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Jackson Hole Unveiled: When to Witness Its Wild Wonders

Saddle up, wanderlust wranglers! Uncover when Jackson Hole's wild heart beats loudest and transform your travel dreams into full-blown frontier reality. Let's ride into the best-kept secrets of the Wild West!

Tobi Miles
July 22, 2022

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is considered the west’s last mountain town. The well-conserved town covers three square miles just south of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Over 2.6 million tourists visit Jackson Hole each year for the vast western wilderness.

The best time to visit Jackson Hole is between April and June when the temperatures average about 70 F and travel costs are reasonable. Visiting in the peak season from July to August is also popular for attending events like the Jackson Hole Hootenanny and Farmer’s Market. Spring and Fall over up to 50% on lodging as well.

When Not to Visit Jackson Hole

March and April are the least popular months to visit Jackson Hole. The spring is a shoulder season as the daily highs begin creeping upward. Weather conditions can quickly switch between warmer temperatures and snow.

The winter months between November and February are known for incredible skiing and other snow sports. Yellowstone National Park will be in its off season and, though it’s open 365 days per year, road closures may occur.

Cheapest Month to Go to Jackson Hole

Spring and fall are the best times to save as much as 50% on lodging. Temperatures peak in the 50s during the day and dip into the 20s at night. Some road closures are possible as the weather transitions from snowy winter to lively summer.

After the summer has settled, prices will decrease beginning in October and will remain low for the month of November. You’ll find low prices again from late March to mid-May.

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Best Time to Visit Jackson Hole

January: Best For Snowmobile Tours in Yellowstone

The average high in January is 28℉ and the average low is 5℉. There are an average of eight days with precipitation throughout the month. The total average snowfall in January is 12.6 inches per week.

Unfortunately, Yellowstone National Park is not very accessible by car in the winter. Luckily there are snowmobile rentals and snow coach tours so you don’t miss out. Grand Teton National Park is usually more accessible in the winter months.

Back in town, the Jackson Hole Hootenanny is every Monday night at 6:00pm. The iconic celebration takes place in the Silver Dollar Showroom at the Wort Hotel.

February: Best For Visiting Ski Resorts

The average high in February is 33℉ and the average low is 9℉. There are an average of six days with snow throughout the month. The total average snowfall in February is 15.4 inches per week.

February is primetime for skiers and snowboarders. The most popular resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, sees more than 700,000 visitors in a winter season. Book lodging and travel at least six months prior to your visit.

Jackson is in the perfect setting for star-gazing. Wyoming Stargazing offers free public events that require no reservations. Astronomy educators share their telescopes and help you get to know the planets and stars.

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March: Best For Soaking in Hot Springs

The average high in March is 42℉ and the average low is 18℉. There are an average of five days with snow throughout the month. The total average snowfall in March is 11 inches per week.

Winter is still going strong in March but pack a swimsuit just in case. Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours takes guests through a beautiful canyon to reach a natural hot spring.

Just south of Jackson Hole are the Granite Hot Springs. In March, the springs are only accessible via snowmobile, skis, or snowshoes. But the waterfall-fed, 104℉ soaking pools provide unforgettable moments all winter long.

April: Annual Jackson Hole Rendezvous Fest

The average high in April is 52℉ and the average low is 25℉.There are an average of six days with precipitation throughout the month. The total average snowfall in April is 9.4 inches per week.

April is the last chance for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The Taggart Lake trailhead is a great place to start. Teton Park road brings you right to the base of the Grand Teton National Park.

April is a transition time for Jackson Hole. Grand Targhee Resort and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort both have their closing days this month. Luckily, Yellowstone National Park opens its north and west entrances.

May: Elkfest and Old West Days

The average high in May is 63℉ and the average high is 31℉. There are an average of seven days with precipitation for the month. The average precipitation for May is 2 inches.

Grand Teton National Park’s Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor center reopens in May. Park Rangers will be available to answer questions and provide information on the area. Yellowstone also opens their south entrance in May.

Memorial Day weekend is always a fun-packed time for visitors. Elkfest and Old West Days are filled with festivities celebrating the spirit of the West.

June: Best For Whitewater Rafting

The average high in Jackson for June is 73℉ and the average low is 37℉. There are an average of six days with rain. The average rainfall for the month totals 1.5 inches.

June is officially summer and the outdoor activities are endless. Two of the most popular outdoor activities are Whitewater rafting and horseback riding. Navigating Snake river is a blast and exploring Bridger-Teton National Forest on horseback is unforgettable.

Back in town, the Jackson Hole People’s Market is filled with locally-produced crafts and food. The market takes place between 4:00pm and 7:00pm at the Center for the Arts.

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July: Best For Witnessing Old Faithful

The average high in July is 82℉ and the average low is 41℉. There are an average of five days with rain for the month. The average rainfall in July is 1.26 inches.

The summer months are peak-season for Jackson Hole. Expect crowds to be large, especially in town. Entrances to the national parks may get backed up from the influx of visitors. Travel costs are reaching their highest for the year.

Yellowstone National Park is home to the famous Old Faithful geyser. Old Faithful was discovered in 1872 and has recorded over one million eruptions since. The popular attraction is very easily accessible and accommodating.

August: Best For Downhill Mountain Biking

The average high for Jackson Hole in August is 80℉ and the average high is 39℉. There are an average of five days of rain throughout the month. The average rainfall in August is 1.4 inches.

August is the perfect time for a wildlife safari. There are multiple tour companies in town that leave straight from Jackson Hole. You’re guaranteed to find some elk or bear while on your expedition.

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort reopens in the summer but not for skiing this time. Mountain bikers come from all over the United States to hit the downhill trails. The ropes course at the resort also opens in the summer.

September: Best Time for Hiking Trails

The average high for Jackson Hole in September is 71℉ and the average low is 32℉. There are an average of five days of rain for the month. The average rainfall for the month totals 1.51 inches.

The wilderness surrounding Jackson Hole is connected by some of the country’s most popular hiking trails. Garnet Canyon Trail to Cleft Falls is the most popular but rated as a “hard” 7.7 mile hike. Moose Ponds Trail is a much easier 3 mile loop hike.

After a day of hiking, check out Wort Hotel’s Silver Dollar Showroom. The showroom hosts Bluegrass Tuesdays, bringing visitors and locals together for over fifteen years.

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October: Best For Saving Money

The average high for Jackson Hole in October is 57℉ and the average low is 24℉. There are an average of five days of rain throughout the month. The average rainfall for the month is 1.2 inches.

October is the middle of the off-season for Jackson Hole. Since crowds are smaller, prices for travel, lodging, and attractions are down about 50%. The fall is a great time to experience busier attractions like Old Faithful without the hassle of large crowds.

Locals and visitors of Jackson Hole love celebrating Halloween on October 31st. Children dress up and trick-or-treat in Jackson’s Town Square.

November: Annual Town Square Lighting

The average high in November is 40℉ and the average low is 17℉. The average rainfall is 1.6 inches and you can expect rain about six days out of the month.

Crowds and prices will remain low until late November. As the holidays approach, Ski resorts are gearing up and there are plenty of holiday festivities.

Near Thanksgiving, Jackson lights up with the Annual Town Square Lighting. Visitors can enjoy locally-made treats and hot cocoa while bundling up in Town Square.

December: Best For Holiday Festivities

The average high for the December is 28℉ and the average low is 7℉. The snow makes a comeback with an average of 12.6 inches per week. There are about 4 snow days each week.

December is filled with Holiday festivities in town. The Four Seasons Resort in Teton Village holds a giant Menorah lighting with songs and treats. On Christmas Eve, Stanta himself will be at Town Square from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Snow sports are back in session! All ski resorts are reopened for the season. Cross-country skis and snowshoes are available to rent to hit trails on your own or with a guide.

Best Time to Visit Jackson Hole to Avoid Crowds

Spring and fall are the slow seasons for tourism in Jackson Hole, but there is still plenty to see and do. Mid-November and early-March are the times where crowds will be at their lowest.

Fortunately, only some restaurants close. Most of Jackson Hole remains open all year round. Mid-November may be a better time than March if you are aiming to avoid snow and road closures.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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