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Prague 1 week Itinerary: 7 Incredible Days!

Explore Prague in 7 days: A complete guide to the city's stunning architecture, lush parks, unique eats, and vibrant nightlife. Perfect for couples, backpackers, and party-goers.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Prague 1 week Itinerary: 7 Incredible Days!

Prague One week Itinerary /7 days in Prague - Prague is a breath-taking medieval city, with jaw dropping architecture, lush parks, unique eateries and one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe. Partially thanks to cheap, high quality beer, at less than 1€/pint in some pubs!

It's a city which appeals to vast range of people, popular with romantic couples looking for that city break to backpackers looking to explore and even bachelor parties wishing to go crazy in Pragues wild nightlife!

The city is the Capital of the Czech Republic and has recently become popular with many digital nomads/remote working and was voted the best place in Europe for remote working, in a recent study.

Church of Our Lady before Týn Old town square Photo Copyright

Despite it's increase in tourism & popularity in recent years, it's still one of the best Bang for your buck cities in Europe! With Reasonably priced, hearty food, beers and accommodation.

How many Days should I stay in Prague?

I have visited Prague multiple times now and always discover something new! Most people say," you only need 3-4 days in Prague", I disagree the vast amount of scenes means to really do you need longer! In seven days you can really immerse yourself in the city, you can tick all the tourist landmarks of and also discover some really unique places!

So in this post, I will outline Prague in 1 week/7 days  to cater for different crowds I will put recommendations for couples, groups etc.

Day 1 in Prague:

Free walking Tour!

A sensible option for your first day in Prague is to take one of the many FREE walking tours! This is a great way to get your bearings on where everything is, learn about the history of the city and see alot of the main attractions: Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle etc.

Insider Tip:

Prague is a city, which is best explored on foot through the maze of cobbled streets, so bring some comfy shoes, most tours last around 3 hours.

prague things to do

Finding your way to all of Pragues great attractions can be a challenge by yourself. Photo by: Planning a trip to Prague)

How to book a FREE walking tour?

If you head near the Astronomical clock at 10A.m you will see many of the walking tour groups congregating. A company I use for such Free tours of Europe is called New Europe, they are friendly, engaging but also give really in depth info.

Prague cityscape 1 week itinerary

Prague is a Majestic city in the Summer or Winter! Prague Trip Planning  (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Be aware, alot of these free tours will ask for donations at the end. It is purely up to you how much you give!

If you would rather just pay upfront (like we did!). I recommended this great value half day tour with boat cruise, follow the link HERE

Check out Prague Castle

After taking a walking tour, be sure to spend some time at Prague Castle! This is where most walking tours end. The castle areas are vast and you can really spend some time here exploring the different parts.



Such as: St George’s Basilica, Rosenberg Palace, Old Royal Palace, Daliborka Tower, St Vitus Cathedral (The gigantic building you can see with the copper blue spire).

Tickets & Opening Times:

Tickets to each of the attractions & more can be purchased from the box office. Tickets cost 70-350CZK. Castle areas are open between 6am-10pm.  119 08 Prague 1, +420 224 373 368,

Day 2 in Prague:

Prague Food Tour:

If you are a foodie who would like an alternative type of tour, be sure to try a local Prague food tour. On this you will be guided around Pragues eateries known for the most authentic & delicious Czech foods.


Czech-Food-Tour, Roasted goose with pork crackling ! (one-week-prague-Itinerary)

Meeting Point:

Malostranske namesti 5 in front of Starbucks coffee. Here you will meet local foodies local foodies Vladimir and Ursa, who will take you on a whirlwind foodie tour around Prague.

Explore Old town Square:

Although you have probably passed through Old town square multiple times on your walking tour or foodie tour, it's worth heading here independently. Explore the markets, eateries and the hustle & bustle of this vibrant square.


Prague-oldtown-one-week-itinerary-7days (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)


  • The Oldest working Astronomical Clock in the World!

This is an unique piece of history which dates back to 1410. Watch as the crowds fill old town square, cameras at the ready for the hourly chime...which is a real anti climax!

Many tourists are poised ready for fireworks, epic ringing bells or just something crazy!

Instead they are greeted with a slow rotation of two statues nestled in the tower! Haha, still worth it to see the looks on everyones faces!


Prague-astronomical-clock-guide-Prague-7-days (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Also, the clock is incredible beautiful and the more you look at it, the more details you see!

  • Experience the Creepy Catacombs!

Head beneath the old town hall to explore the infamous catacombs! Which have been converted into a exhibit showing life in Medieval times.


Prague-Catacombs-Bones-underground-7-days. (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Insider Tip:

Access through the tourism office.

Staromestské nám. +420 221 714 444,

  • Watch the Talented Buskers!

Watch some of the most talented musicians/entertainers in the world from Violinists to Jazz players and even a one man band!

  • Explore the Churches

Explore the stunning churches of St Nicholas & Tyn.

Insider Tip:

Church Tyn, is only open in the morning & late afternoon. St Nicholas is open throughout the day.

Powder Tower:

5 minutes walk from old town square is the Power Tower, a large Medieval arched tower which was constructed in 1475!


Prague-Powder-Tower-Prague-One-week-Itinerary (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

The tower was mainly used to stockpile gunpowder and was one of the original city gates (one of 13).


Namesti Republiky, 5, Stare Mesto, +420 725 847 875, Open daily 10am-10pm. Tickets cost 100 CZK.

Explore the Jewish Quarter:

Head to the Jewish Quarter which is located between Old town square & Vltava River. Here you will find a preserved location, which ironically Hitler saved from destruction! Hoping it would become a Museum to the eradicated Jewish race!

These days you can explore the Jewish Ceremonial Hall, the six Synagogues and the jewish Cemetery which is really eye opening to see!


Prague-Powder-Tower-Prague-One-week-Itinerary. Source: (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Adventure through Letná Park

From the edge of the Jewish Quarter, cross over to Bridge to the West side of Prague  and take an adventure through Letná Park. A Hilltop park offering stunning views and a Baroque-styled pavilion. Letná Park has multiple hiking trails and is popular with cyclists and scooter tours.

prague-Letná Park-summer-7-days-prague (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Take a Romantic Stroll through Chotkovy sady Park:

For a tranquil place to take romantic stroll, head west through Letná Park and Crossover Chotkova road to enter the serene beautiful Chotkovy sady which offers rear views of the prestigious Prague Castle.

Chotkovy Gardens, Letná, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia. The park is open 24 hours and admission is free.

Insider Tip:

To get there on the metro take the Green line (A) from Malostranská.

Day 3 in Prague

Vyšehrad Castle

If you fancy exploring a really authentic piece of Pragues history, which isn't brimming with tourists...head to the often overlooked Vyšehrad Castle.  Built in the 10th Century, this areas contains the oldest building in Prague Rotunda of St. Martin.

prague-Vyšehrad Castle-guide-winter. Source: (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

V Pevnosti 159/5b, Praha 2, +420 241 410 348, Open 9:30am-5pm (6pm during the tourist season). Guided tours cost 120 CZK.

Afterwards, you can take a scenic river walk back into town (20-25 mins).

Museum of Communism

Back in town head to the Museum of Communism. Here you will learn about the oppressive communist environment & how the velvet revolution changed everything and caused the communist government to collapse in November 1989.

Day 4 in Prague:

Day Trip to Kutná Hora City:

If you fancy a day trip out of Prague, head to Kutná Hora a gothic city on the east side of Czech Republic.

St Barbaras Church:

Popular attractions here include: the St. Barbara's Church a Gothic Church with medieval frescoes and Spikey Architecture!

Sedlec Ossuary - "Bone Church"

Sedlec Ossuary is a creepy, bone cladded church which contains a series of human skeletons totalling over 70,000 bones! The chapel dates back to Medieval times and is definitely worth checking out! A walk round only takes about 20 minutes but the memories will last a lifetime!

Kutna Hora Prague Day Trip

Kutna Hora Prague Day Trip. Source: Trip advisor (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Cathedral of the Assumption

Afterwards check out the Cathedral/Basilica of Assumption, which was established by King Wenceslas II in the early 1300s. During this time, the area was going through a silver mining rush and thus riches were abundant.

Afterwards take a walk around Kutná Hora sqaure it feels like prague 20 years ago, no crowds just great architecture all for yourself!

How to get to Kutná Hora?

Take a train from Prague central train station to Kutná Hora. The journey takes around  hour and trains run every 2 hours. It only costs 100 CZK., €4.

Chruch of the Assumption Prague-1. Source: Wiki creative commons, Prazak - Own work (Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)(Prague one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Franz Kafka Museum:

If you get back early check out the Museum dedicated to the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka. Located at: Cihelná 635/2b, +420 257 535 373,

Franz Kafka Sculpture:

Day 5 in Prague:

Prague Underground Tour:

So you've explored Prague over the past few days but now it's time to venture underground! Prague Underground Tours   offers the experience of venturing beneath prague to see the creepy Catacombs & medieval houses

Malé nám 459/11, +420 777 172 177, Each tour costs 410 CZK (16€ approx) and takes just over 1 hour.

Explore Pragues Unique Street Art:

When you get back overground, be sure to check out some of Pragues most amazing Street Art!

“Choose to Be Happy” by Pasta Oner (2012)

Pasta oner is one of the most talented & famous artists in Prague, his art is expressive and always delivers a life changing message.

Located on Vitězné náměsti is Pasta oners version of Michelangelo’s fresco on the Sistine Chapel with the text “Choose to be Happy” adding a positive vibe to art painting.

Choose to Be happy Pasta Oner Street Art Prague

Gampe | Wikimedia Commons

This choose to be happy, mentality stems from many ancient philosophies, religions and even psychology with the idea being that our happiness is not determining by our outside circumstances but by our reaction to them and thus choice.

For Locations, maps and a full guide see the following: Ultimate Guide to Prague Street Art/Graffiti

National Monument at Vitkov Park:

The National Monument at the top of Vítkov hill in Žižkov is one of the most important landmarks related to the birth of the Czech Republic state. The Moument includes the 3rd largest bronze equestrian statue in the entire world (Jan Žižka) and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. One week in Prague gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the landmarks which others may miss on shorter trips!

Pedal Boating/Canoes at Kampa Park:

If you fancy less sightseeing and more of an activity, rent a pedal boat or Canoe to experience the beauty of Vltava River. An hour costs 200Czk (Less than $10) or you can rent a larger car like boat (fits 4) for 350Czk for one hour (14€).

Insider Tip:

Bring ID with you, as most boat provides keep this or take a photo copy until after the ride. This tour provider is pretty good. Or explore Kampa Park island and you will surely find a few boats!

Kampa park is also a really great place to relax, have some food and enjoy...especially during the summer months! A recommended restaurant is: Kampa Park Restaurant, Na Kampe 8b, Lesser Town, +420 296 826 102,

Day 6 in Prague:

Day 6, I'm going to assume this is a Saturday/Weekend but in a 24/7 city like Prague it doesn't really matter! What better way to start the day, then taking a brewery tour of Pragues most famous & delicious beer the Pilsner Urquell.

Take the Beer Museum Tour:

On the Beer Museum tour, you will learn about the magical brewing process of Pragues famous beer the Pilsner Urquell , learn about the equipment used and of course sample some fresh, frothing beer!

Insider Tip:

The tour takes around three hours in the afternoon, so either arrive early and have lunch before at the Brewery or eat after, liquid lunch is optional! If you took the underground tour in morning, hang tight as its in a similar location.

Evening Entertainment Options:

For the evening in Prague, you have so many options as the place comes to live at night!

A. Classical Music Concert:

After a few tasty beers, why not sample the historical Classical Music Scene of Prague, with a variety of evening classical shows. A popular venue is the stunning Smetana Hall, part of the Municipal house the largest concert hall offering 1200 seats under an artistic glass dome.

Fun Fact:

The Estates hall is the oldest theatre in Prague, and the place where Mozart conducted the premiere of Don Giovanni on 29 October 1787.

Prague Municipal House concert hall


B. Take an evening Cruise:

Taking a evening cruise along Pragues Vltava River, is a really unique way to see the city. There are a variety of trips on offer from sightseeing, to romantic and of course party boats!



Be sure to include one of these trips in your one week Prague Itinerary.

C. Explore Pragues Nightlife:

One week in Prague would not be complete without exploring Pragues epic nightlife scene at least one night. Whether you fancy just few beers & some cool Jazz or a full blown party Prague has something to suit every individuals music tastes and desires.

i. Jazz Night in Prague

For some vibrant Jazz, head down to the Jazz dock on Vltava River or Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club in Old town square.

Insider Tip:

Everything happens late at night in Prague, so be aware that Jazz at the dock doesn't start till 10pm!

ii. Head to one of Pragues Unique Bars/Nightclubs:

Prague has a massive variety of exciting and unique bars & nightclubs for more on this check out: 15 Unique Nightclubs in Prague: Party Animals Guide!

Day 7 in Prague:

After a late night partying in Prague, listening to lots of Jazz and drinking a whole lot of Pilsner you may wan't some relaxing culture on your last day in Prague.

Petrín Park - The Cities Largest Park!

Take a stroll through the cities largest parks which offers breath taking views of Prague, lush gardens and a fun maze of meandering trails. Oh and of course a series of attractions such as Pragues very own Eiffel Tower!

Petrin Gardens Prague-Romantic-guide

Unknown | Wiki

Pragues Eiffel Tower?

Commonly called "Pragues Eiffel Tower" its actual name is the Petřín Lookout Tower, a 63.5 metre tall steel framed tower which was built in 1891. It was used as an observation tower & a transmission tower.

Petrínské sady 417/5. The park is open 24 hours and admission is free.

John Lennon Wall:

After exploring Petrín Park, head back towards the river and to Iconic John Lennon Wall nearby about 10-20mins walk depending on how far in the park you went!

After 1948, it became associated with people protesting the communist takeover of Prague. In the 1960’s it was known as the “Crying wall” a place where protested painted phrases, art and lyrics although he government regularly painted over it.

When, John Lennon was shot on December 8th, 1980, the crying wall became a popular place for people to express their grief and protest against his deaf.

John Lennon Wall Street Art Prague

John Lennon Wall Street Art Prague. Photo by Ben at Aug 2019 (Best Street Art in Prague/Street Art Tour, Graffiti Guide) (Prague  one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

A single image of John Lennon remains as a center piece of the wall and hence the new name the john Lennon Wall. These days, it is a place to promote messages of love & peace and is a popular instagram hotspot!

Sometimes buskers can be seen by the wall singing classic Beatles hits.

Location: Velkoprevorské námestí.

John Lennon Pub:

Just one minute away you will find the appropriately named, John Lennon Pub. A Beatles style pub, based on the Yellow Submarine, with an outdoor beer garden. This quirky is great for drinks & food. The Toilet is hidden by a British style red phone box door.

John Lennon Pub Prague Stag Do Bachelor Party

John Lennon Pub Prague  Photo by Ben at (Copyright)  (Prague  one week Itinerary, 7 days in Prague Guide)

Peacock Gardens:

On the same side of prague as the John Lennon Wall (Mala Strana) you can discover the Peacock gardens or Wallenstein Palace Garden Prague. The perfect place to nurse that hangover with some serene beauty and peacock sightings.

Check out our Youtube:

Want more Prague?

Visit the Worlds most Beautiful Library in Prague!

Klementinum library

Klementinum library, Prague the worlds most beautiful Library!

15 Unique Nightclubs in Prague: Party Animals Guide!

Ultimate Guide to Prague Street Art/Graffiti


Ultimate Prague Bachelor Party Itinerary: Stag Do

Prague Stag Do Guide

Prague Stag Do Guide

Digital Nomads Guide to Remote Working in Prague

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