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Tamarindo Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Tamarindo, Costa Rica in 2024?

Considering a tropical escape to Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Assess its safety, known for surfing and beaches, to decide if it's your ideal destination.

Tobi Miles
March 28, 2024
Tamarindo Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Tamarindo, Costa Rica in 2024?

Rest assured, Tamarindo is generally considered safe for tourists. However, like any popular destination, it's wise to stay informed and take precautions. In the following paragraphs, we'll dive into what makes Tamarindo a safe haven for your vacation and provide tips to keep your trip worry-free.

Crime Rates in Tamarindo

Tamarindo, Costa Rica, is widely celebrated for its breathtaking beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, like any popular tourist destination, it's essential to examine the crime rates to paint a realistic picture of safety. While Tamarindo remains a relatively safe place for tourists, awareness and caution are key.

When delving into the statistics, it's clear that Tamarindo exhibits lower crime rates compared to other regions in Costa Rica. Petty crimes such as pickpocketing or bag snatching are the most common concerns among visitors. Violent crimes are significantly less frequent, which is reassuring, but it's crucial to stay informed and vigilant.

Crime Type

Incidents (Per 100,000 Inhabitants)

Petty Theft


Violent Crime


Drug-Related Offenses


Property Damage


The table above highlights the prevalence of different types of crimes in Tamarindo. Despite the apparent concerns, it's important to note that these figures are substantially lower than in many other tourist locales worldwide. This data should offer some peace of mind but also serve as a reminder of the importance of protective measures.

Prudent travelers know that the key to a safe trip lies in preparation. Avoiding isolated areas after dark, securing personal belongings, and staying in groups during nighttime excursions can drastically reduce the risk of becoming a crime statistic. It's also advisable to stay in accommodations with good security measures and to use reputable transportation services.

By understanding the crime rates and following recommended safety tips, you can enjoy all that Tamarindo has to offer without undue worry. Security in Tamarindo is a priority for local authorities, and efforts are continuously made to ensure that this haven remains a welcoming and safe place for all visitors.

Safety Tips for Travelers

Exploring Tamarindo, Costa Rica, is an unforgettable adventure. To make sure your experience is as enjoyable and worry-free as possible, heed these safety tips.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Like any popular tourist destination, Tamarindo attracts its share of petty crime. While enjoying the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, always be mindful of your belongings. In 2022, reports indicated a minor uptick in pickpocketing incidents in crowded areas. Keep your valuables secure and within sight, particularly on the beach, in bars, and while using public transportation.

Choose Accommodations Wisely

Selecting a safe place to stay is crucial. Opt for accommodations with positive reviews regarding security. Facilities with 24-hour front desk service, security cameras, and safes in rooms are preferable. In Tamarindo, a significant 95% of accommodations have implemented enhanced security measures, reflecting the local commitment to tourism safety.

Use Reputable Transportation

Ensure you use reputable transportation services. Avoid unmarked taxis. Instead, opt for services recommended by your accommodation or well-reviewed online platforms. Official taxis are red with a yellow triangle on the side—a sign you're in good hands.

Travel Smart at Night

Tamarindo's nightlife is vibrant but it's wise to exercise caution after dark. Avoid walking alone on less crowded streets or beaches at night. Stick with a group when possible and always stay in well-lit, populated areas. Recent initiatives have increased street lighting in key tourist areas by 30%, significantly enhancing nighttime safety.

Stay Informed

Lastly, staying informed about the local area is invaluable. Check for updates on travel advisories and local news. Engage with local authorities or your embassy if you feel your safety may be compromised. Knowledge is power, and staying updated can help you avoid areas of concern.

Health Precautions in Tamarindo

When traveling to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, your health and safety should be top priorities. Costa Rica has a high standard of cleanliness and healthcare, but as with any travel destination, there are specific health precautions you should consider.

Firstly, it's crucial to talk about vaccinations. The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccines for travelers to Costa Rica:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid
  • Rabies

These vaccines are especially important if you plan on exploring rural areas or coming into close contact with animals.

Mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue Fever, Zika Virus, and Chikungunya are present in Costa Rica. Use EPA-registered insect repellents and wear long-sleeve shirts and pants to protect yourself. Staying in accommodations with screened windows or air conditioning can also significantly reduce the risk.

The water quality in Tamarindo is generally good, but to be on the safe side, drinking bottled or purified water is recommended. Avoid tap water, ice made from tap water, and raw foods that may have been washed in tap water.

Healthcare facilities in Tamarindo are equipped to handle minor medical issues. For more serious concerns, Clinica Biblica in San Jose, one of the top-ranked hospitals in Latin America, is accessible. It's also wise to travel with health insurance that covers medical evacuation.

Lastly, the sun in Tamarindo can be intense. Sunburn and heatstroke are common health issues among travelers. Always apply a high-SPF sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and seek shade during peak sun hours.

By taking these health precautions, you'll be in a better position to enjoy everything Tamarindo has to offer without health concerns hanging over your head.

Emergency Contacts and Services

When you're visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica, it's crucial to have a list of emergency contacts and be aware of the available services to ensure your safety. In an unfamiliar environment, knowing where to turn during an emergency can make all the difference.

Important Emergency Numbers:

  • National Emergency Number: Dial 911 for immediate assistance in any emergency. It's your go-to for medical emergencies, fires, or to request police assistance.
  • Tourist Police: For issues specifically related to travelers, such as theft or loss of passports, you can contact the Tourist Police at +506 2220-0192 or +506 2586-4287. They're especially equipped to assist tourists and are fluent in multiple languages.

Healthcare Services
Tamarindo offers reliable healthcare services to both locals and tourists. You'll find several well-equipped clinics within the town that cater to most medical needs. For more serious health concerns, Clinica Biblica in San Jose stands as a viable option, offering top-rated medical services and specialists catered to a wide array of health issues.

  • Clinica Tamarindo: A widely recognized medical facility in Tamarindo, known for its prompt and professional service.
  • Pharmacy La Buena: Open 24/7, providing a wide range of medical supplies and over-the-counter medications.
  • Always have local emergency numbers saved in your phone.
  • If staying at a hotel, ask the reception for local emergency contacts and the nearest medical facility.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and evacuation.

By staying informed and prepared, you'll navigate your Tamarindo adventure more safely and confidently. Remember, it's not just about reacting to emergencies, but proactively ensuring you rarely have to.face them.


Exploring Tamarindo, Costa Rica, promises an adventure of a lifetime, but your safety should always come first. With the right preparation, including having emergency contacts on hand, knowing where to find healthcare services, and considering travel insurance, you're setting yourself up for a worry-free experience. Tamarindo is not just a destination; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Costa Rica with the peace of mind that you're well-prepared for any situation. So pack your bags, save those important numbers, and get ready for an unforgettable journey in one of Costa Rica's most cherished spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the national emergency number in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, the national emergency number is 911. It is essential for travelers to have this number saved for any urgent situations that might arise.

Who should travelers contact for tourist-specific issues in Tamarindo?

Travelers in Tamarindo should contact the Tourist Police for any issues specifically related to tourism. They are equipped to assist travelers with various concerns and emergencies.

Are there healthcare facilities available in Tamarindo for travelers?

Yes, Tamarindo has healthcare services available for travelers. Clinica Tamarindo and Pharmacy La Buena are notable options for medical needs. For more serious conditions, Clinica Biblica in San Jose is recommended.

Why is it important to save local emergency numbers while traveling in Tamarindo?

Saving local emergency numbers is crucial for prompt access to necessary services during emergencies. It ensures travelers can quickly get help when needed, enhancing overall safety and peace of mind.

How can travelers ensure their safety in terms of medical emergencies in Tamarindo?

To ensure safety in case of medical emergencies, travelers should consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical needs, save local emergency contacts, and inquire about healthcare services at their accommodations.

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