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20 Cabin & Treehouse Rentals in New Hampshire (Secluded & Spacious!)

Explore top secluded & spacious cabin & treehouse rentals in New Hampshire! Perfect for travelers seeking outdoor fun in forests, mountains & beaches.

Tobi Miles
September 10, 2022
20 Cabin & Treehouse Rentals in New Hampshire (Secluded & Spacious!)

New Hampshire is a fun state to visit for people that enjoy outdoor activities. There are beautiful forests, mountains, and beaches throughout the state. One of the best ways for visitors to enjoy these surroundings is in a private treehouse or cabin.

There are many great treehouses and secluded cabin rentals throughout New Hampshire. Caitlin’s Two-Story Treehouse in Newbury is a beautiful location throughout all four seasons. Abby’s Cozy Treehouse is a spacious rental in Sanbornton with close to perfect reviews. Tiny Earth Cabin in Canterbury is an excellent location where guests can escape their busy lifestyle.

Are you planning a trip to New Hampshire? It’s time to start thinking about your accommodations. If you want to stay in a treehouse or secluded cabin, you’re in the right spot. Today, we’re going to talk about the best rentals throughout New Hampshire.

Top-Rated Treehouse Rentals In New Hampshire

1. Abby’s Cozy Treehouse (Sanbornton)

Credit: Airbnb

Over 100 happy guests have left nearly perfect reviews for Abby’s Cozy Treehouse. This treehouse is where chic meets rustic. It allows guests to disconnect and enjoy the serene natural surroundings. However, it also comes complete with amenities for guests’ comfort.

Guests will get to sleep in the upper loft area, where there are two single beds and one double bed. If you have extra guests, the sofa in the living room also folds out into a bed. 

There is a kitchen that is equipped with many small appliances for cooking. Guests can also use the grill outdoors and enjoy a meal in nature.

This is a great place to book if you enjoy outdoor activities. It’s a short walk to trails used for hiking, cycling, and snowmobiling. The treehouse is also within walking distance of a nearby community beach.

Location: Sanbornton, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.99

2. Treetop Sanctuary (Dunbarton)

Credit: Airbnb

A charming suspended bridge leads guests to the Treetop Sanctuary. Visitors will get a true glamping experience when they stay in this treehouse. They will also get to sleep in a treehouse that’s suspended 30 feet above the ground.

There is electricity and WI-FI in the treehouse. However, there isn’t any running water. Guests will have use of a private outhouse. They will also be able to take a shower at the main house.

This treehouse is located on private five-acre property. There is a large pond on the property that guests are welcome to hang out by. If you want to go hiking or cycling, there are trails connected to the property as well.

Location: Dunbarton, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.92

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3. The Hostel At D’Acres (Dorchester)

Credit: Airbnb

The Hostel at D’Arces allows people to enjoy an old-fashion camping experience in a treehouse. Guests are required to bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, dishware, and other essentials they would bring camping. 

Inside the treehouse, there is a double mattress. There’s a loft area where guests can set up beds if they bring cots or an air mattress. If you’re traveling with additional guests, there is the option to set up tents on the property.

This property is set up for camping. There is a farm store, swimming ponds, and cooking areas on-site. If you’re traveling with other people who are renting a unit on this property, you can meet up at the communal firepit. Guests will also have access to shared showers.

Location: Dorchester, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.84

4. White Mountains Treehouse (Wentworth)

Credit: Airbnb

White Mountains Treehouse is a budget-friendly rental that’s under $50 per night. Guests love that they can get a cozy treehouse camping experience without going over their budget. 

Another reason guests love this location is that it has more amenities than locations that charge nearly triple the price. This includes a private outdoor shower, with hot water. The outdoor shower was a new addition, added to the treehouse area in 2022.

This treehouse is located on a 22-acre farm. The farm is over 250 years old. It’s also a great spot to go exploring, as it’s located along a lush forest line. This property is also near the Baker River.

The owners are very accommodating and go out of their way to create a great experience for guests. If they are given enough notice, they can even give visitors rides to different places in the area so they don’t have to worry about getting lost in a new town.

Location: Wentworth, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.75

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5. Treehouse At The Shire (Conway)

Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse At The Shire looks like a tiny log cabin nestled in the trees. This is one of the most charming treehouse rentals on our list today. It even has a close-to-perfect rating on Airbnb. 

This treehouse has an alfresco kitchen, where guests can make meals and enjoy the peaceful scenery. This even includes coffee and tea for visitors. However, there is also a two-burner stove in the treehouse for rainy days.

The owners supply basic condiments to save people from having to buy them for their stay. This includes salt, pepper, honey, olive oil, and more. They also supply cream and sugar for coffees.

Location: Conway, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.95

Top-Rated Secluded Cabin Rentals in New Hampshire

6. Tiny Earth Cabin (Canterbury)

Credit: Airbnb

Tiny Earth Cabin is a beautiful tiny cabin in a private area. This is a wonderful spot for solo travelers that want some time in nature. The owner has even connected high-speed internet to the cabin so remote workers can stay for longer. 

There is an equipped kitchenette in this cabin. It even features a waffle maker, but guests will need to bring their own ingredients. There is a composting toilet on site, just 50 feet from the cabin. It’s well lit, making it easier to find at night.

Guests love that they can enjoy time outside no matter what the weather is like. There are two large canopies included with this cabin. This allows people to enjoy using the girl or fire pit, even if it rains.

Location: Canterbury, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.78

7. Kara’s Cabin In The Trees (Littleton)

Credit: Airbnb

One of the top secluded cabins in New Hampshire is Kara’s Cabin in the Trees. This loft-style cabin is set in a very relaxing location. When visitors arrive here, it’s just them and nature. While this cabin does have electricity, it doesn’t have a TV or WI-FI.

You won’t get bored staying at this location. It’s only a five minute walk from Lake Partridge. You will also be close to some of the mountain hiking trails in the area. This is a good place to rent if you want to spend more time outdoors.

The owner provides fishing gear, bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards for the guests. There is also a firepit on site that can be used when the sun goes down.

Location: Littleton, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.91

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8. Matt’s Mountain View Cabin (Conway)

Credit: Airbnb

Matt’s Mountain View Cabin is a cozy spot located in the Conway area. This cabin may appear small from the outside. However, indoors you can follow the spiral staircase to a spacious downstairs area.

This cabin is only 20 feet from the water. You can enjoy a peaceful view of the water and have fun with water activities. The owner has provided two paddleboards with this rental. They were brand new for the summer of 2022.

Please keep in mind that this cabin is an adults-only vacation rental with no exceptions. While the owner wants everyone to enjoy a leisurely vacation, there have been multiple incidents leading to damage in the past when children have been on-site. 

This cabin is meant for peaceful and relaxing getaways. If you’re seeking a quiet timeout from your busy life, this is one place you’ll enjoy. After 10 pm, the area becomes a quiet zone. You won’t hear noises from other locations either.

Location: Conway, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.93

9. Joya’s A-Frame Cabin (Conway)

Credit: Airbnb

Joya’s A-Frame Cabin is a uniquely built cabin nestled between pine trees. This cabin has a large deck where guests can unwind and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. It’s an excellent place to stay when you don’t want anyone to bother you.

There are two bedrooms in this cabin and it can accommodate up to 4 guests. It’s the perfect place for an escape from your everyday life. While it’s not fully secluded in the woods, it is in a quiet and private neighborhood.

The cabin does have WIFI and a 43-inch TV. However, cable TV isn’t included. The owners wanted to create a nostalgic vibe with this cabin. Instead of cable, guests can choose movies from the VHS collections. Adults will also feel like kids again when they see the board game collection at this cabin. 

Location: Conway, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.79

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10. Tiny Home On A Farm (Gilmanton)

Credit: Airbnb

Tiny Home on a Farm is a unique take on the cabin camping experience. It is located in a peaceful and private setting on a Farm. While you may hear the occasional rooster, there won’t be any other noise interrupting your peaceful getaway.

One of the features that guests enjoy the most about this tiny home is the rooftop patio. They can enjoy a drink and watch the stars above where they sleep at night.

There is a bathroom with this rental that includes a composting toilet and a cedar wood shower. There is one bedroom with a cozy queen-size bed. Guests can enjoy the skylight view right from their bed.

This location is a close drive to nearby restaurants and attractions. You will also be close to hiking trails to explore more of the area.

Location: Gilmanton, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.79

Family-Friendly Treehouses & Cabins in New Hampshire

11. Kissing Oaks Backyard Treehouse (Ossipee)

Credit: Airbnb

Kissing Oaks Backyard Treehouse can accommodate families of five. While there is only one bedroom, there is also a sofa that folds out into a bed. The hosts of this property enjoy having fun and creating a great experience for the whole family.

While there isn’t a bathroom in the treehouse cabin, there is a porta-potty on-site. This little treehouse does have electricity. It includes a mini fridge and a TV. Kids can have fun with the playground equipment on-site. There’s a slide and two swings. 

This treehouse has been built on a large property surrounded by woodland. While the owner’s house is on-site, it’s approximately 600 feet from the treehouse. Guests will still get their privacy while enjoying a stay at Kissing Oaks.

Location: Ossipee, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.60

12. White Mountains Treehouse (Warren)

Credit: Airbnb

White Mountains Treehouse has a tiny area where kids can enjoy a magical view. Families of 5 can sleep in this treehouse. However, if you want to bring more relatives to this property, there are options for camping on-site as well with the treehouse rental.

Guests should come prepared with the essentials, as though they were camping. While this treehouse is very well-built, it doesn’t have electricity or heating. It can get cold during the night. 

This treehouse doesn’t have running water. There are other bathroom amenities on site. For drinking water, there is a spring located just down the road. Make sure you bring bottles to fill so you can get enough to drink for your stay.

Location: Warren, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.50

13. Franconia Range View Cabin (Franconia)

Credit: Vrbo

Franconia Range View Cabin is a beautiful and private cabin suitably for large families. This cabin features two bedrooms with six beds and can accommodate up to eight guests. There’s also a full kitchen and living room/den area.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy spending time here. It’s close to hiking trails, Echo Lake State Beach, and Franconia Notch State Park. It’s also located near the Cannon Mountain Ski Area.

One of the things guests love about this rental is the giant windows. They can enjoy the view from all areas of the cabin through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Keep in mind before renting this cabin that other guests may be on the premises. This is a very large cabin with three separate levels. Each level is its own rental. While other guests may be near, the location is so private that it’s unlikely you’ll bother each other.

Location: Franconia, NH
Vrbo Rating: 4.9

14. Lake Waukewan Waterfront Cabin (Meredith)

Credit: Vrbo

Lake Wauken Waterfront Cabin is a beautiful spot for a secluded family vacation. The front of this cabin has floor-to-ceiling windows allowing guests to take in the view of the lake from indoors. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy sunrises and sunsets.

This two bedroom cabin can accommodate up to eight guests. It’s located on a sandy beach where guests can go swimming. There’s also a dock where they can relax by the water and enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you want to enjoy water activities, this is an excellent place to stay. There is a canoe and a kayak included in the rental. It’s one of the best places in the Meredith area for enjoying peaceful days by the water.

Location: Meredith, NH
Vrbo Rating: 4.7

15. Keri’s Log Cabin (Wentworth)

Credit: Airbnb

Keri’s Log Cabin is a cozy place for small families to book a trip. This cabin has enough bedding to accommodate up to four guests. It’s also located on 50 acres of wooded property to give your family privacy.

The interior of this cabin is absolutely stunning. It features a cathedral ceiling and wide pine flooring. Guests also get to enjoy a relaxing farm porch. Another thing guests love about this rental is that it’s built facing the mountains for a mesmerizing view.

Location: Wentworth, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.98

Luxury Treehouse & Cabin Rentals in New Hampshire

16. Caitlin’s Two-Story Treehouse (Newbury)

Credit: Airbnb

Caitlin’s Two-Story Treehouse is an amazing luxury rental any time of year. There’s air conditioning to stay cool in the summer heat. In winter, guests can stay cozy by the fireplace and enjoy in-floor heating.

There are two bedrooms in this treehouse and it can accommodate up to four people. It also includes a main living area through a “Hobbit” door. The kitchen area is equipped with the essentials, including a fridge/freezer and a two-burner stove. 

Guests enjoy the wrap-around deck, which provides them with a remarkable view of the treetops around this treehouse. The treehouse was built with both new and recycled materials. This includes reclaimed barn boards that date back to the 1800s. 

Location: Newbury, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.99

17. Luxury Tiny Home (Plymouth)

Credit: Airbnb

If you want to stay in a pine forest with cozy amenities, this luxury tiny home is the ultimate place to stay. It’s where a cabin meets a glamping tent. Guests get to enjoy the experience of camping in the woods without having to put in the hard work to get set up.

While this location may look like a big tent at first, it’s much more. The tiny home is completely weatherproof, allowing guests to stay comfortable even during a rainstorm. It also has a tin roof to ensure they stay dry. 

The main source of cooking at this unit is the campfire. However, the hosts supply everything guests need for making a meal on the fire. They even include a campfire french press along with a bag of local coffee.

Location: Plymouth, NH
Airbnb Rating: 5.0

18. Madison Treehouse Cabin (North Conway)

Credit: Vrbo

Madison Treehouse Cabin is a  luxury vacation rental with enough space for the whole family. On the outside, it looks like a modern barn. However, on the inside is one of the most beautiful rustic interiors in North Conway, NH.

This vacation cabin has two queen-size beds, two twin beds, one set of bunk beds, and two futons. You can even bring a friend or two along on your next family getaway. 

If you want to have fun outdoors, this is the place to go. You can relax on one of the cabin's balconies. There is even a screened porch for rainy days. Rentals also include access to kayaks and canoes. 

One of the features that guests enjoy the most is the game room. This area features old-school arcade games. Adults feel like kids again in this area.

Location: North Conway, NH
Vrbo Rating: 4.8

19. Castle View Cabin (Randolph)

Credit: Airbnb

Castle View Cabin allows guests to enjoy a private retreat in the mountains. This cozy cabin features a queen-size bed with luxury bedding. There is a bathroom, kitchen, and living room area as well.

The kitchen is fully equipped for making meals. All dishware and small appliances are provided. The owner also includes coffee, tea, spices, condiments, and more. Another perk is that there are fresh herbs growing outside the treehouse that guests are welcome to use.

This cabin is close to multiple hiking trails. Guests should be prepared that they will need to take a hiking trail to get to the treehouse after checking in. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to arrive before the sun sets.

Location: Randolph, NH
Airbnb Rating: 4.96

20. Camp David Waterfront Cabin (Pittsburg)

Credit: Vrbo

Camp David Waterfront Cabin is a luxury rental at a budget-friendly price. It’s a very spacious cabin located on a secluded private property. There are four bedrooms and it can accommodate up to 10 guests. It’s a great place for families or groups to book for a getaway.

Guests can look forward to having a lot of fun during their stay. It’s a great location for boat rides and kayaking. There is also direct access to snowmobiling trails during the winter months.

If you’re visiting on a rainy day, there are amenities indoors for your comfort. This includes high-speed internet and widescreen TV. 

Guests can enjoy spending time with each other and lounging outdoors on this property. If you want to have a bonfire, the owner will supply firewood with the rental.

Location: Pittsburg, NH
Vrbo Rating: 4.9

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