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20 Best Waterfalls Near Pittsburgh (Tallest & Most Beautiful)

Explore the 20 best waterfalls near Pittsburgh for a refreshing retreat. From towering cascades to family-friendly spots, find your perfect waterfall adventure.

Tobi Miles
July 22, 2022
20 Best Waterfalls Near Pittsburgh (Tallest & Most Beautiful)

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a thriving city that is visited by tourists all over each year. What a lot of people do not realize when thinking about Pittsburgh is how close it is to a variety of gorgeous waterfalls. Nature lovers look forward to exploring the waterfalls nearby and you should too!

Those looking to experience cooling off under a waterfall should definitely check out Fall Run Park. If walking behind a giant 30-foot tall waterfall sounds fun then Cucumber Falls is the place to go. Hikers who want a challenge should visit Quaker Falls. Families looking to make a day out of their outdoor adventure will love Settler’s Cabin Park Waterfall

If you are searching for an easy-to-access waterfall, then Cole Run Falls is the place to go. Frankfort Mineral Springs Waterfall is the perfect place for explorers wanting to hike and check out some trails.

Yoder Falls is perfect for experienced hikers who want to visit a more secluded waterfall. Whatever outdoor adventure you are looking for, the Pittsburgh area will have it!

1. Adams Falls

Credit: Simon Resch / Flickr

Adams Falls is located in the Laurel Highlands at Linn Run State Park. This waterfall is surrounded by gorgeous open forest and is an excellent way to get out and explore nature.

While the waterfall itself is stunning, it is on the shorter side. This 12-foot-tall waterfall is perfect for families looking for a day trip.

The waterfall itself is super easy to access from the parking lot and does not require much walking. This makes it easy to explore with kids or larger groups of people without added stress.

The flow of the water itself changes up a lot depending on how much rain there was recently. Ideally, come and explore this waterfall after a large storm to see it best in action. However, regardless of rain amounts, this waterfall is a beauty and can be enjoyed by all.

2. Fall Run Park

Credit: James.Baron / Flickr

Fall Run Park is located in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, and is very close to Pittsburgh. This beautiful waterfall is 18 feet tall and is very easy to get to. All you have to do is follow a rather short trail made up of beautiful scenery.

Visitors love cooling off in the water at the base of the waterfall on warm summer days. Children are often seen playing in the shallow waters too, making this an amazing place for families to visit.

For an even better view of the waterfall, visitors can climb a staircase that gives them an overhead view of the water. This is a great place for visitors who are looking for an easily accessible outdoor adventure.

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3. Hells Hollow Falls

Credit: Shahid Durrani / Flickr

Hells Hollow Falls is located in McConnells Mill State Park and is a favorite of tourists to the area. The park itself is beautiful and features numerous rustic elements such as an old covered bridge and a mill.

The Hells Hollow Falls waterfall is 15 feet tall and surrounded by stunning terrain. Visitors can easily access the waterfall by taking the trail which is a simple hike. This is a great place for people to visit with children or for first-time hikers due to its ease.

4. Cucumber Falls

Cucumber Falls is a stunning waterfall that is located in Ohiopyle State Park and is loved by many. This waterfall is massive in size and is 30 feet tall.

Surrounded by natural greenery and forest, visitors love looking at the plants and local wildlife that reside there. This is a great waterfall for those looking for a more immersive experience.

To get to the falls you simply take a staircase located by the parking lot all the way there, it’s easy! Once there, visitors can actually walk behind the waterfall and experience the water and sounds up close.

This is an amazing experience that visitors love. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take some super unique photos from this perspective. Cucumber Falls is stunning and definitely a must-see.

5. Springfield Falls

Credit: Hickydoo / Flickr

Springfield Falls is located near Grove City and is a perfect escape to nature. The waterfall is extremely close to the parking lot and is beyond easy to get to for all visitors including young children or those with disabilities.

Once there, the view is unlike anything else. Visitors can enjoy looking out at the water plunging down and hitting the surrounding rocks.

This waterfall is not easily accessible from the base and it is recommended to proceed with caution if you attempt to go down there. Overall, Springfield Falls is beautiful and everyone leaves this place with a new appreciation for mother nature!

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6. Big Run Falls

Credit: John Ernst / Flickr

Big Run Falls is found in New Castle’s Cascade Park which used to be a functioning theme park. The park itself is now primarily open land, however, there are a few aspects of the original theme park left.

The Waterfall is absolutely beautiful and drops straight down off of a huge ledge. The water then collects in a calm pool below that is lined by large rocks and various trees and plants.

Nature lovers will absolutely adore this park and the beauty of this waterfall. Visitors can see this waterfall from the parking lot and get amazing photos without walking far. Those looking to get more up close certainly can, just be careful!

7. Settler’s Cabin Park Waterfall

Credit: sk / Flickr

It may be a mouthful to say, but don’t let that stop you from visiting! Settler’s Cabin Park Waterfall is located very close to downtown Pittsburgh in Allegheny County’s Settler’s Cabin Park.

The waterfall is very calm and peaceful compared to others. The pool of water at the bottom is perfect for kids to splash around on a warm day and makes for awesome photos.

Families will especially love visiting this waterfall due to its many picnic tables and areas to relax. Bring a picnic basket, and some flip-flops, and spend the day by the water!

8. Braddock's Falls

Credit: Old Structures & Interesting Places in Central Pennsylvania & Beyond / Facebook

Braddock's Falls is about 40 minutes away from Pittsburgh and is found in Braddock’s Trail Park. The 20-foot-tall waterfall is absolutely breathtaking and is hidden away in a sea of green leaves and bushes.

Plunging out of a rock wall, this waterfall is definitely picture-worthy and a favorite of nature lovers. Visitors only need to walk about five minutes to reach this natural beauty. Add Braddock Falls to your summer bucket list this year!\

9. Frankfort Mineral Springs Waterfall

Credit: Brian Gallo / Flickr

Frankfort Mineral Springs Waterfall is located in Raccoon Creek State Park. This 7,500-acre park is perfect for those looking for a day full of hiking, exploring, and immersing themselves in nature.

The waterfall is smaller in size but plenty beautiful. Visitors can access the base of the waterfall by taking a short hike from the parking lot. The waterfall plunges over a rocky overhang where visitors can take pictures under during their visit.

People love to hang out under the overhang and cool off in the shade. The cave-like area is a favorite of many and truly an experience like no other. Pack some snacks and a camera and come explore this amazing location!

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10. Buttermilk Falls

Credit: RattBoy / Wikipedia

Buttermilk Falls is a popular waterfall name in Pennsylvania, but this is specifically about the one found in Indiana County. This 40-foot-tall waterfall is stunning to look at and so is the rocky hillside that surrounds it.

Nature lovers come from all around to bask in the wonders of this unique waterfall. Photographers are often seen snapping pictures and artists are commonly spotted sketching or painting the beautiful landscape.

Visitors can view this waterfall after a very short and easy hike, making it the perfect waterfall for families to visit. Visitors can also walk behind the waterfall and experience its beauty up close!

Standing behind a large waterfall and hearing the sounds up close is an experience that many people don’t get. Buttermilk Falls is a favorite of many, and it will be yours too.

11. Yoder Falls

Credit: Balko / Flickr

Yoder Falls is located near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and is much more off-grid than the other waterfalls we covered so far. This 30-foot-tall waterfall is best for those who are seeking adventure and have prior hiking experience.

Enjoy spending a day hiking and exploring nature away from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life. More secluded nature areas come with their own risks, but those who are experienced and well aware will be more than fine.

The trail can be challenging, but once you reach the waterfall, the views make it all worth it. This waterfall is not the best option for those traveling with children or in gigantic groups.

The terrain and journey are a hiker's dream and a favorite of many local hikers. Check it out for yourself!

12. East Park Falls

Credit: Jon Dawson / Flickr

East Park Falls is located in Connellsville and is made up of two different waterfalls. One of the waterfalls feeds into the other and is extremely close in distance.

These waterfalls are very easy to see and are also right by the parking area. The waterfalls themselves are small in size, maxing out at 7 feet tall.

It is cool getting to see multiple waterfalls so close together and in action. This is a great place for families to visit or people looking for a quick adventure and photo opportunity.

13. Fallingwater

Credit: Bryan Steingard / Flickr

This is unlike any of the waterfalls we will be talking about today. Fallingwater is actually a house that was built by Frank Lloyd Wright. The home is located close to Pittsburgh and is built directly over a waterfall. How cool is that?

The architecture in itself is amazing and the home is open for tours to the public. During these tours, visitors will get an amazing overhead view of the waterfall and amazing photo opportunities as well.

The vantage point from the house is beautiful and offers a unique perspective. Visitors can opt-out of the house tour if they want and instead get a grounds pass for the day just to go see the waterfall.

This may be a better option for those visiting with children, as the home is rather fancy and may not be the most fun for young kids. Whichever option you go with, you are sure to fall in love with both the home's exterior and the waterfall.

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14. Cole Run Falls

Cole Run Falls is located in Forbes State Park and is absolutely beautiful. Located directly by the parking lot, this waterfall is easy to reach and a favorite amongst the locals.

This wide waterfall is surrounded by luscious greenery and large rocks. Though beautiful at any time of the year, we recommend visiting during the summer or fall when everything has blossomed or is changing colors.

The waterfall is 15 feet tall and is made up of a bunch of mini waterfalls that flow into each other. The fast-moving water and rough current will leave you amazed and wanting to come to visit again.

15. Hinckston Run Falls

Credit: Tammy Riley / Flickr

Located close to Johnstown, Hinckston Run Falls is a favorite of the locals and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. The massive waterfall flows off of a cliff and into a calm and peaceful reservoir.

This waterfall is visible from the street and has the most amazing view. Photography lovers will definitely want to bring their cameras to this location! Visitors should only enjoy this waterfall from the street as the surrounding land does not allow the public.

16. Jonathan Run Falls

Jonathan Run Falls is located in Ohiopyle state park. It is made up of three separate waterfalls that all feed into one another.

This waterfall can be best accessed by taking the 1.4-mile Jonathan Run trail all the way. This trail is not super complex and great for beginners or those looking to get their steps in for the day. Check it out for yourself!

17. Ohiopyle Falls

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ohiopyle Falls is located in Ohiopyle State Park and is massive in size. Viewing the giant waterfall could not be easier. All you have to do is go inside the Ohiopyle visitors center and head to the windows overlooking the falls.

Those wanting to get a bit closer can go onto the viewing decks where they can experience the wonder of the fast-flowing water even more. This is a great place for those looking for a waterfall that requires no hiking or rough terrain.

Families can take amazing photos on the viewing deck. Nature enthusiasts from all over will love visiting this wonderful waterfall.

18. Buttermilk Falls

Credit: Jim Hoover / Flickr

Buttermilk Falls located in Armstrong County is a favorite of many. This waterfall can be reached by a short hiking trail from the parking lot that ends at the bottom of the waterfall.

The trail consists of paved roads, a bridge, and plenty of stunning scenery. The four-foot-tall waterfall is short in height, but it is extremely wide.

Visitors can cool off in the calm pool where the water collects after leaving the falls. Photography lovers can snap some amazing photos from their viewing spots. Visit Buttermilk Falls today!

19. Alpha Falls

Credit: Mark Palmer / Flickr

Alpha Falls is located in Lawrence County at McConnells Mill State Park. This 35-foot-tall waterfall is extremely skinny and stands out from the others.

The water plunges off of the side of a cliff and lands on a rock halfway down, bouncing the water off and forming a fan-like shape before it hits the bottom. This makes for outstanding photos and amazing ice shapes in the winter months.

Visitors can go right up to the base of this waterfall, allowing them to really understand the size of this natural piece of art. Add visiting Alpha Falls to your agenda!

20. Quaker Falls

Credit: Reddit

Quaker Falls is also located in Lawrence County. This waterfall is giant and surrounded by tons of greenery and walls of rock.

The waterfall plunges from a cliff and ends up sliding down a rock at the halfway mark, giving the illusion of there being two waterfalls.

Visitors can easily access the waterfall from the top and get amazing photos from up above. Those who want to go to the base of the falls will have to hike. The hike itself is not for those who are inexperienced.

Hikers looking for a challenge will love descending to the bottom and those looking for a cool photo opportunity and memory will be more than happy from up above. Visit it for yourself!

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