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Unlock St. Martin's Secrets: Ideal Season for Island Thrills

Imagine an island where every sunrise is a spoiler alert for paradise. Discover when St. Martin reveals its best-kept secrets of sun, fun, and adventure!

Tobi Miles
August 11, 2022

When you think of St. Martin, you might think of beaches and tasty culinary dishes. However, that is not all that St. Martin has to offer. It has been in the top 20 destinations worldwide by Tripadvisor. Moreover, for thrillseekers, it has the steepest zipline in the world!

May, June, November, and December are the best months to visit St. Martin. These months have an average temperature of 85 F (29 C). April to May is popular for attending events like the Carnival, while March is great for the SXM Festival. Visit in September to avoid crowds and get a 4% price drop. 

St. Martin has plenty to offer each month. However, in some months, the weather may feel unbearable, or it may be easier to avoid crowds in another. That is why this article looks at each month and what they offer. 

Worst Time to Visit St. Martin

The worst time to visit St. Martin is from December to April. During these months, flights and hotel prices increase dramatically because of the tourist peak. 

Even though December to April has beautiful and comfortable weather in the low 80s, the prices may deter you from visiting. However, May to June and November to December offer pleasant weather with lower prices. 

If the price increase is a deterrent, you may want to also avoid August through October as they can be bad for traveling to St. Martin. These months are peak hurricane season, so you may experience frequent rainfall. 

October receives the most amount of rainfall at 2.4 inches and typically has 14 days of rain. Therefore, visiting in October is not ideal either.

Cheapest Time to Visit St. Martin

Late September is the cheapest time to visit St. Martin. However, you may need to take standby flights or limit other travel expenses to ensure you stay within budget.

While it can be difficult to travel on a budget in St. Martin, a solo traveler can spend $145 per day and get a one-star hotel for $64. You can book a vacation rental for $80 per night, though it is best to do so in advance.

Those that want to visit St. Martin as a family of four should save enough to spend an average of $455 per day. However, it is needed to either book everything in advance or limit your spending.

If you are looking to save the most money, avoid traveling to St. Martin during peak tourist season. The peak tourist season months are from mid-December to mid-April. 

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Best Time to Visit St. Martin (Monthly Breakdown) 

January: Check Out the Carnival 

January tends to have pleasant weather in St. Martin. The daily high temperature is 80 F (27 C), while its daily low temperature is 71 F (22 C). 

While January has excellent weather, mainly in the 80s, with little rain, there are not many festivals and events. However, there are plenty of fun activities that you can do in January.

Whether you want to visit popular tourist attractions at the beach or go down the zip line, there is something fun to do. The only problems you may encounter in January are the prices and the abundance of tourists.

  • Attend the Carnival
  • Visit the Maho Beach
  • Go Down the Zip Down
  • Visit Fort Louis

February: Take a Boat Tour

The weather in February is the same as in January. The average daily high is 80 F (27 C), and its daily low is 71 F (22 C). 

Since February has pleasant weather like January, it is a great time to visit before the temperature gets too hot. However, it is still a popular month to visit, like January. Therefore, prices also increase in February.

In February, you have the opportunity to experience the Arrowroot Festival and the Carnival. The Carnival starts in January and lasts until February, allowing you to watch pageants and have a barbecue! 

  • Visit the Arrowroot Festival
  • Attend the Carnival
  • Go Snorkeling
  • Go on a Boat Tour

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March: SXM Festival

The weather in March is, for the most part, the same as in January and February. However, its high is 81 F (27 C), and its low is 71 F (22 C).

If you are looking for a music festival to attend in St. Martin, March will be the best time to visit. In March, the SXM Festival gives you memories of a lifetime, taking you through St. Martin’s beaches, villas, and various boats.

Since the SXM Festival takes place in March, those not interested in attending it may want to visit another month. Many people start to travel to St. Martin to attend the SXM Festival, which cause increased prices.

  • Attend the SXM Festival
  • Visit Heineken Regatta
  • Hike to Pic Paradis
  • Take a Kayak to Pinel Island

April: Visit Happy Bay

April has minimal changes compared to March, with the high temperature at 82 F (28 C). St. Martin’s low temperature is 73 F (23 C).

April is the second Carnival of the year and is just as fun and exciting as January’s. There will be plenty of parades, local and international bands, beauty pageants, and more! 

The temperature is pleasant, and the atmosphere is joyful, but the prices are high. If you insist on visiting in April, it is best to book any flights or reservations ahead of time!

  • Attend the Carnival
  • Go to the St. Martin Open Golf Tournament
  • Do an ATV Tour of St. Martin
  • Visit Happy Bay

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May: Try Windsurfing

May’s weather is starting to get even warmer, with the average high at 84 F (29 C). Its daily low is 74 F (24 C). 

If you are on a budget, May might be one of the best times to visit as you can enjoy free activities. However, you will need to visit on certain days to participate in them. There is Ecotourism Day and Fete du Nautisme. 

Ecotourism Day and Fete du Nautisme typically take place on the second or third weekend of May and will be a blast to attend. You can take free horseback tours, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, and more!

  • Celebrate Ecotourism Day
  • Celebrate Fete du Nautisme
  • Go on a Kayak
  • Go Windsurfing

June: St. Martin Billfish Tournament 

The temperature in June rises slightly to 85 F (30 C). Its low daily average is 76 F (24 C). Moreover, June is the start of hurricane season in St. Martin. However, rain showers are not as common in June as in October.

While May is perfect if you want free activities, June is ideal for enjoying anything with fish! June holds plenty of fun fishing tournaments the whole month. 

The St. Martin Billfish Tournament is one of the most prestigious fishing competitions! There are more than 20 fishing boats that will be in the Martin Boulevard area trying to catch fish. 

  • Attend the St. Martin Billfish Tournament
  • Enjoy St. Martin’s Fishing Event
  • Visit Cupecoy Beach
  • Go Parasailing

July: Victor Schoelcher Grand Case Festival 

July tends to have hot weather, though it is not unbearable. The high temperature in July is 86 F (30 C), and its low temperature is usually 76 F (25 C).

While July is one of the hottest months of the year in St. Martin, there are very few tourists visiting. Moreover, it may not be a great time to visit due to some establishments closing for maintenance. 

July has a few fun holidays you can take part in, such as Bastille Day and Schoelcher Day. During these days you can experience fireworks or boat races.

  • Attend the Victor Schoelcher Grand Case Festival 
  • Celebrate Bastille Day
  • Go Jet Skiing
  • Visit the St. Martin Butterfly Farm

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August: Best Time to Visit St. Martin’s Restaurants

August’s weather is similar to July. However, hurricane season starts to peak this month. The daily high temperature is 86 F (30 C), and the daily low is 77 F (25 C). 

Since August is one of the peak hurricane months in St. Martin, it may not be the best time to go. If you visit during this time, many establishments may still be closed. 

Those that visit in August can still have plenty of fun as there will be activities open, just not as many. Moreover, hotels and flights tend to be cheaper. Plus, it will be a great time to try out all of their restaurants!

  • Visit Restaurants
  • Take Scuba Lessons
  • Go Jet Skiing
  • Visit the Boardwalk

September: Perfect Time to Go Ziplining

September’s weather is essentially the same as August’s. Its high temperature is 86 F (30 C), and its low temperature is 76 F (24 C). 

While September is the cheapest month to visit St. Martin, it is also not the best. It is in the middle of the hurricane season and tends to have a lot of storms. Therefore, the rain may interrupt your day at the beach.

If you visit St. Martin during September, it can be a good time with their low prices. However, you will need to check the weather for any storms. 

  • Visit Loterie Farm
  • Go Ziplining
  • Take a Boat Trip
  • Visit Rosemary’s Restaurant 

October: Take a Speed Boat Tour

October is the rainiest month in St. Martin, with an average rainfall of 2.4 inches. The high temperature is 85 F (30 C), and its low temperature is 76 F (24 C).

Since October is the rainiest month, there is not much to do. During the rain storms, you can visit various indoor attractions or restaurants, such as the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit.

However, if you can find a few days with sunshine in October, you can enjoy visiting the beach. Moreover, if you are looking for a time with cheaper accommodation, this month can be it.

  • Visit the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit
  • Take a Speed Boat Tour
  • Visit Mullet Bay Beach
  • Go Duty-Free Shopping

November: St. Martin’s Day

November brings back lower temperatures but still has frequent rain showers. The daily high temperature is 83 F (28 C), and its daily low temperature is 74 F (23 C).

November is one of the best months to visit St. Martin as it offers plenty of excellent hotel deals. Moreover, the weather during November is good despite the rain. 

On November 11th, you can participate in sporting events, jump-ups, and parades to celebrate St. Martin’s Day. This day is to celebrate Christopher Columbus naming the island St. Martin. 

  • Celebrate St. Martin’s Day
  • Visit Pinel Island
  • Visit Maho Beach
  • Go on the Fly Zone Extreme Canopy Tour

December: Celebrate the Holidays in St. Martin

The weather in December is beautiful, with a high of 81 F (27 C). Its low temperature is 72 F (22 C) with minimal rain.

December is one of the most popular times to visit to celebrate the holidays in a warm area. However, because of its popularity, it is needed to book in advance. 

From parties to fireworks, December in St. Martin will make an unforgettable holiday celebration for everyone. You can even shop for Christmas gifts at Front Street!

  • Shop at Front Street
  • Celebrate the Holidays 
  • Visit Little Bay Beach
  • Take a Tour

Best Time to Visit St. Martin for Snorkeling

The best time to visit St. Martin for snorkeling is from April to June and October to December. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the prices are average. 

While it is possible to go snorkeling any time of the year in St. Martin, mid-December through mid-April tend to have the highest prices. Moreover, in these months the beaches can get very crowded.

Snorkeling in St. Martin will be plenty of fun as you can see many tropical fish and corals! There have been 35 species of corals around the island. 

Some snorkeling spots you can visit are Cupecoy Beach, Mullet Bay Beach, Little Bay Beach, Pinel Island, and Happy Bay Beach. However, whichever one you visit will give you plenty of great memories and views to see.

Best Time to Visit St. Martin for Dolphin and Whale Watching 

December through April are the best months to visit St. Martin for dolphin and whale watching. These months are the mating season for whales, and they will travel fast to find a female. 

During the months of December through April, you can hear many humpback whales vocalizing underwater until they return to the surface. Therefore, make sure to listen closely!

Dolphins can be seen in St. Martin, traveling in dense groups and swimming at the bow end of vessels. It is best to try watching them from a guided tour so you can learn about each one you encounter.

Creole Rock, Scrub Island, Saint Barthelemy, and Tintamarre Island are some of the best places to watch for whales or dolphins. Therefore, try taking a boat out onto one of these waters and enjoy the views!

Best Time to Visit St. Martin for Good Weather

The best time to visit St. Martin for good weather is from December to April. These months are the dry season and tend to have the most pleasant weather. 

December through April has some of the best weather as it hardly rains and there will be plenty of sun. The average temperature during these months is in the low 80s. 

May through November is considered the wet season and has higher temperatures in the upper 80s. Moreover, it has longer daylight hours, so while it may seem fine to visit, it is not because of the rain showers.

The hurricane season in St. Martin is from June to November. While some months during the hurricane season are rainier than others, they all have a bit of rain for the most part. September and October typically being the months with the most precipitation.

Best Time to Visit St. Martin for Families 

April to June are the best months to visit St. Martin if you are traveling with your family. During these months, the prices are best, and you will still be avoiding the rain and hurricane season. 

There are plenty of fun activities to do in St. Martin with your kids from April to June. Some activities you and your kids can enjoy are visiting the Loterie Farm, Rhino Safari Excursion, and Fort Lois. 

In addition to this, you get to have the benefit of pleasant weather without breaking the bank! April to June has high temperatures in the lower 80s. However, June may have some scattered showers throughout the month. 

While most people would like to spend December at St. Martin, it is not always a great idea. Spending the holidays in St. Martin can be costly, and there tend to be many people visiting during this month. 

Best Time to Visit St. Martin to Avoid the Crowds

May, June, November, and mid-December are the best times to visit St. Martin to avoid the crowds. These months are when the temperatures start to rise, causing most people not to visit.

It is common for most people not to visit from mid-April to mid-December. However, June through November is hurricane season, and there are frequent rain showers. Therefore, visiting in certain months is better.

Those visiting in May, June, November, or mid-December will have the benefit of more accessible reservations. Furthermore, you can save a lot more money during these months! Plus, you can enjoy the beaches with fewer people.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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