Do You Need a Passport to Go to Las Vegas?

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Learn if you need a passport, REAL ID, or visa for your Vegas vacation, whether you're traveling domestically or internationally.

Tobi Miles
July 16, 2024
Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Learn if you need a passport, REAL ID, or visa for your Vegas vacation, whether you're traveling domestically or internationally.

Las Vegas is known around the world as a playground for adults filled with bright lights, great restaurants, and unforgettable casinos. There is no limit to how much fun you can have in Las Vegas whether you travel there domestically or from another country. So, do you need a passport to go to Las Vegas?

You don’t need a passport to go to Las Vegas if you are a United States citizen. Non-U.S. citizens can only go to Las Vegas if they have a passport, COVID-19 vaccine card, and valid ID. Domestic travelers can board a flight to Las Vegas with a driver’s license or government-issued ID.

Canadian citizens can cross the border and drive to Las Vegas without a passport if they have a NEXUS card. Las Vegas has lax COVID restrictions and the state of Nevada recently lifted its indoor mask mandate. Follow along as we explore the travel restrictions for domestic and foreign travelers going to Las Vegas.

What Documents Do I Need to Fly to Vegas?

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You need a government-issued ID or driver’s license to fly to Las Vegas as a U.S. citizen. Las Vegas is located in Nevada, so it is considered a domestic flight if you travel there from within the United States. Nevada has been a state since 1864 and Las Vegas became an official in 1906.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States because flights are often affordable and readily available. You can also easily drive to Las Vegas from Utah, California, Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho.

Documents for Non-U.S. Citizens

Non-U.S. citizens need a passport and ID to go to Las Vegas. Foreign travelers also need to fill out a Customs Declaration Form before the flight or at the airport when entering or exiting Las Vegas. Different countries have different forms of ID, but yours needs to be valid wherever you depart from.

It is easier for a Canadian to fly to Las Vegas than it is for residents of other foreign countries. The proximity of Canada to the United States provides citizens with special privileges. For example, a Canadian can drive to Las Vegas without a passport if they have a NEXUS card.

Make sure that there is enough space in your passport for another stamp before you travel. Your passport won’t be accepted if the expiration date is within 6 months of your arrival in Las Vegas. Renew your passport before your trip if it is set to expire soon so that you don’t have any trouble boarding a flight.

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Do You Need to be Vaccinated to go to Las Vegas?

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You don’t currently need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to go to Las Vegas. Domestic travelers don’t need to have a vaccine card to get on a commercial flight to Las Vegas anymore. Foreign travelers must be fully vaccinated to go to Las Vegas, however.

The airline will only accept your vaccine card if the last dose was within the last 14 days. Some vaccines are only single-dose so you will only need one in that case. Non-U.S. citizens with a double-dose vaccine will only get onto the flight if the second dose of the vaccine was from at least 2 weeks ago.

International travelers can only fly to Las Vegas without a vaccine card if they are under the age of 18. The CDC and WHO encourage U.S. citizens to get vaccinated before flying to Las Vegas, but it isn’t required.

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COVID Restrictions

COVID restrictions are no longer strict in Las Vegas whether you are traveling domestically or from a foreign country. Nevada doesn’t impose an indoor mask mandate anymore making it easier to get into most establishments without a mask. However, some bars, restaurants, hotels, and casinos may still enforce a mask mandate.

Most establishments in Las Vegas no longer limit their capacity and they now operate at full force. You are still encouraged to practice social distancing and wear a mask when indoors by health officials. The key difference is that you can now visit Las Vegas without having to follow strict COVID-19 regulations.

Do I Need a REAL ID to Fly From California to Las Vegas?

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You won’t need a REAL ID to fly from California to Las Vegas until May 3rd, 2023. The REAL ID Act will take effect at that date and will be required for all legal adults on domestic flights. You can obtain a REAL ID from your local DMV as long as you can provide proof of your identity.

They require you to prove your legal name, address, and date of birth. You will only be granted a REAL ID if you can provide two documents that verify your address. The DMV will also request your social security number before you get a REAL ID.

All United States residents will need a REAL ID to fly to Las Vegas no matter what state they are from. The purpose of the REAL ID Act is to improve the security of domestic flights in the United States. It only costs $30 to get a REAL ID and it is worth it if you want to want to fly to Las Vegas.

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What Does a Child Need to Fly to Las Vegas?

Children don’t need an ID to fly to Las Vegas. Parents can bring their children on domestic flights as long as the adult has a driver’s license or government-issued ID. However, you need to send your child with a parental consent form if they are flying to Las Vegas without an adult or legal guardian present.

Children that aren’t U.S. citizens need a passport to go to Las Vegas. The accompanying adult will also likely have to provide proof of their relationship with the child for an international flight. Generally, the rules are the mostly same when it comes to international flights whether you are a child or a legal adult.

Can You Fly to Las Vegas With a Dog?

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You can fly to Las Vegas with a dog as long as it is small enough for you to fit it under your seat. Otherwise, you will need to contact the airline to see what options they have for a larger dog. Some airlines allow you to bring large dogs with you on your flight to Las Vegas.

Your dog may need to fly as cargo, but dogs are often allowed in the plane’s cabin during a flight. However, you will be required to put the dog in a crate so that it doesn’t disturb the other passengers. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) allows you to fly with a service dog.

Make sure to notify your airline ahead of time so that they can accommodate you and your service dog if that is the case. It costs an average of $150 to fly with your dog to Las Vegas, but it varies based on the airline. Airlines charge as little as $50 to fly with a dog and as much as $250 for a one-way trip. Charges don’t apply to service dogs.

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Do You Need a Visa to go to Las Vegas?

You only need a visa to go to Las Vegas if you are a non-U.S. citizen planning to stay for longer than 90 days. Domestic travelers don’t need a visa to go to Las Vegas because you can stay anywhere in the United States indefinitely. Non-U.S. citizens typically pay $160 for a visa as long as they visit Las Vegas for business or tourism.

Petition-based visas are more expensive and cost up to $190 for non-U.S. citizens. Visas are worth the cost because they are valid for 10 years at a time. However, a basic travel visa only allows you to stay in the United States for 180-day stints.

Check to see if you are from a country that is part of the Visa Waiver Program before you go to Las Vegas. The Visa Waiver Program includes 40 countries that range from Iceland and Belgium to Austria and Japan.

Is it Safe to Travel to Las Vegas?

COVID numbers are currently low in Las Vegas and it is considered safe to travel there. Las Vegas is unique in its COVID response in that are vending machines for self-testing kits. The CDC and WHO still encourage travelers to exercise caution when they go to Las Vegas, but the infection rate is currently low.

Crime is still a concern when you go to Las Vegas, especially if you stay off of the strip. The Las Vegas strip has a heavy police presence to protect tourists from throughout the country and world. Areas such as Downtown Las Vegas, Huntridge, West Las Vegas, and Meadows Village are considered unsafe.

With that said, Las Vegas is still a popular tourist destination and there is nothing to be afraid of. Practice standard safety protocols such as walking with groups and being careful about where you go at night. Luckily, there is enough to do on the Las Vegas strip that you won’t need to venture out to dangerous areas in the city.

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