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Best Time To Visit US Virgin Islands (Monthly Guide by a Local!)

Find the perfect time to visit the US Virgin Islands with a local's monthly guide! Explore St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix for the best beaches and hikes.

Tobi Miles
July 23, 2022
Best Time To Visit US Virgin Islands (Monthly Guide by a Local!)

The US Virgin Islands is the perfect escape to the Caribbean with white sand beaches around every corner. This little-known US territory has three main islands named St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix each with unique places to explore.

The best time to visit the US Virgin Islands is between April and June. Prices are more affordable in this shoulder season with flights costing just $400. The beaches are not as crowded in these months. You are also less likely to run into rainy weather this time of year and see temperatures around 80℉ every day.

With several islands to explore and each with its unique attractions, it can be hard to pick where to go first! Follow this article to find the best-hidden beaches and hikes to enjoy during your next vacation.

When Not To Visit US Virgin Islands

The most expensive and crowded month to visit the US Virgin Islands is December. With the holiday season in full swing, tourists are looking for a warm escape from the winter blues. This is also the beginning of the peak season, so the islands are incredibly busy.

December is also the end of the hurricane season, so the weather is not too hot, and runs little chance of tropical storms ruining the trip. All of these factors cumulate in high prices with hotels costing roughly $350 a night.

August through November are also not a great time to visit these islands due to the weather. There is high heat and heavy precipitation through these months, resulting in a less-than-ideal trip to the US Virgin Islands.

Cheapest Month To Visit US Virgin Islands

As with most tourist destinations, the months with the worst weather are the cheapest times to visit these islands. September is the absolute cheapest month to visit the US Virgin Islands. Budget travelers will find cheaper flights and hotels in the early fall months.

However, the prices are more affordable this time of year due to September being the peak of hurricane season. This month sees the most rain and warmest temperatures out of the year, which scares many of the tourists away.

Yet if you love a good adventure and want to risk the possibility of a storm, you will have most of the islands to yourself! Visiting in September or October will get you low crowds and cheap prices, you just need to be wary of the intense storms.

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When is the Best Month To Visit US Virgin Islands

To find the best combination of prices, activities, and weather, April is the best month to visit the US Virgin Islands. The springtime weather sees mild temperatures around 80℉ and very little precipitation, making it an ideal time to enjoy the outdoors.

As a part of the shoulder season, you will also find more reasonable pricing for flights around $400. There will also be fewer tourists around the islands, meaning you will have more space and sunlight for the best price compared to other months.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The US Virgin Islands: Monthly Breakdown

January: Great Time to Snorkel

January is one of the coolest months in the US Virgin Islands, but that does not mean the weather is bad! On average temperatures range from 85℉ to 72℉, with roughly 2.4 inches of rain throughout the month.

This also happens to be the busiest month of the year, so be wary of crowds. The US Virgin Islands are hot spots for cruise ships, so you will likely see beaches swollen with other tourists and prices at all-time highs.

To escape from this, you may consider visiting the island of St. John which is mostly protected by a national park. This island makes it a bit easier to escape the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

  • Snorkel in Turtle Cove
  • Beach Bar Island Hop Excursion

February: Great Time for a Boat Ride

Temperatures remain similar in February in the US Virgin Islands, ranging from 85℉ to 72℉ during the day. There is less of a chance of running into rain in February, as the islands only measure 1.5 inches of precipitation.

You will still find many crowds this time of year and prices for hotels increase a bit after holiday sales. As a part of the peak season, prices can be $150 more than much of the rest of the year for each night at a hotel.

The US Virgin Islands are made up of 50 total islands, and exploring these smaller islands by boat can be a great activity when the beaches are full. You can get away from the crowds and enjoy more personal experiences by venturing outside the main islands!

  • Visit Honeymoon Beach
  • Check out Secret Harbor

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March: Visit Beaches

Weather in the US Virgin Islands begins to increase as summer approaches. Temperatures average between  86℉ to 73℉. This is also the driest month of the year with only 1.4 inches of rainfall.

This is the last month of the peak season in the US Virgin Islands, as students on spring break love to vacation on the warm beaches. Due to this extra travel, it also tends to be one of the most expensive months to visit with flights around $650.

In March you can watch the Annual St. Thomas International Regatta, a world-famous yacht race that brings in boat lovers from around the world. The event hosts multiple races, buffets, happy hours, and live music sessions!

  • Visit Buck Island Reef National Monument
  • Explore Coral Harbor

April: Festivals

Summer is almost here in the US Virgin Islands as temperatures climb to highs ranging from 87℉ to 74℉. Unfortunately, the rains increase as well to 2.7 inches of precipitation over the month. Peak season is officially over and crowds begin to dissipate.

Hurricane season is approaching, but there is still plenty of sun to soak in! Tourism begins to decrease slightly for the first time all year in April and the temperatures and rains amp up. Luckily prices of travel and hotels drop as the peak season ends.

The island of St Thomas hosts its Carnival celebration in April. The month of celebrations crescendos in the final week full of parties. With food fairs and daily music festivals, it is certainly a week you won’t soon forget.

  • Visit Maho Bay Beach
  • Hike Ram Head Trail

May: Explore the Outdoors

Summer and hurricane season arrive in the US Virgin Islands in May, although you are not likely to run into a major storm. You tend to see 3.1 inches of rain throughout the month with peak temperatures ranging from 88℉ to 76℉.

The islands become more popular in the summer months due to vacations from schools, so flights tend to be around $500 when traveling from the United States. However, you can find more budget-friendly stay options while on the islands.

One of the most unique experiences in the world can be found on the island of St. Croix. Salt River Bay Historical National Park is home to one of the world’s few bioluminescent bays. You can kayak through the mangroves during the day and watch the glowing waters in the evenings!

  • Visit the 99 Steps
  • Stop at Frenchtown Brewing Company

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June: Best Time For Swimming

The month of June sees warmer waters and weather, with temperatures averaging around 89℉ to 78℉. Luckily there is not too much rain this time of year as well, with a low average of 2.5 inches of precipitation.

Due to the summer influx, you might see some crowded beaches and restaurants but nothing too overwhelming. Flights cost about $500 roundtrip, which is a great price to slip to the island before the hurricanes take full effect.

For those who missed the carnival in St. Thomas, you can still catch the St. John Carnival in late June! Like many other carnivals, the last week of the month is full of parades, dances, and street food that you can’t walk away from.

  • Explore Phantasea Botanical Garden
  • See Mermaids Chair

July: Best Prices

Summer temperatures begin to reach their peak in July, with averages ranging from 90℉ to 78℉. Hurricanes become more likely in July, but on average the US Virgin islands only see 2.9 inches of rain.

Flights costs are down to roughly $450, as the hurricane likelihood increases. The great summer heat may be attractive to those who live in the north. And with plentiful tropical fruit, there is no shortage of things to enjoy.

Calling all fruit lovers to the St. Croix Mango Melee and Tropical Fruit Festival! This island’s celebration of fruits hosts cooking competitions and public workshops to enjoy. Locals and tourists alike are welcome to enjoy all of nature’s sweets here in July.

  • Visit Coral World Ocean Park
  • Explore Brewers Bay

August: Hike to Mountaintop

The summer heat of the US Virgin Islands continues with average high temperatures ranging from 90℉ to 78℉. The rains increase with monthly rains reaching 3.7 inches of precipitation. Hurricane season begins to take full effect in August as well.

If you are willing to risk the weather prices are very cheap in August, with flights costing just $400 on average. You will still find plenty of warm surfs and fascinating sea life to explore around the islands during this month.

Ocean lovers will love the opportunity to dive in the world-famous Cane Bay Wall in St. Croix. This massive 4000-meter drop in the ocean is a hot spot for free divers swimming their way from shore. But scuba divers will find beautiful coral reefs as they descend into the ocean’s depths.

  • Walk through Blackbeard's Castle
  • Visit Mountain Top

September: Visit St. Thomas

In the last month of the summer heat, temperatures remain in their familiar range of 90℉ to 78℉. However, this month does see the largest amount of precipitation all year with roughly 5.6 inches of rain total.

This is the cheapest month to visit the US Virgin Islands. Due to the turbulent weather, travel and crowds are low on the islands in September. Costs are relatively cheap with flights priced out at $300 round trip.

St. John island has a hiking trail known as Reef Bay Trail that contains Taino petroglyphs to observe. Little is known about the natives who lived on the islands before the European settlers, making this preserved marking of their presence that much more intriguing.

  • Visit the Pirates Treasure Museum
  • Explore the St. Thomas synagogue

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October: Ride a Ferry

As the northern hemisphere cools, so do the US Virgin Islands with average temperature highs dipping to 89℉ and 77℉. Although the tropical storms continue leaving 5.4 inches of precipitation falling this month.

October is the second cheapest month to travel to the US Virgin Islands, with flights only costing $350. Hotels and transportation are often cheaper as well, making this the most budget-friendly month to visit the islands.

For those who love rum and history, a tour of the Cruzan Rum Distillery in St. Croix is a must. With free tastings and fresh stock to bring home, this experience will teach you how rum is made from molasses and how it looked for the pirates in the 1760s!

  • Walk along Main Street in St. Thomas
  • Take the Virgin Islands Ferry

November: Go Jetskiing

Temperatures on the US Virgin Islands finally begin to cool, with average highs ranging from 87℉ to 75℉. The rains are still persistent, but not as bad as in the past few months with an average of 5.2 inches of rain throughout the month.

With the holiday season beginning, prices begin to increase in November. Flights cost about $500 round trip this time of year but can get even pricer around Thanksgiving. Even with lingering rain, there are plenty of activities to do on the islands.

November is a great time to visit some of the historical landmarks around the islands, such as the Annaberg plantation ruins in Leinster Bay on St. John. As some of the most well-preserved sugar plantation ruins, you can explore the complex social history of the island.

  • Explore Francis Bay
  • Jet ski around Rainbow beach

December: Celebrate Christmas Island Style

The weather becomes beautifully mild in December, with highs ranging just between 86℉ and 74℉. There will still be a few days of lingering rain, but the month only sees about  3 inches of precipitation.

December is the most expensive month to visit the US Virgin Islands, with flights costing roughly $700. The beginning of the high season and additional Christmas travel makes it an incredibly pricey time to visit the US Virgin Islands.

St. Croix Christmas Festival is a long-held event originating from the time when enslaved people were given some days off around Christmas. Costumes, parties, and music can be found across the island celebrating that traditional holiday with a modern twist.

  • Visit Trunk Bay Beach
  • Snorkel around Little Buck Island

When Is The Best Time To Visit US Virgin Island To Avoid Crowds

Avoiding the crowds on the US Virgin Islands means running into hurricanes instead. September is the best time to visit the islands to avoid crowds. Tourism is down and vacation costs are cheap.

This is due to September being the peak of hurricane season, as the intense rain tends to scare beach bums away. But if you are lucky enough to not run into a storm, the US Virgin Islands at this time has very open beaches to enjoy.

April is another option to avoid the large winter crowds. The islands will not be as empty as in September, but there is less tourism than in the peak months. And with little chance of rain, it is a more appealing option for travel.

What Months Are Hurricane Season

The official start of hurricane season for the US Virgin Islands is June 1st and goes through November 30th. The summer sun warms up the waters making them perfect for big storms to brew, but the rains become more likely as the season goes on.

September is the height of hurricane season and sees the most rainfall out of the year. The following months of October and November see significant rains as well. This results in cheaper prices for travel on the islands during this time.

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