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Best Time To Visit Austria (For Breathtaking Views & Great Weather!)

Find the best time to visit Austria for stunning views & ideal weather. Learn about April & October travel benefits, avoiding crowds, and budget tips.

Tobi Miles
July 28, 2022
Best Time To Visit Austria (For Breathtaking Views & Great Weather!)

Although Austria may not be among many people’s top European countries to visit, it is a hidden gem you should not miss. With unique cultural events, incredible mountains, and much historical significance you will soon be entranced by this quaint country.

The best time to visit Austria is in April. You will find spring festivities, mild weather around 11℃ throughout the month, and flights around $750. Another great option is October, with mild fall weather and reasonable flights for around $650 roundtrip. Both of these months are in the shoulder seasons with reasonable prices and minimal crowds.

As a hidden gem, you may not have an instant understanding of what to expect on a trip to Austria. Today you can learn about interesting festivals and weather patterns in Austria to make the best plan for your next trip!

When Not To Visit Austria

Although the summertime is warm and full of great activities, it can be a very expensive time to visit Austria. Prices skyrocket between June and August to capitalize on all the people wanting to enjoy the beautiful country.

Summer is also a very busy time in Austria, so museums and Vienna streets will be quite crowded. All of these factors cumulate into a hectic time visiting this peaceful country. So if you dislike crowds and big expenses, you should not visit during these months.

Cheapest Month To Visit Austria

If you want to visit Austria on a budget, November is the cheapest month to visit Austria. Flights will be at their lowest around $600 for a roundtrip ticket. And a decent hotel will cost between $70 and $100 a night.

These low prices come from the cold of the season that chases many tourists away. There are also not that many festivals this time of year as no one wants to walk around outside for too long. Luckily you will have most of the country to yourself as there are very low crowds this time of year!

Best Month To Visit Austria

The best month to visit Austria is in April, with its mild weather and low crowd levels. You will find beautiful spring weather with temperatures around 11℃ and only a little rain. As a part of the shoulder season, you will not run into many other tourists while you are around.

April offers the beginning of the hiking season in Austria. You will be able to enjoy the temperate air while walking around the foothills of the Alps, or even get on a pre-season mountain hike! There is a lot to do this time of year, and reasonable tickets for around $800 make April a great time to visit.

When is the Best Time To Visit Austria: Monthly Breakdown

January: Coldest Time To Visit

January is a frigid month in Austria with the average temperature being around 0.2℃, making it the coldest month of the year. There are many New Years’ celebrations to enjoy, but the rest of the month is pretty quiet.

With New Years’ celebrations, prices to fly to Austria are not the cheapest. An average flight will cost about $700, but possibly more flying around the beginning of the month.

  • Hahnenkamm Races
  • Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament
  • Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert

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February: Best Time for Winter Sports

Austria is still very chilly this time of year with the average temperature being 1.8℃. This is the driest month of the year with only 1.6 inches of snow falling during the short month. Making it a great time to enjoy winter sports

It is very cheap to visit Austria this month, with roundtrip flights costing roughly $650. You will run into cold weather but very low crowds, making it a great option for winter lovers.

February is also the best month to visit Austria for a ski holiday. The days are a bit longer than in the early winter months and you will have a large accumulation of winter snow to utilize. The Grossglockner is the largest mountain in Austria and is very popular for winter sports.

  • Experience the Vienna Opera Ball
  • Visit Kunst Haus Wien Museum

March: Spring Artists Retreat

Spring begins to creep into Austria, meaning you have a chance of seeing green grass poking out of the snow! The average temperature around Vienna is 5.8℃, but this could change depending on the specific region.

With the weather getting a bit warmer, round-trip flights to Vienna cost roughly $750. You may find some crowds here and there, but it is still a moderate time to visit as March is the beginning of the shoulder season.

  • Experience Vienna Blues Spring
  • Visit FotoWien
  • Explore ART Vienna

April: Best Spring Month To Visit Vienna

The weather becomes much nicer in April and it is a great time to explore Austria’s nature! The average temperature in Vienna is 10.9℃ throughout this month, but you might run into a few ‘April showers.

With the weather getting better, prices, unfortunately, creep up a bit too. An average flight to Austria will cost about $775. It is still a pretty good deal to see spring in the mountains as you enjoy an Austrian cake.

  • Participate in the Vienna City Marathon
  • Enjoy the Wachau Gourmet Festival
  • Admire the Südsteiermark-Classic Vintage Car Race

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May: Austrian Spring Festivals

May is a great time to experience European springs without the large crowds of other popular countries. The daily average temperature is around 15.2℃. May is particularly rainy in Austria with about 3 inches of precipitation falling throughout the month.

Just before the high season begins, more visitors come to Austria to enjoy the mild spring. A flight will cost you about $800 round trip on average. With spring festivals in full spring, there is plenty to enjoy this time of year.

  • Take in Wiener Festwochen
  • Admire the traditional Gauder Fest
  • Enjoy the Narcissi Festival

June: Vienna Pride

It officially becomes warm in Austria as the average temperature is about 19℃. This is also the official beginning of the high season, so you will likely see more crowds trickle in if you visit from now till September.

Everything in Austria gets a bit more pricey in June. A round-trip ticket to Austria goes for $900 each, and a decent hotel will cost around $90 a night. Viennas LGBTQ Pride celebrations are worth visiting if you tour the area in June.

  • Experience Vienna Pride
  • Enjoy the Danube Island Festival
  • Visit the Nova Rock Festival

July: Austrian Grand Prix

The average temperature in Vienna is 21.1℃, making July the hottest month of the year. Thunderstorms are pretty common this time of year in the hills of Austria, however, the city of Vienna does not see very much rain.

This is the most expensive month to visit Austria. An average flight will cost about $1000 per round-trip ticket. Hotel prices also increase to $130 a night in a nice hotel.

  • Enjoy the Bregenz Festival
  • Partake in the Austrian Grand Prix

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August: Best Time For Festivals

August is also one of the warmest months of the year with an average temperature of 20.8℃. You will find heavy crowds hiding under umbrellas to escape the heat, but lots of fun festivals to enjoy around the country.

An average flight to Austria in August will cost about $850 per round-trip ticket, so it is still a bit expensive to visit during this time. However it is the most affordable month of the high season, so it is best to visit now if you like the summer environment but are on a budget.

  • Visit the Salzburg Festival
  • Enjoy the International Jazzfestival Saalfelden
  • Participate in the Mountainbike-Festival

September: HayArt Festival

September is one of the best times to visit Austria. The average temperature is a cool 16℃ and you will not run into many thunderstorms. Tourism also begins to decline so you will find less crowding in the many museums of Vienna.

Housing in a 4-star hotel will go for about $100 a night in a standard room. People often rent out their apartments on secondary apps, so you can easily find other options for cheaper. Some of these whole apartments are only $70 a night.

  • Enjoy the HayArt Festival
  • Visit the Mörbischer Vintage Festival

October: Best Time To Visit Austria

If you are hoping to visit Austria before the winter weather sets in, this is the time to visit. The average daily temperature is around 10.5℃. You will find small fall events around the country and the International Film Festival in Vienna.

With October being such an ideal month to visit Austria, you will find a lot to love this time of year. A round-trip flight to Austria will cost about $650 this month.

Early October is the best month to enjoy the fall foliage in Austria. It is just before the real chills of winter set in and all of the trees are at their peak colors.  The atmosphere combined with the cultural events of the month is sure to make a remarkable trip.

  • Be a part of the Vienna International Film Festival
  • Enjoy the Long Night of the Museums

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November: Cheapest Month To Visit

As the year begins to come to an end, the weather in Vienna becomes significantly cooler. The daily average temperature is around 5.5℃, and you will not come in contact with too much snow unless you go into the mountains.

As the cheapest month to visit Austria, a round-trip ticket will cost roughly $630. Nice hotel rooms can be found for $70 a night. There are not too many events this time of year, so you will find a relaxing fall vacation in this cultural hotspot.

  • Visit the Festival Wien Modern
  • Enjoy Vienna Art Week

December: Magical Christmas Experience

The temperatures are often in the single and negative digits in Austria in December. The average daily temperature is around 1℃. Snowfall will become more common and the country becomes a beautiful winter wonderland.

Due to the holiday season being so memorable in Austria, flight prices increase to about $800 for a round-trip ticket. Hotel prices will increase too, but if you book your flight too late you may have trouble finding a good hotel. As so many people love to be in Austria for Christmas spectacles, you might run into some competition.

  • Visit the Christkindlmarkt on the Rathausplatz
  • Or visit the Salzburger Christkindlmarkt
  • Enjoy Tirol Festival Erl

When Is The Best Time To Avoid Crowds

If you are looking to experience Austria without fighting through the crowds, you want to avoid the country in the summer. The best months to visit Vienna to avoid crowds is between November and March.

If you negate the Christmas and New Years’ celebrations, these are very quiet months in Vienna. It is very cold with average temperatures usually around the freezing point. This means if you visit around this time you will have the place to yourself.

How Many Days Do You Need In Austria

Austria is not a very large country, so you can do a lot in a short amount of time. If you would like enough time to visit the major cities of Vienna and Salzburg, 5 days is enough to get a taste of this beautiful country.

If you like a little more leisure time, 7 days is enough time to enjoy yourself and see the sights. You can enjoy the museums and opera houses in Vienna, and experience Vincent Van Gogh home town of Salzburg. All with enough time to enjoy the countryside and the great food Austria has to offer.

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