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Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Canada for Families & More

Looking for the best spot in Canada to plant your family roots? You're in luck! Canada's packed with amazing places that offer great schools, beautiful parks, and tight-knit communities perfect for raising kids.

Tobi Miles
April 5, 2024
Ultimate Guide: Best Places to Live in Canada for Families & More

From the bustling streets of Toronto to the serene landscapes of British Columbia, finding that perfect blend of adventure and stability is easier than you think. Let's dive into some of the top spots that make Canada a dream destination for families.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Options for Families: Canada boasts a variety of family-friendly cities like Oakville, Kelowna, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary, each offering unique benefits such as excellent schools, abundant green spaces, and vibrant cultural scenes.
  • Considerations Beyond Location: When choosing the best place to live, consider factors such as weather, cost of living, community vibes, and job markets, to ensure alignment with personal preferences and needs.
  • Activities and Education: Cities like Vancouver and Calgary are highlighted for their outdoor activities and high-ranking schools, making them ideal for families prioritizing education and an active lifestyle.
  • Living Costs and Weather: While cities like Vancouver offer unmatched landscapes and cultural spots, the high cost of living and weather conditions are critical considerations. Alternatively, Calgary presents a balanced option with a more manageable cost of living and sunny weather.
  • Safety and Community: Safety and a sense of community are paramount, with Ottawa and Kelowna being noted for their safety rankings and community engagement, making them appealing for families and individuals seeking a peaceful living environment.
  • Cultural and Recreational Diversity: The diversity in cultural festivals and recreational activities across cities like Montreal and Vancouver ensures a rich, engaging lifestyle for residents of all ages.

Toronto, Ontario

Canada's vast and diverse landscape offers something for everyone, whether you're about to retire, a young adult just starting out, or looking for the perfect spot to raise a family. Let's dive into the ultimate guide to find your dream location in Canada, taking into account weather, festivals, activities, cost of living, and more.

For Retirees

  • Victoria, British Columbia: With its mild climate and vibrant cultural scene, Victoria is ideal for those looking to enjoy their retirement years in comfort. The cost of living is higher, but the quality of life and the access to world-class healthcare facilities make it worth every penny.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia: For retirees who love the ocean, Halifax offers a slower-paced lifestyle with a strong sense of community. The cost of living is more affordable compared to other major cities, and there's always something happening at the waterfront.

For Young Adults

  • Montreal, Quebec: If you're young and crave an eclectic, vibrant city life, Montreal is the place for you. It's budget-friendly and you'll never run out of things to do, from festivals to nightlife. Plus, it's a great spot to mix with different cultures.
  • Calgary, Alberta: Known for its high employment rates and dynamic urban lifestyle, Calgary appeals to young professionals. The surrounding Rockies also offer endless outdoor activities for adventure seekers.

For Families

  • Oakville, Ontario: Just outside Toronto, Oakville combines the best of both worlds with its excellent schools, parks, and a tight-knit community. It's peaceful yet close enough to the big city amenities.
  • Kelowna, British Columbia: If you're dreaming of raising your kids in a place with stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, Kelowna is your go-to. The city is surrounded by lakes and mountains, offering a healthy lifestyle for your entire family.

Considering Weather

  • Best Weather: Victoria, BC, stands out for its mild winters and pleasant summers. It's the perfect spot if you're not a fan of extreme temperatures.
  • Avoiding Harsh Winters: For those looking to avoid snow, St. John's, NL, might not be the best pick due to its heavy snowfalls, despite its stunning landscapes.
  • Quebec City, Quebec: Immersed in French culture, Quebec City's calendar is packed

Vancouver, British Columbia

When you're thinking about the best places for families in Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, really stands out. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains, it's got scenery that'll knock your socks off and a climate that's pretty kind on the whole. But there's heaps more to Vancouver than just its pretty face.

For Families

  • Neighborhoods: You've got options like Kitsilano with its beaches and parks, perfect for weekend picnics, or Burnaby, which offers more affordable housing and great schools.
  • Outdoor Activities: From biking along the Seawall to skiing at Grouse Mountain, there's never a dull moment for active families.
  • Cultural Spots: The Science World and Vancouver Aquarium are great for fun and educational family outings.

For Retirees

  • Climate: Mild winters and not-too-hot summers—you won't have to shovel snow!
  • Community: Plenty of active senior groups and centers where you can meet new friends or pick up a new hobby.
  • Healthcare: Top-notch facilities and specialists to keep you healthy and happy.

For Young Adults

  • Job Market: Booming tech scene and a diverse range of job opportunities.
  • Social Life: Bars, clubs, and cafes in neighborhoods like Gastown or Yaletown.
  • Education: Home to prestigious institutions like the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

Considering Gender

  • Safety: Vancouver is generally safe, with well-lit streets and active neighborhood watches.
  • Equality: Progressive attitudes and laws promoting gender equality in workplaces and society.

Best Weather

  • Victoria, British Columbia: If you're after the mildest climate, Victoria's your answer. Less rain than Vancouver and beautiful springs.

Avoiding Crowds

  • Kelowna, British Columbia: Perfect balance between community vibes and having your own space, especially outside peak tourist seasons.

Festivals and Activities

  • Montreal, Quebec: For festivals, you can't beat Montreal. Jazz, comedy, arts - you name it, they've got a festival for it.

Cost of Living

  • Calgary, Alberta: While Vancouver's awesome, it's pricey. Calgary offers a more manageable cost of living without skimping on quality.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia: Rich in history, maritime adventures, and friendly locals

Ottawa, Ontario

When you're eyeing a move to Canada, more often than not, Ottawa, Ontario, isn't the first place that pops into your head. But, let me tell you, it should be, especially if you've got a family to think about. This city isn't just about chill winter vibes and being the political heart of Canada; there's so much more.

For Families

  • Green Spaces: Imagine having a picnic every weekend at a new spot without running out of options. From Gatineau Park to the Rideau Canal, outdoor family fun is never in short supply.
  • Top-Notch Schools: Your kids' education is covered with some of the best public and private schools in the country.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Name it, Ottawa's got it. Museums, festivals, and Winterlude, the epic winter festival, make education and entertainment a combo deal for your little ones.

For Retirees

  • Peaceful Neighborhoods: Think calm, quiet, and just the right amount of neighborly. Perfect for those looking to downshift the pace of life.
  • Accessibility: Health services and essential amenities are top-notch and within easy reach, ensuring comfort and care in your golden years.
  • Community Centers: Packed with activities and opportunities to mingle, making new friends has never been easier.

For Young Adults

  • Job Opportunities: With a booming tech industry and plentiful government jobs, kickstarting your career in Ottawa is a smart move.
  • Vibrant Social Scene: Pubs, clubs, and cultural meetups ensure your social calendar is always full.
  • Affordable Living: Compared to Toronto and Vancouver, your wallet will breathe a sigh of relief living here.

Considerations for All

  • Weather: Braced for all four seasons, Ottawa showcases stunning fall colors, winter wonderlands, blooming springs, and warm summers.
  • Cost of Living: It's not the cheapest, but it's fair for what you get—a high quality of life.
  • Safety: Ranked as one of the safest cities in Canada, you'll feel secure and at ease.
  • Gender Equality: Progressiveness shines in Ottawa, where diversity and equality are celebrated.
  • Avoiding Crowds: While it's a city, it doesn't feel overwhelmingly crowded. You can enjoy city life without the squeeze.
  • **Festivals and

Calgary, Alberta

When you're eyeing the vast landscape of Canada for that perfect spot to call home, Calgary, Alberta, effortlessly makes its case, especially for families. Nestled in the southern part of the province, Calgary is a gem that combines the bustle of a large city with the charm of a close-knit community. It's got everything you could ask for - and then some.

First off, let's talk about the great outdoors. If your family loves adventures, Calgary won't disappoint. From the stunning views of the Rockies just a drive away to over 800 kilometers of pathways within the city, your weekends are sorted. Whether it's biking, hiking, or just taking a serene walk in one of its numerous parks, there's an activity for every age and fitness level.

Education is another biggie when choosing where to plant your roots. Calgary shines bright with its high-ranking schools and universities. Plus, if you're raising little Einsteins, the city's focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from a young age means they're in good hands.

But it's not all about the kids. For you young adults and the young-at-heart out there, you'll find Calgary's social and cultural scene buzzing. From music festivals that draw in international crowds to local art shows and cafes brimming with cozy vibes, getting bored isn't an option. And when it's about making a living, Calgary's evolving job market, especially in the tech and energy sectors, offers promising opportunities.

Retirees, you're not left out. The city caters to your pace of life too. With communities designed for active seniors, accessibility is a non-issue. Health services are top-notch, ensuring that you're well taken care of. Plus, community centers and programs keep you engaged, active, and socially connected.

  • Weather: Calgary is all about sunny skies, even in winter. Yes, winters can be cold and snowy, but the Chinook winds bring a warm respite that you'll appreciate.
  • Cost of Living: While not the cheapest, Calgary offers a fair trade-off with its quality of life. Housing is more affordable compared to other major Canadian cities, and with mindful budgeting, you can enjoy what the city has to offer.
  • Avoiding Crowds: If you're not one for the hustle and bustle, many neighborhoods combine


Choosing the right place to call home is a big decision and Calgary's unique blend of city vibrancy and community feel makes it stand out. Whether you're starting a family looking for great schools and outdoor fun, a young adult chasing job opportunities and social scenes, or a retiree in search of a peaceful yet engaging community, Calgary's got something for you. Plus, who wouldn't love more sunny days and mild winters? If you're after a quality life without the hustle and bustle, Calgary could be your next home sweet home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Calgary an ideal location for families, young adults, and retirees?

Calgary is an appealing city for a wide range of individuals due to its combination of city life and community feel. It offers outdoor activities, quality education with a STEM focus, a vibrant social scene, favorable job markets, and for retirees, senior-friendly communities and excellent healthcare.

Are there enough job opportunities in Calgary?

Yes, Calgary boasts promising job opportunities, especially in the tech and energy sectors, making it an attractive place for professionals looking to advance their careers.

What type of education system is available in Calgary?

Calgary offers a top-notch education system with a particular focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), providing students with a strong foundation in these critical areas.

How is the social and cultural scene in Calgary?

The social and cultural scene in Calgary is vibrant, featuring numerous social events, cultural festivals, art galleries, and theaters, catering to a wide range of interests and communities.

Is Calgary a good place for retirees?

Definitely. Calgary is suitable for retirees due to its senior-friendly communities, excellent healthcare, and engaging programs designed to keep the elderly active and socially connected.

How does the weather in Calgary affect its residents?

Calgary enjoys sunny skies and mild winters, largely due to the Chinook winds. This favorable weather encourages outdoor activities and contributes to the overall quality of life in the city.

How does the cost of living in Calgary compare to other Canadian cities?

While not the lowest, Calgary's cost of living offers a good quality of life. Housing is relatively affordable compared to other major Canadian cities, making it an attractive location for various demographics.

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April 5, 2024
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