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Vilnius Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Vilnius, Lithuania in 2024?

Planning a trip to Europe and worried about safety? Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, is known for its low crime rates and welcoming vibe, ideal for a peaceful adventure.

Tobi Miles
March 29, 2024
Vilnius Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to Vilnius, Lithuania in 2024?

Navigating through the cobbled streets of the Old Town or exploring the city's vibrant nightlife, you'll find that Vilnius offers a sense of security that is cherished by visitors and locals alike. But like any city, it's wise to stay informed and take basic precautions. Let's dive into what makes Vilnius a safe haven for tourists and how you can make the most of your visit without worry.

Key Takeaways

  • Vilnius is Considered Safe for Tourists: Renowned for its low crime rates and welcoming atmosphere, Vilnius stands out as one of Europe's safest capitals, offering both adventure and peace of mind to travelers.
  • Low Crime Rates Across the Board: Vilnius boasts notably low instances of theft, burglary, assault, and drug-related crimes compared to the EU average, thanks to effective law enforcement and community policing.
  • Public Safety Enhancements: The city has invested in smart city solutions, including modern urban surveillance systems and well-lit streets, to further ensure the safety of both residents and tourists.
  • Friendly Local Community: The welcoming nature of Vilnius's local communities, coupled with their willingness to assist visitors, significantly contributes to the city's safety reputation and the overall positive experience of tourists.
  • Safety Precautions for Tourists: Despite the city's safety, visitors are advised to remain vigilant, especially at night, use official transport services, be mindful of local laws and customs, and keep emergency contact numbers handy.
  • Efficient Emergency Services: Vilnius boasts a single emergency number (112) that connects to police, fire brigade, and medical assistance, with operators trained to communicate in English, ensuring prompt support to tourists in distress.

Safety reputation of Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, boasts a reputation as one of Europe's safest cities. This isn't just hearsay; it's supported by data and the experiences of inhabitants and visitors alike. A significant factor contributing to this image is the low crime rates compared to other European capitals.



Violent crime rates


Petty crime rates

Relatively low

Safety rating for tourists


Police response efficiency


These figures emphasize Vilnius's position as a secure destination. The city's authorities have been very proactive in ensuring public safety, deploying visible policing and surveillance measures, especially in tourist-heavy and nightlife areas.

Moreover, Vilnius has been working on improving its overall safety by implementing smart city solutions, including modern urban surveillance systems. These systems are not only deterrents for criminal activity but also aid in quickly resolving any incidents.

Public safety in Vilnius extends beyond just low crime rates. The city is also known for its road safety and well-maintained public spaces. Tourists often comment on the cleanliness of the streets and the general maintenance of public facilities, which contributes to the overall feeling of security.

Local communities are very welcoming, often going out of their way to assist visitors. Interaction with locals is commonly highlighted as a positive experience by tourists, further enhancing Vilnius's safety reputation. This friendly environment fosters a collective sense of security, making you feel like part of the community during your stay.

Despite the city's strong safety reputation, you're encouraged to take typical travel precautions. Staying vigilant, especially at night, and keeping an eye on personal belongings in crowded places can go a long way in ensuring a worry-free visit.

Crime rates in Vilnius

Exploring the safety of Vilnius, it's crucial to delve into the crime rates that paint a picture of the city's security level. The data speaks volumes about why Vilnius is considered one of Europe's safest capitals.

In the recent statistics released for 2022, Vilnius has seen a notably low crime rate compared to other European cities. To put things into perspective, here's a brief overview:

Type of Crime

Incidents in Vilnius

Comparison with EU Average (%)













These numbers highlight the effectiveness of Lithuania's stringent law enforcement and community policing strategies in maintaining order and safety.

Theft, while present, occurs less frequently than the European Union average, underscoring the effectiveness of local safety initiatives and public awareness programs. Burglaries and assaults are significantly lower too, a testament to the vigilant and responsive police force in Vilnius. Drug-related crimes, often a concern in urban centers, are notably under control, reflecting the robustness of narcotics control policies and rehabilitation programs.

Walking through the streets of Vilnius, you'll notice an abundant presence of police patrols and well-lit public spaces, elements critical to deterring crime. The city's investment in CCTV technology has also played a pivotal role in reducing street crime and enhancing the sense of security for both residents and visitors.

Vilnius' approach to public safety is a balanced mix of preventive measures and active law enforcement, creating an environment where safety and security are paramount. As you navigate the city, it's clear that the authorities are deeply committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Safety tips for tourists in Vilnius

When you're exploring Vilnius, taking safety precautions will ensure your visit is both enjoyable and secure. Despite Vilnius's reputation as one of Europe's safest capitals, it's always wise to stay informed and prepared.

Be Mindful of Your Belongings
Pickpocketing in tourist areas is not uncommon in any bustling city, and Vilnius is no exception. Always keep a close eye on your personal items, especially in crowded places like markets, public transport, and popular tourist destinations. Consider using anti-theft bags or keeping your wallet in a front pocket.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas at Night
Vilnius is admired for its beautiful, well-lit streets and public spaces. Stick to these areas after dark. Venturing into poorly lit or secluded areas can increase your risk of encountering trouble. If you're unsure about certain neighborhoods, don't hesitate to ask local residents or your hotel staff for guidance.

Use Official Transport Services
Unlicensed taxis can pose risks to tourists, from overcharging to safety concerns. Always opt for official taxis or reputable ride-sharing apps. Look for vehicles with a company logo and a visible meter. For added security, book your ride through an app where the driver's details are provided and your journey is tracked.

Stay Updated on Local Laws
Understanding Lithuania's local laws and customs can save you from unintentional offenses and penalties. For example, jaywalking or consuming alcohol in public places is illegal in Vilnius and can result in fines.

Contact Information for Emergencies
It's crucial to have emergency numbers at hand. Save the following contacts in your phone:

  • Police: 112
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Fire Service: 112

These simple tips can significantly enhance your safety and allow you to fully enjoy the rich culture and stunning sights Vilnius has to offer.

Emergency services in Vilnius

When you're visiting a foreign city, knowing how to reach emergency services is crucial for your safety and peace of mind. Vilnius, being a well-prepared city for its residents and tourists alike, offers efficient emergency services capable of addressing any urgent needs you might encounter.

In Vilnius, you can dial 112 for any emergency. This single number connects you to the police, fire brigade, and medical assistance. It's a toll-free number, accessible from any phone, including mobile phones without a SIM card. The operators are trained to communicate in English, ensuring you're understood and help is dispatched promptly.

Key Emergency Contacts

  • General Emergency (Police, Fire, Medical): 112
  • Tourist Police: +370 5 271 9666

The tourist police are a boon, especially designed to assist travelers. They offer services in multiple languages, making it easier for you to report incidents or seek help without language barriers.

  • Always keep local emergency numbers saved in your phone.
  • Learn basic Lithuanian phrases for emergencies.
  • Stay informed about the nearest embassy or consulate.

Response Times in Vilnius are commendable, with emergency services striving to reach any location within the city in a matter of minutes. The table below highlights the average response times for emergency services in Vilnius.

Service Type

Average Response Time


10-15 minutes

Medical Aid

8-12 minutes

Fire Brigade

6-10 minutes

Being aware of how to contact emergency services and what to expect in terms of response times significantly enhances your safety. Vilnius's commitment to swift and effective emergency assistance is yet another reason why it's considered a safe destination for tourists. Remember, preparation is key—stay informed, stay safe, and enjoy everything Vilnius has to offer.


Vilnius stands out as a beacon of safety for tourists, thanks to its efficient emergency services and quick response times. Knowing how to reach these services easily, coupled with the added security of having tourist police just a call away, ensures you're never alone in an emergency. Remembering to save local emergency numbers and picking up some basic Lithianian phrases can make all the difference. So pack your bags with peace of mind, knowing Vilnius is committed to your safety and ready to welcome you with open arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What emergency number should I dial in Vilnius for immediate assistance?

You can dial 112 for police, fire brigade, and medical assistance in Vilnius. This is the general emergency number accessible throughout the city.

Is there a special police service for tourists in Vilnius?

Yes, there is a tourist police service in Vilnius, reachable at +370 5 271 9666. They offer assistance in multiple languages for tourists needing help.

Should I learn some Lithuanian phrases before visiting Vilnius?

It's advisable to learn basic Lithuanian phrases, especially related to emergencies, to enhance your safety and ease of communication while in Vilnius.

How quickly can I expect emergency services to arrive in Vilnius?

Emergency service response times in Vilnius are commendable. Police can arrive in 10-15 minutes, medical aid in 8-12 minutes, and the fire brigade in 6-10 minutes.

Why is it important to save local emergency numbers while visiting Vilnius?

Saving local emergency numbers is crucial as it ensures you can quickly reach out for help in any urgent situation, contributing to your overall safety in the city.

How do the swift emergency services in Vilnius impact tourist safety?

The swift response times of emergency services in Vilnius significantly enhance safety for tourists, reinforcing the city's reputation as a secure destination to visit.

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