Best Time to Visit Nashville

Plan your ultimate Nashville trip! Find out the best times to visit Music City for weather, deals, and events, from April to October and cheaper off-peak months.

Tobi Miles
July 5, 2024
Plan your ultimate Nashville trip! Find out the best times to visit Music City for weather, deals, and events, from April to October and cheaper off-peak months.

Nashville is one of the most iconic southern U.S. cities known for its influential role in the history of music. The capital of Tennessee, Nashville hosts 16 million tourists per year eager to experience the culture, food, and hospitality the city is known for. So, what is the best time to visit Nashville?

The best time to visit Nashville is from April to October because of the weather and special events. January and February are the best months to go to Nashville to avoid crowds. However, it is cheaper to visit Nashville between November and March when tourism is down because hotel rates and flights are more affordable.

Nashville is known as Music City, and attractions like the Grand Ole Opry host countless tourists. There is no shortage of fun to have in Nashville, and each month has unique events. Follow along as we explore the best time to visit Nashville and see what notable events are worth checking out.

When Should You Not Go To Nashville?

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Late summer is the worst time to go to Nashville if you want to avoid crowds. July and August are peak times for tourism in Music City, and it can be difficult to get around. Nashville has reported over 340,000 tourists in July in the past which can be overwhelming.

The slew of festivities and events in July and August makes it hard to get a hotel room in Nashville. Flight prices are expensive in late summer which can add up quickly if you travel as a family. High temperatures stay at or above 90 degrees in July and August which isn’t ideal if you want to beat the heat.

Avoid traveling to Nashville around the 4th of July because that is when the city is most crowded during the month. As many as 200,000 tourists attend the 4th of July celebrations in Nashville.

Bars, restaurants, museums, and hotels stay full in July and it is hard to find quiet time. July and August are still great times to visit Nashville, but not if you want to have some space.

Cheapest Month To Go To Nashville

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Go to Nashville between November and March if you want to save money on your flight and hotel room. You can find hotel rooms for as cheap as $60 per night in November, and that’s a steal compared to summer rates. The same hotel room can cost up to $90 per night or higher during peak summer months from July to August.

Round trip flights to Nashville in November cost as little as $160 per person. Flights to Nashville can cost up to $230 or more during July which is difficult to afford if you visit with family. You can maximize your savings if you plan your visit to Nashville from November to March several months in advance.

Buy your plane ticket in August or September if you plan to visit Nashville in November to get the best price. You will also save money in November-March on additional fees such as parking and transportation because the city is less crowded. This time is considered low season in Nashville which means you won’t have to worry about seas of tourists.

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Best Time To Visit Nashville: Monthly Breakdown

January: Best Time For A Quiet Trip

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Temperatures fluctuate between 29 and 48 degrees throughout January in Nashville. January is somewhat of a quiet time for Nashville as tourism is down and the weather keeps many people inside. It rains and snows during January in Nashville and there aren’t as many festivities as the rest of the year.

Even still, Nashville is known as Music City and the performances don’t stop in January. You can catch live music anywhere from the iconic Grand Ole Opry to the City Winery. Football is big in Nashville and the Tennessee Titans play throughout January.

Titans games bring fans of visiting teams and locals alike to the impressive Nissan Stadium. Martin Luther King Day is a significant holiday and there are typically several celebrations in Nashville.

  • MLK Day
  • Tennessee Titans Game
  • Live Music

February: Best Time For Sports

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The cold weather during February in Nashville isn’t enough to keep tourists away. With that said, February isn’t a popular time for tourism which makes it perfect for avoiding crowds. February is also a great time for sports as the Nashville Predators and Vanderbilt Commodores play games.

The Lipscomb Bisons also play games and attract all of the local college basketball fans. Visit the Antiques and Garden Show if you want to slow down and enjoy some unique southern hospitality. It starts to slightly warm up towards the end of February in Nashville, but you’ll still want to bring winter attire.

Temperatures get as low as 30 degrees and as high as 52 degrees during February in Nashville. February is a great calm before the storm of tourism that picks up during the spring.

  • Nashville Predators Game
  • Lipscomb Bisons Game
  • Vanderbilt Commodores Game
  • Antiques and Garden Show

March: Best Time For Adults

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March is a great time to be in Nashville because the temperature warms up and there is plenty to do. Temperatures fluctuate between 40 degrees and 60 degrees or higher during March in Nashville. It rains off and on throughout March, but not enough to stop the festivities.

The Wine Festival and Tasting at the Bridgestone Arena is the perfect event for adults in Nashville. Adults can also enjoy the Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl and experience some of the best local bars in the city. Elvis Festival is a big deal in Nashville and it’s the perfect time for locals and tourists alike to celebrate the iconic musician.

March Madness is also big in Nashville whether the city hosts games or comes together to watch them. Walking tours are popular for tourists in Nashville and March is the perfect time to experience one before it gets too hot.

  • Wine Festival and Tasting
  • Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl
  • Elvis Festival
  • March Madness

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April: Best Time In Spring

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Spring is a great time to be in Nashville, and April takes the cake when it comes to comfortable weather. It stays between 48 degrees and 70 degrees throughout the month and it’s the perfect time to be outside. The perfect weather makes April a great time to embark on one of many sightseeing tours throughout the city.

The Nashville Comedy Festival comes to Music City every year in April and it’s worth every penny in laughter. Record Store Day is another big event in Nashville as the city is known for its preservation of iconic music. Listen to some live music outdoors at the annual Music in the Vines and enjoy great food and cold drinks.

Adults can also attend the Nashville Beer Festival and sample some of the best beers that Nashville can brew. Cherry Blossom Festival is another great event that kids can enjoy as much as adults.

  • Nashville Comedy Festival
  • Record Store Day
  • Music in the Vines
  • Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Nashville Beer Festival

May: Best Time For Food

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You can find plenty of delicious food on every corner in Nashville, and May is the perfect month for it. May is Street Food Month in Nashville and lets locals and tourists sample the best cuisine the city has to offer. The Nashville Zoo is popular during May because of the great weather whether you go during the day or night.

Night Visions is a special event at the Nashville Zoo in May that is perfect for families. Some of the best free fun includes Musician’s Corner where you can hear local music at Centennial Park. Visit the Tennessee Craft Fair in May if you want to check out local arts and crafts in Nashville.

It gets as hot as 80 degrees during May in Nashville and temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees.

  • Street Food Month
  • Night Visions
  • Musician’s Corner
  • Tennessee Craft Fair

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June: Best Time For Families

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Brew at the Zoo is a great event for families that visit Nashville and the weather is perfect for it. The Nashville Zoo also runs the DinoTrek event through June which your children will surely love. It can get up to 87 degrees during the day in June, but the zoo is a great way to beat the heat in the shade.

The Grand Ole Opry hosts many country concerts throughout June. This venue is historic and iconic musicians from Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton have donned the stage. Fitness-minded tourists can join the Hike-a-Thon and the proceeds go to a good cause.

Enjoy live music at night in June when temperatures stay between 60 and 70 degrees.

  • Brew at the Zoo
  • DinoTrek
  • Grand Ole Opry
  • Hike-a-Thon

July: Best Time In The Summer

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The hot temperatures during July in Nashville aren’t enough to keep tourists away from Music City. Temperatures fluctuate between 70 and 90 degrees with high humidity which can make it feel hotter. Over 340,000 tourists on average visit Nashville in July which can make it difficult to get a hotel room on short notice.

The Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville is packed during July because of all there is to do. It is located right by the Grand Ole Opry and it hosts many fun family activities during July. Enjoy a Royal Carriage Ride to beat the heat and see the city around Opryland.

July is one of the busiest times to visit Nashville which means you’ll encounter crowds of tourists. It can be hard to get into events and tours like the BBQ, Bourbon, and Beer Experience in July, but it’s worth it. Nashville takes the 4th of July celebrations seriously and you can enjoy several elaborate firework displays.

  • Gaylord Opryland Resort Events
  • Royal Carriage Ride
  • BBQ, Bourbon, and Beer Experience

August: Best Time For Festivities

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The sweltering summer heat Nashville is known for luckily begins to simmer down in August. Temperatures still stay between 68 and 89 degrees during August, but it’s enough of a break in the heat to get outdoors.

Fans of racing will love the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix event in Nashville. NightLife 615 lets tourists and locals escape the hectic city events and catch a movie on the big screen. Tourists that bring their pets to Nashville can stop by Dog Nights of Summer as long as you keep them on a leash.

Williamson County Fair is a chance for tourists to mingle with locals and appreciate unique vendors.

  • NightLife 615
  • Big Machine Music City Grand Prix
  • Dog Nights of Summer
  • Williamson County Fair

September: Best Time To Be Outside

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The weather stays warm enough in September to enjoy some great outdoor activities. Nashville is home to the Dragon Boat and River Festival each September. This event gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to music and food against a beautiful backdrop.

Warm temperatures go hand in hand with the Nashville Cocktail Festival to enjoy art and cold drinks. The football season is in full swing during September and it’s a great time to catch a Titans game. Catch live music each weekend in September at Music in the Vines for some bluegrass and jazz.

You can expect temperatures between 60 and 83 degrees during September. This is a great time to visit Nashville before the temperature cools down as it turns to autumn.

  • Dragon Boat and River Festival
  • Titans Games
  • Music in the Vines
  • Nashville Cocktail Festival

October: Best Time To Visit In The Fall

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October is the best time to visit Nashville in the fall between the great weather and special events. Temperatures drop to 49 degrees and it doesn’t typically get hotter than 72 degrees during October in Nashville.

Nashville knows how to party, and Oktoberfest is the perfect example of this. Oktoberfest is a long-running tradition in Nashville and covers up to 10 blocks in the city. You can learn more about Music City if you attend the Nashville Cultural Festival and get to know the locals.

Haunted houses such as Beast House and Nashville’s Nightmare offer fun scares to celebrate Halloween. There are many farms around Nashville where you can pick pumpkins in October, such as Lucky Ladd Farms and Walden Pumpkin Farm.

  • Nashville Cultural Festival
  • Oktoberfest
  • Haunted Houses
  • Pumpkin Picking

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November: Best Time To Experience Culture

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There is no shortage of things to do in Nashville whether it be Design Week or the International Auto Show. Design Week is a chance to see innovations in fashion and interior design in one of the most unique cities. The Nashville International Auto Show is a mandatory destination for any car enthusiast that visits Nashville in November.

It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas, and Nashville really takes that to heart. Visit Christmas Village in Nashville at the Fairgrounds to get in the holiday spirit. Temperatures fluctuate between 40 and 60 degrees in Nashville throughout November.

  • Nashville International Auto Show
  • Nashville Design Week
  • Christmas Village
  • Holiday LIGHTS

December: Best Time To Celebrate The Holidays

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Christmas is a big event in Nashville, and you can celebrate it all month in December. The Gaylord Opryland Resort is transformed into a Christmas wonderland in December that you won’t soon forget. Christmas lights and oversized decorations adorn the entire resort and make it easy to get excited about the holiday.

Holidays Lights is another holiday festivity in Cheekwood that Nashville residents attend each year. New Year's Eve is equally important in Nashville and there are several celebrations throughout the city. Music City Midnight is the most popular New Year’s Eve celebration in Nashville.

You can expect temperatures between 32 and 50 degrees if you visit Nashville during December. Snow is always a possibility during December, so check the forecast before you visit.

  • Holiday Lights
  • Christmas at Gaylord Opryland
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Music City Midnight

Best Time To Visit Nashville With Family

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The best time to visit Nashville with family is any time between April and October. This is prime tourism season in Nashville because the weather stays great from the spring through early fall. Spring in Nashville features highs of 71 degrees and lows of 48-55 degrees.

Temperatures stay between the 70s and low 90s during the summer in Nashville. The great weather makes it easy to explore Music City without having to worry about unpredictable temperatures. Outdoor events for families run throughout the entire spring and summer in Nashville.

The Nashville Zoo is a great escape for families in Nashville between April and October. They host special events like Brew at the Zoo that make it as fun for the parents as it is for the kids. Go to Nashville with your family between September and October to avoid extreme temperatures.

Best Time To Visit Nashville To Avoid Crowds

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You won’t encounter many other tourists if you visit Nashville from January through February. The cold weather and fewer events than the rest of the year make this period less popular for tourists. Sports fans still flock to Nashville during January, but that’s not enough to make the city overcrowded.

Diehard fans of visiting football teams visit Nashville to attend Titans games. Check to see if there are any home games before you plan your visit to Nashville because it can make it harder to get a hotel room. With that said, the mixture of cold weather and rain during January and February is off-putting to many travelers.

Temperatures can drop below the freezing point during January and February. This limits how many people visit Nashville because it’s not an escape from winter weather like Florida.

What Is The Rainy Season In Nashville?

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The rainiest time of the year in Nashville is March 19th-August 20th and it can rain each day. June is when it's most likely to rain the most in Nashville and there is a daily 30% chance. Nashville gets up to 49” of rain per year and most of it occurs during these 5 months.

The subtropical climate in Tennessee provides the perfect conditions for rain during the spring and summer. Rain starts to die down during August and it only rains 2.8” throughout the month. Nashville may not be as rainy as other southern cities like Mobile, but it doesn’t hurt to bring an umbrella.

Do You Need A Car When Visiting Nashville?

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You need a car when visiting Nashville if you want to easily get around the city. Nashville is ranked as one of the least walkable U.S. cities because of its layout. Modern conveniences such as Uber and Lyft make it easier to get around Nashville if you don’t bring or rent a card.

However, it may be worth the cost to rent a car or drive there when you visit Nashville. Ridesharing service costs add up quickly, especially when you visit a city that is so spread out. Nashville is spread out across 526 square miles and there are plenty of attractions all over.

Tourists from throughout the Midwest and southern states often drive to Nashville because of the proximity. Travelers that fly to Music City should consider renting a car if they stay for more than 2-3 days. This will give you enough time to see beautiful sights, live music, and historical destinations in Nashville.

When Is Tornado Season In Nashville?

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Tornado season in Nashville, Tennessee runs from mid-March to mid-June and is a potentially dangerous time. The most recent tornado in Nashville occurred in March of 2020 and affected 60 miles of land. Nashville isn’t a part of the infamous Tornado Alley, but that doesn’t mean that it is safe from tornadoes.

The Dixie Alley is the cluster of southern states including Tennessee that are prone to tornadoes in the spring and summer. Tornadoes can devastate houses, buildings, and even the economy. The only upside to tornadoes is that meteorologists can generally predict them with reasonable accuracy.

Tornadoes generally touch down from 5-9 p.m. which provides at least some understanding of when one will strike. Exercise caution when you visit Nashville, Tennessee during tornado season.

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