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Best Time To Visit Antelope Canyon (Incredible Views & Events!)

Plan the perfect Antelope Canyon visit! Find the best months for light beams, cool weather, & events. Avoid crowds & enjoy stunning views. Ideal for travelers.

Tobi Miles
July 23, 2022
Best Time To Visit Antelope Canyon (Incredible Views & Events!)

If you’re planning a trip through Arizona, one destination that should be on your list is Antelope Canyon. The unique shape of this canyon was created by centuries of water and wind erosion. When you visit at the right time, the sandstones of the canyon are illuminated by shafts of light. So, when is the best time to visit Antelope Canyon?

The best time to visit Antelope Canyon to see the light beams is between June and August. May and September are the best months to avoid crowds while still getting a chance to see light beams. April and October have the most comfortable weather for going on a tour, with days rarely going above 68 F/ 20 C.

In order to visit Antelope Canyon, you will need to book a tour. There are tours for both the upper and lower canyon that can be booked year-round. Choosing the best time to visit ultimately depends on what else you want to do nearby. Keep reading as we cover what this destination is like each month of the year.

When Not To Travel To Antelope Canyon?

The monsoon season runs from June through September, which means that there is a greater chance of rain. The canyon isn’t safe to tour when it’s raining. If you are visiting during this time, we recommend you book a tour in the morning to avoid rain showers. It’s not unheard of for a rain shower to occur in the afternoon and tours get canceled.

If you have health concerns, you may not want to visit Antelope Canyon in the summer. These tours are long and require a lot of walking. In July and August, it’s common for daily highs to be around 95 F/ 35 C.

Summer is a busier time for tourists at Antelope Canyon. When the tours are more crowded, they take longer. The tour guide has to help everyone safely down the canyon. If you booked a tour during peak season, you can expect to wait a long time during this process.

Cheapest Month To Visit Antelope Canyon

The cheapest month to visit Antelope Canyon is in January. It’s much easier to find a sale on flights during the winter seasons. Many hotels in the nearby area have lower rates as well. The Best Western View of Lake Powel normally costs over $150 a night in the summer. In January, the rate drops to $75 per night.

Flights to Antelope Canyon can cost between $270 and $800, depending on where you’re from. If you want to book a trip in January, it’s a good idea to start looking at flights months in advance. This makes it easier to find a good discount. You can also find cheaper rates on rental vehicles than you would in the shoulder seasons.

Before entering Antelope Canyon for a tour, you will need to book a ticket. Ticket prices stay the same year-round, but if you book them from the tour director early you’ll have a better chance of getting a discounted rate.

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Best Time To Visit Antelope Canyon: Monthly Breakdown

January: Best Time To Avoid Crowds

January is the slowest period at Antelope Canyon, so tours won’t be as crowded. Tickets do sell out still on the weekends, but weekdays are nice and quiet. Winter tours around the canyon are beautiful and the temperatures aren’t harsh. Most days stay above the freezing point, but some days may get as cold as 28 F/ -2 C.

After your winter tour of Antelope Canyon, you may want to warm up at a local restaurant. The nearest city is Page, AZ, which has a selection of restaurants to choose from. If you want something spicy, there are several Mexican restaurants to choose from, such as Fiesta Mexicana and El Charro Loco Mexican Grill.

  • Visit Antelope Canyon Gift Shop
  • Grab a coffee and go on a scenic drive
  • Celebrate Martin Luther King Day

February: Best Time For A Couple’s Trip

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend Valentine’s day, you should bring your significant other to Antelope Canyon. The weather is still chilly in February, with an average daily low of 32 F/ 0 C, giving couples an excuse to get close.

Want to surprise your significant other with a trip they will never forget? You should book a 1-day limo tour, which will take the two of you to Lower Antelope Canyon, Canyon X, and Horseshoe Bend. This 6-hour tour is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s day together enjoying the sites.

  • Rose Walk Inn Bed & Breakfast
  • Romantic dinner at Rimview Terrace
  • Watch a movie at Mesa Theatre

March: Return Of The Light Beams

March is the first month of the year when you will be able to see the light beams at Antelope Canyon. You will have a better chance of seeing the light beams if you book a trip in the latter half of the month. Light beams can be seen from late March to early October. Your best bet for seeing the light beams is to visit between 11 am and 1:30 pm.

The weather in March is usually mild, which makes a tour in the canyon more enjoyable. The average daily temperature is between 40 and 60 F/ 6 and 15 C. However, the conditions may be damper because everything is thawing. Make sure you are prepared and wear waterproof boots.

Are you going to be in Page over St. Patricks Day? This is an excellent day to check out a local bar or tavern, like State 48 Tavern or The Bowl. This area isn’t known as a party city, but there are some local bars and taverns that offer great western hospitality.

  • Celebrate St. Patricks Day
  • Dinner at Blue Buddha Sushi Lounge
  • Try new beer at Grand Canyon Brewery & Distillery

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April: Nicest Month In Spring

April provides excellent weather for touring Antelope Canyon because days are nice and sunny, but the temperature stays below 68 F/ 20 C. If you’re picky about temperature, you may prefer this time of year because you will remain comfortable the entire time. It’s a great time of year to do both the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon tours.

The light beams are visible in the Upper Antelope Canyon this time of year. We recommend booking your tickets in advance when visiting in April. During spring break, they can sell out faster than other times in the spring.

Antelope Canyon is just one of many beautiful scenic attractions in the Page area. The mild April weather provides the perfect setting for outdoor attractions. Other scenic hotspots, like Glen Canyon Dam and Horseshoe Bend, are great to visit this time of year as well.

  • Breakfast at Canyon Crepes Cafe
  • Hike Potato Hill Overlook
  • Enjoy private tours

May: Lowest Chance Of Rain

Ideally, guests want to visit Antelope Canyon when the conditions will be dry. May has very low precipitation, making it one of the safest months to visit this canyon.  The average daily temperature is between 54 to 76 F/ 12 to 24 C.

It’s also a good month to explore some of the other outdoor attractions in the area before the summer crowds hit. Antelope Hogan Bed and Breakfast has several packages that you can book for tours and events. You can enjoy activities like 4-wheeling, hiking, and photography tours.

  • Take pictures of wildflowers in Page
  • Visit Stud Horse Point
  • Eat at Big John’s Texas BBQ

June: Picture Perfect Month

The high sun in June allows the light beams to be at the best they are all spring season. If you want to get some breathtaking photos of the light beams in Antelope Canyon, this is one of the best times to come. Whether you want to take some professional shots or get some mesmerizing snaps for your Instagram page, June provides the best lighting.

Antelope Canyon does get more visitors in June, but not as much as in July or August. If you book your tour on a weekday, it won’t be as crowded. This will give you more time to get the perfect angle.

Make sure you are well-prepared for a sunny day when touring in June. It’s common for the daily high to be around 89 F/ 32 C. We recommend wearing breathable fabrics, comfortable shoes, a sunhat, and sweatproof sunscreen. Avoid bringing extra weight, like purses and backpacks. It’s also recommended that you bring a bottle of water.

  • Visit Lake Powell
  • Go kayaking
  • Cold drinks at Blue Wine and Tapas

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July: Warmest Month Of The Year

Saying that July is hot in Antelope Canyon is an understatement, as the daily high is around 93 F/ 34 C. Many people enjoy coming this way in July because their kids are out of school and they can get good pictures of the light beams. However, we only recommend doing one tour during the morning to avoid overheating.

The rest of the day is an excellent time to visit nearby beaches. Lake Powell is a popular spot for swimming and boating. Be aware that there is no lifeguard on this site. Wahweap Beach is another family-friendly location to cool off on a hot day.

  • Ice cream at Big Dipper
  • Antelope Canyon Boat Tour
  • Celebrate the 4th of July

August: Nicest Month For Camping

August is one of the best months to go camping near Antelope Canyon. Daytime highs are still hot, but not as hot as July. The average daily high is around 90 F/ 32 C. At night, it usually cools off to 71 F/ 22 C. This makes for more comfortable camping conditions.

There are several campsites to choose from near Antelope Canyon, including:

  • Antelope Point RV Park
  • Page Lake Powell Campground
  • Ferry Swale Campsite
  • Mystical Antelope Canyon Tours & Arrowhead Campground
  • Wahweap RV & Campground

Page Lake Powell Campground is one of the most popular sites because of the amenities. There is an indoor pool and hot tub, which is a great way to stay entertained on a rainy day. It also comes with free WI-FI, has a playground for kids, and includes a fitness center.

  • Stargazing
  • Picnic lunches
  • Days at the beach

September: Best Month For Cool Mornings

Another popular choice month to visit Antelope Canyon is in September because the hot days are beginning to fade. Since evenings start to get cooler this time of year, they leave the air feeling nice and cool in the morning. This allows visitors to enjoy a morning tour of Antelope Canyon before the afternoon sun warms things up.

The temperature in September ranges from 63 to 83 F/ 17 to 28 C. If you travel during this time of year, you’ll likely want to take advantage of the nice weather and spend your time outdoors exploring. Since there are fewer tourists this time of year, it’s a great time to book one of the package tours, such as the Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Day Tour or the Horseshoe Bend Guided Walking Tour.

  • Rent a bike
  • Dinner at Birdhouse
  • Hike along Hanging Garden Trail

October: Best Weather In Autumn

October is a glorious month to visit Antelope Canyon because the temperature rarely goes higher than 68 F/ 20 C and it’s often paired with a nice breeze. It is the last month that you will be able to catch the light beams. If this is something you want to see, make sure you book your trip in early October.

The fall colors in the areas surrounding Antelope Canyon are absolutely stunning this time of year. We recommend renting a vehicle so you can go on a scenic drive. The trees are vivid shades of red, yellow, and orange. This is another great time of year to take mesmerizing photos.

Since October is the peak of the autumn season, it’s a great time to see what seasonal dishes the local restaurants in Page are serving. Some of the restaurants that have been named the best in Page are Birdhouse, Bonkers Restaurant, and State 48 Tavern and Taproom.

  • Visit Historic Navajo Bridge
  • Enjoy local autumn displays
  • Drink apple cider

November: Time For A Quiet Trip

Antelope Canyon receives fewer visitors in November as the air begins to cool down. There are a few perks to coming this time of year along with the lack of crowds. One thing that you can always look forward to is lower rates for hotels nearby. Holiday Inn Express & Suites has rooms for over $200 in the summer, but in November the rates drop as low as $85 per night.

The weather that you run into will depend on what time in November you decide to visit. Temperatures at the beginning of the month are still mild, with a high of 56 F/ 13 C. The autumn colors of the leaves are still in full effect, making Antelope Canyon a beautiful destination for Thanksgiving.

Towards the end of the month, temperatures begin to drop and it may get as cool as 37 F/ 3 C. If you travel this time of year, make sure you bring warm layers for when you go on the Antelope Canyon tour. Since it’s not hot or frigid cold, November is a great time of year to tour both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon in the same day.

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Coffee at LP Espresso
  • Dinner at Strombolli’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

December: Time To Feel Festive

If you travel to Antelope Canyon in December, it’s hard not to get in the festive mood. The nearby town of Page has beautiful Christmas displays. Going for a drive in the evening is always a treat as you’ll get to see the town lit up with bright holiday lights. Lake Powell has a stunning display every year.

When you’re packing your bag, make sure you bring comfortable outerwear for when you go on the Antelope Canyon tour. There is a chance that you may come across snow this time of year. The average temperature range in December is 29 to 44 F/ -2 to 6 C. Make sure you are careful because December sometimes will bring icy conditions to the canyon.

  • Santa’s Layover & Craft Fair
  • Drink hot chocolate and view the Christmas lights
  • Holiday shopping

When Is The Best Time To Bring Kids To Antelope Canyon?

May through August is the best time to bring kids to Antelope Canyon because there’s enough activity going on nearby to keep them entertained. This time of year, there are plenty of water activities that kids enjoy. Lake Powell is nearby and it’s a great spot for boating, water-skiing, paddleboats, fishing, and more.

There are several family-friendly campgrounds in the area as well. Summer is a great time to bring your kids to one because other families will be there too. With kids out of school and on summer holidays, there are more opportunities for your kids to make friends to play with on the trip.

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When To Avoid Crowds At Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is busiest during the summer season. Anytime that kids are out of school, this tourist attraction gets crowded. We don’t blame you for wanting to avoid crowds at Antelope Canyon because the tour will take a lot longer.

To avoid crowds, your best bet is to book a trip between November and March. A lot of people avoid traveling to Antelope Canyon this time of year because the light beams aren’t there and the weather is colder. That doesn’t mean that the canyon isn’t worth touring in the winter. It’s still an amazing time of year to see this destination.

Weekends tend to bring crowds any time of the year. That is why we suggest always booking your tour during a weekday. There are certain periods during the shoulder season where Antelope Canyon does get busy periods, such as during Christmas break or spring break.

Should I Rent A Vehicle When Traveling To Antelope Canyon?

You will need to rent a vehicle because Antelope Canyon isn’t within walking distance to any campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, or hotels. There isn’t a shuttle service or bus to get there either. You will be responsible for your own transportation, which is why it’s a good idea to rent a vehicle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that during your stay in the area, you will likely only spend one day at Antelope Canyon. Since there are many other attractions in the area, you will need to have a reliable vehicle to get ti them. Renting a vehicle also gives you the option to travel to some of the attractions out of town.

When Is The Rainy Season In Antelope Canyon?

The rainy season in Antelope Canyon starts toward the end of June and lasts until September. Since it’s located in the desert, rain typically isn’t a big problem when visiting Antelope Canyon. On average, the canyon is only closed 10 to 15 days a year due to rain or snow.

During the summer season, is common for a rain shower to occur for a short period in the afternoon. This may lead to afternoon tour cancellations. Antelope Canyon can be dangerous when it’s raining. This is part of the reason why guests are only allowed to visit with a tour guide.

The tour guides are familiar with the weather patterns in the canyon. They know when it’s safe and when people shouldn’t go in. Visitors should never attempt to enter without a guide.

When Is The Snowy Season At Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon gets colder for the winter season from December to February. However, during this time, it’s unlikely that there will be a significant amount of snow. This area doesn’t get a lot of snow. Page only receives an average of 1.9 inches of snow each year.

That is a lot less than the US national average of 28 inches. If you’re from an area that gets a lot of snow each year, you’ll find the snowfalls in this area to be barely in existence.

Even though Antelope Canyon doesn’t get a lot of snow, it can get cold in the winter months. Make sure you are prepared with warm outwear, including:

  • Winter jacket
  • Comfortable winter boots
  • Scarf
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves/ mittens
  • Lip balm

What Is The Driest Month In Antelope Canyon?

Early June is the driest time in Antelope Canyon, just before the monsoon season begins. This is a great time to visit Antelope Canyon because it’s always safest to go on a tour when it’s dry. Most years, it won’t rain at all during this time.

If you want to book an afternoon tour, this is the best time of year to arrange it. There is no need to worry about a mid-afternoon rain shower canceling your booking.

Is Antelope Canyon Safe To Visit?

Antelope Canyon is safe to visit as long as it isn’t raining. The canyon is dangerous to tour in the rain because it’s very narrow and can get flooded. Many safety measures have been put in place to ensure guests of all ages remain safe. All staircases are made from strong metal and placed to allow a quick evacuation in the event of an emergency.

One thing to keep in mind is that there aren’t stores or concession stands at the canyon. Since the tour can be very long, it’s recommended to eat before you go. You are also allowed to bring one bottle of water for the tour, which you should always bring because it gets hot.

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