How to Cancel & Get a Refund from Priceline

Learn how to easily cancel your Priceline booking and secure a refund for hotels, flights, and more with our step-by-step guide. Ideal for savvy travelers.

Tobi Miles
July 16, 2024
Learn how to easily cancel your Priceline booking and secure a refund for hotels, flights, and more with our step-by-step guide. Ideal for savvy travelers.

Priceline is a great tool for those looking to make any kind of travel reservation without wanting to scroll through ten websites to find what you need! This website offers hotels, flights, and cars to reserve for your travels, but sometimes plans change! It is helpful to know what the refund and cancellation policy of this company is before booking an expensive trip you can't get back.

Canceling your reservations on Priceline can be done on the phone at 1-800-774-2354 or through their online portal. The refund policy is not universal and varies depending on the hotel or airline you selected. Car rentals are never refundable. Cancellation fees are applicable to certain reservations, so be sure to read the fine print before booking.

Since Priceline's refund policies differ between special deals and companies, it is very important to read through your reservation before paying it. This is the best way to avoid cancellation fees and be sure you can get a refund if needed. Follow along with this article to learn about the specific refund policies of Priceline and how to cancel your reservations easily.

What is Priceline's Refund Policy?

What is Priceline's Refund Policy
Priceline's Refund Policy

To put it simply, Priceline does not have a singular refund policy for all of the reservations made on their site. Since Priceline is a third-party provider, they tend to adopt the refund policies of the hotels or airlines you are booking with. They have little control over these refunds if it is not explicitly instanced you are due one since the money is sent directly to the provider.

Meaning the best way to understand the refund policy is to read the fine print before you pay. However, here are the general policies for car rentals, hotel bookings, and airline flights on Priceline!

Priceline Car Rental Refund Policy

Priceline Car Rental Refund Policy
Priceline Car Rental Refund Policy

Car rentals from Priceline have very different policies than flights or hotels. At Priceline, rental car reservations are absolutely non-changeable, non-endorsable, non-transferable, and non-refundable. Essentially, you will not be able to change your reservation to different dates or allow someone else to use your reservation. And of course, no refunds what so ever.

This is a very strict rule and you will not find exceptions to it. So be sure when you make a car rental reservation that it is not a flexible reservation and you will face a cancellation fee if your plans change. It may be a tough rule, but it is best to know before hand rather than after!

Priceline Hotel Refund Policy

Priceline Hotel Refund Policy
Priceline Hotel Refund Policy

When it comes to hotel bookings with Priceline, refund policies vary a lot. Some hotels have great refund policies up until the day you are supposed to check-in. While others have no refund except for special situations, so there is no set policy to understand. Priceline is simply a third-party provider, and the refund policies rest with the hotels themselves. Making nearly all of the bookings different.

Before you make your reservation, you should be able to see the refund or cancellation policy of that hotel. If you are still worried about it, you can check out the hotels' website before booking on Priceline to be sure of that booking's specific policy. So long as the hotel was not listed as an Express Deal, which will never get a refund.

Priceline Flights Refund Policy

Priceline Flights Refund Policy
Priceline Flights Refund Policy

Much like hotel refunds, each airline has its own refund policy. Priceline simply connects you to travel services and does not handle your money, so it is best to check with the specific airline to see their policy situation.

Most airlines will give you a refund if your flight is canceled due to a problem on their end. But beyond that, they are all quite different. Before you make the reservation you should be able to see the refund policy for your flight, but you can check out the airline's website to be sure!

What is Priceline’s Cancellation Policy?

By law, Priceline has a 24-hour free cancellation policy. No matter what you book (car, hotel, or flight) you will be able to cancel it for free within the first 24 hours of making the reservation. After that period, cancellation policies depend on the company providing the services. You should be able to see on your booking for information about the cancellation policy for that reservation.

The cancellation policy is quite variable, however not when it comes to car rentals or special offers. If you reserved a special offer booking or a car for your trip you will never get a refund and possibly have to pay a cancellation fee. Normal flights and hotels have different cancellation policies, but cars and special offers with never be refundable in any form.

Priceline also charges a cancellation fee when cancellation is allowed. This cancellation fee can cost anywhere between $100-$300, again completely depending on the provider's company.

Additionally, you may also have to pay a processing fee on top of the cancellation fee. Because of this, it is important to read your booking information carefully. You might end up paying double for your trip if you cancel it without understanding this fee!

How Do You Get a Refund From Priceline?

How Do You Get a Refund From Priceline
Get a Refund From Priceline

There are several ways to request a refund from Priceline, with the most popular being over the phone or through the Priceline portal.

Both methods take the same amount of time, but you are able to easily see updates about your refund online. You will only be able to request a refund if your booking is applicable, so be sure to read over your booking before attempting to get your refund.

1. Call Price Line

For those who prefer phone calls to chatbots, calling about your refund can be the most simple way to learn about your status. The representative will be able to help you understand your cancellation and if you qualify for a refund. This way you can avoid complications with the chats or wait times with calls and get straight to the point.

Priceline's Customer Care number is ​​1-800-774-2354. You can cancel and set up your refund from one call and be able to get clear answers to all of your questions. It is a simple process and you rarely need to wait long to get the information you need.

2. Check On Your Status

For those who do not prefer phone calls, you can cancel and set up your refund online. If you have already canceled your reservations and want to see an update on your refund, you can do so through the Priceline portal. The account you set up to make the reservations will store your previous reservations, and cancellations, and give updates on your refund status.

This function can be found inside your Priceline account and will show you the process without needing to speak to anyone. Through this portal, you are also able to cancel your reservations and request a refund.

3. Request a Refund

Once you have checked the refund policy of your reservation and canceled the booking, you are then able to request the refund. This can be done through the Customer Care line through your online portal!

You will only be able to make the refund request if your booking fits within the policy. Whether you request the refund online or over the phone, the refund will take the same amount of time.

No method is faster than the other, it just depends on what you prefer! In approximately two weeks, the refund should be back in your bank account.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund From Priceline?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund From Priceline
How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund From Priceline

The processes to get your refund are pretty simple. Once you cancel a reservation you will receive an email with the refund details. If you are charged a deposit or cancellation fee, you will be refunded the difference. This refund will be processed back to the original form of payment, likely the debit or credit card you paid with.

Priceline's system can take up to 24 hours to submit your refund. After they have submitted the refund it can take up to 7 days for the bank to post the credit to your account. Then, depending on your bank, it could take 1-2 billing cycles to see the credit on your statement. 

To summarize this, you may have to wait several weeks to see the refund back in your account depending on your bank. But usually, you will be able to see the money returned within two weeks.

Since Priceline works with many third parties, not all the refunds may come through them. If your card statement included a charge from a third party you will receive your refund from them, not Priceline. These would be the airline, rental car company, hotel partner, or cruise line you book with. So it is best to contact them over Priceline if you have any questions!

What is Priceline’s Flexible Cancellation?

Priceline's Flexible Cancellation policy is only applied to a handful of bookings and varies between flights and hotels. The Flexible Cancellation policy applies to some hotels that allow you to cancel your reservation up to three days in advance of your booking.

This comes with the condition that you might be charged for the first night's stay. This is a much better deal than paying the typical cancellation fee.

If your reservation has Flexible Cancellation it will be listed on your booking. And give more specific details to your particular case than we can give so be sure to read into it!

Are Priceline Express Deals Refundable?

Unfortunately, Priceline Express Deal is absolutely non-refundable. This is because Express Deals come to you at significant discounts, and the company can not risk losing extra money on cancellations and refunds. This is true for many of Priceline's deals and other bargains. So it is best to not expect any refunds if you find an amazing deal.

How Can I Contact Priceline for a Refund?

How Can I Contact Priceline for a Refund
How Can I Contact Priceline for a Refund

There are three methods to contact Priceline for your refund. Once you have established you are eligible for the refund, you can text, call, or engage in an online chat.

All of these methods take the same amount of time for your refund to process so the choice is completely up to your preference. So it is up to you to find the best method that makes for a smooth refund process.

1. Phone Call

The phone number to call if you would like to get a refund is 1-800-774-2354. This is Priceline's Customer Care line, where an assistant will be able to answer your questions and help process your refund request.

You may have to wait a few minutes to be connected to some (as is normal in these situations) but you should not have to wait a long time.

2. Online Chat

You can find this chatbot on the Priceline Help Center Page here. Messaging this bot will activate the chat with the system. If you find the bot unhelpful, it will eventually prompt you if you like to chat with a real person.

From there you can talk with a Priceline representative from your computer! It is a simple method and more easy for yourself, as the website already knows your booking information, so you do not need to repeat it!

3. Text

If you would like to get your refund using your phone but are not in the mood to call, you can also text a Priceline representative! By texting the number 33296 you will activate their text chats and someone will reply to you shortly.

From there you can go forward with your information on receiving your refund. It's a useful method to get your refund if you don't have time to sit down for the request!

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