopping by with family or friends, you’ll have to take a photo in front of the infamous Magnolia sign! This is the perfect opportunity to grab some gorgeous decor items for your home.

What you’ll need to know: The Magnolia Market is least busiest and more enjoyable on a Tuesday. This is a heavily-visited area so you’ll want to make sure you’re enjoying your visit.

21. Take a Trip to Brazos Valley Cheese

Credit: Artizone / Shutterstock

Map It: 206 Halbert Ln, Waco, TX 76705Phone: (254)-723-4777 | Website | Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

The Brazos Valley Cheese store has many types of cheese, so if you’re cheese obsessed (like we are), you’ll want to head on over! Alongside the cheese that they make in-house, they also carry cheeses made by Brush Creek Creamery. In addition to cheese, they also carry items such as jelly, texas chocolates, hot sauce, local honey, and more.

If you visit and would like to assemble your cheese boards, they carry handmade cheeseboards and wooden cheese knives made by local craftsmen. You can stop by their store to try a few samples and watch them make cheese and visit their underground cave.

What you’ll need to know: You can stop by almost any weekday between 10 AM and 3 PM to watch them make cheese. Once you’re finished watching the cheese-making process, you’ll want to purchase some for the road.

22. Go on a Waco Pedal Tour

Credit: Waco Pedal Tour / Waco Pedal Tour

Map It: 1526 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-307-8489 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 3 PM-9 PM |  Entrance: Starting at $35

If you want to try a unique way of touring Waco, you’ll have to try out a Waco Pedal Tour. Tuesday through Saturday you can jump on any of their tours that run at 3 PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM. Tours are available as both public and private experiences and their biggest bike can fit up to 16 people.

If you’re looking for something more custom, you can reach out and check out their custom tours. Their daytime bar crawl tour is a great way to see the downtown corridor and enjoy favorite local treats, challenges, and landmarks along the way. They also have a happy hour and late-night bar crawl tour available.

What you’ll need to know: You’ll want to arrive fifteen minutes before your tour begins to sign a waiver. When doing the night bar crawl, remember to always drink responsibly.

23. Spend the Day at Waco Surf

Credit: Surfride / Flickr

Map It: 5347 Old Mexia Rd, Waco, TX 76705Phone: Not Available | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12 PM-6 PM, Saturday-Monday: 11 AM-7 PM |  Entrance: Starting at $99

If you want to learn how to surf, Waco Surf offers beginner surfing lessons. The beginner lesson is slow, gentle, and great for beginners. The ways are small and are recommended for people just learning to surf, slower paddlers, and people who don’t know how to angle waves just quite yet.

The session has two wave options, gentle bubbling whitewash and a slow 1-2 foot wave that’s great for progressing and standing up. There is a maximum of 20 people per session and a soft top board rental is included in the price.

What you’ll need to know: You can pre-book your surf lesson right on their website. Before arriving for your lesson, make sure you have the proper surfing attire.

24. Get Something Sweet at Hey Sugar Candy

Credit: Marco Verch Professional / Shutterstock

Map It: 324 S 6th Street, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-424-9010 | Website | Hours: Monday: 11 AM-5 PM, Tuesday-Thursday: 11 AM-6 PM, Friday & Saturday: 10 AM-8 PM, Sunday: 11 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

Have you been out and about exploring all day and have a sweet tooth? Grab the family and come check out the Hey Sugar candy store. They carry ice cream, candy, and even retro soda.

You can even choose to gift someone a sweet gift basket. You can customize your gift basket the way that you’d like or choose from one of their special creations.

What you’ll need to know: You’ll want to make sure you have the right address because they have 7 different locations.

25. Go on a Waco Adventure Tour

Credit: Anika Waco / Shutterstock

Map It: 215 S University Parks Dr Suite #104, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-300-8725 | Website | Hours: Monday: 9 AM-7 PM, Tuesday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM, Sunday: 1 PM-6 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

The Waco Adventure Tours were rated the number four top overall experience in the United States by Trip Advisor. Their 2.5-hour tour will give you a little taste of everything in Waco. They’ll show you the highlights of Fixer Upper to downtown and share about Waco’s rich history.

The tour guides giving this tour are fun, will make you laugh, and are experts on Waco. They will show you where to eat, where to shop, and the best things to do to make the most of your time.

What you’ll need to know: The Waco Tours Mercantile welcomes tour guests to relax in their family room area. When completing a tour, it is recommended to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

26. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Credit: Camknows / Flickr

Map It: 5701 W Waco Dr, Waco, TX 76710Phone: (254)-845-8004 | Website | Hours: Monday-Thursday: 4 PM-8 PM, Friday: 4 PM-9 PM, Saturday: 10 AM-9 PM, Sunday: 10 AM-7 PM |  Entrance: $25.99

The Urban Air Trampoline Park is the ultimate indoor adventure park where kids of all ages can explore many attractions, challenge their bodies and mind, and have the time of their lives. They will provide you with a safe place to jump, soar, race, climb, and play. From challenging climbing walls for the experienced to indoor climbing challenges that offer fun.

They also have attractions where you can compete with friends and family like laser tag and virtual games. You can even join a game of dodgeball or challenge your friends to a slam dunk contest.

What you’ll need to know: If you purchase a membership, memberships are only valid for the park. Please make sure to keep all belongings in a secure location.

27. Waco Axe Company

Credit: Vjacheslav Shishlov / Shutterstock

Map It: 1526 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-300-6697 | Website | Hours: Monday: Call for booking, Tuesday-Thursday: 5 PM-10 PM, Friday: 5 PM-12 AM, Saturday: 12 PM-12 AM, Sunday: 2 PM-6 PM |  Entrance: Starting at $20

If you need to work on your practice, we recommend adding Axe throwing to your list of things to do. People will throw axes, one or two-handed toward a target. Based on if you land on a target you will be awarded points.

As long as you follow the safety rules, axe throwing is completely safe. Their coaches and staff are trained to keep you as safe as possible through your experience as well as make sure you have a great time. During your visit, you will need to wear close-toed shoes to participate.

What you’ll need to know: Coaches are with you the entire time to make sure you are having a fun and safe experience. When axe throwing, it’s important to wear closed-toe shoes.

28. Rent a Jet Ski at Waco Lake Rentals

Credit: YanLev / Shutterstock

Map It: 4600 Skeet Eason Rd, Waco, TX 76708 | Phone: (254)-242-2243 | Website | Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM-7 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

If you’re wanting to spend a day on the water, you can head over to Waco Lake Rentals and rent a jet ski. Waco Lake Rentals strives to give everyone an affordable chance to have a safe and fun time on the lake around the area. Waco Lake Rentals also rent out pontoon boats that can seat up to 10 people.

The pontoon boats are equipped for towing tubes, cruising around, or just floating. When you go out on the water, you’ll have a great time, and they’ll take care of the rest.

What you’ll need to know: You must be twenty-three years or older to reserve a pontoon boat. A $500 fee is also required.

29. See a Movie at Regal Jewel Stadium 16

Credit: Stock-Asso / Shutterstock

Map It: 7200 Woodway Dr, Woodway, TX 76712 | Phone: (844)-464-7342 | Website | Hours: Movie times vary |  Entrance: Prices Vary

Regal Jewel Stadium 16 is Waco’s go-to movie theater. If on your trip you’re experiencing rainy weather, this is the perfect place to be. This is a theater complex with multiple screens featuring new release films, plush seating, and a concession stand.

What you’ll need to know: This movie theater is wheelchair-accessible. Please check the theater’s website to view available showings.

30. Putters Mini Golf

Credit: My Lit’l Eye / Shutterstock

Map It: 320 S 2nd St, Waco, TX 76701 | Phone: (844)-464-7342 | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday: 4 PM-2 AM, Saturday & Sunday: 12 PM-2 AM |  Entrance: Ages 12 and over: $7, Ages 12 and under: $5

Putters are Waco’s first mini golf and arcade sports bar that is perfect for all ages. This is a kid-friendly establishment until 8 PM, then after that, you must be 21 or over to enter. During the day, they have mini golf and arcades, with the arcade games starting at 25 cents.

What you’ll need to know: If you visit their website, you can read up on their different deals going on Monday thru Friday. If mini golfing with small children, there is no such thing as losing!

31. Explore the Downtown Cultural District

Credit: Davisdeatonphotography/ Shutterstock

Map It: 712 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701  | Phone: (254)-300-8677 | Website | Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM |  Entrance: Free

Waco’s Downtown Cultural District that will want to be explored during your visit. Creative Waco is a non-profit organization that has a mission to grow and support a thriving cultural and creative community. Waco’s cultural life is enriched by its museums, zoo, Brazos free concerts, theater, art and film festivals, and so much more.

The downtown cultural district also hosts the Waco Chalk Fest to enjoy chalk murals that are made by 59 local artists and feature 150 vendors. Depending on the current events, people of all ages may enjoy the downtown cultural district.

What you’ll need to know: You can become a Creative Waco donor by donating here. The Downtown Cultural District is best visited during the summertime.

32. Waco River Cruise

Credit: Waco Tours / Waco Tours

Map It: 215 S University Parks Dr Suite #104, Waco, TX 76701   | Phone: (254)-300-8725 | Website | Hours: Monday: 9 AM-7 PM, Tuesday-Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM, Sunday: 1 PM-6 PM |  Entrance: $79

Grab your friends and family and find another way to explore Waco by scheduling a Waco River Cruise Tour. This is the number one ranked the best tour in North America. You can sit back and relax on their peaceful and informative cruise along the Brazos River. This will be one of the most memorable times during your visit to Waco.

This river cruise tour will take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete. Your captain and guide will welcome you, entertain you, and share intriguing stories about the river. You will see the gorgeous landscape, wildlife, and iconic sites of Waco.

What you’ll need to know: There is a 4-person minimum required for their tours to take place. In the event of slight inclement weather, it’s recommended to have a poncho.

33. Go on a Waco Ghost Tour

Credit: Cdevildevil / Flickr

Map It: 320 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76701 | Phone: (254)-870-1412 | Website | Hours: Thursday-Saturday: 6 PM & 8 PM |  Entrance: $30

If you’re a night owl, you’ll want to check out Waco’s Haunted Ghost Tour. Waco offers two different ghost tours that are The Haunts and Legends Mobile Tour of Waco and The Downtown Waco Haunted Walking Tour. The tours are not the same and you will hear about various haunts and legends and even might experience some yourself.

Whether you’re a believer, skeptic, or somewhere in between, these tours are intriguing, interesting, and very spooky. Your tour guide will lead a protective meditation at the beginning of the tour as well as offer sage energy cleansing at the end.

What you’ll need to know: You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes for walking around outside in dark and wet elements. Stay close to your group and tour guide at all times.

34. Go Horseback Riding

Credit: Fotokostic / Shutterstock

Map It: 1256 Armadillo Dr, Waco, TX 76712Phone: (254)-265-1496 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 8 AM-8 PM |  Entrance: $60 per hour

Add horseback riding to your list of things to do that may be out of the ordinary for a trip to Waco. LA Ranch Performance Show Horses offers horse boarding, horse training, horseback riding lessons, and more. They offer the top performance horses and offer Horse and Rider the opportunity to perform and show.

All ages are welcome here and your family will truly love the barn. The horseback riding teachers are very knowledgeable and visitors have left great reviews.

What you’ll need to know: If you plan on horseback riding, make sure you wear appropriate shoes. As any activity, you will need to sign a riding waiver.

35. Go on a Guided Dallas Cowboys Stadium Tour

Credit: Ken Durdan / Shutterstock

Map It: One AT&T Way, Arlington, TX 76011Phone: (817)-892-4000 | Website | Hours: Tour times vary |  Entrance: $35

The things you can do inside AT&T Stadium are endless, that includes being set up on an amazing stadium tour. These stadium tours appeal to people of all ages and interests and are available daily. During your tour, you can take an afternoon to throw the ball on the field and admire different works of art.

Guided tours are the ultimate stadium experience. Your tour will begin at the Main Club area and includes the private suite, print media press box, the Dr. Pepper star bar, and the Ford Motor Company Fountain. After you’ve seen these areas, your guide will take you down to the event level where you’ll see the stops on the self-guided tour.

What you’ll need to know: If you plan to book a group tour, you must book at least one week in advance. As always, when participating in a tour, you’ll want to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

36. Whiskey Tasting at Balcones Brewery

Credit: IntoTheWorld / Shutterstock

Map It: 225 S 11th Street, Waco, TX 76701Phone: (254)-775-6003 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 12 PM-9 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

If you love distilleries, you can stop by Balcone’s Brewery for a whiskey tasting and distillery tour. If you opt for the tour, they will walk you through their distillation process that creates world-class whiskeys in the heart of downtown Waco. You’ll start at their grain silos and finish with a sampling of their whiskey, learning what makes Balcones unique.

It’s worth noting that the distillery can’t accommodate infants or children on their tours. All guests must be 19 to join a tour and 21 to taste their spirits.

What you’ll need to know: Balcones tours and whiskey tastings fill up fast, so you’ll want to book your spot immediately. For whiskey tastings, you must show valid identification.

37. Shop at The Findery

Credit: Amy Williams / Cutor Tudor

Map It: 501 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706  | Phone: (254)-235-1777 | Website | Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10 AM-6 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

If you’re wanting to do some shopping in the Waco area, you’ll want to stop by The Findery. The Findery has a collection of fine home furnishings, home decor, boutique items, and in-house craft beer and wine bar. You’ll find everything that you’re looking for all in one place.

They are a unique and inspiring combination of antique, modern, and found. Their boutique is uniquely stocked and they promise you’ll leave inspired. From uncommon finds to pieces for your closet, The Findery will easily become your favorite place.

What you’ll need to know: If you order online, you can get free shipping for orders over $75.

38. Eat at Milo Restaurant

Credit: Ayjay / Snakes and Ladders

Map It: 1020 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76702Phone: (254)-235-1243 | Website | Hours: See website as hours vary |  Entrance: Prices Vary

If you’re looking for a place to eat with delicious beverages and food, you’ll want to stop by Milo’s Restaurant. The Milo Restaurant delivers southern food that is scratch-made using the best, Texas-sourced ingredients of the season. They blend traditional recipes with bold and inspiring flavors. Their menu is also crafted to satisfy those who crave the taste of home or adventure.

If you’re wondering if this restaurant allows dogs, you’re in luck. Yes, they do allow dogs within their patio seating area. However, you must follow the restaurant rules when bringing your pup to the table.

What you’ll need to know: The Milo Restaurant sources seasonally from different farmers, so their prices are subject to change. If you aren’t a fan of their dog policy, there is indoor seating available.

39. Visit Milk Bottle Cookies

Credit: Sweet Goosie Girl / Flickr

Map It: 218 S 11th St, Waco, TX 76701 | Phone: (801)-921-0312 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 9 AM-9 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

There’s nothing like exploring a new town and finding a yummy spot that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Milk Bottle Cookies began through love for sweets and a grandpa. He stored crystal candy dishes that were filled with chocolates throughout his house. The owners became inspired by this family story to open up their shop.

Milk Bottle cookies have a wide range of cookies with different flavors. You’ll find flavors like chocolate chip, Cookies n cream, rice crispy treat, and a Cinnamon Toast Crunch sandwich. You can also purchase cookie bundles and beverages.

What you’ll need to know: If you want to place a bulk order of cookies, you must give at least twenty-four hours notice. Milk Bottle cookies is the perfect bakery if you want something sweet for a birthday party or larger event!

40. Midway Park RV Campgrounds

Credit: Photo_Time / Shutterstock

Map It: 2330 W Hwy 6, Waco, TX 76710Phone: (254)-756-5359 | Website | Hours: Open Daily: 6 AM-10 PM |  Entrance: Prices Vary

One of the best ways you can spend summertime in Waco is at the RV Campgrounds. Lake Waco has RV, tent, and group camping facilities, and camping is only permitted in designated areas only. Midway park has 37 campsites and is open all year round.

32 sites that have water and electric hookups, and 11 that have sewer hookups.  The campground also has 5 tent sites, with other parks that include hot showers, an accessible playground, and a boat ramp.

What you’ll need to know: You can use their boat launching ramp and pay a fee of just $5 per day. As always, when visiting a campground and RV park, it’s important to be considerate of your neighbors.

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