12 Winter Sun Destinations close to U.K/Europe!

Algarve Portugal Caves Amazing winter sun
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So if your from a cold, windy and rainy country like me (the U.K) a winter holiday to the Sunshine is a necessity to survive the harsh & gloomy winter! But instead of getting Long haul flights to somewhere like the Bahamas, Caribbean  or Florida  which can cost £1000s you will be much better of taking a warm winter break closer to Europe!

So in this guide I will give you a British guide to best places you can hop on a cheap flight & jet of to the Sunshine…during U.Ks harsh winter!

Note: This same destinations are also great if your in another “Cold” part of Europe during the winter, Scandinavia, Germany. etc.

Map of Best Winter Sun Destinations close to the U.K/Europe:

Dive into our Map to see the best Winter Destinations for Sunshine,  which are close to Europe!  (User guide: Click the plus & minus buttons to move in and out and see the best destinations for a winter sunshine getaway!) (Many visitors choose to share the map on Facebook by hitting the link in the top right corner) Web Masters: If you own a website, feel free to embed our helpful mad to help your readers just remember to credit us at:

12. Sicily

Sicily in the winter time, mean you get less crowds, blue skies and temperatures between 13’c *& 19’C in November and 10’c to 16’c in December.  This is a great time for sightseeing around Sicilys archaeological sites! If you fancy getting into the winter mood, you can head up to Mount Etna for some skiing!  Palermo is mild this time of year and Taormina is very relaxed! Southern Italy (2 week Itinerary) also has many nice places such a Pulgia during this time of year

sicily-europe winter sun

sicily-europe winter sun

Sicily Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 17°  10°
December 13°
January 12°
February 12°

11. Maderia, Portugal

Maderia is one of Europes most exotic & remote islands! At a 1000 miles from Mainland Portugal, you will find lush landscapes, tropical scenery, a theatrical coastline & great weather during the winter! Maderia gets approximately 6 hours of sunshine and temperatures range between 18-20’C during the winter! Great for activities such as hiking, beach strolls or golf.

Maderia Spain

Porto Santo Beach, Maderia Spain has an eternal Spring!

The capital of Madeira, Funchal offers visitors breath taking colonial architecture and a vibrant nightlife scene.

Madeira, Portugal Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 21°  17°
December 20° 15°
January 18° 14°
February 18° 14°

10. Bora Bora, France

Bora Bora lies in the south pacific ocean is thousands of miles from mainland France, yet still part of frances overseas colonies. Its a tiny paradise island which is just 8km long and 5km wide.During the Winter months you will experience lots of hot sunshine, tropical lagoons, coral reefs and even an extinct volcano.



Bora Bora Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month Average Temp’C Average Temp ‘F
November 29° C 84°F
December 29° C 84°F
January 28°C 82°F
February 28°C 82°F

9. Canary Islands, Spain

Getting to the Canary Islands, is pretty easy from the U.K and Europe with cheap flights happening regularly. This is the perfect place for families or a couples break with islands such as Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote all offering a different vibe!

Canary Islands Winter Sun

Canary Islands Winter Sun

These islands offer culture, beaches, extinct volcanos and even a great nightlife scene. For a more tranquil secret escape why not head to the Canary Islands best kept secrets, El Hierro and La Gomera.Canary islands offers approximately 20 degrees (68 F) in November-December-January  which is a nice temperature to recharge! Temp src

Canary Islands Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 23°  17°
December 20° 14°
January 20° 14°
February 20° 14°

8. Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and best places to visit during the winter months! Here you will find temperatures around 20’C which is ideal for summer beach break. Take a swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea and then explore the culture, & history of the island, its nature parks and archeological treasures.

Cyprus Caves Winter Sun Europe Destination

The view to paradise…Cyprus Caves Winter Sun Europe Destination

  • Nicosia (Lefkosia in Greek) his famed for its great museums and restaurants;
  • Paphos has popular beaches and archeological treasures;
  • Limassol is famous for its lively nightlife.
Cyprus Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 22°  13°
December 19° 10°
January 17°
February 17°

7. Valletta, Malta

Valletta on Maltas east coast offers the perfect mix between a winter beach holiday and cultural discovery adventure. Here the winter temperatures average 16 degrees, (61 F)  and don’t drop below 14 degrees (57 F).  Think spring in the Winter. Insider Tip:  Malta has some fantastic culinary delights so be sure to sample the great foods!

Valetta Malta Winter Sun

Valetta Malta Winter Sun. Source:

6. Gozo, Malta

Gozo is a secluded island just above the main island of Malta. Its easily accessed by ferry (25 mins) and is a hidden paradise of rouge beaches, deep blue waters and historic temples! On the coast you will find fresh seafood & pizza restaurants offering some of the most mouth watering foods in Europe.

Gozo, Malta

Gozo, Malta. Source:

Insider Tip:  Head for Ta’Cenc clifftops for a picturesque sunset, oh and be sure to try the Gozitan pizza! Temperatures in December: 18-21°C

Gozo Malta, Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 20°  14°
December 17° 11°
January 15°
February 16°

5. Algarve, Portgual

The Algarve region of Portugal is everybody’s favourite sunshine destination! Throughout the year the Algarve attracts everyone from: families, couples and nature trekkers to nightclubbers!

Algarve Portgual Caves Amazing winter sun

Algarve Portgual Caves Amazing winter sun

Algarve, Portugal Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 16°  12°
December 17°
January 16°
February 18°

4. Mijas, Spain

Mijas is a quaint town on the southeastern coast of Spain (Andalusia) which offers a different vibe to many other parts of Europe. Oh and its just 24km from Marbella if you want some flashy parties! In December, the temperatures are around 21-24’C, warmer then Iceland! 

Mijas, Spain

Mijas, Spain

Miijas, Spain Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 18° 
December 15°
January 15°
February 16°

3. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is increasingly becoming one of the most popular winter escapes from Europe. Located on an Archipelago of volcanic islands on the coast of west Africa you will find warmer temperatures then Europe, between 21-26’C.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde

These are the perfect temperatures to relax on the stunning beaches on the Sal and Boa Vista islands. You can also hike up the jagged mountains and even check out the lively music scene during the nighttime.

Cape Verde Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 28°  22°
December 26° 20°
January 24° 19°
February 23° 18°

 2. Taghazout, Morocco

At first glance Morocco might seem very far from Europe, when in fact its only 3hr 45 mins from the U.K. Its actually faster to get here then Mykonos! Located just one hour from Agadir airport, you will find the hipster hangout of Taghazout. This area is popular with surfers, yogis and those just seeking some cool vibes.

Where to Stay?

As you might have guessed, Surf/Yoga/Spa retreats are popular here, one of our favourites is Paradis Plage Resort its an incredible resort for both couples & families. Here you find a kids club, ocean views from every room and on site restaurants! Prices start from just £93/night.

Taghazout, Morocco 1

Taghazout, Morocco 1

Insider Tip:  Be sure to book in advance as this place can sell out fast!

Taghazout Morocco Temperatures Winter Months only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 24°  12°
December 21°
January 20°
February 21° 10°

1. Dubai

Although Dubai is around 7000km from the U.K, flights have recently seen a drop with returns during November costing between just £200-£300!  This makes it well worth a winter break in the Sunshine.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai

In fact the winter is the best time to visit Dubai with temperatures:

Dubai Temperatures Winter Months Only 
Month High Temperatures Low Temperatures
November 31°  20°
December 26° 16°
January 24° 14°
February 25° 16°

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