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Ultimate Guide: Top Places to Live in Scotland for Every Lifestyle

Thinking about making a move to Scotland? You're not alone. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cities, Scotland's got a lot to offer. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy cottage in the Highlands or a trendy flat in Edinburgh, there's a perfect spot for everyone.

Tobi Miles
April 4, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Top Places to Live in Scotland for Every Lifestyle

Key Takeaways

  • Scotland offers a diverse range of living options suitable for retirees, young adults, families, and those seeking gender inclusivity, with considerations including quiet villages, vibrant city life, school quality, and community atmosphere.
  • Rural locales like Peebles, Fort William, and Aberfeldy appeal for their scenery, outdoor activities, and family-friendly communities, while the Isle of Skye stands out for its inclusive community and stunning landscapes.
  • Scottish cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee provide diverse livability factors, from historic charm and cultural vibrancy to educational opportunities and inclusive environments.
  • Coastal towns such as Oban, St. Andrews, Elie and Earlsferry, and Portree are highlighted for their unique offerings, from seafood and history to stunning beaches and nature-connected living.
  • Key factors across all living options include the importance of local amenities, accessibility to healthcare, affordability, weather considerations, and the balance between community feel and privacy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Live in Scotland

Scotland's stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cities make it a desirable destination for many. Whether you're a retiree looking to enjoy a peaceful life, a young adult seeking excitement, or a family in search of a friendly community, there's a place in Scotland just for you. Here's what you need to consider to find your perfect Scottish home.

For Retirees

  • Quiet Villages: Look for places like Pitlochry or Fort Augustus, where the pace of life is slower and the communities are welcoming.
  • Access to Healthcare: Ensure the area has good healthcare facilities. Larger towns often offer better services.
  • Scenery and Activities: If you love nature, consider the Highlands for breathtaking views and walks.

For Young Adults

  • City Life: Edinburgh and Glasgow offer vibrant nightlife, diverse cultures, and ample employment opportunities.
  • University Towns: St Andrews and Aberdeen are great for students and young professionals, offering a blend of academia and social life.

For Families

  • Schools: Research the quality of local schools. Towns like Inverness are known for good education systems.
  • Family-Friendly Communities: Look for areas with parks, activities, and a sense of community. Suburbs of major cities or towns like Peebles are great choices.

Considering Gender

While Scotland is a progressive country, consider cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow for their inclusive communities and wide range of support networks.

Best Weather

  • Milder Climate: The East Coast tends to be drier and warmer. Places like Dundee enjoy more sunny days than the rest of the country.

Avoiding Crowds

  • Remote Locations: The Orkney Islands or the Isle of Skye offer escape from the hustle and bustle, though they're becoming more popular with tourists.

Festivals and Activities

  • Cultural Hotspots: Edinburgh is unbeatable for festivals, especially the Fringe Festival in August.
  • Outdoor Activities: Fort William is known as the outdoor capital of the UK, ideal for hiking, biking, and adventure sports.

Cost of Living

  • Budget-Friendly: Smaller cities and rural areas tend to have a lower cost of living. Consider places like Paisley or Kirkcaldy for affordability.
  • Rich History: Stirling and Dundee are rich in culture and

Top Rural Areas to Live in Scotland

When scouting for the best rural areas to call home in Scotland, you're basically spoiled for choice. However, each spot has its unique charm, fitting for different lifestyles, from the quiet retiree to the bustling family. Let's break it down.

For Retirees: Peebles

  • Scenery and Peace: Nestled in the Scottish Borders, Peebles offers stunning landscapes coupled with a peaceful environment, perfect for those looking to enjoy their retirement in tranquility.
  • Accessibility: Despite its rural setting, it’s not too far from Edinburgh, keeping healthcare and city amenities within reach.

For Young Adults: Fort William

  • Outdoor Adventures: Known as the Outdoor Capital of the UK, Fort William is a haven for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.
  • Community and Festivals: Despite its small size, the town has a tight-knit community and hosts numerous festivals, including the Mountain Festival, appealing to those looking to balance solitude with social activities.

For Families: Aberfeldy

  • Family-friendly Communities: Aberfeldy shines with its welcoming atmosphere, great schools, and plethora of child-friendly activities.
  • Outdoors and Safety: It offers a safe environment with countless outdoor opportunities, ensuring kids grow up with a fondness for nature.

For Gender Inclusivity: Isle of Skye

  • Inclusive Communities: Known for its open and accepting communities, the Isle of Skye provides a serene backdrop for anyone, irrespective of gender identity, seeking acceptance and a fresh start.
  • Scenery and Culture: It’s not just about the inclusive atmosphere; the stunning landscapes and rich Scottish Gaelic culture are big draws too.

For Best Weather: East Lothian

  • Sunny Days Ahead: Boasting more sunshine hours than much of Scotland, East Lothian is ideal for those seeking brighter days and milder weather.
  • Coastal Living: With its charming beaches, it provides a unique coastal living experience not found elsewhere in rural Scotland.

For Avoiding Crowds: Knoydart Peninsula

  • Remote Living: Accessible only by boat or foot, Knoydart offers unparalleled seclusion.
  • Community Feel: Despite its remoteness, the small community is welcoming, offering a unique blend of isolation and belonging.
  • Cultural Heartbeat: Home to the famous

Best Cities to Live in Scotland

When you're hunting for the perfect spot to call home in Scotland, whether you're dreaming of bustling city vibes or a tranquil retreat, this guide's got you covered. Here’s the lowdown on Scotland's best cities for retirees, young folks, families, and just about anyone searching for their ideal locale.

For Retirees: Edinburgh

  • Scenic and Serene: Edinburgh isn't just the capital; it's a haven for retirees. Packed with history, culture, and stunning architecture, you'll never run out of things to see and do. Plus, the healthcare facilities are top-notch.
  • Budget-friendly Areas: Look into Morningside or Stockbridge for a nice balance of affordability and access to amenities.

For Young Adults: Glasgow

  • Vibrant and Affordable: Glasgow stands out for its lively music scene, trendy cafes, and an arts scene that's hard to beat. It's also more affordable than Edinburgh, making it a hit with students and young professionals.
  • Great for Networking: With plenty of startups and creative ventures, it's easy to meet like-minded folks.

For Families: Aberdeen

  • Safe and Scenic: Known as the Granite City, Aberdeen offers a safe environment with beautiful beaches and parks for family outings.
  • Education Focus: With excellent schools and ample family-friendly activities, it’s a solid choice for settling down.

Gender Inclusive: Dundee

  • Welcoming Community: Dundee’s progressive and inclusive community makes it a welcoming city for people of all gender identities.
  • Cultural Hub: It's also home to Scotland's first design museum, the V&A Dundee.

Best Weather: Inverness

  • Mild Winters, Pleasant Summers: While Scotland isn't known for its weather, Inverness boasts relatively mild conditions, making outdoor activities enjoyable year-round.
  • Gateway to the Highlands: Its location is perfect for nature lovers looking to explore the Scottish Highlands.

Avoiding Crowds: Stirling

  • Small City Charm: For those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle, Stirling offers a more laid-back atmosphere while still providing rich history and convenient amenities.
  • Central Location: It’s also well-placed for trips to both Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • Festival City: If you love festivals, Edinburgh is unbeatable. From the famous Edinburgh

Coastal Towns Worth Considering

When thinking about the best places to live in Scotland, you can't overlook the charm and beauty of its coastal towns. Each has its own vibe, offering something unique for everyone, whether you're retiring, setting up a family home, or just chasing the best weather. Let's dive into some coastal gems you should consider.

Oban: The Seafood Capital

  • For Foodies and Retirees: If you love seafood and serene views, Oban's your go-to. Known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland, it's got some of the freshest catches around. Plus, it's relatively quiet, making it perfect for retirees looking for peace.
  • Weather and Activities: It's also a gateway to the isles with mild weather, thanks to its coastal location. Think boat trips, island hopping, and just soaking in those sunsets over the harbor.

St. Andrews: A Cultural Hub

  • For Young Adults and Students: This town's not just about golf; it's also home to Scotland's oldest university. That means vibrant nightlife, eclectic cafes, and lots of activities geared towards young adults.
  • For History Buffs: Plus, if you love history, St. Andrews is soaked in it. From the ancient university buildings to the ruins of St. Andrews Castle, there's plenty to explore.

Elie and Earlsferry: For Beach Lovers

  • Families and Sun Chasers: Fancy a beach day every day? These adjacent villages offer stunning sandy beaches perfect for families and anyone who loves water sports or just sunbathing.
  • Activities and Crowd Avoidance: They're a bit off the beaten path, meaning fewer crowds, even in summer. You've got golf, sailing, and coastal walks, all with a backdrop of picturesque scenery.

Portree: For Nature Enthusiasts

  • For Happiness and Connection to Nature: Situated on the Isle of Skye, Portree is a small harbor town surrounded by incredible natural landscapes. It's said to be one of the happiest places to live, thanks to its tight-knit community and connection to nature.
  • Weather and Scenery: Expect mild but wet weather and some of the most breathtaking scenery in Scotland—from the Old Man of Storr to the Quiraing.
  • For Higher Income Families and Retirees: If you


Scotland's coastal towns are gems waiting for you to explore. Whether you're craving the tranquility of Oban, the cultural vibrance of St. Andrews, the serene beaches of Elie and Earlsferry, or the natural beauty and community spirit of Portree, there's a perfect spot by the sea for you. Each town offers its own unique charm and caters to different lifestyles, ensuring that whether you're retiring, seeking adventure, or looking for a family-friendly environment, you'll find a place that feels like home. So pack your bags and set your sights on Scotland's coast—it's time to discover your own slice of paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Oban a great place to retire?

Oban is renowned for its fresh seafood and tranquil environment, making it perfect for those looking for a peaceful retirement spot.

Why is St. Andrews appealing to young adults and history buffs?

St. Andrews is a cultural hub with a rich history, vibrant nightlife, and historical sites, attracting young adults and those with a passion for history.

What does Elie and Earlsferry offer to families and sun enthusiasts?

Elie and Earlsferry boast stunning beaches with fewer crowds, offering various water activities, ideal for families and those who love the sun.

How does Portree stand out as a happy place to live?

Portree, located on the Isle of Skye, is celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty and tight-knit community, contributing to its reputation as a happy living destination.

Are these coastal towns suitable for different demographics and interests?

Yes, each coastal town in Scotland offers unique experiences, catering effectively to different demographics and interests, enhancing Scotland’s appeal as a diverse living destination.

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