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18 BEST Cruises For Young Adults (Cruises For Every Budget!)

Explore the top 18 cruises for young adults! From budget-friendly to luxury options, find the perfect sea adventure to suit your style and wallet.

Tobi Miles
October 1, 2022
18 BEST Cruises For Young Adults (Cruises For Every Budget!)

Cruises are the ideal vacation for people that want to enjoy a fun holiday without a packed schedule. You can relax and enjoy the entertainment around you. While cruises are an ideal vacation for all ages, they are becoming more popular with young adults. If you're in your 20s or 30s, you might wonder what the best cruise line options are for your age group.

Carnival Cruise Lines hosts the best parties on the sea. This is a top-choice cruise line for young adults seeking a fun adventure. Royal Caribbean is another popular choice because there are fun activities onboard, like watersports and live entertainment. Norwegian Cruise Lines has a variety of vacation packages, including many discounted options to stay under your budget.

There are many great cruise lines to consider. Enjoying the onboard activities and entertainment is part of the fun of going on a cruise. Today, we're going to discuss some of the best cruise line options for young adults. Find out which cruises fit your budget and vacation expectations.

1. Royal Caribbean

Credit: Shutterstock, mariakray

Cost: $70 to $6365 | Trip Length: 2 nights to 19 nights

Royal Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise lines for young adults because of the great deals. Travelers can enjoy a cruise on one of Royal Caribbean's award-winning ships for a fraction of the price of the other guys. One of the perks of choosing this cruise line is that they have sales frequently, offering you more opportunities to save money on your trip.

Why Young Adults Choose Royal Caribbean

Each Royal Caribbean cruise ship is set up for the ultimate trip on the sea. They feature onboard activities, like water parks and rock climbing walls. Travelers also have a great selection of restaurants and bars on board every ship with live entertainment. When you need a break, there are plenty of peaceful lounge areas with a bar nearby.

Best Royal Caribbean Cruises For Young Adults

  • Perfect Day Getaway Cruise: This 2-night cruise takes travelers from Orlando, FL to CocoCay in the Bahamas.  
  • Western Caribbean Cruise: This 7-night cruise departs from Gavelston, TX. It travels to Roatan, Honduras, as well as Puerto Costa Maya and Cozumel in Mexico.
  • Fall Foliage Southbound Cruise: This 11-night cruise departs from Quebec City. It takes travelers to select locations throughout Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, and New Jersey.

2. Norwegian Cruise Line

Credit: Shutterstock, Darryl Brooks

Cost: $261 to $9518 | Trip Length: 2 days to 21 days

Norwegian Cruise Line is a great choice for young adults because of all the options. There are just as many budget-friendly packages as there are luxury options with this cruise line.

Why Young Adults Choose Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line makes it easier for travelers to find the right vacation package. All guests can enjoy a freestyle vacation experience by enjoying activities on their own schedule. While on board, people will be able to enjoy activity zones, deck parties, and gourmet meals from a variety of restaurants.

Best Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise For Young Adults

  • Alaska: Dawes Glacier, Juneau, & Ketchikan: This 7-day cruise takes off from Seattle, WA. It takes guests to several places in Alaska before taking the journey to Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Mediterranean: Italy, France, & Spain: Passengers can board this 9-day cruise in Barcelona, Spain. It takes travelers to several locations throughout Spain, France, Italy, Sardinia, and Majorca.

3. Carnival Cruise Lines

Credit: Shutterstock, lazyllama

Cost: $100 to $2600 | Trip Length: 2 days to 18 days

Carnival Cruise Lines has become one of the top-choice cruise lines for young adults. The fun never stops on these cruise ships and there's a plethora of different cruises to choose from.

Why Young Adults Choose Carnival Cruise Lines

The exciting onboard activities are the biggest seller for young adults. Travelers can have fun ziplining, play family feud, or spend an afternoon on the water slide. There's also a spa onboard so all travelers get the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Another reason that Carnival Cruise Lines is popular with travelers is that the suites are spacious and comfortable.

Best Carnival Cruise Lines Cruises For Young Adults

  • Baja Mexico- Carnival Radiance: This 4-day cruise departs from Long Beach in Los Angeles, CA. It takes travelers to Catalina Island and Ensenada.
  • The Bahamas- Carnival Liberty: This 3-day cruise leaves Port Canaveral in Orlando, FL. It takes travelers to Bimini, an island in the western district of the Bahamas.
  • Eastern Caribbean- Carnival Elation: This 7-day cruise starts off in Jacksonville, FL. Travelers will get to visit Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau.

4. Celebrity Cruises

Credit: Shutterstock, shorex.koss

Cost: $169 to $20,910 | Trip Length: 3 nights to 12 nights

Young adults love Celebrity Cruises because they get the celebrity treatment. You can enjoy award-winning cruises that will take you to some of the top vacation destinations around the world.

Why Young Adults Choose Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is one of the most relaxing cruise lines. People that want to relax while enjoying their trip on the sea will enjoy The Retreat. Guests can unwind in the luxury lounge, enjoy the view from the sundeck, or enjoy a meal in a private restaurant.

Best Celebrity Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Ultimate Southern Caribbean Cruise: This 10-night cruise takes off from Fort Lauderdale, FL. During the vacation, it will take guests to Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, and St. Kitts & Nevis.
  • Western Caribbean Cruise: This 7-night cruise will take a quick trip from Fort Lauderdale to Key West, FL. It will then travel to Belize City before heading to Cozumel, Mexico. It will make one last trip to Bihimi, Bahamas before returning to Fort Lauderdale.

5. Virgin Voyages

Credit: Shutterstock, Skyshark Media

Cost: $907 to $3300 | Trip Length: 4 nights to 14 nights

Virgin Voyages is a great cruise line for young adults to consider because there won't be any kids onboard. This is an adults-only luxury cruise line with all the essentials (and more) for an amazing vacation.

Why Young Adults Choose Virgin Voyages

This all-inclusive cruise line provides a fun and memorable vacation experience for guests. You can enjoy your choice of over 20 different restaurants on board at no additional cost. There are several places on board where you can relax in the sun or go for a dip in the water.

Best Virgin Voyages Cruises For Young Adults

  • Fire & Sunsets Soirees: This exclusive 4-night cruise takes off from Miami. It takes guests to Key West for a day before heading to Bimini, Bahamas.
  • French Daze & Ibiza Nights: This exciting 7-night cruise departs from Barcelona. Its first stop is in Marseilles, then it travels to Cannes. After that, the next stop is in Olbia before heading off to Ibiza.

6. MSC Cruises

Credit: Shutterstock, Nazar Skladanyi

Cost: $119 to $3791 | Trip Length: 1 night to 117 nights

MSC Cruises is proud to offer amazing deals on cruises to some of the top vacation destinations around the world. Whether you want to book a longer getaway or only have time for a quick weekend cruise, this is a great cruise line to consider.

Why Young Adults Choose MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises offer young adults a safe and fun travel experience. On board, you can enjoy a variety of activities, like the casino, 4D cinema, and mini bowling. Guests can enjoy award-winning entertainment and an onboard art gallery. There are also several bars, lounges, restaurants, and buffets on these cruise ships.

Best MSC Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Caribbean & Bahamas: This 8-day cruise departs from Port Canaveral in Orlando, FL. During this cruise, guests will get to visit various locations in the Bahamas and Mexico.
  • Mediterranean: Enjoy a 7-night trip that departs from Venice, Italy. Its first destination will be Kotor, Montenegro before heading to Mykonos and Santorini in Greece. It will then head to Bari, Italy before returning to Venice.

7. P&O Cruises

Credit: Shutterstock, seeker_88

Cost: $229 to $10,469 | Trip Length: 3 nights to 99 nights

P&O Cruises is the #1 British cruise line that appeals to young adults. They have cruise ships that take travelers to destinations around the world, like the Caribbean islands and Norwegian Fjords.

Why Young Adults Choose P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises is an experience created by travel experts. Passengers enjoy this cruise line because they get more full-day experiences at each of the destinations. They can also enjoy comfortable and luxurious suites at incredible value. On board, there is a great selection of dining options. Young adults can also enjoy rum and gin distilleries on cruise ships.

Best P&O Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Norway Cruise: This 12-night cruise departs from Southhampton, UK. It takes travels to several destinations in Norway, including Andalsnes, Romsdalsfjord, Tromso, and Narvik.
  • Canary Islands Cruise: This 16-night cruise departs from Valetta, Malta and arrives in Tenerife, Spain. Throughout the journey, it will stop at destinations like Taranto, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split, Mallorca, Gibraltar, and Arrecife De Lanzarote.

8. Lindblad Expeditions

Credit: Mundy Adventures

Cost: $3260 to $52,990 | Trip Length: 5 days to 35 days

Lindblad Expeditions provides a first-class experience for travelers that want to see more of the world. This cruise line is partnered with National Geographic to provide the best in travel expeditions.

Why Young Adults Choose Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions offers all-inclusive luxury travel packages at a fair value. Everything is included with their travel packages, so you can enjoy gourmet meals, hors d'oeuvres, coffee, and drinks from the bars without worrying about the tab later. Lindblad Expeditions has also won several awards, including Best Expedition Cruise Line and Best Adventure Cruise Lines.

Best Lindblad Expeditions Cruises For Young Adults

  • Wild California Escape: This 5-day cruise takes passengers throughout the coast of California.
  • Wild Belize Escape: This 6-day cruise journeys throughout Belize and Guatemala.
  • Culture & Cuisine Cruise: Passengers can enjoy a 7-day cruise that takes them to select destinations throughout Europe and the British Isles

9. Paul Gauguin Cruises

Credit: Mundy Cuising

Cost: $2990 to $8660 | Trip Length: 7 nights to 16 nights

Paul Gauguin Cruises is one of the best luxury cruise lines that travels to select locations throughout the South Pacific. It's one of the most enjoyable ways to travel this side of the world.

Why Young Adults Choose Gauguin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises takes travelers to several destinations on their bucket lists. It's the perfect cruise line for people to consider if they want to visit French Polynesia, Fiji, Tahiti, and other South Pacific destinations. Everything young adults need for a fun and relaxing vacation is included in their cruise, like fine dining, 24-hour room service, and live entertainment.

Best Paul Gauguin Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Fiji, Tonga, Cook & Society Islands: This 11-night cruise departs from Lautoka, Viti Levu Island. Travelers will visit a selection of destinations throughout Fiji before heading to Nuku'alofa. Then the cruise ship will head to Aitutaki, Cook Islands before heading to the Society Islands. Here, guests will get to travel to Bora Bora, Taha'a Island, and Moorea.
  • Society Islands & Tuamotus: This 10-night cruise takes off from Tahiti. During its journey, it will stop at destinations like Huahine, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Fakarava, Taha'a Island, and Moorea.  

10. Princess Cruises

Credit: Shutterstock, Jay Gao

Cost: $88 to $31,240 | Trip Length: 2 days to 107 days  

Princess Cruises has cruises in many parts of the world. You can enjoy the sunny weather of the Caribbean or see fall foliage throughout Canada, among many other destinations across the world.

Why Young People Choose Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises hosts enjoyable cruises that are unlike the other guys. Young adults (and people of all ages) enjoy the assortment of themed cruises to choose from. There are themes like The Love Boat and 80s cruises. They feature live entertainment to fit the themes as well.

Best Princess Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Australia Seacation: Princess Cruises has several options for the Australia Seacation. It's a 2-day cruise with ships departing from several ports throughout the country. You can find ships departing from Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, traveling to various locations.
  • Pacific Coastal: This 3-day cruise takes passengers from San Fransico, CA to Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). It will also stop in Victoria, British Columbia.

11. SeaDream Yacht Club

Credit: Shutterstock, Chris Lawrence Travel

Cost: $2799 to $10,299 | Trip Length: 4 days to 16 days

Don't let the name fool you, this company isn't just a yacht club. They also specialize in seabound vacations. SeaDream Yacht Club arranges luxury cruises throughout the Caribbean Islands and the Mediterranean. This private cruise line has peaked a lot of young adults' interest.

Why Young Adults Choose SeaDream Yacht Club

The team at SeaDream pays attention to the details that make for an excellent vacation at sea. Travelers can kick back, relax, and enjoy a luxury vacation. There's a pool, golf courses, and a spa on board. All suites have an ocean view, making them the perfect relaxation zone. Travelers can also enjoy al fresco dining in this peaceful setting.

Best SeaDream Yacht Club Cruises For Young Adults

  • Southern Italy Wine Journey: This 7-day cruise offers the ultimate culinary experience. Travelers will also get to try many different types of wine from some of the top wineries in the world.
  • Winward Islands Discovery: This 7-day adventure departs from Bridgetown, Barbados. During the vacation, the cruise ship will visit various locations throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Before heading back to Barbados, it will stop at St. George's, Grenada

12. Uniworld

Credit: Travel Professional News

Cost: $2,699 to $23,799 | Trip Length: 8 days to 55 days

Uniworld offers the best in class experience when it comes to luxury cruises. All of the highlights of these cruise ships are put in place by travel experts to create a dream vacation at sea.

Why Young Adults Choose Uniworld

Uniworld has many options for adult-only cruises. Travelers feel like royalty as they get pampered on these cruise ships. The cozy rooms come with luxurious amenities. The food is served fresh with high-quality ingredients. There are also premium wines, beer, and spirits at the bar that are included with the vacation packages.

Best Uniworld Cruises For Young Adults

  • Rhine & Moselle: This 10-day cruise departs from Strasbourg. During this cruise, travelers will get to visit Speyer, Cochem, Trier, Bernkastel, Boppard, and Frankfurt.
  • European Jewels: This 16-day cruise takes travelers from Budapest to Amsterdam. It makes stops in popular destinations like Vienna, Passau, and Regensburg, among many more.
  • Belgian Holiday Markets: This 8-day cruise starts off in Brussels. It travels to Gent, Hasselt, Maastricht, and Antwerp, where travelers can visit famous markets.

13. Viking Ocean Cruises

Credit: Travel Market Report

Cost: $3399 to $77,995 | Trip Length: 8 days to 138 days

Viking Ocean Cruises is an excellent choice for young adults that want to enjoy a high-end vacation. All travelers must be at least 19 years of age to travel on these cruise ships.

Why Young Adults Choose Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises is popular because of the smaller ship sizes. This allows many of the cruises to travel around areas that larger cruise lines don't have access to. Travelers will also get to learn more about the culture of the destinations they are traveling to onboard. Another perk of traveling with Viking Ocean Cruises is wine tasting with a professional sommelier.

Best Viking Ocean Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Alaska & The Inside Package: This 11-day cruise departs from Vancouver, British Columbia where it travels to Alaska. It will visit several destinations throughout Alaska, including Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, and more.
  • Iceland's Natural Beauty: This 8-day adventure departs from Reykjavik in Iceland. It will travel to several destinations throughout the country, like Akureyri, Westman Islands, and more.
  • Bangkok, Bali, & Beyond: Enjoy a 13-day cruise focused on scenic sailing and Asian arts. During this cruise, the ship will travel to several destinations throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

14. Silversea

Credit: Shutterstock, Boy_Folio

Cost: $3950 to $119,600 | Trip Length: 5 days to 140 days

Silversea is known for its small luxury cruise ships. Travelers can enjoy a lavish vacation on the sea while visiting some of the best locations worldwide.

Why Young Adults Choose Silversea

Silversea is the best choice for a luxury cruise. Travelers enjoy that they have access to butler services 24 hours a day. The team on this ship goes above and beyond to make sure every need of the passengers is met. Silversea has a reputation for personal and friendly service.

Best Silversea Cruises For Young Adults

  • Galapagos Islands: This 7-day cruise departs from San Cristobal, Galapagos in Ecuador. It travels to many beautiful destinations throughout Ecuador, like Kicker Rock, Isla Bartolome, and more.
  • American West Coast: This 11-day cruise departs in Vancouver, British Columbia and finishes in San Diego, California. During the journey, it will stop at destinations like Seattle, Portland, and San Fransisco along the way.
  • Mediterranean: This 7-day cruise departs from Fusina, Venice in Italy. During the trip, the cruise ship will travel to select destinations in Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, and Montenegro.

15. Oceania Cruises

Credit: Shutterstock, NAN728

Cost: $1299 to $65,649 | Trip Length: 7 days to 218 days

Oceania Cruises makes it easier to book your dream cruise. They offer risk-free planning and some of the lowest rates on luxury cruises. Couples can even arrange 2-for-1 fares.

Why Young Adults Choose Oceania Cruises

With Oceania Cruises, there are more opportunities to find travel plans for any budget. This cruise line is known to have some of the best sales on cruise packages. Travelers can find sales on trips that can go as low as $99 per person. The cruise ships are very elegant and cozy, with fine dining areas.

Best Oceania Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Barcelona to Athens: This 14-day cruise departs from Barcelona, Spain and finishes in Athens, Greece. It travels to several destinations throughout Malta, Isreal, Turkey, and Greece.
  • Rome To Miami: This 16-day cruise departs from Rome in Italy. On its journey to Miami, Florida, it will stop at various locations throughout France, Spain, the UK, Antigua, and Puerto Rico.

16. Seabourn

Credit: Shutterstock, Jan Ohrstrom

Cost: $3,748 to $99,248 | Trip Length: 7 days to 6 months

Seabourn is a popular cruise line because they have smaller ships with spacious suites. The all-inclusive travel packages offer travelers more for their money.

Why Young Adults Choose Seabourn

Seabourne is an adult-orientated cruise line. While children are allowed on board, the atmosphere and activities are catered to adults. Travelers can enjoy relaxing at the spa, burn off some calories at the fitness center, or attend an interesting travel lecture. They can also enjoy exceptional gourmet food with the best hospitality.

Best Seabourn Cruises For Young Adults

  • Glaciers & Alaska Inside Passage: This 7-day cruise departs from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and arrives in Juneau, Alaska.
  • Wonders Of Western Iceland: This 7-day excursion departs from Copenhagen, Denmark and takes travelers to Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Riveria Romance: This 8-day cruise takes off from Monte Carlo, Monaco and takes travelers to some of the Mediterranean's most romantic destinations, like Palamos and Ibiza.

17. Windstar Cruises

Credit: Shutterstock, Macklin Holloway

Cost: $1899 to $44,714 | Trip Length: 7 days to 85 days

Windstar Cruises is a popular choice among young adults seeking a luxury vacation because of its private ship style. This cruise line is known for its award-winning service and exceptional culinary talent.

Why Young Adults Choose Windstar Cruises

Young adults enjoy the intimate setting of the Windstar Cruises ships. It's one of the best cruise lines for newlyweds or young couples to consider for a romantic getaway. This cruise line also prides itself on providing travelers with authentic experiences at the destinations they visit.

Best Windstar Cruises Trips For Young Adults

  • Southeast Canadian Exploration: This 11-day cruise takes off from Montreal, Quebec in Canada and travels to Boston, MA.
  • Naturally Costa Rica: This 7-day cruise takes off from Puerto Caldera. It visits several of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica, including Playa Flamingo and Playas del Coco.
  • Holy Lands & Petra Cruise: This fascinating 11-day cruise takes travelers from Amman, Jordan to Athens, Greece. It stops in Cyprus, Heraklion, and other destinations along the way.

18. Disney Cruise Line

Credit: Shutterstock, SeregaSibTravel

Cost: $1014 to $4747 | Trip Length: 2 nights to 14 nights

Disney isn't just for kids. People in any age group can enjoy a memorable vacation on Disney's cruise line. After all, there is no age limit on enjoying the magic of Disney.

Why Young Adults Choose Disney Cruise Line

Disney cruise ships take passengers to beautiful destinations throughout the world. Young adults enjoy the excitement of life onboard a Disney cruise ship. There is world-class live entertainment, a great selection of dining options, and fun parties on board. You may even get to meet one of your favorite Disney characters.

Best Disney Cruise Line Trips For Young Adults

  • Baja Cruise: This 5-night cruise departs from San Diego, CA and arrives in Ensenada, Mexico.
  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise: This 3-night excursion takes travelers from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas.

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