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15 Best Texas Waterfalls (With Hiking Trails & Amazing Views)

Explore the top 15 Texas waterfalls with stunning hikes and views! Perfect for travelers seeking beautiful trails and unforgettable swimming spots.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
15 Best Texas Waterfalls (With Hiking Trails & Amazing Views)

When thinking of states with beautiful waterfalls to visit the desert state of Texas is a hidden gem. From dry beds that magically become falls in the rain to deep pools standing a hundred feet tall this beautiful state has every kind of waterfall you could be looking for.

To help you decide where to start below is a list of the top 15 incredible waterfalls organized by the falls top feature. Looking for a beautiful hike with a waterfall finish line? Or maybe you’re hoping to find a swimming spot to take the whole family for a summer holiday?

This list has it all for you to explore and discover. Take a look for yourself and let us know in the comments your thoughts!

1. Hamilton Pool & Waterfall

Credit: Shutterstock

Located an hour away from the Texas Capitol of Austin is the plunging 50-foot waterfall created from Hamilton Creek. Spilling into a narrow canyon this waterfall creates a deep pool perfect for swimming.

This is a perfect spot to visit with your family, though a reservation is required prior to your visit as it can be crowded. A benefit of this waterfall and pool is it never goes dry!

While the waterfall will be more cascading at certain times of the year than others it is present year round. Conditions also have to be right for swimming so double check before you go!

Address: 24300 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, Texas

2. Upper and Lower Falls – McKinney Falls State Park

Credit: Shutterstock

Located a few miles south of Austin is Onion Creek and McKinney Falls State Park. The state park boasts a beautiful 2-for-1 deal on waterfalls with both the Upper and Lower Falls.

Both falls create beautiful pools perfect for a quick dip or fishing. The level of the pools and waterfall are dependent on the rain and Onion Creek is prone to flood after a heavy rain so be sure to check the weather before you visit!

Address:  5808 McKinny Falls Parkway, Austin, Texas

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3. Krause Springs – Spicewood

Credit: Shutterstock

Head 30 miles west of Austin and you will come upon the family owned and operated property. Founded in 1955 and home to over 30 natural springs and pools that feed into the local Lake Travis you will find the beautiful Krause Springs Waterfall with a human made pool below.

A day-use fee is required to visit the springs and campsites are also available for both tent camping and RVs. On top of the beautiful water features the property also includes a butterfly garden and over 100 acres to explore.

Address: 424 Co Road 404, Spicewood, Texas

4. Window Pour-Off

Credit: Shutterstock

Walking the five-mile round trip hike on Window Trail in Big Bend National Park will lead you to the Window Pour-Off. This pour-off, positioned within the Chisos Basin region of the park, is one that can only be seen after a heavy rain so watch the weather if you’d like to see the drop-off in all its glory.

This hike is one of the best hiking trails in Big Bend and a well traversed trail. It is about a five mile hike round trip that starts at Oak Spring Trail, descends into Oak Creek Canyon, and connects to Window Trail.

The Window provides the only section of trail where rain runoff can tumble off the trail. Hikers should practice extreme caution if they choose to approach the edge even when it’s dry to avoid falling.

5. Gorman Bend & Falls

Located in Colorado Bend State Park (I promise you’re still in Texas!) this waterfall is one of the Lonestar states most popular waterfalls. This three mile round trip hike features not only a waterfall but beautiful limestone and cacti along the trail.

The trail can get a bit congested due to popularity so it is recommended you start the hike earlier in the day and it can be difficult towards the end due to the steep descent involving ropes so maybe leave the pets at home for this one! There is also a $5 admittance fee for anyone over the age of 12.

Address: 2236 Park Hill Dr, Bend, Texas

6. Cattail Falls

Credit: Shutterstock

Tucked away in a corner of Big Bend National Park are the serene Cattail Falls. The falls earned their name from the small splits that make the falls look very similar to cat tails.

A three mile hike through the Chisos Mountains will supply you with stunning views and the reward of these beautiful falls at the end. There are no reservations required but there is a $30 fee per vehicle so if traveling with a group carpooling would be advisable.

Address: Big Bend National Park

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7. Airfield Falls – Westworth Village

Credit: Shutterstock

Hosted in northern Texas and home to Fort Worth’s largest natural waterfall, this waterfall is perfect for anyone located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who want to explore a waterfall in their backyard.

The park is located on the east side of the Naval Air Station JRB and features various parts from the McDonnell Douglas C-9 aircraft. This waterfall can be found in the Airfield Falls and Conservation Park.

The waterfall can be found about half a mile into the park and during the yearly summer monarch migration the trail is located directly in their northward migration path.

Address: 200 Pumphrey Dr., Westworth Village, Texas

8. Boykin Springs

Credit: Shutterstock

This small set of waterfalls can be found within the beautiful Angelina National Forest. The falls are part of the Neches River. While they are only a few feet in height the area surrounding the waterfalls easily makes up for it.

The area around the falls is filled with picnic areas, fishing, hiking, and camping. If you are looking to hike the area trailhead is the Sawmill Hiking Trail. Admission to the falls is free for the day and $10 per night if you choose to camp nearby.

Address: Angelina National Forest

9. Capote Falls

Credit: Texas Bighorn Society / Facebook

At a whooping 175 feet in height Capote Falls is the tallest waterfall in Texas by far. These falls are a main drainage point below the Rio Grande Rift and Sierra Vieja so they are constantly flowing year round no matter the weather.

These falls are located on private property so to hike to the falls you need permission prior to arrival to the falls to make the hike out to see them. Or… to make it a real adventure there are helicopter tours that will fly you over the falls.

10. Fall Creek Waterfall aka Lake Buchanan Waterfall

Credit: Shutterstock

Another one of Texas’ hidden gems is this waterfall that is only reachable by boat. Located within the Highland Lakes, Fall Creek Waterfall (that is also known as Lake Buchanan Waterfall) is a stunning sight to see and well worth the extra effort.

Both private and rented boats can find their way here so grab your friends and family and adventure away!

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11. Waterwall Park

Credit: Shutterstock

Located in the heart of Houston this artificial water feature stands 64-feet tall and is a popular photo spot! The semi-circular Water Wall is a mesmerizing beauty and a must-see if you find yourself in the Houston area.

The park is also close the Houston Galleria mall and the William’s Tower, which is the city’s tallest tower.

Address: 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, Texas

12. Zilker Botanical Garden Waterfalls

Credit: Shutterstock

The 351-acre Zilker Park, known as “the jewel in the heart of Austin, is a treasured centerpiece, with its botanical garden including plenty of stunning waterfalls and features that are perfect for snapping photos of or simply relaxing in front of while enjoying the heart of the city.

These waterfalls are perfect if you’re looking to enjoy not only stunning water features but also hoping to enjoy some of Texas’ beautiful natural flora and the park has also been known to host a few dinosaurs over the years!

Address: 2220 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas

13. Wichita Falls

Credit: Shutterstock

Originally these falls were a natural waterfall, however in the 19th century they were washed away by a record breaking flood.

The city rebuilt Wichita Falls on Wichita River and the current 54-foot falls grace the city of the same name with stunning beauty. These falls are even complete with a bridge in front of them that you can walk across for the best view.

For an even more rewarding view of the surrounding landscape, you can also hike to these falls! Hikers can begin walking on the Wichita River Trail from the local Lucy Park and reach the falls with less than a mile stroll. If walking is not your thing you can also view the falls from Interstate 44.

Address: Wichita River Trail, Wichita Falls, Texas

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14. Japanese Tea Garden Waterfall

Credit: Shutterstock

Housed in the beautiful city of San Antonio this impressive 60-foot waterfall is a peaceful spot in an otherwise busy city!

Located within the Brackenridge Park, visiting Alamo city can’t be complete without a visit to the Japanese Tea Garden to view their waterfall. Prices to enter the garden vary depending on age and

Address: 3853 North St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, Texas

15. Westcave Waterfall & Grotto

Credit: Rick Mach / Flickr

Located on the Westcave preserve this 40-foot waterfall sports not only a stunning stream but a grotto and pool as well. This waterfall can be found through a reservation-only tour so plan to book ahead of your visit.

The waterfall also requires a hike through the arid uplands through a limestone crevice where the waterfall appears seemingly out of nowhere! Tours are available on weekends only.

Address: 24814 Hamilton Pool Road, Round Mountain, Texas

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