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Savannah Unveiled: Ideal Season for Foodies and Charm Seekers

Whispering oaks, soulful cuisine—Savannah beckons. But when's the prime time to indulge in its Southern embrace? Let’s unlock the secret season to savor true Georgian splendor.

Tobi Miles
July 22, 2022

Savannah is known for its historical architecture, art, views, and cuisine. It is among the most notable cities in Georgia, and Savannah hosts up to 14 million tourists per year. So, what is the best time to visit Savannah, Georgia?

The best time to visit Savannah, Georgia, is from April to July when the weather averages about 78 F with the high reaching about 92 degrees F. However, September is the cheapest time to visit Savannah, as most hotels cost around $78 per night. This month also hosts the Heritage Day, and Savannah Jazz Festivals.

Spring and summer are the most popular times for tourism in Savannah, Georgia, and it’s hard to avoid crowds. Savannah holds special events each month of the year, and there’s no shortage of fun activities. Follow along as we explore the best time to visit Savannah, Georgia.

Worst Time to Visit Savannah

The worst time to visit Savannah is between November and February. Winter is a quiet time in Savannah, Georgia and there aren’t many special events. It can get down to 40 degrees or lower during the winter in this southern gem of a city.

The cold weather is unappealing to the average tourist. Most people think of the hot and humid weather that Georgia is known for. Savannah doesn’t get as cold as cities like Chicago or New York in the winter, but it isn’t always comfortable.

You can still have fun in Savannah during the winter, but most of the events are holiday themed. There are many fun Christmas and New Year’s Eve events in Savannah Georgia, but there isn’t much besides that.

Cheapest Time to Visit Savanah

September is the cheapest time to visit Savannah, Georgia. You can book a hotel room for as low as $78 per night when you visit Savannah in September. However, you are likely to pay up to $140 or more for a higher-end hotel room.

Hotel rates jump up to $200 per night at moderate hotels during the peak of the tourism season in the summer. September is a great time for families because it can be expensive to travel to Savannah with multiple people. Hotel rooms cost an average of $150 per night in Savannah throughout the year, but it’s much cheaper during the fall and winter.

You can also get reduced airplane tickets when you book a flight to Savannah in September. Ideally, you should book your flight to Savannah in September as early as June to get the best deal on your tickets. Airlines give you the best rate when you purchase your tickets 3-4 months before your trip.

What Time of the Year is the Best Weather in Savannah, Georgia?

January: Best Time Visit in Winter

January is often the coldest month of the year for Savannah, Georgia. You can expect temperatures between 40 and 61 degrees when you visit Savannah in January. January is far from the rainiest month in Savannah, but it can rain for 5-7 days of the month.

Luckily, the cool weather doesn’t restrict fun events like the Forsyth Farmers Market each week in January. Kick off the new year in Savannah at the Savannah’s Waterfront New Year’s Celebration. You may enjoy When Instruments Roamed the Earth for a more laid-back music event.

  • Forsyth Farmers Market
  • Savannah’s Waterfront New Year’s Celebration
  • Low Country Home & Garden Show
  • When Instruments Roamed the Earth

February: Best Time for a Quiet Trip

It starts to slightly warm up in Savannah, George throughout the month, especially towards the end of February. Temperatures fluctuate between 42 and 64 degrees each February in Savannah. Daytime temperatures are comfortable and it’s often sunny, but it can get cold at night.

There are also plenty of fun outdoor activities if you want to get some exercise on your vacation. Events like Trick or Trot 5K and the Critz Tybee Run Fest are the best examples. Check out the Savannah Boat Show for a slower, calm change of pace.

The Savannah Book Festival is a chance to find some hidden gems to bring back home after your trip. Adults and children alike can have fun at the annual Colonial Faire & Muster each February in Savannah, Georgia. Otherwise, February is a fairly quiet time in Savannah until the temperatures warm up again.

  • Savannah Book Festival
  • Critz Tybee Run Fest
  • Savannah Boat Show
  • Trick or Trot 5K
  • Colonial Faire & Muster

March: Best Time for Music

March is a lively time in Savannah, Georgia full of festivities and special events. Hear some live music and have some great food at the Savannah Stopover Music Festival. The Savannah Music Festival is another huge live music event each year in Savannah that is worth your attention.

You can find several St. Patrick’s Day events and pub crawls all over Savannah, GA. The March of Dimes Shamrock Run is a great way to celebrate the holiday while burning off some calories. Temperatures stay between 49 and 72 degrees throughout March in Savannah.

  • Savannah Music Festival
  • March of Dimes Shamrock Run
  • Savannah Stopover Music Festival
  • Savannah Veg Fest

April: Best Time to Visit in Spring

Spring is in full swing during April in Savannah, Georgia, and it’s a great time to visit. You can expect temperatures between 55 and 78 degrees throughout the month. It’s the perfect time for outdoor events like the Spring Craft Festival.

Participate in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Savannah during April to contribute to a good cause. The Publix Savannah Women's Half Marathon is another chance to get some exercise on your Georgia vacation. Take a peek behind the curtain at the North of Gaston Street Tour of Hidden Gardens to see some of the best views in the city.

  • Easter on the Farm
  • Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
  • Publix Savannah Women's Half Marathon
  • North of Gaston Street Tour of Hidden Gardens
  • Spring Craft Festival

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May: Best Time to Learn the History

Warm weather is officially back each May in Savannah, Georgia. Temperatures fluctuate between 63 and 85 degrees getting warmer towards the end of the month.

Hear some of the best players in the world at the American Jazz Pianist Competition. Soak in the local culture and history at the Springtime Tea at the Davenport House to learn more about Savannah. Otherwise, May is a fairly quiet time as far as special events go in Savannah.

  • American Jazz Pianist Competition
  • Springtime Tea at the Davenport House
  • Savannah Scottish Games

June: Best Time to Visit in the Summer

June is the best time to visit Savannah, Georgia in the summer because of the comfortable weather. It certainly gets hot in June, but it rarely exceeds 90 degrees each June in Savannah. Check the forecast before you go out for the day because it rains for 7-10 days throughout June.

Adults can have responsible fun at Crawl of the South for the biggest bar crawl of the year. Head to the Ships of the Sea Museum for the annual AURA Fest to hear some live music. The Love & Soul Family Festival is a lively event that celebrates the local culture in Savannah.

  • Love & Soul Family Festival
  • Crawl of the South
  • AURA Fest

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July: Best Time for Festivities

Travelers with children will love the Family Fun Fest at Keller’s Flea Market in July. Families will also enjoy the Savannah Stars & Stripes 4th of July event. The annual Mimosa Fest Savannah is one of the most fun events of the year, but it is for adults only.

Adults can get into the patriotic spirit before July 4th at Red, White, & Brews for a unique bar crawl. You can find firework displays all over Savannah, GA on July 4th and they won’t be hard to find. Temperatures stay between 73 and 92 degrees throughout July in Savannah.

  • Family Fun Fest
  • Mimosa Fest Savannah
  • Savannah Stars & Stripes
  • Red, White & Brews
  • Savannah’s Waterfront Independence Day Celebration

August: Best Time to Eat

Bring your appetite to the Southeast Crab Feast for the best food event of the year in Savannah. The Savannah Water Lantern Festival is among the most unique events of the year. Check it out if you want to see the unique sight of hundreds of water lanterns floating at night.

August is the rainiest month of the year in Savannah, Georgia, so pay attention to the forecast. It can rain for 10 days out of the month each August in Savannah. The rain can be a nice break from the 72-90 degree temperature span during August.

  • Southeast Crab Feast
  • Savannah Voice Festival
  • Savannah Water Lantern Festival

September: Best Time to Beat the Heat

The Savannah Jazz Festival is the perfect destination if you want to hear some timeless music. Otherwise, September is fairly quiet in Savannah besides the annual Heritage Day Festival. It begins to cool down during September and temperatures fluctuate between 69 and 86 degrees.

  • Heritage Day Festival
  • Savannah Jazz Festival
  • Labor Day Festivities

October: Best Time to Visit in the Fall

The autumn weather in Savannah is comfortable with temperatures between 58 and 78 degrees. Check out the annual Halloween Hike to get in the spooky spirit and enjoy the weather. The Vampire Ball is another chance to celebrate Halloween in Savannah, Georgia.

Adults can participate in the Official Halloween Bar Crawl Savannah and cut loose. Savannah is also known for its historical ghost tours, and October is the perfect time to check one out.

  • Halloween Hike
  • Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival
  • Vincent’s Nun Run
  • Vampire Ball
  • Official Halloween Bar Crawl Savannah

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November: Best Time for Adults

Few events encapsulate southern hospitality as well as the Savannah Food and Wine Festival. The Tybee Post Music Festival is at the opposite end of the spectrum with loud performances. You can also find Christmas decorations and displays towards the end of the month in November.

It gets down to 48 degrees at night or on cool days during November in Savannah. Temperatures get up to 70 degrees on warm days.

  • RiceFest
  • Savannah Food and Wine Festival
  • Tybee Post Music Festival

December: Best Time to Celebrate the Holidays

Temperatures fluctuate between 42 and 63 degrees throughout December in Savannah, Georgia. It’s the perfect time to celebrate Christmas at the Holiday Festival of Music & Lights. New Year's Eve is just as big as Christmas in Savannah.

The Savannah’s Waterfront New Year’s Celebration is a great way to start your year off on the right foot. It’s worth the short drive from Savannah to New Year's Eve Fireworks on Tybee Island.

  • Savannah’s Waterfront New Year’s Celebration
  • Holiday Festival of Music & Lights
  • New Year's Eve Fireworks on Tybee Island

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Best Time to Visit Savannah With Family

The best time to visit Savannah with family is between April and July. Temperatures warm up towards the end of March and continue to throughout April in Savannah, Georgia. High temperatures stay between 78 and 90 degrees from April through July.

You can find events throughout the spring and summer that are just as fun for adults as they are for children. Parents can find child-appropriate activities whether it be the Spring Craft Festival in April or the 4th of July fireworks. Family Fun Fest in July alone is enough for families to have a fun vacation in Savannah, Georgia.

Best Time to Visit Savannah to Avoid Crowds

The best time to visit Savannah to avoid crowds is from September to November. Temperatures cool down during this time and there are fewer special events than in the spring or summer. It can drop as low as 48 degrees by October and November which limits outdoor activities.

You won’t find as many crowds at hotels, restaurants, and bars in Savannah. Tourism dies down towards the end of August and continues to dwindle during September. There aren’t as many fun activities during the fall in Savannah, Georgia, but it’s still a great time to visit.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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