70 Best Things to Do in Utah

Explore the top 70 things to do in Utah for a mix of adventure, history, and breathtaking scenery. Ideal for travelers seeking a memorable experience.

Tobi Miles
July 15, 2024
Explore the top 70 things to do in Utah for a mix of adventure, history, and breathtaking scenery. Ideal for travelers seeking a memorable experience.

If you haven't been to Utah, you haven't yet explored the United States' most unique landscapes, filled with vibrant rock formations and hot springs. Utah is well-known for its adventurous reputation, offering unlimited exploration opportunities and beautiful scenery that is simply unmatched.

From canyons to national monuments made purely of rocks, you will never have a dull background or moment in this scenic state. You can't forget about the winter sports attractions, divine cuisine, historic museums and parks, all boasting incredible appeal and activities you will love trying out.

If you're planning a trip to Utah, you've got a large variety of options for both entertainment and adventure. This guide of sixty things to do and visit will help you get an idea of all that Utah has to offer you.

1. Nine Mile Canyon

Credit: GJ Hiles

Map It: Nine Mile Cyn Rd


Hours: 24/7

This forty-mile-long canyon is well known for being called the "world's longest art gallery. Featuring images from the Fremont era, Native American time, Western Settlers and more, this incredible canyon is a must-see. Ancient pictographs can be viewed endlessly when you visit the Nine Mile Canyon.

The history and scenery alone are an incredible experience. About halfway through the canyon, you can enter a "ghost town," or abandoned town with unique charm. This historic canyon is perfect if you're in the adventuring mood and looking to go back to Utah's roots.

2. Hole N' The Rock

Credit: Country Living

Map It: Hole 'N' The Rock


Phone: (435) 686-2250

Hours: 9am-5pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

This unique attraction is s imply a house carved into a rock. But it is no simple home! Featuring 5,000 square feet and fourteen rooms with whimsical touches, this house is a must-see! Huge pillars and carved shelving are just two of the charming details in this hand-built home.

Outside this intricately designed home, there is a small petting zoo, an inviting cactus garden and plentiful sitting areas. For a unique tour, Hole N' The Rock is the perfect place to visit!

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3. Grafton Ghost Town

Credit: Tripadvisor

Map It: Grafton Ghost Town


Hours: 24/7

You're in for an eerie experience when you visit the ghost town of Grafton. Once a frontier settlement, this old, abandoned town now sits in silence. You can visit any time of day and explore the town that was once occupied by residents. In addition to the history of the people who once resided, several movies were shot in this spooky old western town.

If you want a picturesque experience of the wild, wild west, Grafton Ghost Town is the perfect place to go. You can even visit the cemetery and learn about those who once lived there. This interesting town is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

4. The "Up" House

Credit: The Real "Up" House

Map It: 13222 S Herriman Rose Blvd

Lovers of Disney film will adore visiting this real-life replica of the "Up" house. Although its surroundings are quite different, every intricate detail is nearly identical to the original in the famous Disney movie. Who doesn't love this Disney story about friendship?

With a beautiful color palette and a handcrafted exterior unlike anything you've ever seen in your life, you simply can't miss the opportunity to check out this adorable landmark. In addition to the outside, you can go inside and marvel at the custom-made replicas, all created to perfection.

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5. Park City Main Street Historic District

Credit: Stay Park City

Map It: Park City Main Street Historic District


Phone: (435) 658-9612

Hours: Varies

This historic district in the heart of Park City boasts a collection of more than forty buildings, all made in Victorian and Spanish Revival styles. Some have been rebuilt due to a fire over a century ago but still give off that historic charm.

Head to this incredible neighborhood to enjoy good food, drink, music, entertainment and shopping at local businesses. For a unique experience, you will love visiting the boutiques, exploring the vibes and marveling at the superior designs of this beautiful district. This attraction is perfect for all ages and has hours and hours of entertainment to provide.

6. Sundance Institute

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Sundance Institute


Phone: (330) 714-1222

Hours: Varies

Sundance Institute is a well-known attraction and company throughout the world. Because of the annual festival that is held in Utah, it has become a household name and even that people look forward to each and every year. In addition to their yearly festival, they offer classes, workshops and other events that you will love experiencing.

If you visit Utah in the summer, they have summer screenings where you can get a sneak peek of upcoming films. Artist talks feature filmmakers that you can interact with on a panel. There is always something happening at Sundance Institute, and it is worth checking out when you head to Utah.

7. Freshie's Lobster

Credit: Visit Park City

Map It: Freshies Lobster Park City


Phone: (435) 631-9861

Hours: 11am-8pm Daily

In the mood for fresh seafood? Freshie's Lobster is here to give you a true foodie experience with lobster, sent in fresh daily from Maine.

This casual dining attraction offers creative lobster dishes that you will love trying. While seafood isn't a typical staple in Utah, Freshie's Lobster is making sure to provide its residents and tourists with only the best. For a unique lobster dish, this little restaurant is the perfect go-to.

8. Egyptian Theatre

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Egyptian Theatre


Phone: (855) 745-7469

Hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm Saturday & Sunday

Entrance: Varies

This exciting landmark and entertainment theater is a must see. Even if you aren't into musical theater and the likes, seeing this historical building is a great attraction in itself. Made of golden columns that represent King Tut's tomb and decorated with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics all throughout the interior, it is a sight to see.

This exciting attraction was once a saloon, and even a vaudeville house. Many years later, its greatest purpose is a performance venue. Check their website to see what's happening so you can go and experience a unique adventure at the Egyptian Theatre.

9. Park Silly Sunday Market

Credit: Park Silly Sunday Market

Map It: Park Silly Sunday Market

Website | Phone: (435) 714-4036

Hours: 10am-5pm Weekends Seasonally

Entrance: FREE

From June to September, you can venture out to Park Silly Sunday Market on the weekend. Vendors gather at one spot to showcase their finest art, goods, crafts, antiques and more. If you love shopping local and enjoying a festival type atmosphere, this market is the perfect place to visit.

Perfect for all ages, this fun attraction has kids' activities, live bands and demonstrations for all to see. Going is absolutely free so it's definitely worth checking out. Don't forget to try to local food and purchase a piece of work from a local artist when you visit!

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10. Park City Nursery

Credit: Park Record

Map It: Park City Nursery Bulk Yard


Phone: (435) 649-1363

Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday

This local nursery is no simple attraction. In addition to being a beautiful nursery with blooming flowers spread about, it boasts a cafe, flower barn, bulk yard and garden boutique. Marvel at the beautiful collections of floral fauna and even purchase a few of your favorites.

Step out to the gardens for spectacular scenery. In addition to flowers, you can shop for souvenirs and gift items galore. When you've finished exploring the many flower treasuries, hit the cafe for some locally made snacks and coffee. You will love the peaceful atmosphere of this Utah attraction.

11. Park City Ghost Tours

Credit: Park City Magazine

Map It: Park City Ghost Tours


Phone: (435) 615-7673

Hours: Varies

Entrance: Varies

Thrill seekers will love exploring the historic district, on the haunt for spirits, ghosts and more. Learn all about the stories of local residents who perished in eerie, gruesome ways. For example, Lizzie, was murdered when caught having an affair. Black Jack Murphy killed an innocent miner in cold blood, while his family sought out revenge by returning the favor.

These scary stories are just the beginning- find out more and come face to face with the ghosts of these past residents when you embark on a Park City Ghost Tour.

12. Zion National Park

Credit: Visit the U.S.A.

Map It: Zion National Park


Phone: (435) 772-3256

Hours: 24/7

Entrance: FREE

One of Utah's most well-known parks is Zion National Park. Popular for its beautiful scenery, sandstone cliffs, canyons and more, it is truly a must see when you head to Utah. Don't forget to check out the plant specimens and wildlife roaming the turf.

This huge outdoor attraction could be explored for days. You won't be ablet o capture all the beauty in just one visit so plan on spending some time at this breathtaking outdoor experience.

13. Angels Landing

Credit: Visit Utah

Map It: Angels Landing

Hours: 24/7

If you're looking for an active, outdoor excursion, Angels Landing is the perfect place to visit. With the most well-known hiking trails in the state of Utah, the opportunities for scenery, wilderness and beautiful nature are endless.

Hike upwards of 1,500 feet if you dare. Enjoy beautiful wildlife lurking everywhere around you. If you're not up for the upwards hike, head to Scout Lookout where you can enjoy the perfect view of Zion Valley. This amazing hiking attraction will guarantee you a true outdoor experience in stunning Utah.

14. Antelope Island

Credit: World Atlas

Map It: Antelope Island

Hours: 24/7

Lovers of wildlife will thoroughly enjoy interacting with antelope when they visit Antelope Island. This is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, home to antelope, deer, bighorn sheep and bison all wandering the land.

Get a once in a lifetime opportunity to encounter these animals firsthand while enjoying the breathtaking scenery in the background. From the stunning mountains to the natural beauty of wild animals living their best lives, you can't go wrong with a trip to Antelope Island.

15. Mystic Hot Springs

Credit: Elite Jetsetter

Map It: Mystic Hot Springs


Phone: (435) 527-3286

Hours: 24/7

Entrance: FREE

This incredible water source has been an attraction for people worldwide for many years. Enjoy the hot waters that occupy bathtubs for rest and relaxation. Created by Mike Ginsburg, he used the natural land to create these bathtubs that look as though they've been there for a century.

Soak in the natural minerals of the mystic springs. Choose from a variety of different depths to relax in. This attraction is Utah is a must see for the free-spirited who enjoy a good outdoor experience.

16. Museum of Ancient Life

Credit: Visit Salt Lake

Map It: Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life


Phone: (801) 768-2300

Hours: 10am-8pm Monday-Saturday

Entrance: $24 Adults, $19 Children, $17 Ages 3-12, $21 Seniors

Dinosaur fans will love visiting this incredible museum, featuring sixty dinosaur specimens. Known for being the largest dinosaur museum in the world, you will love exploring the prehistoric era as you marvel at these incredible mounted mammals.

The compendium includes a classic T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and rare dinosaurs such as the Supersaurus. Learn all about these spectacular creatures and enjoy the IMAX 3D theater on-site for even more dinosaur related fun. If you love dinosaurs, the Museum of Ancient Life is the perfect place to go!

17. Moqui Cave

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Moqui Cave


Phone: (435) 644-8525

Hours: 9am-7pm Monday-Saturday

Entrance: FREE

The Moqui Cave is not only a cave but a museum that boasts one of the large collections of fluorescent minerals in the United States. Explore Native American artifacts, fossils and more that date back to centuries ago, all found in the beautiful state of Utah.

This cave was once used as shelter by the Anasazi people but now stands as a bar and dance hall for events. This incredible attraction offers excitement, good drinks and a whole lot of Utah history you will love discovering. Don't forget to stop at the food truck parked outside for fantastic snacks you will love trying.

18. Little Hollywood Land Museum

Credit: Little Hollywood Land Museum

Map It: Little Hollywood Land: Museum, Trading Post & Chuckwagon Cookout


Phone: (435) 644-5337

Hours: 9am-5pm Daily

Entrance: FREE

Interested in learning more about the filming of old westerns? Enjoy an afternoon at the Little Hollywood Land Museum where you can enjoy the history and creation of old Westerns in the United States. Featuring plaques, props, film sets and more, you can get a picture of what it was like in the movie industry years ago.

Head to the on-site gift shop and restaurant for more western fun when you visit the museum. This cool experience will teach you all about actors of an earlier time and help you relive the magic of an old classic Western film.

19. Escape Room Park City

Credit: Mountain Express Magazine

Map It: Escape Room Park City


Phone: (435) 604-0556

Hours: Varies

Entrance: Varies

Up for solving a little mystery? Escape rooms are a great activity to enjoy when you visit Utah. Escape rooms are always fun and this local attraction as a bunch of themed adventures to offer its visitors.

This all-ages destination has a plethora of escape rooms for the appropriate age group. For example, they have a sea adventure called Pirates Booty. Get your brain thinking and gather your group to go embark on a night of mystery and puzzle solving.  

20. Eccles Dinosaur Park

Credit: Visit Ogden

Map It: Ogden's George S. Ecclles Dinosaur Park


Phone: (801) 393-3466

Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm-5pm Sundays

Entrance: $7 Adults, $6 Seniors & Students, $5 Children

Dinosaur enthusiasts will love checking out this fun, eight-acre park, filled with exciting replicas. These full-sized dinosaur sculptures are based on the actual fossils in their true form and size. Some are even robotic, boasting life-like sounds that will add to thrill of your dinosaur experience.

Learn all about these prehistoric creatures and their lifestyles, habits and more. The museum also has a paleontology lab where you can tour the fossils and bones being prepared for a new display.  If you love dinosaurs, Eccles Dinosaur Park is the perfect place to visit.

21. Utah Outdoor Adventures

Credit: Visit Park City

Map It: Utah Outdoor Adventures


Phone: (801) 703-3357

Hours: 8am-10pm Daily

Entrance: Varies

Thrill seekers will love to embark on outdoor adventures when you head to this local attraction. Utah Outdoor adventures offers a plethora of activities such as skiing, kayaking and more. No matter what time of year, they will provide you with the best outdoor recreation.

From hiking to weathering the rapids, this touring company is here to provide you with a unique, thrilling experience you can only find in the stunning state of Utah.  

22. Judd's General Store

Map It: Judd's Store

Phone: (435) 628-2596

Hours: 9:30am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday

Step into the history general store located in the heart of St. George. Since 1911, this business has been booming. Find the best groceries, candies, specialty gifts and more when you shop at Judd's General Store.

This historic establishment started out as a general merchandise store to local farmers but now holds the best local items. If you love checking out old town stores, Judd's General Store is the perfect stop to make. Marvel at the beautiful brickwork of this locally loved store when you head to Utah.

23. Moab Rock Shop

Credit: Travels With The Blonde Coyote

Map It: Moab Rock Shop


Phone: (435) 259-7312

Hours: 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-9pm Friday-Sunday

Check out this local gem-no pun intended- in the center of Moab, a small town in Utah. Whether you're a geologist or a fan of gemstones, Moab Roak Shop is an attraction for everyone. Founded in 1960, this rock store holds hundreds of different specimens.

Look through rows and rows of crates filled with fossilized dinosaur bones, minerals, quartz and various other gemstones. Lin Ottinger, the founder of this cool attraction, has also discovered several species of dinosaurs and has casts of their bones on display at his shop. Explore the beauty of all the rocks when you had to Moab Rock Shop.

24. Thistle Ghost Town

Credit: Utah's Adventure Family

Map It: Thistle

Get ready to feel the goosebumps when you head to the ghost town of Thistle, Utah. Discovered in 1883, it once was a flourishing town of farmers and ranchers. Nearly a century later, a massive landslide destroyed the town, leaving little structures to view when you visit.

Visit the town to see a half-sunken house, a red schoolhouse and more. Although a fire burned through much of it in recent years, you can't ignore the spooky feels when you visit the Ghost town of Thistle. It may look a bit empty but visiting the history of this well-loved town is worth the trip.

25. Snow Canyon State Park

Credit: Coral Canyon Resort

Map It: Snow Canyon State Park

Phone: (435) 628-2255

Hours: 6am-10pm Daily

This incredible state park is located in the center of the eponymous canyon and is carved in authentic Navajo Sandstone. Marvel at the beautiful cliffs and their deep red tones. This lovely canyon is simply a must see when you head to Utah.

Check out the alcoves where early settlers recorded their names in axle grease and has remained for centuries. Explore the beauty of this natural canyon and all the surrounded specimens and creatures that reside there. Snow Canyon State Park is the perfect outdoor excursion for the whole family.

26. ATK Rocket Garden

Credit: Twelve Mile Circle

Map It: ATK Rocket Garden

Hours: 24/7

Discover a little bit of space when you check out ATK Rocket Garden, a local piece of land that Utah uses to display mock versions of different rockets. In the mid 1950's, it used to be a solid fuel company that aided in creating the fuels for rocket motors. It now serves as a test facility where motors are being developed until this day.

The garden contains a plethora of both military and space designed equipment for all to see. This ode to the rocket motor industry is unique, informative and a great way to spend the afternoon when you're in Utah.

27. Frisco Ghost Town

Credit: Visit Utah

Map It: Frisco

Once a silver mining town, Frisco is now a complete ghost town. Known for its wild, wild west reputation, it was once called names such as Tombstone and Dodge City. Originally, 6,000 residents lived in this western community.

Sherrif Pearson made a grand entrance by killing six residents, leaving a bad reputation for the town of Frisco. When the Silver mine collapsed, it was never rebuilt and officially abandoned by the early 1920's. Still a ghost town, you can visit this eerie town filled with abandoned structures and charcoal kilns, once used for silver mining. A piece of Utah history, this must-see town will give you the chills.

28. Sinclair Gas Station

Credit: Atlas Obscura

Map It: Old Sinclair Gas Station

First opened in the early twentieth century, the Sinclair gas station served the town of Elberta. Those commuting to the nearby gold mine would regularly stop at this gas/rest station. As early as 1917, this rest stop has served many.

Even when the gold mine shut down, this gas station continued to be a staple in the community until the 1980's. This little dose of Utah history is a great sight to see. View the original building, gas pump, signs and more. Though it's a quick stop, it is so worth it to see this historic landmark in the area.

29. Shooting Star Saloon

Credit: Shooting Star Saloon

Map It: Shooting Star Saloon

Phone: (801) 745-2002

Hours: 11am-9pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm Sundays

The Shooting Star Saloon has been an attraction for 140 years and resides in a small town outside of Salt Lake City, Most popularly known for servicing alcohol during the prohibition, this Saloon exudes that wild west vibe. Head down to shoot pool and check out their ever-popular Star Burger, made of sausage and beef patties combined.

From their intricately designed ceiling filled with genuine dollar bills to their graffiti and old school dispensers, the charm of the Shooting Star Saloon is undeniable. You will love checking out this locally loved restaurant and gathering place.

30. Landscape Arch

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Landscape Arch

The Landscape Arch, located in Arches National Park has been recognized worldwide as the fifth longest natural arch in the entire world. With over two thousand natural sandstone arches inside this desert-like outdoor excursion, you can't go wrong with a breathtaking trip to the Landscape Arch.

Full of picture-perfect scenery, Arches National Park is a must see when you visit Utah. The massive landscape arch is an unforgettable landmark in this beautiful western state.

31. Roots of Knowledge Stained Glass

Credit: Explore Utah Valley

Map It: Roots of Knowledge at Utah Valley University


Phone: (801) 863-8840

Hours: 7am-12am Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm Saturday, 1pm-9pm Sunday

Head to Utah Valley University for an art-filled, inspired experience. Discover the two-hundred-foot-long stained-glass display at the Roots of Knowledge. All the pictures tell a story in history regarding human knowledge.

There are approximately 80 designed panels to view, all using a plethora of glass pieces in different shapes and sizes. There is an estimated 60,000 pieces in this vast collection of beautiful stained glass. If you are a visionary or fan of artwork and history, this attraction is a must see.

32. Snowed Inn Sleigh Company

Credit: Yelp

Map It: Snowed Inn Sleigh Co. Restaurant


Phone: (435) 647-3310

Hours: Reservations Only

If you're ready for a true Utah experience, you've got to hit the Snowed Inn Sleigh Company. If you're in the area during the winter, you can feel the magic of Christmas when you have dinner at this establishment and go for a sleigh ride. This resort will send a horse drawn sleigh to commute you to their on-site restaurant.

From a fancy prime rib dinner to divine desserts, you will love dining at this high-end restaurant. Sit by the fire and listen to live music as long as you'd like. When the dinner is completed and you're ready to head back, you can ride back in style when the sleigh picks you up to head back. This winter experience is that dose of Utah you need in your life.

33. Atticus Coffee & Tea House

Map It: Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse


Phone: (435) 214- 7241

Hours: 7am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 7am-5pm Sundays

This local gem offers a unique experience. In addition to the delicious coffee and tea you can sit and enjoy, this establishment is also a bookstore. You can find all the newest bestsellers among some of the oldest and rarest books. This family-owned cafe and book shop is a quirky little charmer.

Grab a delicious homemade pastry with your coffee or tea and start perusing the thousands of books they have to offer at this adorable little attraction. Note the titles of the drinks are all book related- just one of the little charming details about this well-loved destination.

34. Park City Museum

Credit: Historic Park City

Map It: Park City Museum


Phone: (435) 649-7457

Hours: 10am-5pm Daily

Entrance: Adults $15, Seniors & Military $11, Children $5

History buffs will love visiting Park City Museum. Get a feel for the city and all its interesting facts regarding the area. Though it was only established in the 1980's, there is a lot of mining history and the story of its transformation into the tourist attraction it is today.

Go back one hundred years to discover what makes Park City so interesting and unique. Explore old mine shifts, vintage machines and more. The basement is a historic place in itself- years ago it was the towns jailhouse. Learn all about the notorious criminals that walked the streets of Park City when you visit.  

35. High West Distillery

Credit: Boutique Host

Map It: High West Saloon


Phone: (435) 649-8300

Hours: 11am-9pm Daily

Discover the process of distilling liquor. From again to blending and bottling, you can go behind the scenes to understand this intricate operation. Try out their incredible menu of liquors and their unique array of food items. For example, you can try out their bison tacos or elk chili.

If you're in the mood to enjoy high quality liquor and take a tour, High West Distillery is a great option. They even have a wedding and event venue on site. For a dose of Utah scenery in addition to great food, drinks and company, you simply must head to this exciting distillery.

36. Park City Ice Arena

Credit: Park Record

Map It: Park City Ice Arena


Phone: (435) 615-5707

Hours: 9am-5pm Daily

Entrance: Varies

What would a trip to Utah be without a real Utah winter experience? Head out to Park City Ice Arena for some ice-skating fun. This Olympic sized ring offers free skate, ice skating lessons for all ages and more. Even if you're just in the mood to openly skate with your friends and family, this is a great stop to make for some good, old-fashioned fun.

You can even check out some local hockey games if you're lucky! You will love this easy, fun activity on any given day you spend in Utah.

37. Deer Valley Resort

Credit: Montage Hotels

Map It: Deer Valley Resort


Phone: (435) 649-1000

Head out to one of Utah's best ski resorts for a real ski experience, only found in Utah. You can also embark on a snowmobiling adventure if you're up for the thrill. If you happen to visit off-season, enjoy endless hiking trails, mountain biking or horseback riding if you're looking for the perfect outdoor excursion.

This awesome resort holds an Ampitheater for summer concerts and even has a beach on-site. Even if you don't ski, seeing the snowy hills in the winter is a must when you visit Utah.

38. Exclusive Excursions

Credit: Yelp

Map It: Exclusive Excursions


Phone: (435) 640-2907

Hours: Varies

If you're looking for the ultimate tour, check out Exclusive Excursions where you can customize your own tour to ensure you see everything you want to see. You can also embark on activities during the tour such as rafting, skiing and more. From visiting the hot springs to the caves and canyons, you can do it all when you book an excursion through this company.

Pick and choose all the best attractions and activities for your own personalized tour through beautiful Utah. They will handle all the little details so you can be picked up and dropped off at your leisure.

39. Salt Lake Temple

Credit: Tripadvisor

Map It: Salt Lake Utah Temple


Phone: (801) 240-2640

Hours: 10am-6pm

Entrance: FREE

Visit this beautiful landmark in Salt Lake City. The temple of worship is a place for Mormons around the world and represents the culture in Utah. You will marvel at the natural beauty of this architecturally appealing structure.

Opened over a century ago, this sacred temple only allows its congregational members to enter but visiting the grounds is a cultural experience in itself. The impressive Gilded Angel Statue is a vision of beauty, and the All-Seeing Eye of God is an incredible sight for all. If you love architecture and culture, this is a must-see!

40. Kennecott Copper Mine

Credit: Utah.com

Map It: Bingham Copper Mine

Visit the world's largest man-made copper mine in all of history. This incredible landmark is a sight to see- head to Kennecott Copper Mine and marvel at the size and beauty of this hole in the earth.

While its history is prevalent, this mine is surprisingly currently still in operation. Serving as one of the most productive mines in the world, you can still view from a distance and visit the visitors center for a history lesson. Check out the center and take the shuttle to see this spectacular sight in Salt Lake City.

41. Natural History Museum of Utah

Credit: Visit Salt Lake City

Map It: Natural History Museum of Utah


Phone: (801) 581-6927

Hours: 10am-5pm Daily

Entrance: $20 Per Entry

Who doesn't love a good natural history museum while on vacation? The Natural History Museum of Utah has been in operation since the late 1950's and houses over 1.5 million specimens to view.

Discover the natural history exhibits that cover subjects like the Rocky Mountains and the formation of the Great Salt Lake. Explore artifacts that were founded in the area dating back many centuries ago. For a great background on Utah and all it has accomplished over the years, this museum is a must visit.

42. The Family History Library

Credit: Wkipedia

Map It: Family History Library


Phone: (801) 240-6996

Hours: 9am-8pm Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-6pm Friday, Saturday & Monday

Genealogy enthusiasts will love visiting the Family History Library, where you can access records to your heritage. This library holds those records for nearly three billion people. It is the largest facility in the world ot offer such exclusive information about your family history.

Get a little dose of your own history when you head to the Family History Library. Best of all? It's free and will provide you with all the resources you need to figure out where you come from and who your ancestors are.

43. Clark Planetarium

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Clark Planetarium


Phone: (385) 468-7827

Hours: 10am-10:45pm Friday & Saturday, 10am-7pm Sunday & Monday

Entrance: FREE

Astronomy enthusiasts will rejoice when they explore Clark Planetarium. This all-ages attraction has something for everyone. Get a real education on earth and space and get the experience of a lifetime with this immersive planetarium.

Step inside a tornado, experiment with volcano creation and discover the biggest moon rocks in the entire world at this Utah planetarium. Step foot in the IMAX theater on-site for an unforgettable production of documentaries that explore volcanoes, moon landings and more.

44. Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Credit: Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Map It: Utah Museum of Fine Arts


Phone: (801) 581-7332

Hours: 10am-5pm Daily

Entrance: $16 Per Entry

Visit the University of Utah and their museum of fine arts for a lovely display of exhibits that explore a vast selection of art. Featuring mostly period art, you will marvel at the beauty of over 17,000 masterpieces, all beautiful and different in their own way.

Take a tour of twenty spectacular galleries, all with a story and background you will love learning about. Each gallery features a different time period. For a relaxing afternoon for the whole family, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts is a great attraction to visit.

45. Park City Mountain Resort

Credit: Westgate Resorts

Map It: Park City Mountain


Phone: (435) 649-8111

If you're looking for the perfect mountain experience in Utah, Park City Mountain Resort is the place to go. One of the most popular ski resorts in the state, this incredible attraction offers a spectacular, snow filled experience you won't soon forget.

This resort sits on over seven thousand acres and provides you with an all-inclusive experience. Take a sleigh ride, learn to snowboard or just marvel at the beauty of the Utah Mountains. This resort has direct access to all the best restaurants in town as well and is the largest ski resort in the United States.

46. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Credit: National Park Reservations

Map It: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument


Phone: (435) 644-1200

This beautiful national monument is a must see. This incredible attraction spreads over a million acres and boasts a vast wealth of artifacts and fossils. With endless exploring adventures, you will love seeing all that Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has to offer.

Hike trails that lead to waterfalls, forests, canyons and more. With unlimited discoveries to be made, the thrill seekers will love seeing what types of treasures they can uncover when they head out to this world-famous park. Keep it simple by taking a stroll or go on and off-roading adventure you won't soon forget. Whatever you do, this monument is a vision of beauty you can't miss.

47. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Phone: (435) 648-2800

Hours: 8am-10pm Daily

Entrance: FREE

Enjoy the fabulous landscape of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Covered in lovely pink sand, perfect for outdoor adventures for the whole family, you will love exploring the land of this Utah State Park.

Discover sandboarding, ATV riding, hiking, astronomy, horseback riding and more. Even if you just pop in for the breathtaking scenery, the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a vision of beauty for all to see. Naturally formed out of Navajo sandstone, there is really just no other place like it. This desert like attraction is picture perfect.

48. Bonneville Salt Flats

Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Map It: Bonneville Salt Flats

The salt flats are a sight to see but come with an adventurous warning. Sometimes the weather is a bit extreme but seeing over 30,000 acres of white salt crust is something you won't find anywhere else. The Bonneville Salt Flats is a flat area that looks "out of this world" and must be experienced when you head to Utah.

Soft mud lies beneath the salt crust so wear appropriate attire and plan to get dirty. Hike the beautiful flatlands as you admire the white land surrounding you. You will absolutely love this spectacular attraction.

49. Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Credit: Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Map It: Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple


Phone: (801) 798-3559

Hours: 10am-8pm Daily

This culture inspired temple is here for the Hindu population of Utah, however, this attraction is a sight to be seen. Made by using Rajasthani architectural inspiration, this incredible temple boasts a 15-acre landscape and an elaborate, intricately designed appeal.

You can take a guided tour of the temple and discover Hindu culture by seeing the crops and animals on-site, sitting in on the vegetarian buffet or joining a session of kirtan. With a gift shop on site and lots of ground to explore, the Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple is a great cultural experience you can have in Utah. If you're lucky, you'll be visiting during one of their many festivals which is an experience you won't want to miss.

50. Red Hills Desert Garden

Credit: Hike St George

Map It: Red Hills Desert Garden


Phone: (435) 673-3617

Hours: 6am-10pm Daily

Entrance: FREE

Cactus and succulent lovers, rejoice! This five-acre desert garden is the first ever conservation experience in Utah. Despite the fact Utah boasts lots of desert land, and this is the first to display their plethora of desert living specimens. This museum has over 5,000 plants to view and much more.

Discover the stream with endangered fish and prehistoric dinosaur tracks on the walking trails. This gorgeous fauna experience offers a bit of history in addition to lovely scenery and a true Utah encounter.

51. Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Credit: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Map It: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Phone: (801) 355-3474

Hours: 10am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-8pm Mondays

Entrance: $16.95 Adults, $11.95 Children

Who doesn't love a good aquarium while on vacation? You can embark on the ocean adventure you've been searching for when you visit over 4,000 animals at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. With 74 major exhibits and over 500 species swimming about, this aquarium is a regular attraction in the state of Utah.

With a collection of critters from all over the world, you will love experiencing this underwater adventure. In addition to interactive exhibits and shark encounters, your options for fun at this aquarium are endless!

52. Utah Shakespeare Festival

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Utah Shakespeare Festival


Phone: (800) 752-9849

Hours: Varies

Entrance: Varies

If you are a literature fan, Utah Shakespeare Festival is an attraction you will definitely want to check out. This theater holds various shows that are an ode to Shakespeare, poets and other famous literature/theatrical names that are known worldwide. This local tourist attraction is well known for putting on quite the unique show.

These outdoor performances are drama at its finest. If you visit int he summers, you can find seminars, classes and Greenshows as well. Whether you're into theater or just looking for a unique Utah experience, Utah Shakespeare Festival is a great place to visit when you're in the area.

53. Bear Lake State Park

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Bear Lake State Park


Phone: (435) 946-3343

Hours: 7am-10pm Daily

Entrance: FREE

Bear Lake State Park is a wonderful outdoor attraction, given the nickname, " Caribbean of the Rockies," for its stunning blue waters and sandy beaches. This twenty-mile-long lake holds so much charm, character and towns across the shoreline. For a fun outdoor excursion with endless scenery, Bear Lake State Park is the perfect trip.

IN addition to unlimited sights, you can embark on some real outdoor adventure with activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking and more. Head out on some of the trails to explore the wilderness on foot, bike or ATV. With so much land to discover, you can easily make a day out of fun activities at Bear Lake State Park.

54. Fifth Water Hot Springs

Credit: Bearfoot Theory

Map It: Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail

One of many hot springs, the Fifth Water Hot Springs is a must visit when you're in Utah. Discover lovely blue waters surrounded by a canyon with endless views of the red cliffs. This unique attraction offers natural beauty and the opportunity to take a swim in natural springs.

With a collection of soaking pools throughout, you can choose your favorite. Some will be a deep emerald and others will be a softer blue. While you rest and relax, you can enjoy the scenic waterfalls nearby. This once in a lifetime experience can't be beat- with picture perfect views and a chance to take it all in, you can't go wrong with Fifth Water Hot Springs.

55. Dinosaur National Monument

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Dinosaur National Monument


Phone: (435) 781-7700

Hours: 9am-5pm Daily

Entrance: $25 per vehicle

Utah's history in the dinosaur world is a whole story to explore. In addition to other museums, the Dinosaur National Monument is an ode to the fact that these prehistoric creatures once roamed the land of Utah.

Discover 1,500 fossils on display as your drive in your car through the park, exploring the prehistoric world. Perfect for all ages, this auto tour also includes all the natural views of neighboring rock formations and the stunning Green River. In addition to artifacts, you can marvel at the ancient rock art. If you opt out of the automobile tour, you can also hike nature trails surrounding the area. If you love prehistoric mammals, this is the perfect place to visit.

56. Dead Horse Point

Credit: Discover Moab

Map It: Dead Horse Point State Park

Phone: (435) 259-2614

Hours: 6am-10pm Daily

This popular park in Utah is famous for its Dead Horse Point Overlook that stands two thousand feet above the Colorado river. With breathtaking views of the pinnacles and the natural beauty surrounding, you can't go wrong with a trip to Dead Horse Point.

You can also get a beautiful view of Canyonlands National Park when you visit. These unbeatable scenic views are unmatched- travel eight long miles through this well-loved park on all flat land. If you're looking for the perfect photo op, Dead Horse Point is the ideal place to go.

57. Homestead Crater

Credit: Visit Utah

Map It: Homestead Crater Mineral Dome

Head to this famous geothermal spring hidden within a 55-foot limestone rock. You can travel through the tunnel that leads you to the spring. This exciting experience is perfect for thrill seekers. Explore the vast caves as you make your way to these relaxing, adventurous springs.

You can swim, snorkel, paddleboard and more once you've made it to these heated waters. Feel like you've escaped to another world when you finally reach your destination. You won't find anything else like this in the United States, so get ready for the adventure of a lifetime when you head to Homestead Crater Mineral Dome.

58. La Verkin Creek

Credit: The Dyrt

Map It: La Verkin Creek

Located near the famous Zion National Park, La Verkin Creek is a beautiful, peaceful oasis you will love discovering. Hike through the trails and embark on a wilderness adventure with breathtaking scenery in the background. You can explore the nearby Toquerville Falls that boasts sandstone ledges and waterfalls.

If you visit during the summer, you can take a dip in the creek and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds the area. This serene destination is perfect for unwinding and becoming one with nature, while providing an exciting surrounding.

59. Under Canvas

Credit: Under Canvas

Map It: Under Canvas Zion


Phone: (888) 496-1148

Entrance: Varies

If you're ready for the ultimate outdoor experience, Under Canvas is ready to provide you with the camping experience of a lifetime. Sitting on over 200 acres and located near the beloved Zion National Park, you will love this destination and all it has to offer.

For a quiet retreat where its just you and nature, Under Canvas is here to provide you with just that and a side of luxury. You have everything you need on site for comfort such as showers, a deck and sink. Call it glamping, if you will. This fun experience is also surrounded by sandstone cliffs and breathtaking view you won't soon forget.

60. Carl's Critter Garden

Credit: Ted's Outdoor World

Map It: Carl’s Critter Garden

Carl's Critter Garen is a unique outdoor experience that features artistic collections of animals all created with imagination and random materials. This adorable critter garden will provide you and the family with a fun, eclectic experience that you won't find anywhere else. Take a walk through the garden and discover abstract artwork that is simply stunning.

This free attraction offers a bunch of exhibits including dinosaur sculptures made from car parts and recycled materials. Enjoy the bold and modern artwork this incredible outdoor museum has to offer when you're in Utah.

61. Cove Fort Historic Site

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Cove Fort


Phone: (435) 438-5547

Hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm Sundays

Take a time machine back to the 1800's when you visit Cove Fort Historic Site. Originally made for providing shelter and food to the Latter-Day Saints, you may not ever come across anything like this in your lifetime. Take a tour around the tour and learn about the history of the Latter-Day Saints and their ties to the state of Utah.

You can tour the kitchen, the meeting room for religious gatherings and more. You will find cool artifacts from that time period like the telegraph, antique furniture and more. Outdoors you can find the blacksmith shop, barn and prairie wagon. For a historic tour, the Cove Fort Historic Site never disappoints.

62. Utah Symphony

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Utah Symphony | Utah Opera


Phone: (801) 533-6683

Hours: 12pm-6pm Monday- Friday

Entrance: Varies

If you love a good musical performance, Utah Symphony can provide you just that. Boasting Grammy award nominations, world records and a lot of fame, you can't go wrong with a visit to this incredible theater. If you have the time, you can also consider attending Park City’s Deer Valley Music Festival summer concerts.

One of Utah's finest attractions, you will adore the experience of live music and theater at its finest. If you're a music enthusiast, this is simply a must when you head to Utah.

63. Bluff Fort Historic Site

Credit: Ensign Peak Foundation

Map It: Bluff Fort


Phone: (435) 672-9995

Hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-6pm Sundays

Entrance: FREE

Get a bit more of the history of Utah when you visit Bluff Fort Historic Site. Built in the late 1880s and boasting beautiful Victorian houses, this small community is a great place to go. They have a visitor center where you can learn all about the residents and how the town worked together as a community.

This pioneer town is full of teepees, horse drawn carriages and historical replicas that you will love seeing in person. If you love history and a good tour, Bluff Fort Historic Site is the ideal attraction. They even have a gift shop on site so make sure to check it out!

64. Corona Arch

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Corona Arch

Located in the historic town of Moab, Corona Arch is a sight to see. This arch is one of the biggest attractions in the state of Utah and is a must-see when you're in the area. This gorgeous, natural sandstone rock formation is large, unique and amazing to see in person. You won't find another like it!

You can hike the area along many trails beyond the arch. This arch, interestingly, can also be viewed in Colorado. If you're feeling adventurous you can climb the neighboring rocks and ladders in the area. You will love this nature-filled, scenic experience when you head to Corona Arch.

65. Alpine Loop

Credit: Only In Your State

Map It: Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

The Alpine Loop is a twenty-mile-long stretch of alpine canyons, filled with stunning scenery and the beauty of nature. Stop along the way to view a lot of Utah's best attractions such as Mount Timpanogos, a glacier filled destination. Stop and detour any of the historic and scenic attractions when you hike the loop.

You even have a beautiful view of the neighboring springs. If you love wildlife, you are bound to see a creature or two as you take your time exploring the natural beauty of the Alpine Loop. If you love a good outdoor excursion, this destination is the perfect place to go.

66. Mirror Lake

Credit: Road Trip Ryan

Map It: Mirror Lake

This spectacular lake is one of Utah's finest attractions. With over 22 acres of standstill water at the bottom of Bald Mountain, you will love embarking along the lake and admiring its natural beauty. Clear waters as far as the eye can see.

Take it up a notch and go kayaking or camp out at the lake. In the summer, you can go for a dip in this beautiful, clean lake. With wildlife and forest trails surrounding, you can easily spend a day just exploring the land and marveling at the water. For a serene moment in your busy day, Mirror Lake is the place to go.

67. The Narrows

Credit: Visit Utah

Map It: The Narrows

If you're in the mood for the perfect scenic hike, the narrows which is part of Zion National Park, is the ideal destination. Thrill seekers will love the daring aspect of hiking through the narrowest parts of sandstone rock formations. Some are only twenty feet wide despite the height and size of these canyon walls.

If you love a challenge, you can hike through the many trails surrounding. With rock climbing and river crossing needed to complete this incredible journey, you are certain to have an unforgettable experience going through the narrows. If you've got time to kill and are looking for an outdoor excursion, The Narrows will give you just that and more.  

68. Hill Aerospace Museum

Credit: Hill Aerospace Museum

Map It: Hill Aerospace Museum


Phone: (801) 825-5817

Hours: 9am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday

Entrance: FREE

Learn all about the history of the Air force when you visit Hill Aerospace Museum. This particular musem is one of the most high-end collections of Air Force artifacts in the United States. The actual museum is the shape of an aircraft. Lovers of air automobiles will absolutely marvel at the unique findings at this historic museum.

Check out hundreds of cool items and learn about the history of each. You can also find incredible artwork in the Lindquist-Steward Gallery, located within the musem. If you love a good airplane, Hill Aerospace Museum is a great attraction to visit when you're in Utah.

69. Valley of the Gods

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Valley of the Gods

For another outdoor excursion that provides natural beauty, Valley of the Gods is a great spot. Check out the unique rock formations and mesas surrounding the beautiful land at this amazing attraction. With over 27 kilometers to adventure, driving by this amazing valley is certain to provide spectacular scenery. Looking for more places to visit in Utah?

If you choose to head out on foot, you can trail for hours. Admire the sandstone towers and mushroom rocks that accent the land. You can even camp out if you haven't been able to see everything you'd like to in a day. There are endless adventures when you head to Valley of the Gods.

70. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Credit: Time

Map It: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary


Phone: (435) 644-2001

Hours: 8am-5pm Daily

In the mood for some furry snuggles? If you're a pet lover, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a must-visit. With a designated shelter for each category, you can visit Horse Haven, Dogtown, Cat World, Parrot Garden, Piggy Paradise and Bunny House.

Even if you aren't in the market for a new pet, you can stop by to play and cuddle these furry friends. Take a tour of the sanctuary and hear all about their purpose and cause. They take in animals from all over the United States, on the mission to provide them each with an ideal home. With just one visit, you will certainly feel inspired. You never know- you may end up taking home a new friend!

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