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15 Secret places you're NOT allowed to Visit in the U.S.A

Explore the top 15 secret and off-limits locations across the U.S., from Area 51 to hidden NSA spy hubs. Perfect for travelers intrigued by America's most secretive spots.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
15 Secret places you're NOT allowed to Visit in the U.S.A

Secret Places, Restricted Areas & Closed Cities in the U.S.A

There is nothing which sparks curiosity more than secret places and restricted areas...especially in the US.

The United States of America is a hub of secret and restricted places from Area 51, closed U.S Cities such as Mercury, Nevada  and even NSA Spy hubs dotted around many U.S states from Los Angeles and New York City, to even Dallas and Seattle!

Is there an NSA spy hub in your state?  Read on and you will find out later in this article.

What have they got to hide?

These secret and restricted places are the talk of many conspiracy theorists, with the same questions always being asked.

  • What have they got to hide?
  • Why can't I go?
  • Why is the place so secretive?

Then due to the lack of answers or contradicting answers given by the Government or officials, people start to make up there own theories, using the little evidence which can be gathered. "maybe it's Aliens" , "maybe its a UFO" , "is it a secret area for the rich & powerful?".

To help ease your curiosity here at Town and Tourist we have put a list of the 15 most secretive places and restricted areas across the U.S. As a bonus we have also included a section on the U.S.A's last "closed town" Mercury, Nevada.

1. Area 51, Nevada U.S.A

Area 51 has been the source of conspiracy theories for many decades now in the U.S.A.

It is one of the most Secretive places on earth and according to many conspiracy theorists the source of many cover ups! Officially ,the site is an Air Force Facility in the Nevada desert. However, it took the CIA till 2013 to publicly acknowledge it's existence!

Another name for Area 51 is Groom Lake, it was believed to have been originally setup to test & research top secret aircraft and advanced weapons technologies for the CIA back in 1955.

The official purpose or mission of the base is still covert and highly classified.

The secrecy which surrounds Area 51 has made many theorists believe a UFO or Aliens were once captured there!

Area 51 aerial shot. [Secret places] Photo by (Restricted Areas USA)

Area 51 is officially off limits with the area around the Groom lake area, controlled by Surveillance, security and even motion sensors.

The area above area 51 is a no fly zone for commercial and civilian aircraft.

On all government U.S maps it officially does not exist and is a secret place with no registered roads leading up to it.

Can you visit Area 51?

If you really want to get as close as you can to Area 51, head to the nearby town of Rachel, on the famous "Extraterrestrial highway" .

This area is pretty close to Area 51 and popular for tourists, Conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts.

Area 51 sign 2019, No drones allowed! (Restricted Areas USA)

2. Coca Cola Vault, Georgia, U.S.A

What is more heavily guarded the some of the most prized jewels in the world? Only Coca Cola's secret recipe for immense success.

Some call it the "Billion Dollar Formula" and it's the secret to Coca Colas unique flavor and blend, which can not be found in nature.

Many have tried to replicate it over the years but it is never quite the same.

The closely guarded formula is one of the most highly regarded industry secrets and housed inside the Coca Cola Vault in the Word of Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Coca Cola Vault which houses the secret formula of Coca Cola. (Secret Places). Photo by: Documentary Tube. (Restricted Areas USA)

Can I visit the Coca Cola Vault?

Coca Cola is an Iconic beverage with a timeless flavor...with the recipe closely guarded. However, this article has made your curiosity start to bubble you can still take a tour of the Coca Cola Vault inside the World of the Coca Cola can even see the door!

However, be aware that it is restricted to enter inside the vault for anybody with high security surrounding the heavy duty vault.

3. Dulce Base, New Mexico, US

Dulce a small town Northern New Mexico, close to the Colorado border. The secret town of Dulce houses around 2,600 people, (mostly Native American).

However, this hidden little town is believed to hold many strange secrets.

Some people believe that Dulce, is home to Dulce Base a Giant underground facility, where weird experiments are done and advanced biological technologies were developed.

Dulce Base Aerial Shot. Photo by (Secret Places) (Restricted Areas USA)

According a Huffington Post report. a former U.S government employed explosive engineer (With High level security clearance) named Philip Schneider took part in building a "Secret Underground Base" in 1979 at Dulce, New Mexico.

Schneider alleged he was suspicious of the standard engineering operation.

When he noticed the presence of Green Berets and Special Forces operatives.

He alleges that while drilling he actually came face to face with a 7 foot grey, slimy alien and shot it dead!

Dulce Base Diagram Image by (Secret Places)

But wait it gets even crazier, according to reports from the engineers there was an underground battle, with 60 people losing their life!

Although this sounds like science fiction, many have pointed out that Philip Schneider, as an outspoken critic of the U.S government on their alleged Alien cover up,

faced an untimely death due to a Suicide...coincidence or did he see something down there.

Dulce Base, Underground drilling.

Photo by

(Secret places) (Restricted Areas USA)

Overall, this gigantic subterranean facility is believed to house, all sorts of weird gene mixing and splicing tests. From human clone creation to Freakish human-alien hybrids.Either way the Dulce Base is one of the U.S.A's most secret places.

4. Mount Weather, Virginia, US

A secret underground Military base, embedded inside a Mountain! No this isan't something from a James Bond Movie, it's in fact a real place! Mount weather is located just 74km or 46 miles from Washington DC.

Dubbed as a "Emergency Operations Center", this heavy duty fortress is used to house all the highest levels of U.S government should there be a national disaster.

Built during the Cold War era, Mount Weather is ran by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the purpose of protecting not just high level American politicians, but also some of the US's national treasures, such as the art currently in the National Gallery.

This is not your standard security bunker, with a vast array of facilities from hospitals and Cafeterias to power plants and event a mass transit station to allow communication to the nation should there be an emergency.

Mount Weather (Hidden Places) Photo by: (Restricted Areas USA)

Mount Weather has been called the "Perfect place to go if there was an Apocalypse" .

As you have everything you need, security, food and advanced communication technologies at the highest level.

It was actually used during the 9/11 attacks with government officials being airlifted to the facility when the disaster struck.

Can I go if there is an Emergency?

Unfortunately, you can't just knock on the door during the next zombie apocalypse...the fortress has a perimeter set up with the most secure technology in the world, a host of armed guards and of course razor wire cladded fences! So you will struggle to find out whats inside this secret place.

5. Club 33, California

Located in Anaheim, California, Club 33 is a secret place inside Disneyland for the exclusive elite...with no kids allowed.

An an "Invitation Only private club" you need someone inside the club to get you an invite...oh and then I forgot to mention you have to pay $100,000!

Now that's "Mickey Mouse Money" as they say in the U.K.

Located at the intersection of Royal Street & Orleans Street in New Orleans Square, this club was setup in 1967 as a place to host investors, dignitaries and celebrities.

Club 33 Secret Place in DisneyLand.

Photo by Pete Hottelet. ( (Restricted Areas USA)

This design of Club 33 was done by Mr Walt Disney himself as a perfect place for him to entertain business associates.

It is quite a secret as to what the inside of Club 33 is like, however we do know it's the only place in Disney to serve alcohol courtesy of the 1901 at least thats something for the $100,000 price tag. Oh and after the initial cost members pay $30,000 per year to maintain the membership.

Membership perks at Club 33?

Apart from the Alcohol as a member of this secret place, you will have access to two fine dining halls, valet parking, vip card and even a jazz lounge called the Le Salon Nouveau.

However, i think the real reason many will join the hidden place, is for the valuable business connections and subsequent business deals to be made here by the rich and powerful of the U.S.A.

6. North Brother Island, New York, US

North Brother island is one of the most infamous and secretive places in the U.S.A.

Located on New York City's East River, this abandoned & secret place has a dark past, which results in it being a forbidden area today.

What happened on the North Brother Island?

While, the state of New York purchased the island in 1885 as a place to build Riverside hospital.

This was a specialist hospital designed to house people with very contagious diseases like tuberculosis, typhus, yellow fever & even smallpox.

North Brother Island and the abandoned Riverside hospital. Photo by AbandonedNY. (Restricted Areas USA)

A famous patient at this hospital was "Typhoid Mary", the first american officially diagnosed with typhoid fever.

During World War 2, this quarantine facility was setup to help military veterans. After that it was setup as a rehab facility for heroin addicts!

These days it is a officially a "bird sanctuary" and the state of New York city has officially FORBIDDEN anyone from visiting!

What has North Brother Island got to hide?

This has sparked many questions from people wondering what have they got to hide?

Is there still patients in the Hospital? Is the ghost of "Typhoid Mary" on the Island?  Some people say it's what the movie "Shutter Island" was inspired by with Leonardo Dicaprio.

Despite the urges to keep away by New York State, many people have tried to sneak on the secret island just to take one last glimpse of the hidden and infamous Riverside hospital!

7. Fort Knox - U.S.A

Fort Knox is dubbed the most secure place in U.S.A and even the world! As the largest gold Bullion depository in the United States, this place is a restricted fortress! So what is stored in Fort Knox?

Apart from precious metals, such as gold and silver (it is estimated that 2% of the worlds mined metals are stored here)...what other hidden treasures are here.

According to many sources, Fort Knox once held the royal crown of Hungary and even copies of the Magna Carta! Some theorists even believe Fort Knox is holding the holy grail of Mary Madelene for the Knights Templar! For more on this read the Da Vinci code by Darren brown!

Fort Knox - The a very secure and secret place. photo by the event chronicle (Restricted Areas USA)

As Fort Knox is the most secure place in the world it's pretty difficult to really know what secrete treasures are in there. For aspiring thief's, Fort Knox would be the ultimate haul.

However, with the building made up of 4200 cubic yards of concrete, 16,000 cubic feet of granite and 750 tonnes of reinforced solid steel...this would not be an easy "job".

This is not even accounted the security surrounding the actual vault...with some theorists stating they would have lasers, armed drones and even land mines!

8. Bohemian Grove, California.

An exclusive club for the elite, rich and powerful which controls America.

Bohemian Grove has been around for over 150 years. Nestled on 2,700 acres of California redwoods.

The secret club is believed to be a right wing hub of control for the elites of the U.S.A.

They are believed to have influence over everything from politics to industry and even trade...meeting two weeks every year.

How to become a member of Bohemian Grove?

To become a member of this secret club you have to be someone of the elite and of significance.

Then you need to be invited by a current member and then you must pay $25,000 plus annual fees.

Prominent members include Republican Presidents, high up politicians, business mogul's and even a few popular artists.

Notable Members of this Secret Place:

Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were both members of Bohemian Grove. (A Secret place or an American institution, you decide Photo by

Wikipedia Commons.

(Restricted Areas USA)

9. Robins Island, New York

Robins Island is a 435 acre private island. Located off the coast of New Suffolk, New York. It is forbidden for public to enter Robin Island and is a restricted area.

Robins island has been plagued with many stories of failed ventures and many's quite a mystery.

Today it is officially a nature reserve and Sanctuary.

The owner "Mr Louis Bacon" has spent lots on rebuilding the natural eco system of the island, bringing in mature oak trees and improving the wildlife.

As he does not want to see it destroyed by Commercialization.

There is a chance this could open in the future to public so keep your ears open for Robins Island - the jewel of the Peconic

Dmadeo | Wikimedia Commons

Fun Fact: Robbins Island has the healthiest population of turtles, in the state of New York.

10. NSA Hidden Spy Hubs Across the U.S.A

The NSA's most Secret Places to Spy on you!

Is the NSA spying on you?? This is a question which is on the minds of many US citizens these days, with the recent scandals and data protection laws being addressed, it can be a worry for many.

The truth lies behind the fortified walls of certain windowless skyscrapers all over many U.S states.

These fortress like buildings are restricted, secret and build to withstand terrorist attacks and even natural disasters.

You may walk past one of these buildings every day and not even notice it.

These are the NSA Spy HubsIs there one in your state?

The Fortress like and secretive NSA spy hubs are all over the United states, here are just some of the states which have being confirmed according to a source. States/cities with a confirmed NSA spy hub include:  Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and of course Washington D.C.

NSA and AT&T Spying Partnership:

These NSA spy hubs, are part of the controversial National Security Agency Surveillance program and an Integral part of one of the worlds largest largest telecommunications networks. (AT&T).

This basically means that the NSA has access to every piece of data transmitted by it's citizens, across the United States.

The NSA regards AT&T to be one of its most trusted partners and has spoke previously of the company’s “extreme willingness to help" .

Many people have concerns about the ethics surrounding this spying and the secret power that the NSA has.

Due to the NSA's unique relationship with phone and internet providers across the U.S.A, you can be assured that they leverage this communications infrastructure and the Spying hubs across the U.S.A to monitors billions of emails, phone calls and even online chats!

According to our source (the intercept) , they have revealed a body of evidence including classified NSA documents, public records, and interviews with former AT&T employees which indicates that the secret buildings are central to an NSA spying initiative!

Full list of Restricted Access NSA Spy Hubs:

As you might of guessed these building have restricted access and what goes on inside is officially top secret. However, here are some of the exact addresses of the NSA spy hubs.

  • Seattle, Washington. 1122 3rd Avenue.
  • San Francisco, California, 611 Folsom Street
  • Chicago, Illinois, 10 South Canal Street
  • 420 South Grand Avenue, Los Angles, California.
  • 4211 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas
  • 51 Peachtree centre avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 30E Street, Southwest, Washington D.C,
  • 811 10T, New York.

11. Niihau, USA

This Hawaiian Island is a secret place, which acts sanctuary for many rare animal species and houses just 130 local residents.

With tourists having restricted access, it's no wonder that this place has been nicknamed the Forbidden island

Aerial view of Niʻihau Island in Hawaiʻi, looking southwestward from the north. Taken by Christopher P. Becker ( on 25 Sep 2007 from a helicopter. Via

Wiki Creative Commons

(Restricted Areas USA)

12. Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean, U.S.A occupied.

Legend has it that Diego Garcia has a secret prison and is even the landing place of the MH370!

Diego Garcia is a small Island in the Indian Ocean and is technically an overseas territory of Great Britain.

However, in 1966, the United States were given rights to use the island in return for cancelling a $14million debt owed by Great Britain.

As a restricted area and U.S military base it has been the subject of a wide range of conspiracy theories, from it housing a secret prison to the landing place of the MH370.

Diego Garcia (U.S.A Secret Places) Source:

USGS/NASA Landsat data/Gallo Images/Getty images. (A secret place with alot of controversy) (Restricted Areas USA)

It is public knowledge that Diego Garcia is a launching point for military flights to Afghanistan & Iraq.

It is also a ground station for the Global Positioning System (GPS) ran by the United States Air Force.

The actual base of Diego Garcia is home to 654 buildings and around 4,000 military personnel.

The secrecy of what really goes on at this military base was brought to light in 2009, with the United States military evicting several thousand of the islands local residents!

There was outcry by many, but the United states Military did not respond on the specific reason for the mass's all top secret.

13. The Marshall Islands - Pacific Proving Grounds, U.S.A

Bikini Atoll - The Secret US Nuclear Testing Island.

The Pacific Proving Grounds was the name given by the United States government for number of sites in the Marshall Islands  and the Pacific Ocean, which it conducted nuclear testing between 1946-1962 .

During this time the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests on the Marshall Islands, with the first on nuclear weapon test (codename able) launched on Bikini Atoll in 1946.

If the Nuclear power of all these tests were combined and then averaged out over that historically period it would be equal to 1.6 Hiroshima sized explosions per day!

The largest ever American Nuclear weapons test(15 mega tonnes) was detonated 280 miles northwest from Bikini Atoll.

As you can imagine, the fallout from such intense nuclear testing was immense, with radioactive fallout even detected on cattle in Tennessee!

We located the one spot on Earth that hadn’t been touched by the war and blew it to hell,” Bob Hope reportedly once said.

Bikini Islanders Exiled?

During the Nuclear testing phase Bikini islanders were exiled and forbidden from the islands. In 1970's they were allowed to return, however then they were removed again in 1978!

The reason this time was it was noticed that the islanders had been ingesting dangerously high levels of radiation from eating foods, which were grown on the former nuclear testing site.

This forgotten ground zero, with never been the same and although the local islanders can return, many still worry about the radiation and other fallout from this dark period in history. Sources. Washington Post     Guardian News

14. Menwith Hill Royal Air force Station - U.K [Leased to U.S.A]

Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force Base located in the United Kingdom.

This is one of the most secretive places in U.K and thus subject to a vast array of conspiracy theories.

Back in 1954, the British War Office purchased 550 acres of land and leased it to the United States Military.

What goes on in Menwith Royal Air Force Base?

So what goes on in Menwith Royal Air Force Station?

While what goes on at Menwith Hill is top secret, it is thought that it was originally setup during the Cold war for spying and intelligence gathering.

These days on NSA and Echelon spies can enter the base, with what they are working on kept very secret.

This has even led to protests from the locals demanding what is going on so close to their homes...the battle continues, but for now whatever is going on will remain restricted.

Vyacheslav Argenberg | Wikimedia Commons

15. Closed Cities, Hidden towns? Mecury, Nevada.

Are there any Closed cities still in the U.S.A?

One such type of area which is kept secret, restricted and closed of from the rest of society are U.S closed cities! So what is a "Closed city"?

It's like a normal city with people working and living there lives but it's closed off from other parts of society.

The first closed city ever built was in Washington State. T

he city was restricted and closed with the closest thing to it being a high security military base.

But it get's even more secret and restricting...not only is no one allowed to enter, but no one is allowed to leave!

Why create a closed City?

Usually, the first question on everyones mind is...why?

The official government report on closed cities such as this in the U.S.A was that it was closed off and a restricted area to prevent "sensitive military secrets and research being leaked out".

The train of thought is that the majority of these closed U.S Cities were created for the top secret "Manhattan Project", which main goal was to develop the first Nuclear Bomb.

Popular areas such as Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Tennessee and New Mexico were closed to outsiders, made restricted areas and placed under control of the U.S.A military.

According to


In January 2019 a Man was shot after he led Police on a Chase into the closed Town and Restricted Area of Mercury, Nevada. Photo by SOURCE: Ken Lund/Wikimedia Commons (Secret Places USA)

Back in 1941,  the town of Dugway, Utah was made a closed city by the US Government. This was to be the hub research for biological and chemical warfare testing.

The idea of the town was to act as a place to house all the researchers, and their families.

This has three benefits, the first is the researchers are close to the testing facilities, the second is that is area is restricted and secret so that "No one comes in or out" without government approval.

This prevents secrets & sensitive military information being leaked out.

The third one and probably the most sinister, is that if there was a terrible accident and dangerous contamination via a biological or chemical weapon, then the area would be effectively quarantined.

From a common sense perspective this makes sense, however it's quite likely that the researchers and families who were worked in the secret restricted areas would also not be allowed to leave should such an accident occur.

Mercury, Nevada - The U.S.A's most closed, hidden and restricted town.

Although the majority of these historic closed cities are now no longer closed, there are still a few left in the U.S.A.

The first is the town of Mercury, Nevada. This was a thriving hub in the 1950's with a population of 10,000.

It was the home to everything a normal town has, schools, bars, restaurants.

However, it was also home to the scientists who tested the first ever nuclear bombs!

Mercury, Nevada Today?

These days it has restricted access and you are forbidden to head into the town without government clearance.

The exact numbers on the amount of people who still live there is classified, although it is rumoured that around 500 people live there still who are mostly researchers.

Closed cities like Mercury, Nevada are not too common in the U.S these days, however in places like Russia and North Korea there are many and even North Korea as a whole is very restricted area.

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