15 Best Camping Spots in Sedona

Explore the top 15 camping spots in Sedona for both tent and RV enthusiasts. Find your perfect outdoor retreat among red rocks and serene landscapes. Ideal for families and solo adventurers alike.

Tobi Miles
July 15, 2024
Explore the top 15 camping spots in Sedona for both tent and RV enthusiasts. Find your perfect outdoor retreat among red rocks and serene landscapes. Ideal for families and solo adventurers alike.

Camping in Sedona is a unique experience because to the red rocks and breathtaking surroundings. However, it's always best to prepare beforehand to ensure you're getting what looking for when looking to reserve a place.

There are three Forest Service campgrounds along Oak Creek Canyon, just a short distance from Sedona on Highway 89A. Also, a few RV Parks in or near Sedona and scattered campsites in predetermined areas in the surrounding desert. So no matter what you're looking for, family-friendly tent-camping, or a solo glamping trip, Sedona has it!

Both tent-only campgrounds and RV-only campgrounds are available at the Oak Creek campgrounds. These campgrounds, located in the canyon, are colder than Sedona and are frequently in the shade of the canyon walls.

This can be a massive asset in the sweltering summer, but in the cooler months of fall and spring, it can provide for pleasant camping. In addition to Slide Rock State Park, this region is home to a number of noteworthy walks.

See our ranking of the top campgrounds in Sedona for a detailed look at what is offered.

1. Munds Park

Credit: Al_HikesAZ / Flickr

The Munds Park RV Resort is the place to go if you're seeking a spot that accepts vehicles other than just RVs. Off-road vehicles, huge rigs, and campers are all welcome in Munds.

Munds Park is ideally positioned close to Monument Valley and The Grand Canyon for fantastic outdoor adventures. Alongside free Wi-Fi, this resort has a dog park, restrooms with showers, a dump site, and a water station.

In addition to a restaurant featuring pool tables on the premises, this location features a heated pool, ATV paths, a recreation center, a fitness facility, and a convenience store. The amenities alone make Munds a great place to stay for both short-term and long-term trips.

2. Camp Avalon

Credit: Camp Avalon

Camp Avalon is a distinctive camping location that combines a beautiful natural setting with a serene spiritual retreat. This camp is located amid Sedona's Red Rocks and offers gorgeous views with a fantastic setting.

Excellent hiking options can be found outside the camp via Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock State Park. Along the way, you may find yourself at the infamously photogenic Cathedral Rock butte, which also features a robust picnic area.

Alternately, you might spend your time touring the nearby village of Tlaquepaque, well known for its arts and crafts community.

You can buy firewood on site to build a warm evening fire. Some campsites are even located next to the creek, which also has a rope swing! Camp Avalon also offers Wi-Fi for a modest price.

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3. Manzanita Campground

Credit: Coconino National Forest / Flickr

There is a ton of shade at this campground by the creek, and the scenery is breathtaking. Manzanita is exclusively available to tent campers due to the restricted sites.

There are a few first-come, first-served sites available if you are unable to make a reservation in advance. Since paved roads lead to the campground, it is accessible to individuals without 4WD vehicles.

From your camping location, you can pitch a tent underneath the trees and spend the day fishing, checking out the scenery, or even taking a stroll around the cliff sides.

4. Cave Springs

Credit: Coconino National Forest / Flickr

In a beautiful part of Oak Creek Canyon is the Cave Springs Campground. You'll be surrounded by red rocks and a heavily wooded region that offers shade and lovely viewpoints.

This campsite does not have any hookups. Each campground is equipped with a grill, a fire pit, and picnic tables. Drinking water is also offered.

Some necessities, like firewood or food, are available at the onsite store. Pit restrooms and showers are available onsite for a low fee.

Possibly the busiest campground in Sedona, the location makes an excellent base camp for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming, and bird viewing.

Given that this campground is inside the Coconino National Forest, there is a lot to discover without ever leaving your campsite! You can go even further and visit the views of Slide Rock State Park.

5. Turquoise Triangle RV Park

Credit: Turquoise Triangle RV Park / Facebook

This fenced-in campsite offers you a private space to enjoy stays of various lengths. The campground is surrounded by cottonwood trees and offers peaceful campsites near the Verde River.

Although inconsistent in some areas, Wi-Fi is available. Onsite amenities include complete RV hookups, bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, and helpful personnel who are on call around the clock.

Taking in the scenery aside; this location offers a variety of activities, such as fishing, swimming, and kayaking around The Verde River. Neighborhood shops and eateries are close to the park for those memorable moments.

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6. Oak Creek Mobilodge

Credit: Oak Creek Mobilodge

The Oak Creek that borders this RV park is an excellent area to appreciate the evening from the campground's patio. The Grand Canyon is roughly two hours' worth of driving away.

This RV Park offers a variety of activities, such as fishing and swimming, making it a fantastic place to take your family. Several stores and art galleries are among some of the neighborhood attractions.

Level sites, washrooms, full hookups, and well-shaded areas are some of the amenities. There is a space provided where you can grill, but you'll need to bring your personal BBQ equipment to do so.

7. Page Springs RV Resort

Credit: Sunrise Resorts

A charming backdrop of cottonwood trees surrounds the small resort, which is located next to Oak Creek. The Red Rocks of Sedona, Montezuma's Castle, and the Tuzigoot Indian Ruins are just a few of the surrounding attractions.

The surrounding brook can be used for swimming and fishing. The park in Page Springs is a fantastic place to go hiking or even play horseshoes!

Electric and water hookups are offered at each RV site. There is also Wi-Fi available, but you must pay a small charge to gain access.

8. Rio Verde RV Park

Credit: mclick! / Flickr

You'll find this reasonably priced RV park just south of Sedona's Red Rock region in Cottonwood. On a 30-acre parcel of property covered in dense pine, cottonwood, and juniper trees, there are 62 RV spots.

You may want to explore the variety of nearby hiking routes while staying at this RV park. There are full hookups, toilets, laundry facilities, and fire pits available.

You could even come across some food trucks on the weekends where you can buy some scrumptious meals and snacks.

Rio Verde Park is known as one of Sedona's top RV parks. It's so nice there that you'll probably want to stay longer than expected! So, make sure your schedule has enough time set aside.

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9. Verde Valley RV and Camping Resort

Credit: Verde Valley RV & Camping Resort (Cottonwood, AZ) / Facebook

You can see the Mingus Mountains and the Hackberry Mountains as you approach the resort. The journey to Verde Valley is an adventure in and of itself. The campsite is surrounded by lush rocks and peaks.

The campsites have 30 amps available, including full hookups. Here, you can find:

  • Mini-golf
  • A playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Game room
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Hiking paths, and more.

You can spend your time kayaking or just taking in the sights of the Verde River at this resort, which is close by.

The Verde Valley RV Resort is ideally located close to Sedona and Jerome. You might consider one of the local towns or wineries for exciting experiences after finishing your park activities

10. Lo Lo Mai Springs Outdoor Resort

Credit: Lo Lo Mai Springs

For its isolated location and convenient access to outdoor recreation, visit Lo Lo Mai Springs Resort. Since there is no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity at the site, this is a great place to disconnect from the outside world. However, the onsite clubhouse offers access to both.

Evening quiet hours are strictly enforced in Lo Lo Mai Springs. This creates a setting where you may appreciate nature without fretting about troublesome distractions.

Alongside the park, Oak Creek offers lovely scenery and a charming atmosphere. You can find a playground, swings, a basketball court, and even a horseshoe pit. This is an excellent addition if you're traveling with youngsters.

This campground has been serving campers for more than 50 years and has received fantastic reviews for its welcoming staff and first-rate amenities.

The three available bathrooms and showers are open twenty-four hours a day. Onsite amenities include a convenience store, swimming pool, spa, and laundry room.

11. Sunrise Resorts of Arizona

Credit: Shailesh Makwana / Flickr

This resort is situated in Apache Junction at the foot of the Superstitious Mountains, providing a beautiful view both on the way to and from the park. Sunrise Resorts of Arizona is well suited for seniors and their younger family members.

At Sunrise Resorts, you may play pickleball, swim inside the heated pool, play some tennis, or take a leisurely stroll along the paths that are surrounded by trees.

Nearby, you can find opportunities for outdoor recreation, family-friendly attractions, and top-notch dining establishments. Take a zipline excursion over the Superstitious Mountains, go to a baseball game, investigate a local abandoned gold mine.

There are numerous lodging choices, including RV campsites, long-term residences for sale, and vacation rentals. A vast list of amenities includes a pet-friendly park, game room, cable televisions, laundry room, library, Wi-Fi, sewage services, and water hookups.

12. Rancho Sedona RV Park

Credit: John Steacy / Flickr

Rancho Sedona RV Park provides you with a relaxing escape and a number of amenities while being surrounded by signature red rocks. Fishing, swimming, and mountain biking are a few of the activities offered.

In addition to laundry facilities and free Wi-Fi, complete hookups are offered. Additionally, there are numerous trash and recycling bins and restrooms.

With a 10 p.m. curfew to be in your rig, this place is very quiet. You can enjoy a tranquil evening and a restful night thanks to this.

Despite the fact that this campground welcomes pets, you must take care to ensure that they don't disturb other guests at night. Excessive barking is strictly prohibited.

You will have quick access to Helicopter tours, stores, and restaurants since Rancho Sedona is close to Sedona's downtown area. Hot air balloon rides are offered for anyone looking for wonderment.

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13. Zane Grey RV Village

Credit: Zane Grey RV

Camp Verde's Zane Grey RV Village is tucked up against West Clear Creek. It's also just a short drive away from the Grand Canyon.

This year-round RV park provides excellent creekside hiking trails and shaded campsites. The mountains that encircle the park contribute to its lush green surroundings and wonderful views. Spend your time hiking, playing cornhole, or enjoying the local wildlife at Zane Grey.

Or stay on camp, as it offers free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, restrooms with showers, full electrical and sewer hookups, as well as a picnic area.

14. Distant Drums RV Resort

Credit: Distant Drums RV Resort / Facebook

This resort is located in Camp Verde and provides quick access to native historical sites such as Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well.

You are shown to your RV campground as part of the free escort service, where you'll also have access to a full hookup system.

Each location's trash gets picked up daily. There are numerous amenities offered, including heated pools, dog parks, country stores, laundry facilities, and private baths.

A casino is located across the street from Distant Drums should you need some respite from outdoor activities. You may get to and from the casino using a complimentary shuttle.

Other enjoyable activities in the vicinity include the Fort Verde Historic State Park, Blazing M Ranch, and the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

15. Pine Flat Campground

Credit: Coconino National Forest / Flickr

With stunning landscape around, Pine Flat Campground provides one of the picturesque campsites. In addition, Slide Rock State Park, which offers a wonderful swimming hole and other hiking options, is located close by.

There are numerous campsites adjacent to Oak Creek that you may choose from, allowing you to listen to the melodies of the waters. This is a perfect time to relax in the shade of the lush ponderosa pines. This provides fantastic opportunities for birdwatching as well.

Make sure you are prepared for a stay without running water or power since there are no hookups at the campsites. However, there are picnic tables, pit toilets, and a fire pit with a grill at each campsite. Additionally offered are drinking water and firewood for purchase.

As one of Sedona's most picturesque RV sites, the campground offers access to a variety of hiking routes. These charming trails lead you past ponderosa trees and around the creek while providing breathtaking views of the surrounding cliffs.

Sedona Arizona Forest Campground Regulations

Sedona has some regulations when it comes to camping in their Forest Service campgrounds. Such as when to shut off generators, and also when you need to book your campsite.

Below, we've included some of these just so that you're prepared for your trip.

Does Arizona Forest Service Have Rules For Their Campgrounds?

In order to reserve a campsite at a Forest Service campground, you must do so at least three days before your arrival and up to six months ahead on a rotating date basis. First-come, first-served campsites are available at some of these campgrounds.

All campgrounds provide vault toilets, and some also have showers. Sites also include with picnic benches, barbecues, and campfire rings. At 9:00 pm, generators must be switched off.

There are no amenities included with dispersed camping, so you must be completely independent. These locations have more direct sunshine and are substantially warmer than those along Oak Creek Canyon.

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