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Hoi An Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2024?

Planning a trip to Vietnam? Safety is key, especially in Hoi An, famous for its Ancient Town and lantern-lit nights. But how safe is it for travelers?

Tobi Miles
March 31, 2024
Hoi An Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2024?

Rest assured, Hoi An is not only one of Vietnam's most picturesque destinations but also among its safest. Whether you're wandering through its colorful markets by day or enjoying the serene beauty of the Thu Bon River at night, you'll find Hoi An welcoming and secure. Let's dive into what makes Hoi An a safe haven for tourists and why it should be on your travel radar.

Key Takeaways

  • Hoi An stands as one of Vietnam's safest destinations, boasting low crime rates and a welcoming atmosphere for tourists, complemented by its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes.
  • The presence of tourist police and strategic security measures, including well-lit streets and surveillance cameras, provide a secure environment for visitors to explore the town with peace of mind.
  • While violent crimes are rare, travelers are advised to stay vigilant for petty theft and familiarize themselves with common tourist scams to ensure a trouble-free experience.
  • Adopting health and safety precautions, such as drinking bottled or boiled water and using mosquito repellent, is crucial to avoid common travel-related diseases and enhance the overall travel experience in Hoi An.
  • Hoi An offers a range of safe transportation options, from eco-friendly cycling and convenient grab taxis to serene boat tours and private car hires, making exploration both safe and enjoyable.
  • Community efforts and local governance play a significant role in keeping Hoi An safe; strict regulations, a culture of respect and hospitality, and accessible tourist information centers contribute to the town's security infrastructure.

Low Crime Rates in Hoi An

When considering the safety of any travel destination, one of the first aspects to examine is the crime rate. In Hoi An, you'll find that it's not just the lanterns that'll put your mind at ease but also the remarkably low crime statistics. Data supports the claim that Hoi An is among the safest places for tourists.

Crime Type

Incidence Rate in Hoi An

Violent Crimes

Very Low

Petty Theft




Violent crimes are incredibly rare in Hoi An. The town's strong community policing and emphasis on tourism safety significantly reduce the risk of such incidents. Neither locals nor tourists frequently encounter situations where personal safety is at risk.

However, like any popular tourist spot, petty theft can occur, albeit at a much lower rate than in larger cities. It's always wise to take basic precautions such as keeping valuables secure and being cautious in crowded areas.

One area where travelers do need to stay alert is regarding scams. While not prevalent, being informed about common tourist scams ensures your visit remains trouble-free.

Hoi An's approach to maintaining safety and security for everyone isn't accidental. Strict regulations, coupled with a local culture that values respect and hospitality, contribute to the overall low crime rates. Community efforts to sustain this environment are evident through local initiatives and cooperation with tourism businesses to ensure a safe experience for visitors.

Understanding that safety extends beyond crime statistics, Hoi An's infrastructure also contributes to this sense of security. Well-lit streets, clear signage, and accessible tourist information centers make navigating the town stress-free and enhance the feeling of safety during day and night exploration.

Hoi An's commitment to a safe environment makes it not just a beautiful destination but a secure choice for your next journey. As you weave through the ancient streets and indulge in the rich cultural heritage, rest assured that Hoi An stands out as a beacon of safety in the travel world.

Tourist Police and Security Measures

In Hoi An, the presence of tourist police significantly enhances the city's safety profile. These officers are specially trained to handle issues that travelers might face, whether it's dealing with minor disputes or offering guidance on local customs and regulations. Their visibility on the streets, particularly in areas with high tourist traffic, serves as a deterrent to potential offenders and provides a layer of security that's hard to find elsewhere.

What sets Hoi An apart is not just the existence of these forces, but their approachability and effectiveness. Tourists often praise the promptness and professionalism of the tourist police in addressing concerns, which is a testament to the city's commitment to maintaining a safe environment for its visitors.

Beyond the tourist police, Hoi An has implemented a variety of security measures that contribute to its reputation as a safe destination:

  • Well-lit streets ensure that evening walks through the ancient town or along the Thu Bon River are both serene and secure.
  • Surveillance cameras have been strategically placed in key locations, adding an extra layer of security and aiding in crime prevention.
  • The local government's strict licensing and regulation of businesses, including accommodations and tour operators, plays a crucial part in safeguarding tourists against scams and ensuring high standards of service.

The effectiveness of these measures is reflected in the data:

Safety Aspect


Overall Safety


Tourist Police Satisfaction

Very High

Night-time Safety


These security measures, coupled with a community that values respect and the well-being of its visitors, make Hoi An not only a beautiful destination but also a remarkably safe one. Your adventure here is underpinned by a robust safety net, allowing you to explore, dine, and shop with peace of mind. Enjoy the cultural richness and stunning landscapes of Hoi An without the worry, thanks to the diligent efforts of both the local authorities and the community at large.

Health and Safety Precautions

When you're visiting Hoi An, Health and Safety Precautions are paramount to ensure you enjoy your stay without any hitches. Understanding the local health standards and safety measures in place can significantly enhance your travel experience.

First and foremost, Hoi An's tap water is not considered safe to drink for travelers. It's advisable to always drink bottled water or water that has been boiled and cooled down. Street food, while tempting, should be approached with caution. Opt for vendors that have a high turnover of fresh produce and where you can see your food being prepared. This isn't just savvy traveling; it's ensuring your health isn't compromised.

Diseases like dengue fever and Zika virus, transmitted by mosquitoes, are present in Vietnam. Protecting yourself against mosquito bites is crucial. Use repellent, wear long sleeves and pants during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active, and opt for accommodations with mosquito nets or screens.

Regarding safety measures, Hoi An has made remarkable strides in ensuring the wellbeing of its visitors. The city has well-lit streets, making evening walks safer and more enjoyable. The presence of tourist police actively patrolling tourist areas adds an extra layer of security. However, like any popular destination, it's wise to keep a close eye on your belongings, especially in crowded places.

Precaution Type


Water Safety

Drink only bottled or boiled water

Street Food Safety

Choose high-turnover vendors

Disease Prevention

Use mosquito repellent; Wear protective clothing

General Safety

Be aware of your surroundings; Use safe transportation options

Vaccinations are recommended before traveling to Vietnam, including Hepatitis A and Typhoid, to avoid common travel-related diseases. Check with your healthcare provider for the most current advice.

Engaging with local health practices by using hand sanitizers, wearing masks in crowded places, and adhering to local advisories can further protect you. Hoi An's infrastructure supports healthy and safe travels, with pharmacies and clinics readily accessible for tourists. In case of a medical emergency, there are also hospitals equipped to handle more serious issues.

Safe Transportation Options

When exploring the enchanting city of Hoi An, prioritizing your safety in transit is crucial. Hoi An offers a variety of safe transportation options to ensure your journey through this historical gem is not only breathtaking but also secure.

Firstly, cycling is one of the most popular and eco-friendly ways to navigate Hoi An. The city's extensive network of bike-friendly paths provides a safe route for visitors wishing to explore at their own pace. Rental shops abound, offering bikes at reasonable prices, often around $1-$2 per day. Riding through the ancient town or to nearby An Bang Beach gives you the flexibility to stop and admire the views, ensuring a personal and intimate experience of the city’s beauty.

For longer distances or when cycling is not feasible, grab taxis are a reliable option. They are easily bookable through the app, providing a safe, budget-friendly, and convenient way to move around. The fares are clear and upfront, which means there's no haggling or risk of being overcharged.

Another unique and traditional way to explore Hoi An is by taking a boat tour along the Thu Bon River. These tours offer a serene perspective of the town and its surrounding countryside, away from the hustle and bustle. Prices and quality of tours can vary, so it’s recommended to check reviews or ask for recommendations from your accommodation.

Lastly, for those keen on exploring surrounding areas like Da Nang or the Marble Mountains, private car hires with a driver can be a safe and stress-free option. While slightly more expensive, the comfort, air-conditioning, and convenience of having a local driver cannot be underestimated. Prices typically range based on distance and duration, with a trip from Hoi An to Da Nang costing around $15-$20.

Transportation Mode

Cost Range

Bicycle Rental

$1-$2 per day

Grab Taxi

Varies by distance

Private Car Hire

$15-$20 (Hoi An-Da Nang)

Exploring Hoi An doesn't just offer a journey through its scenic beauty but also showcases the city’s commitment to providing safe and diverse transportation options for its visitors. Whether you're meandering through quaint streets on a bike or cruising along the river, your safety is well cared for in Hoi An.


Rest assured, Hoi An stands out as a beacon of safety for travelers seeking both adventure and tranquility. With its array of secure transportation options, you're well-equipped to explore the city's enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage at your own pace. Whether you're pedaling through ancient streets, cruising along the Thu Bon River, or venturing to nearby attractions, peace of mind comes standard. So pack your bags with confidence, knowing Hoi An is ready to welcome you to a safe and memorable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safe transportation options in Hoi An, Vietnam?

Hoi An offers several safe transportation choices for visitors, including affordable bike rentals for city exploration, reliable grab taxis for longer distances, serene boat tours along the Thu Bon River, and private car hires with drivers for trips to surrounding areas like Da Nang.

Is cycling a popular way to explore Hoi An?

Yes, cycling is a popular and eco-friendly way to explore Hoi An. There are numerous rental shops in the city that offer bikes at affordable prices, allowing visitors to easily navigate and enjoy the scenic beauty.

How can I travel longer distances in Hoi An?

For longer distances within Hoi An or to nearby attractions, grab taxis are a reliable and convenient option. They provide quick and safe transportation to your desired destinations.

Can I take a boat tour in Hoi An?

Yes, boat tours along the Thu Bon River are available in Hoi An. These tours offer a serene and unique perspective of the city from the water, making them a must-do for visitors seeking a peaceful experience.

What is the best way to explore surrounding areas like Da Nang?

The best way to explore surrounding areas such as Da Nang is to hire a private car with a driver. This option provides flexibility, comfort, and the convenience of exploring at your own pace while ensuring safe travel outside Hoi An.

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