Glen Walker

With over two decades of competitive running under his belt, Glen Walker has become a leading voice in the world of running shoe technology and performance analysis. A proud alumnus of the University of Oregon, where he earned his Master's in Exercise Physiology, Glen's journey from collegiate track star to respected industry expert has been paved with both blisters and breakthroughs.

During his time at the University of Oregon's hallowed Hayward Field, Glen not only honed his skills as a middle-distance runner but also developed a fascination with the science behind athletic performance. His thesis on the biomechanical impact of midsole composition in distance running shoes caught the attention of several leading footwear manufacturers, launching his career in product development and testing.

Glen's unique blend of practical experience and scientific acumen has made him a sought-after consultant for both amateur and elite athletes. He's known for his ability to break down complex biomechanical concepts into actionable advice, helping runners of all levels optimize their performance and reduce injury risk.

As the founder of "Stride Science," a popular blog and YouTube channel, Glen shares in-depth reviews and analyses of the latest running shoe technologies. His annual "Midsole Showdown" video series, where he puts the newest cushioning systems through rigorous lab and real-world tests, has become must-watch content for shoe geeks and casual runners alike.

When he's not in the lab or on the trails, Glen can be found mentoring the next generation of runners and sports scientists at his alma mater, where he guest lectures on biomechanics and the evolution of athletic footwear. His latest research project, focused on optimizing carbon plate technology for different running gaits, promises to push the boundaries of performance running shoes even further.

With a personal best of 3:58 in the mile and a Boston Marathon finish under his belt, Glen brings a runner's passion to his work. Whether he's dissecting the energy return of a new foam compound or advising on foot strike patterns, Glen Walker continues to lead the pack in understanding the intricate dance between feet, shoes, and the open road.

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