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Santa Marta Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Santa Marta, Colombia in 2024?

When planning a Colombia trip, safety is vital. Santa Marta, with its beautiful beaches and Sierra Nevada mountains, raises safety queries for tourists.

Tobi Miles
March 31, 2024
Santa Marta Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Santa Marta, Colombia in 2024?

The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Like any popular destination, Santa Marta has its share of safety concerns but also boasts a vibrant culture and welcoming locals that make it a must-visit spot. Let's dive into what you need to know about safety in Santa Marta, ensuring you're well-prepared for an unforgettable adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Santa Marta is a destination with a vibrant culture and natural beauty, but like any popular tourist spot, it presents safety concerns mainly related to petty theft in crowded areas and scams. Staying vigilant and using commonsense precautions can greatly enhance safety.
  • Violent crime rates in Santa Marta are low, thanks to local law enforcement efforts and community initiatives, but tourists should remain cautious of petty theft and scams, which are more common.
  • Adopting safety measures such as using authorized transportation, avoiding displays of wealth, and staying in well-lit areas at night can significantly mitigate risks and ensure a more secure visit to Santa Marta.
  • Santa Marta has tourist-friendly areas like Rodadero, Taganga, and Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, known for their security features, including hotels with security and well-guarded premises, making them safer choices for visitors.
  • Emergency services in Santa Marta are accessible and competent, with the national and tourist police, ambulance services, and reputable medical facilities readily available for tourists in case of emergency.
  • Being prepared with important contact information and following recommended safety tips enables tourists to enjoy Santa Marta's attractions and hospitality while minimizing safety risks.

Crime Rates in Santa Marta

Exploring the safety of Santa Marta, Colombia, demands a close look at the crime rates that shape the city's security landscape. It's essential to acknowledge that, like any popular destination, Santa Marta experiences its share of criminal activity. However, understanding the specifics can help you navigate the city with confidence.

Recent data reveals a nuanced picture of safety in Santa Marta. Notably, the city has made significant strides in reducing violent crimes, a testament to the efforts of local law enforcement and community initiatives. Petty crimes, such as pickpocketing and theft, remain the most prevalent risk for tourists. These incidents are particularly common in crowded areas and near major tourist attractions.

Crime Type

Relative Risk

Violent Crime


Petty Theft


Drug-Related Crimes




Armed with this knowledge, you're better equipped to take precautions that minimize your risk. Staying vigilant in busy areas, avoiding displays of wealth, and keeping your belongings secure are straightforward, effective strategies.

Santa Marta's police force has also stepped up its presence in tourist-heavy areas, offering an additional layer of security. This proactive approach has been welcomed by both locals and visitors, contributing to a safer environment for everyone.

Remember, the experience of thousands of tourists who visit Santa Marta every year is overwhelmingly positive. Most encounters with locals are characterized by warmth and hospitality, reinforcing the city's reputation as a welcoming destination. By staying informed and adopting sensible safety measures, you can look forward to an enjoyable and secure visit to Santa Marta.

Safety Tips for Travelers

When exploring Santa Marta, Colombia, it's crucial to prioritize your safety. While the city is making strides in reducing crime rates, it's always better to be prepared. Here, you'll find essential tips to keep you safe and sound during your journey.

Stay Vigilant in Crowded Areas. Crowded places, especially tourist hotspots, are prime targets for pickpockets. Keeping your wits about you and being mindful of your belongings can drastically reduce the risk of theft. Avoid displaying expensive gadgets or jewelry that could attract unwanted attention.

Use Authorized Transportation. Always opt for authorized taxis or transport services, which are safer and more reliable. Apps like Uber or trusted local taxi services provide a level of security and traceability that random street taxis don't.

Keep Copies of Important Documents. Losing your identification or travel documents can turn into a significant inconvenience. Keep digital or physical copies in a secure place separate from the originals. This simple step ensures you have backup in case of loss or theft.

Check in Regularly. Whether you're traveling solo or in a group, checking in regularly with friends, family, or your accommodation can make a world of difference. Should anything unexpected happen, someone will quickly notice your absence.

Be Cautious with Public Wi-Fi. Cybersecurity is as crucial as physical safety. Public Wi-Fi can expose your personal information to risks, so avoid accessing sensitive information or making transactions on unsecured networks. Consider using a VPN for an added layer of security.

Avoid Walking Alone at Night. Santa Marta’s beauty doesn’t fade after sunset, but it’s wise to avoid secluded areas or beaches at night. Stick to well-lit, populated paths, and consider group outings or a trusted local guide for nighttime explorations.

Staying informed and alert is your best defense against common risks in Santa Marta. By following these simple yet effective safety tips, you're setting yourself up for a memorable and secure visit.

Tourist-Friendly Areas in Santa Marta

Exploring Santa Marta, Colombia, is an exhilarating experience, with specific areas being paradises for tourists seeking both adventure and safety. One cannot discuss Santa Marta without highlighting its tourist-friendly zones that have significantly contributed to its standing as a popular destination.

First on the list is Rodadero. Known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, Rodadero is more than just a beach destination; it's a spot where safety and entertainment go hand in hand. With a plethora of hotels and resorts that prioritize guests' security, you're in for both a safe and exciting visit.

Next, there's Taganga. Often regarded as a backpacker's haven, this fishing village has transformed into a tourist hotspot, offering a blend of traditional Colombian culture and modern amenities. Taganga's charm lies in its serene beaches and scuba diving spots, making it a must-visit for those looking for a mix of adventure and tranquility.

For those who cherish historical sites, the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino is a treasure trove. As the death place of the liberator Simón Bolívar, this museum and monument complex is not only rich in history but also in safety measures, ensuring a secure environment for visitors.



Safety Features


Beaches, Nightlife

Hotels with security


Scuba Diving, Beaches

Friendly local community

Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

Historical Monuments, Museums

Well-guarded premises

Discovering Santa Marta's tourist-friendly areas is key to enjoying what the city has to offer while staying secure. Each zone has its unique charm and safety protocols, providing peace of mind as you immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty. Whether it's lounging on the beaches of Rodadero, diving in Taganga, or delving into the historical depths of Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, your security is paramount, ensuring a memorable and worry-free visit to Santa Marta.

Emergency Contact Information

In times of emergency, having quick access to the right contact information can make all the difference. Santa Marta, like many tourist destinations, has systems in place to assist visitors in times of need. Here's what you'll need to keep close by:

Key Contacts for Tourists

  • National Police: Dial 123 for emergencies to reach the Colombian National Police, who are responsive and trained to assist with a variety of situations, including crimes or any immediate dangers.
  • Tourist Police: Specifically trained to address tourists’ concerns, they can be reached at +57 5 423 0315. They offer bilingual support for non-Spanish speakers.
  • Ambulance and Medical Emergencies: Dial 132 to reach medical assistance. Santa Marta's hospitals and clinics are equipped to handle emergencies.
  • Fire Department: In case of a fire, dial 119 to get immediate help from the local fire department.

Essential Medical Facilities

For non-emergency medical needs or if you require healthcare services, here are some reputable medical facilities in Santa Marta:

  • Hospital Universitario Julio Méndez Barreneche offers comprehensive medical services and is recognized for its quality care.
  • Clínica La Milagrosa is another well-equipped facility, known for its emergency services and specialist care.

Staying informed about your surroundings and having these essential contacts can ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience in Santa Marta. Remember, prevention is the best safety measure, so always take proactive steps such as staying in well-lit areas, avoiding unfamiliar neighborhoods at night, and keeping valuables secure. Be sure to carry a copy of your passport and important contact numbers at all times. Santa Marta's beauty and allure are best enjoyed with peace of mind, knowing that help is available whenever you might need it.


Armed with the right information and contacts, you're now better prepared for a safe journey in Santa Marta, Colombia. Remember, having emergency numbers at your fingertips and knowing where to find medical assistance can make all the difference. It's not just about being cautious; it's about being smart and proactive in ensuring your trip is as enjoyable as possible. So, pack your bags, carry your essentials, and embark on your adventure with confidence. Santa Marta awaits with its beauty and charm, and now you're ready to explore it worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What emergency contacts should tourists have while visiting Santa Marta, Colombia?

In Santa Marta, it's important to have the numbers for the National Police, Tourist Police, ambulance services, and the Fire Department. These contacts ensure tourists can quickly reach out for help in emergencies.

Are there specific medical facilities recommended for tourists in Santa Marta?

Yes, Hospital Universitario Julio Méndez Barreneche and Clínica La Milagrosa are highly recommended for non-emergency medical needs. They provide comprehensive medical services tailored to both emergency and routine health requirements.

Why is it important to carry emergency contact information in Santa Marta?

Carrying emergency contact information in Santa Marta is crucial for ensuring quick access to help in unexpected situations. This proactive measure can significantly enhance safety and provide peace of mind while exploring the city.

What preventive measures can tourists take to ensure a safe visit to Santa Marta?

Tourists can ensure a safer visit to Santa Marta by staying informed about local health and safety guidelines, avoiding known dangerous areas, keeping important documents at hand, and having key emergency contacts readily available.

How can tourists stay informed about safety in Santa Marta?

To stay informed about safety in Santa Marta, tourists should regularly check local news, follow advisories from their country’s embassy, and consult with their accommodation providers about any ongoing safety measures or concerns in the area.

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