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20 BEST Things To Do in Pensacola With Kids (Everyone Will Have Fun!)

Explore the top 20 fun activities for kids in Pensacola, Florida! From theme parks to the beach, make lasting memories with family-friendly outings.

Tobi Miles
June 3, 2023
20 BEST Things To Do in Pensacola With Kids (Everyone Will Have Fun!)

Planning a trip to Florida for the whole family? If you're headed to the popular tourist spot in Pensacola, you've got nearly unlimited options for keeping the kiddos busy. From parks to theme parks, bounce house attractions and more, there is endless fun in Pensacola for all ages.

Keep your children occupied, thrilled and excited to be visiting the beautiful state of Florida. Thanks to the fantastic outdoor temperatures, you can be certain to embark on some outdoor fun, witness some wildlife and animals that you won't find anywhere else and enjoy a unique experience.

Whatever you choose to do, one thing is certain- Pensacola is loaded with amazing tourist attractions for children that you will love discovering just as much as they will. This comprehensive list of twenty things to do with kids will help direct you to the ideal destinations for you and your family!

1. Big Lagoon State Park

Credit: Wikipedia

Map It: Big Lagoon State Park Website | Phone: (850) 492-1595 | Hours: 24.7 | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

Looking for a fun outdoor excursion the whole family can embark on? You will love Big Lagoon State Park and all it has to offer. From marshes to beaches, bays and more, you can easily find something exciting to do at this well-loved state park. Head down the nature trails to enjoy the natural wildlife including animals, fauna and more.

You can make a weekend out of it- camp out! With so many open woodland areas, you can set up camp effortlessly and enjoy the surrounding scenery and peaceful quiet of the wilderness.

If you love being outdoors with your kids, this is great and inexpensive idea of how to spend a little time in Pensacola. There are different spots to visit, from marshes to shallow bays, that you can enjoy for some cheap family-fun. No matter what age, spending time adventuring in the great outdoors is always beneficial for all.

2. Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park

Credit: Mary Ann DeSantis

Map ItUncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park Website | Phone: (850) 270-2130 | Hours: 10am-4pm, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 1pm-4pm Sundays | Entrance: $5 Ages 13 & up, $2 Ages 7-12, Under 7 FREE | Age Group: All Ages

This amazing nonprofit organization holds a plethora of bird species, all rescued and cared for by the park. Both bird watchers and animal lovers will love this up close and personal experience with birds of all different kinds. This incredible sanctuary allows you to walk freely and enjoy the sounds and sights of colorful, vibrant birds.

Uncle Sandy's is proudly dedicated to rescuing abused and injured birds from all over Florida and beyond. For a unique experience, suitable for the whole family, this bird park is the perfect go to. Keep in mind that birds fly freely in some exhibits so if you're ready for a hands-on adventure, Uncle Sandy's Macaw Bird Park is ideal.

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3. Bounce House Pensacola

Credit: Bounce House Pensacola

Map It: Bounce House Website | Phone: (850) 417-4692 | Hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm Friday, 9am-7pm Saturday, 9am-5pm Sunday | Entrance: Varies | Age Group: All Ages

Who doesn't love a good bounce house extravaganza? Visit the awesome Bounce House attraction in Pensacola that offers hours of fun and a fantastic, all ages playground. If you're looking to tire out the kids and keep them active and happy, this is the perfect stop when you visit Florida.

There is a spot to play for any age. Got toddlers? They have their own play and bounce area. Kids under 12 have a main area that they can hang out in, and teenagers can accompany the little ones as chaperones.

This awesome attraction is certain to provide the kids with a fun filled afternoon, while keeping it relatively low in cost.

4. Pensacola Children's Museum

Credit: Florida Panhandle

Map It: Pensacola Children's Museum Website | Phone: (850) 595-1559 | Hours: 10am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm-4pm Sunday | Entrance: $10 Adults, $5 Children | Age Group: All ages

Ready for a totally immersive, exciting experience for the kids? You will love the historic Pensacola Children's Museum, boasting a hands-on learning adventure, certain to provide the whole family with wonder and fun.

These interactive exhibits explore different worlds From Native American villages to the Galveston Sea vessel, you and the kids are about to embark on a tour you won't soon forget.

Children can even play dress up with props and costumes, meant for them to enjoy using their imagination throughout the museum. This fun children's museum will appeal to all ages but is a fantastic attraction for keeping the attention of children. The Pensacola Children's Museum mixes education with experimentation and visual appeal.

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5. National Naval Aviation Museum

Credit: Pensacola News Journal

Map It: National Naval Aviation Museum Website | Phone: (850) 452-8450 | Hours: 10am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm-4pm Sundays | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All ages

Lovers of airplanes will rejoice when they visit the National Naval Aviation Museum. It first opened in 1962 and focuses on the miltary divison of airplanes. With loads of interactive exhibits to check out, you will love bringing your kids along to this all ages attraction.

Get an up close and personal look at an A-1 Triad, F9F-2 Panther and more. There is an indoor play are and a number of kids activities that your children will love bein ga part of. This destination really has something for everyone.

Teens and adults can enjoy the virtual reality simulators while kids embark on some adventures of their own.

6. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Credit: Youtube

Map It: Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park Website | Phone: (850) 243-9046 | Hours: 9am-4:30pm Daily | Entrance: $25.95 Adults, $17.95 Children | Age Group: All Ages

What would a trip to Florida be without a dolphin encounter? This incredible attraction is great for all ages and offers a plethora of fun shows, exhibits and beautiful views of the Florida Oceans. The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park has a fun assortment of kid-friendly activities in addition to the shows that nearly everyone will love and adore.

One of the most popular attractions in the area, this park provides an on-site restaurant and gift shop to help make a whole day out of your visit. Set up like an aquarium, you and the kids will be enjoying ocean life every which way you turn. Tickets are affordable and you won't get an experience like this anywhere other than the famously tropical Florida!

7. Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier (Family Fishing Excursion!)

Credit: Fishing Booker

Map It: Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier Phone: +(850) 934-7200 | Hours: 6am-4:45pm Daily | Entrance: Varies | Age Group: Geared towards children 6+

The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is the ideal place for a family fishing excursion. Hang out on the beach and for a small fee, start your grand fishing adventure. Even if you're not the fishing connoisseur, this exciting activity will be an experience for the whole family.

While geared towards kids around six and up, the beach is still an all-ages attraction even if you don't fish. Rent all the equipment you need on-site. If you're lucky, you'll encounter a Redfish or Mackerel! This family activity is perfect if you're looking to be out in the sun, by the water and just hanging out enjoying each other's company.

Easily obtain your temporary fishing license for your whole stay. Don't forget to check out the on-site snack bar- you might get hungry while you wait to catch dinner!

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8. Pensacola Beach Boardwalk

Credit: The Planet D

Map It: Pensacola Beach Boardwalk Website | Hours: 11am-11pm Daily | Age Group: All Ages

If you and the family are already at the pier, you can head out to the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk for a fun-filled afternoon. This all ages attraction has a plethora of shopping, dining and more. They sometimes hold live music events.

Enjoy a relaxing day with perfect beach views as you stroll this famous, family friendly boardwalk. Get a taste of Pensacola cuisine at one of the many restaurants on the boardwalk. Simply lay on the beach, swim and hear the live music from a distance.

This year-round attraction is perfect for tourists of all ages and gives you an idea of the Pensacola culture and lifestyle. You will love taking a walk down the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk when you head to Florida with the family.

9. Dolphin Cruise

Credit: Fun In The Sun Boat Rides

Map ItDolphin Tours & Cruise - Fun in the Sun Boat Rides Website | Phone: (850) 312-0740 | Hours: 8am-7pm Daily | Entrance: Varies | Age Group: All Ages

Head out on a boat to catch some close encounters with dolphins and ocean life. Perfect for the whole family, you can easily hop on a boat and choose relaxation for the afternoon as you examine the beauty and wonder of Pensacola Beach. This all-ages activity will provide you with an exciting day of wildlife sightseeing.

In addition to the beautiful views, learn all about these magical creatures in their habitat. For younger children, they can enjoy the sightings and the older children and adults get an educational narrative during the tour of the bay. You can also order food and drinks on each cruise.

No matter what time of year it is, dolphin cruises are a family activity that everyone can enjoy!

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10. Blue Wahoos Ballpark

Credit: Pensacola News Journal

Map It: Blue Wahoos Stadium Home of the Pensacola Blue WahoosWebsite | Phone: (850) 934-8444 | Hours: Varies | Entrance: Varies | Age Group: 6+

Who doesn't love a good baseball game? Gather the whole family and head on down to Blue Wahoos Ballpark, home of Pensacola states Blue Wahoos. Originally known as the Admiral Fetterman Field, this park is the perfect place watch a sports game with the whole gang.

From minor league baseball to local football games, Blue Wahoos Ballpark is great fun for everyone. This world-famous ballpark is known for its excellent views and seating and numerous events in addition to the sports games throughout the year.

You could even witness a haunted house or various dining events at this incredible attraction. If you and the family enjoy a grand old baseball game, Blue Wahoos Ballpark is the place to be.

11. Pensacola Historic Village

Credit: Perdido Key Resort

Map It: Historic Pensacola Village Website | Phone: (850) 595-5993 | Hours: 10am-4pm Daily | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

Enjoy a bit of Pensacola history when you head to its historic village, known for its amazing sites and landmarks. Stretching over nine acres, there is something interesting for the whole family to see. You can spot the Old Christ Church or check out the Museum of Commerce.

Show the kids all the old cottages in the area and check out exhibits that feature people dressed in period attire. This educational trip is not only informative and interesting but walking through the village is an experience for all to be had.

Keep in mind that it may appeal more to older kids when it comes down to the historic bit, but all ages will enjoy the trip. Pensacola Historic Village is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon as a family.

12. Fast Eddie's Fun Center

Credit: Visit Pensacola

Map It: Fast Eddies Fun Center - Google Maps | Fast Eddies Fun Center | Phone: +18504337735 | Hours: 3pm-9pm Monday-Thursday, 3pm-10pm Friday, 11am- 10pm Saturday, 11am-9pm Sunday | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

Get in the perfect amount of family fun and excitement when you visit Fast Eddie's Fun Center. This destination has offered a variety of activities such as miniature golf and go-karting. Whether you're five or twenty-five, there is something for everyone at this awesome center.

Don't forget to check out the arcade, filled with both classic and modern games for all to enjoy. If you are ready for a thrill, you can hit the go-kart tracks. There are four to choose from, all tailored to fit particular age groups.

The miniature golf has an extensive number of holes and is perfect for all ages. You will love having some good, old-fashioned fun at Fast Eddie’s Fun Center when you visit Pensacola.

13. Vince J. Whibbs Community Maritime Park

Credit: City of Pensacola

Map It: Vince J. Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime ParkWebsite | Phone: (850) 436-5670 | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

This historic attraction has a lot to offer. It boasts a stadium, beautiful playground, museum and more. If you're bringing the whole family, the kids can enjoy an incredible park with enough to keep them busy for hours.

With walking trails and a stadium to check out, you certainly won't get bored on these grounds. Check out the on-site Maritime Museum or head to the pier for beautiful, scenic views of the water.

This park is centrally located so that you can do and see so much while you explore the park. If anything at all, let the kids get some energy out on the beautiful, remodeled playground for a bit!

14. Splash City Adventures

Credit: Roller Coaster Database

Map It: Splash City Adventures Website | Phone: (850) 505-0800 | Hours: 4pm-9pm Wednesday- Friday, 10am-9pm Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday | Entrance: $19.99 | Age Group: All ages

Florida is really bringing their A-game with this family fun attraction. Splash City Adventures is one of the best amusement and waterparks in the area. They boast around twenty thrilling rides that will provide excitement for all, among a plethora of other activities.

This all-ages destination has bumper boats, laser tags and go-karts in addition to their traditional amusement rides. You may see the parks characters roaming, Rocky and Bullwinkle, when you visit as well. You can even eat on site at the Bullwinkle Family Food and Fun restaurant where kids can enjoy pizza and chicken tenders.

Don't forget the arcade which features classic and modern games for all to enjoy.

15. Gulf Breeze Zoo

Credit: Gulf Breeze Zoo

Map It: Gulf Breeze Zoo - Google Maps | Website | Phone: (866) 620-1825 | Hours: 9am-5pm Daily | Entrance: $25.95 Adults, $15.95 Children | Age Group: All Ages

If you're headed on a vacation with the whole family, no trip is complete without stopping at the local zoo. Located in the suburbs of Pensacola, the Gulf Breeze Zoo is a 50-acre wide zoo that features more than eight hundred and fifty animals from all around the world.

This major attraction in the area holds around 135 specials of mammals, birds and reptiles. The kids will marvel at the beautiful wildlife everywhere. From big cats to kangaroos and hippos, the whole family will enjoy viewing animals of all different kinds.

This affordable attraction can easily entertain any age and take up an entire afternoon, providing great fun for all.

16. Bubba's Sweet Spot

Credit: Florida Panhandle

Map It: Bubba's Sweet Spot Website | Hours: 11am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 11am-9pm Friday-Saturday, 12pm-5pm Sunday | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

Who doesn't love a good treat while on vacation? If you and the kids have got a sweet tooth, check out Bubba's Sweet Spot, a local candy store loved by so many. Owned by a local professional golfer, Bubba Watson, this candy store holds a unique array of sweets and treats, certain to fulfill that craving you've been having.

In addition to candy and chocolate, they offer a wide variety of ice cream and all the toppings you could ever dream of. Kids are certain to have a ball experiencing this colorful candy's paradise- and adults too! For a quick treat that will have you raving, Bubba's Sweet Spot is the perfect place to visit!

17. Palafox Market

Credit: Explore Pensacola

Map It: Palafox Market Website | Phone: (850) 434-5371 | Hours: 9am-2pm Saturdays | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

Head to Palafox Market when you're in Pensacola on a Saturday. This attraction is not your average local farmers market. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, you can meet with local vendors and crafters that have incredible artisan goods to offer.

From organic goods to woodworking masterpieces, Palafox Market is a great experience for all ages. You can find this market along Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza under the stunning crepe myrtle trees. This adorable market will certainly be a fun outing filled with things you can only find in beautiful Pensacola.

With a scenic view and plenty to see and do, you can easily make this a family trip you won't soon forget.

18. Fort Pickens

Credit: Florida RV Trade Association

Map It Fort Pickens Campground Website | Phone: (850) 934-2621 | Hours: 24/7 | Entrance: FREE | Age Group: All Ages

Head down to this beautiful scenic park when you head to Pensacola. You can drive through Fort Pickens and enjoy the scenery or explore the beautiful area. When you decide to set out for a nature filled adventure, you will adore the fort where you can picnic, bike ride and more.

Gather the whole gang and let the park rangers give you the grand tour of the land if you're interested in discovering the beautiful views. You can also pitch a tent on the campground and make it an outdoor adventure for the whole weekend! If you love taking your little ones outdoors, there are endless options at Fort Pickens for the whole family.

19. Edward Ball Nature Trail

Credit: Outdoor Gulf Coast

Map It: Edward Ball Nature Trail - Google Maps

Enjoy the great outdoors as a family when you embark on adventure at Edward Ball Nature Trail. This amazing, scenic trail is great for seeing all Florida's nature has to offer while doing an easy hike suitable for everyone.

This popular walking trail has a picturesque swamp, stunning scenery and a beautiful wooden boardwalk you won't find anywhere else. Take the whole family and set up a lovely picnic or stroll along the paths of this lovely, breathtaking nature trail, perfect for all ages.

Enjoy the wildlife surrounding you, take plenty of photos and just be when you visit the incredible Edward Ball Nature Trail. Due to the straightforward trails, there is no real challenge involved while hiking so even smaller children will be able to trek along with little effort.

20. The MESS Hall

Credit: Pensacola News Journal

Map It: Pensacola MESS Hall Website | Phone: (877) 937-6377 | Hours: 12pm-5pm Wednesday-Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday | Entrance: $12 Per Entry | Age Group: 3+

The MESS Hall is a family attraction located in downtown Pensacola. This museum of sorts is also an acronym that stands for math, engineering, science and stuff. You and your family will adore this highly interactive experience, certain to provide you with a hands-on experience you won't soon forget.

Perfect for all ages, your children will get creative and embark `on educational adventures. If your little one's love science and using their imagination, they will love doing some of the fun activities the MESS hall has to offer.

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