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Winter Wanderlust: Top 10 Cities for Viral TikTok Thrills

Craving a winter wonderland escape that'll flood your TikTok with likes? Dive into our top ten cities that turn the chill into sheer thrill!

Tobi Miles
December 10, 2023

Social media has become a key metric of trends for everything from fashion and finance to music and travel. Over 1.6 billion people use TikTok and Instagram has over 2 billion users each month. The sheer volume of data that users share via TikTok and Instagram has made it easier than ever to navigate trends, especially when it comes to travel.

Winter hashtags have been on the rise since fall ended, and many of them are specific to locations. For example, Chicago residents use #WinterInChicago. Recently, JeffBet, an online casino, compiled data from Instagram and TikTok to compare the use of hashtags related to winter.

Their data isn’t just limited to the U.S., however, as their data also points to popular winter hashtags from the U.K. and Canada. JeffBet based the results on which cities have the most winter-specific hashtags. While many of the results may seem obvious, some of them may surprise you.

According to JeffBet, "London has been crowned as the city with the best winter experience. England's capital has almost 71 million winter-related hashtags on social media. For example, #LondonChristmasMarket has 10.9 million mentions on TikTok, and the 'Big Smoke' has countless places to visit, from 'Borough Market at Christmas' to 'Christmas in Covent Garden'."

It snows 1-2 times each year in London, so residents may soon post about a white Christmas. New York ranked the 2nd highest for winter hashtags, and that’s mostly because of the yearly New Year’s Eve hashtags. For example, #NewYorkNYE was used 1.3 million times last year.

Manchester and Edinburgh were the 3rd and 4th highest-ranking cities for winter hashtags. Edinburgh residents mentioned winter in the city over 24 million times. Paris ranked 5th on the list, and that’s largely because this French city goes big with New Year’s Eve celebrations each year.

JeffBet said, “New Year's Eve celebrations are quintessential in Paris, with #ParisNYE having 9.9 million hashtags and #NYEParis having 2.2 million hashtags on TikTok." The New Year’s Eve hashtags paired with winter and Christmas hashtags totaled just over 22 million hashtags.

Surprisingly, no other U.S. cities besides New York City made the list of the best locations for winter experiences. The rest of the list was made up mostly of European and Canadian cities. Vienna and Berlin were the 5th and 6th best cities for winter experiences. Berlin alone has nearly 13 million Christmas mentions between TikTok and Instagram.

Belfast is the only Irish city that made the list with over 8.5 million winter mentions. Vancouver, Canada, and Krakow, Poland close out the list with 7.5 million and 7 million winter mentions, respectively. The data shows that cities with dense populations and public celebrations are more likely to celebrate winter on social media.

For example, cities like Paris, France, and New York City, New York mostly made the list because of the famous New Year’s Eve celebrations. If this list shows you anything, it’s that each of these cities are great places to visit for winter celebrations.

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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