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Celebrity Graves Road Trip: U.S.A

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Celebrity Graves Road Trip: U.S.A – The United States has been home to some of the most famous stars in the world! From Hollywood movie legends, such as Marilyn Monroe to Rock & Roll Legends like Elvis Presley and even Micheal Jackson!

The death of such great legends rocked the world, as many deaths were unexpected & premature, with mystery still surrounding them still to this day. The death of these famous stars sent many fans into turmoil & mourning.

However, there is no better way to pay your respects & send our condolences then by visiting the famous graves & famous cemeteries in America, which house these iconic legends!

Famous Graves in the U.S.A: Road Trip

A Famous Graves Road Trip, across the U.S.A is a fantastic way of seeing the most visited graves in the U.S.A in one trip.  In some famous Graveyards, such as the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Arlington National Cemetery and Westwood Memorial Park you can visit lots of famous graves in one place.

To help you along the way, we have created a map, which marks the celebrity graves & famous cemeteries all over the United States of America.

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Interestingly enough in places like Hollywood, many of the stars, celebrities are buried in the same high end & incredible cemeteries. This makes it easy to tick of a few famous graves in one go, in addition to exploring the beautiful architecture of the cemetery.

Top 10 Famous Graves in the U.S.A:

10. John Lennon – New York

John Lennon is one of the most iconic singer/song writers and rock musicians of all time, as part of the Beatles. John Lennon was assassinated in Manhattan, in an event which shocked the world!

Assassination of John Lennon?

The man who shot John Lennon was Mark David Chapman, a recently unemployed resident of Hawaii. Chapman stated he was angry at John Lennons lifestyle and his remarks against god such as the Beatles being “More popular than jesus” and his lyrics in the song “Imagine” .

John lennon Yoko Ono grave memorial visit

John lennon with Yoko Ono at thier Apartment in New York.  Source: (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Chapman planned the killing many months and waited for Lennon at the Dakota apartments. He met Lennon early in the evening who signed his just released album “Double Fantasy” and Lennon is alleged to have asked him “Is that all you want?”.

Later that night, Chapman waited in the archway near the Dakota apartments for Lennon to return from the recording studio. As Lennon walked he shot 5 hollow point bullets from a .38 revolver at the back of Lennon. Lennon was rushed to the hospital and died upon arrival.

John Lennon Grave/Ashes:

John Lennons ashes were scattered in central park, in an area which many call “Strawberry Fields”. Many Buskers can be seen playing Beatles songs & leaving flowers at the Imagine memorial.


john-lennon-grave-memorial-in-central-park. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Many buskers can also be found outside the Dakota apartments, with some visitors leaving flowers on the steps.

9. George Washington – Virginia

George Washington was one of the most important figures in the founding of the United States and it’s first official president between 1789 to 1797.

As a Military General, he bravely led his patriot army to victory in the american war of Independence and is widely regarding as one of the most iconic people to have ever existed.

George Washington Gravesite:Memorial Tomb 1

George Washington Gravesite:Memorial Tomb. Source: (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Westmoreland County, Virginia, USA
DIED 14 Dec 1799 (aged 67)
Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
Mount Vernon Estate

Mount VernonFairfax CountyVirginiaUSA  Show Map

PLOT Mount Vernon, New Tomb


8. John F Kennedy (JFK) – Virginia

Buried in Arlington, Virginia you will find the iconic 35th President John F Kennedy. His Presidency was short, but eventful! He known for the Bay of Pigs invasion (Failed CIA Invasion of Cuba) and the Cuban missile crisis. Until he was Assassinated in 1963 while visiting Dallas, Texas.

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding who & why he was shot, but the official line he was shot by U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald firing from a nearby building.

Eternal Flame JFK Gravesite

Eternal Flame JFK Gravesite. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

The Eternal Flame:

Followin Kennedy’s burial, the eternal flame was being visited by 50,000 people per day and over 16 million visitors came to the gravesite in the first three years!

These days that eternal flame still burns and has only a few times been extinguished by accident! The first was in 1963, when a group of over enthusiastic Catholic school children were sprinkled holy water nearby. The cap came of the bottle and put out the flame!

Arlington National Cemetery:

JFK, had once admired the tranquil atmosphere upon visiting the grave of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in march 1963. His gravesite is also just a short walk from the Lincoln and Washington Monuments.

7. Marilyn Monroe – Los Angeles, CA

Marilyn Monroe was a talented actress, singer and model. She is widely regarded as a sex symbol of the 1950’s and 1960’s and popular with her roles as the “Blonde Bomshell”.

By the time of her death her movies had grossed $200 million dollars and she was billed as the actress of the decade!

Famous Quotes Include:

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Marilyn Monroe Gravesite

The Beautiful Marilyn Monroe in 1952. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Interesting Facts about Marilyn Monroe:

  • Her birth name was Norma Jean Mortenson.
  • Her grandmother was committed to a hospital for mental disturbances on August 4, 1927. She had many fears of becoming the same throughout her life.
  • She was sent to an orphanage between the years of 1944-1946 when she was just 9 nears old as her mother was hospitalized for mental issues.

Relationships & Affairs!

Marilyn Monroe married and divorced three times in her short life! The first marriage was with her high school sweetheart, an LA police officer named James Dougherty. She also married/divorced  Joe DiMaggio who played for the Yankees and playwright Arthur Miller.

Did she have an affair with JFK??

The answer to this has been in debate for many years, but according to her biography it seems like something “did happen”!

Marilyn_Monroe Gravesite

Marilyn Monroe is alleged to have had an affair with JFK! Source: getty images. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Death of Marilyn Monroe:

The death of Marilyn was untimely and premature, she died at just 36 years old in 1962, from barbiturate overdose! She died in the evening of August 4th and her body was discovered August 5th at her home in 12305 Fifth Helena Drive in LA.

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA
DEATH 4 Aug 1962 (aged 36)
Brentwood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Westwood Memorial Park

Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCaliforniaUSA  Show Map

Westwood Memorial Park:

Marilyn Monroes grave is located in Crypt 24 at Westwood Memorial Park and many fans leave flowers and lipstick smears.

Insider Tip:

In the Crypt next to Marilyn Monroe you will find Playboy founder Hugh Hefner! Just around the corner you will find the grave of legendary crooner & buddy of Frank Sinatra Dean Martin. 

6. Frank Sinatra – Palm Spring, CA

Located in Palm Springs California you will find the Gravesite of a legend. Despite being born in Jersey his final resting place ended up been Palm Springs, which he once called a “Sewer”.

Frank Sinatra Grave

“I did it my way” Frank Sinatra is a true legend with timeless music.  (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA
DEATH 14 May 1998 (aged 82)
West Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Desert Memorial Park

Cathedral CityRiverside CountyCaliforniaUSA 

He was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of Camel Cigarettes. Lyrics of one of the his most popular songs lies on his gravestones which states: ‘The best is yet to come‘.

5. Johnny Ramone – Los Angeles, CA

Punk Guitar legend Johnny Ramone (Born Johnny Cummings) of the band the Ramones was born 1948 before dying of prostate cancer in 2004! 

Hollywood Forever Cemetery:

He is buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where an annual tribute is held to aid cancer research efforts.

Johnny Ramones Grave Hollywood+Forever+Cemetery

Johnny Ramones Grave is one of the most eye catching at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in LA. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

While at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery you can also visit the graves of a few other notable celebrities, such as:

Mickey Rooney – Actor/comedian/producer/radio personality.

Judy Garland – Famed for her role in the Wizard of Oz

Charles Chaplin jr – American actor and son of a legend.

Anton Yelchin – American, Russian Actor famed for his roles in Star Trek movies up until 2016.

Mel Blanc – “Looney Tunes” voice actor, his tombstone reads “Thats All Folks”

Admission to Hollywood Forever Cemetery:

Your best chance of spotting a celebrity in LA is either at one of there homes, see our guide to Celebrity homes in Beverley Hills.     or at their Grave!

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery entrance gate is on Santa Monica Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood and is open to visitors every day from 8:30 a.m. to 5 or 5:30 p.m. Admission is free!


4. Micheal Jackson – Los Angeles, CA

The King of Pop is widely regarding as one of the greatest entertainers of all time and a cultural Icon! Like many of the greats he died at prematurely at just 50 years following a concoction of prescription medication for sleeping & painkillers.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Rem Garza stands next to a MJ Shrine during the 10th Anniversary of Jacksons Death in July 2019.  (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Gary, Lake County, Indiana, USA
DEATH 25 Jun 2009 (aged 50)
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Holy Terrace in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale)

GlendaleLos Angeles CountyCaliforniaUSA

Fun Fact: 

Michael Jackson is the third-best-selling music artist worldwide (350 million)

Where is Micheal Jackson Buried?

Jackson is buried in the Holly Terrace Grand Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park. The cemetery is located just five miles from Hollywood in Glendale, North Los Angeles. In 2019, it was the 10th Anniversary of Michael Jacksons death and many fans flocked to the Cemetery for a day long celebration of remembrance.

Fans of Michael Jackson gathered to pay tribute to the King of Pop on the 10th anniversary of his death (25 July 2019)  Source: (AP Photo/Richard Vogel). (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Burial Plot: 

His Burial Plot is located Great Mausoleum, Holly Terrace, Sanctuary of Ascension, Distinguished Memorial – Sarcophagus 9, Crypt A. However, this mausoleum is private and locked to the general public.

3. Elvis Presley – Memphis, TN

Elvis Presley (1935–1977) died prematurely at the age of just 42 years old, from a heart attack…the event shook the world and left many fans in mourning.

As expected, his grave is one of the most visited in the entire world! Approximately 700,000 annual visitors flock to see the King of Rock & Roll.

Elvis Presleys Grave - Graceland

Look carefully and you can read the warm, heartfelt words on the grave of the King. Elvis Presleys Grave – Graceland. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Head over to the Meditation Garden in Graceland and you will find Elvis and is families members buried. Many visitors choose to offer flowers, kneel in Prayer and even sing hymns or Elvis songs.

The fact that the music & memory of Elvis still lives on today is astonishing, and this heart warming energy of the fans can all be seen at the Gravesite in Memphis, Tennessee.

Fun Fact: 

Elvis is the best selling music artist of all time having sold 600 million records worldwide!

2. Jimi Hendrix – Washington 

Jimi Hendrix is a Rock Guitarist legend and widely regarding as one of the most influential Musicians in History! He like many other great legends on this list died young (aged just 27) from Barbiturate (Sedative drug overdose) the same thing which killed Marilyn Monroe!

Jimi hendrix Grave

Jimi hendrix is a guitarist legend. Source: Image: David Redfern/Redferns

Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
DEATH 18 Sep 1970 (aged 27)
Kensington, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Greater London, England
Greenwood Memorial Park

RentonKing CountyWashingtonUSA


1. Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee – Seattle, WA

Lakeview Cemetery:

Buried at Lakeview Cemetery in  is a Martial Arts Legend and Movie Star.  He was the founder of the martial arts style Jeet Kune Do, and is an inspiration to many people all over the world.

Bruce Lees story is a true representation of the american dream, immigrating in from Hong Kong as a no body to becoming am international Superstar!  His famous grave is visited by over 15,000 people per year including many Chinese Americans, of which he is their Idol.

Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee Grave

Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee Grave  (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

Fun Fact: Three Mongolian men, walked over 3,700 miles over a 7 month period to visit the Grave of Bruce Lee at Lakeview Cemetery.

Bruce Lees unexpected Death?

Bruce Lee died at the young age of just 32 years old, just after filming “Enter the Dragon” , which is widely regarded as one of the greatest Martial Arts movies of all time.

During the late filming of Enter the Dragon, on May 10th 1973 Bruce Lee Collapsed and was rushed to a Hong Kong Baptist hospital.

The Doctors diagnosed him with “Cerebral Edema” (Brain Swelling due to excess fluid).  The swelling was reduced by doctors via the drug Mannitol (a drug known to decrease intracranial pressure).


Bruce Lee on the set of enter the dragon, shortly before his death. (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)

On July 20, 1973, Lee met with the producer Raymond Chow and then drove to actress Betty Ting Pei’s house, to go over their movie scripts. Lee complained of a headache and Ting gave him some Equagesic (A pill which contains Aspirin & Tranquilizer). Bruce took the took tablet went for a nap and never woke again!

Coroners stated Bruce had a major allergic reaction to the Tranquilizer in Equagesic, which caused his brain to swell!

Recent theories have also suggested that Bruce died of heat stroke as he had is armpit sweat glands removed a few weeks before as he thought they didn’t look good on screen!

Brandon Lees Death?

Brandons Lees (1965-1993) (Bruces son) death was probably even more strange & unexpected! During the two final weeks of filming the movie “The Crow” in North Carolina, a stunt involving a prop gun went wrong!

Apparently the gun was prepared wrong and shot at Brandon from 20 feet away, it hit him in the stomach and he died in hospital in 1993 aged just 28 years old. 


The crow starring Brandon Lee is a creepy movie, with an even creeper end! Brandon Lee was shot on the set of this movie!  (Celebrity Graves Road Trip: Famous Graves in the U.S.A)


Bruce Lees grave is actually featured in the 1993 movie, Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story. Which depicts bruce battling with demons which had cursed him.

In the movie after showing the actor playing bruce his own gravestone, the demons are also shown to go after Brandon in a heart wrenching scene. Just 2 months before the movie was released the Brandon was dead!

There was talk of the “Curse of the Dragon” and it was stated that Bruces Parents believed somebody was after Bruce.

He was born in the “Year of the Dragon” but they actually used to call him little Phoenix a girls name in Chinese in a way to “Confuse the spirits which may steal his soul”. Either way it’s an iconic grave to visit! 

Famous Graves Map U.S.A:

This map includes Celebrity, War, Political and Sports icons

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