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Vietnam Unveiled: Prime Months for Exquisite Journeys!

Imagine a land where emerald rice fields meet azure skies. Vietnam's best-kept secrets await, but timing is everything! Discover when to embark on an unforgettable journey into its heart.

Tobi Miles
June 6, 2023

Vietnam is known for its rich culture, unique cities, delicious food, and fascinating history. It’s no wonder that over 4 million tourists flock to Vietnam each year in search of unique sights and savory meals. So, what is the best time to visit Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is from spring through the summer when the weather is perfect and there are several national holidays. Avoid Vietnam during the fall, particularly in October and November when there is excessive rainfall. However, the fall and winter is the best time to visit Vietnam to avoid crowds because of the inclement weather.

Be careful if you visit Vietnam during the hurricane season between June and November. There hasn’t been a hurricane in Vietnam since 2019, but they can cause devastating damage. Follow along as we explore the best time to visit Vietnam and highlight the most important events throughout the year.

Worst Time to Visit Vietnam

Late autumn is the worst time to visit Vietnam because of the strong riptides and heavy rain. Vietnam doesn’t enter the dry season until December. Several areas are prone to flooding which is dangerous and can keep you from traveling throughout certain parts of the country.

You can expect it to rain for up to 14 days or even more during October in Vietnam. It is still warm during October and November in Vietnam with temperatures up to 87 degrees Fahrenheit, however. The warm weather isn’t enough to make up for the excessive rainfall for many travelers.

The water can be much less inviting between October and November as well. Riptides make it difficult and potentially dangerous to swim during late autumn in Vietnam.

Cheapest Time to Travel to Vietnam

The cheapest time to travel to Vietnam is from late fall through the winter. Hotel rates and airline ticket prices drop beginning in October when fewer tourists travel to Vietnam.  This shoulder season makes it easy to navigate hotels, restaurants, and streets in Vietnam without worrying about crowds.

Hotels and airlines offer fair rates during this unpopular travel time to accommodate the lack of demand. For example, you could fly to Ho Chi Minh for as little as $1,800 roundtrip in November. That may sound like a lot of money, but it’s a bargain when it comes to international travel.

You would easily spend $2,200 roundtrip or more for the same airplane tickets in July. Summer is a popular and crowded time in Vietnam and the tourist business booms during this time. It is worth it to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you visit Vietnam in the fall or winter.

What Time of the Year is the Best Weather in Vietnam?

January: Best Time to go to Ho Chi Minh

You can expect temperatures between 54 and 65 degrees on average in Vietnam throughout January. Rain is common during January in Vietnam, but accumulations are generally only 1” or below for the month. Some areas, such as Haiphong get as warm as 70 degrees during the day in January.

Events like Ultimate Vietnam immerse you in the culture and provide a glimpse at the beauty of Ho Chi Minh. Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia, and The Mekong is another Ho Chi Minh event worth checking out. This river cruise takes you on a fun journey through many gorgeous sights and landscapes.

January is the best time to visit both Ho Chi Minh and the Mekong Delta. Both destinations are uncrowded, comfortable, and full of fun events during January.

  • Ultimate Vietnam
  • Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia, and The Mekong
  • Avalon Saigon
  • Visit the Mekong Delta

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February: Best Time to Visit in the Winter

Tourists can get an understanding of the local history and culture of Vietnam at the Co Loa Citadel Festival. This event provides a glimpse into how Vietnamese residents live outside of major destinations like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. The Vietnam & Cambodia Adventure is a chance for tourists to tour both countries and see the best sights only locals can provide.

There are also several trade shows in Vietnam during February, such as the Hanoi Wood Vietnam. Otherwise, February is a fairly quiet time for special events and festivals in Vietnam. Temperatures fluctuate between 56 and 71 degrees and increase closer to the end of the month.

  • Co Loa Citadel Festival
  • Hanoi Wood Vietnam
  • International Conference on Smart Grid and Green Energy
  • Vietnam & Cambodia Adventure

March: Best Time for Adventures

Luckily, the weather begins to warm up more at the end of February and continues throughout March. Temperatures fluctuate between 63 and 75 degrees during March in Vietnam. Check the forecast before you venture out because it rains for 10 months on average in Vietnam during March.

Bring home some ideas for your home’s garden at HortEx Vietnam in March. Join a small group at Vietnam: From the Northern Mountains to the Sea and travel around northern Hanoi to see some beautiful views. Athletic tourists will enjoy the Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge which starts in Ho Chi Minh.

  • International Women’s Day
  • HortEx Vietnam
  • Vietnam: From the Northern Mountains to the Sea
  • Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge

April: Best Time to Visit in the Spring

The spring rain in April is refreshing despite the high frequency. Luckily, it doesn’t rain for too long at once in destinations like Hanoi in Vietnam. It can rain for up to 14 days out of the month but totals won’t exceed 4” on average.

Reunification Day is an important holiday for the locals in Vietnam cities like Ho Chi Minh have celebrations. The Vietnam International Trade Fair is your chance to see industry innovations from all over the world. You won’t forget Vietnam’s Rare Primate Tour where you can see some of nature’s most impressive animals.

  • Reunification Day
  • Global Sourcing Fair
  • Vietnam International Trade Fair
  • Lifestyle Vietnam
  • Smart City Asia
  • Vietnam’s Rare Primate Tour

May: Best Time for Music

Visakha Bucha Day is an important religious holiday in Vietnam during May that tourists can check out to understand the culture. Soak in the local beauty and embark on the Riches of The Mekong cruise to enjoy the comfortable temperatures. InFUSION Music & Arts Festival is the most vibrant and festive event during May in Vietnam.

This festival gives you the best of music, art, and vendors from all over Vietnam. Temperatures fluctuate between 76 and 90 degrees on average during May in Vietnam. Pack clothes that you won’t mind getting wet because it rains for 14 days on average each May.

  • International Labor Day Vietnam
  • Vietnam International Maritime Conference
  • Visakha Bucha Day
  • Riches of The Mekong
  • InFUSION Music & Arts Festival

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June: Best Time to Visit Danang

The Vietnam ArtFoodCulture Experience is one of the most unique tourist events throughout the year. You get the chance to see some gorgeous sights and create your own art based on how the experience makes you feel. Families and single travelers alike can enjoy the annual Danang International Fireworks Festival.

June is also a time for tourists interested in technology and entertainment to learn a thing or two. For example, Vietnam Electronics is an opportunity to see the latest and greatest products. Gaming Vietnam is a widely popular event with a large attendance of both tourists and residents.

June is the hottest month of the year in several parts of Vietnam such as Hanoi. It gets up to 93 degrees or hotter on some days in Vietnam during June with minimal cloud cover. Hanoi, Haiphong, and Sa Pa see at least 5” of rain on average each June.

  • Vietnam ArtFoodCulture Experience
  • Danang International Fireworks Festival
  • Vietnam Electronics
  • Gaming Vietnam

July: Best Time to Visit in the Summer

July offers roughly the same weather as June in Vietnam. You can expect temperatures between 71 and 92 degrees when you visit Vietnam in July. Mountainous regions in Vietnam get up to 26 days of rain during July, but that doesn’t apply to staple cities like Hanoi.

Places like Cao Bang and Hanoi get roughly 10” of rain or less on average throughout the month. July is a great time to be outside in Vietnam and even take a fun river cruise. It’s also a great time to swim because you won’t generally have to worry about strong riptides.

SaigonTex draws massive crowds of locals and tourists interested in textiles and design. However, nothing can beat the lively and loud craziness of BadaBoom Vietnam. This event is one of the few electronic dance music festivals in Vietnam throughout the year.

  • Vietnam LNG & Power Summit
  • SaigonTex
  • BadaBoom Vietnam
  • Asia Outbound Summit

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August: Best Time for Local Holidays

August is among the rainiest months of the year in Vietnam with up to 18 days of rain on average. It rains for up to 10” or more in areas like Cao Bang and Hanoi. You can expect temperatures between 76 and 91 degrees throughout the month.

It may sound spooky, but the annual Ghost Festival is important to locals in Vietnam and it’s a chance to experience the culture. The August Revolution Commemoration Day is another important holiday for Vietnamese residents that is worth experiencing.

  • August Revolution Commemoration Day
  • Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo
  • Ghost Festival
  • ILDEX Vietnam

September: Best Time to Eat

The average temperature throughout September in Vietnam is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. However, temperatures vary widely based on where you stay in Vietnam. For example, it gets up to 90 degrees in Hanoi but temperatures rarely exceed 71 degrees in Sa Pa.

September is a historically significant month in Vietnam that is important to the locals. For example, the National Day of Vietnam is a celebration of the country’s independence that is the equivalent of the 4th of July.

Check out the annual Mid-Autumn Festival for a festive celebration that is culturally important.  Danang Food is a chance to step outside of your comfort zone and eat some local delicacies. Otherwise, September’s calendar of events primarily consists of industry and trade festivals like the Vietnam Textile Summit.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Danang Food
  • National Day of Vietnam
  • Vietnam Textile Summit
  • Contech Vietnam
  • Vietnam International Aviation Expo

October: Best Time to Visit in Autumn

Be careful when you visit Vietnam in October because it is a rainy month. Heavy rainfall and flooding are major deterrents for outdoor activities depending on where you stay in Vietnam. South Vietnam is the rainiest region in the country, particularly in places like Ho Chi Minh and Phu Quoc.

Temperatures stay warm and comfortable despite the heavy rainfall during October in Vietnam. You can expect temperatures between 73 and 86 degrees when you visit Vietnam in October. It rains for at least 11 days out of the month at least each October in Vietnam.

Female tourists can celebrate women’s rights with locals on October 20th which is Vietnamese Women’s Day. Adults will enjoy the Hanoi Wine Festival where you can sample many wines from Vietnam and abroad.

  • Vietnamese Women's Day
  • Hanoi Wine Festival
  • VietnamWood

November: Best Time for Trade Shows

Temperatures cool down throughout the month as it gets further into November in Vietnam. You can expect temperatures between 60 and 78 degrees when you visit Vietnam in November.

Special events and trade shows are prevalent throughout November in Vietnam in most of the major cities. The Vietnam Expo begins at the end of November and continues through the first week of December. Car-lovers will love the Vietnam Auto Expo in Hanoi, and there’s plenty of fun to have locally when you leave the show.

Quest Festival Vietnam offers a well-rounded and unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike. This event combines the best of music, art, and beautiful sights that you can only find in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam Expo
  • Quest Festival Vietnam
  • Vietnam International Jewelry Fair
  • Vietnam Sport Show
  • Vietnam Auto Expo

December: Best Time to Celebrate the Holidays

The cooler temperatures in Vietnam during December are comfortable and it never gets too cold. Temperatures fluctuate between 54 and 68 degrees throughout December in Vietnam, but it can get warmer. It can rain for up to 6 days each December in Vietnam, but it depends on where you stay.

You can find Tet (New Year) celebrations everywhere from Saigon to Ho Chi Minh in December. December is a great time to visit Phu Quoc for the Epizode Festival to hear great music and see unique art. Trade conferences like Food & Hotel Vietnam are equally fun for tourists and locals in the hospitality business.

Vietnam FoodTech is another trade festival worth checking out on your vacation to taste local and international food. Cruises continue throughout December in Vietnam, and Magnificent Mekong is one of the best you can find. Otherwise, you can find plenty of Christmas celebrations throughout the country no matter where you stay in Vietnam during December.

  • Tet (New Year)
  • Epizode Festival
  • Food & Hotel Vietnam
  • Magnificent Mekong
  • Vietnam FoodTech

Best Time to Visit Vietnam With Family

The best time to visit Vietnam with family is between April and August. Vietnam gets quite crowded during this time, but there is no shortage of fun activities for your family. You can get the full Vietnam experience during the spring and summer with trips to the river, outdoor festivals, and days at the museum.

High temperatures rarely exceed 91 degrees Fahrenheit during the spring and summer in Vietnam. This makes it easy to justify going out for the day with your family even if you have young children. Trade shows, food events, festivals, and national holidays are abundant during this period.

There is no better time to immerse your family in the culture of Vietnam than the spring and summer. Local holidays like Visakha Bucha Day and International Labor Day Vietnam give your family the chance to mingle with locals. Your family will have fun whether it be the Vietnam ArtFoodCulture Experience or the Vietnam International Trade Fair.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam to Avoid Crowds

Fall through winter is the best time to visit Vietnam to avoid crowds. The combination of cooler weather, harsh riptides, and heavy rain are enough to keep tourists away. Temperatures stay fairly warm during this time, but the unpleasant rain and strong winds are a major deterrent for many tourists.

Vietnam gets up to 4 million tourists per year, but most of them visit during the spring and summer. That is when you can freely swim and enjoy a fun river cruise without worrying about heavy rain. You can’t enjoy outdoor activities during the fall and winter in Vietnam which makes this period unappealing to the average tourist.

You can still enjoy your time in Vietnam when you visit in the fall or winter, however. Destinations like the War Remnants Museum and Temple of Literature are fun year-round. Only avoid Vietnam during the fall and winter if you want to spend all of your time outdoors and near the water.

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Best Time to Visit Vietnam Beaches

The best time to visit Vietnam beaches is between May and June when the weather is most ideal. Vietnam beaches have strong riptides later in the year and especially during the fall. Riptides make it unsafe to swim, but that’s not anything you need to worry about during the spring and early summer.

September is another great opportunity to visit the beaches in Vietnam without worrying about bad weather. However, it can start to rain heavily towards the end of September as you move into October in Vietnam sometimes. Some tourists prefer a Vietnam vacation in September over the spring or summer.

That is because September marks the decline of tourism in Vietnam so you won’t have to worry about crowds at the beach. The beaches can become quite crowded during the spring and summer in Vietnam, but it’s worth it to many tourists because of the water temperature. Avoid the beaches during October and November because the combination of riptides and frequent rain makes the water unpleasant and even dangerous.

Vietnam Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is a potentially dangerous time in Vietnam and it’s important to exercise caution when you visit. The official hurricane season lasts from the end of June and lasts through November. Strong winds, heavy rain, and violent waves constitute a hurricane, and they can cause horrific destruction.

Hurricane winds exceed 70 miles per hour which are just as dangerous as the waves. You are at risk even if you aren’t near the shore where waves can hit in Vietnam. That is because the excessive rain and powerful winds make it dangerous to be on the road whether the hurricane hits or not.

The most recent hurricane to hit Vietnam dates back to 2019. Hurricane Nakri was devastating and caused over $13 million in property and structural damages. Make sure to stay up to date on the weather when you visit Vietnam during hurricane season for your safety.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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