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Puerto Rico: 4 day Itinerary!

Explore Puerto Rico in 4 days: beaches, rainforests, vibrant nightlife & rich history. Ideal for U.S. tourists - no passport needed! Perfect itinerary inside.

Tobi Miles
July 1, 2022
Puerto Rico: 4 day Itinerary!

Puerto Rico is a fantastic country, steeped world renowned beaches, a vibrant nightlife, rainforests and a rich Spanish colonial history.

Covering it all in just 4 days can be a challenge, but at Town and Tourist we have put together a selection of the best places you must visit to ensure you have a vibrant & fulfilling time in the epic Puerto Rico!

Practicalities for a U.S Tourist:

One major factor which appeals to many U.S tourists from the Mainland U.S.A is that Puerto Rico is a U.S territory. Thus they use dollars as there main currency, and you don't require a visa or even a passport!

Puerto Rico Tips For U.S Tourist: 4 Day Itinerary

Transport from the Airport to San Juan City:

You have a few options to get from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport to San Juan Old town. It is only 10km away & can be achieved in a few ways:


The easiest solution is of course, Taxis. Uber has limited coverage in the San Juan Area.

So you will have to get an airport taxi, which costs around $20. Keep in mind that each piece of luggage costs an extra $1 and there is also a $1 extra charge for trips at night!

Airport Bus:

If your on a budget take the airport bus ran by the Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA). There are a variety of buses running from the main terminal to San Juan Old town and the surrounding areas.

Renting a Car:

Renting a car is my favourite way to explore Puerto Rico! You can head straight from the airport easily and explore the island. It is also highly recommended if you plan on exploring El Yunque National Forest.

Be sure to book in advance, and to avoid extra car rental "charges" check out: Ultimate Car Rental Travel Hacks!

Day 1. Explore San Juan Old Town

San Juan, is Puerto Rico’s capital and largest city! It is known for it’s fantastic beach fronts, restaurants, bars and nightlife!

San Juan Old Town 4 Day Itinerary. Getty Images

Exploring Old San Juan:

Once you arrive in San Juan, put your bags down in a great hotel then head out along the Cobblestoned streets of the Old Town which features Spanish Colonial Buildings and 16th century landmarks such as El Morro and La Fortaleza, a gigantic fortress offering panoramic ocean views!

There is also the Paseo De La Princesa Bayside Promenade nearby which is great to check out.

San Juan Old Town 4 Day Itinerary. Source: Getty images view from Hotel El Convento.

Insider Tip - Couples:

When you get hungry, head to a quaint little cafe called Casa Cortes Chocobar. As you may have guessed from the name, the theme is chocolate! This is an ideal couples treat!

Day 2: El Yunque

El Yunque National Forest is a national treasure of Puerto Rico and one of the last reaming rainforests in the world!

This is the perfect place for an exciting adventure which you will find truly memorable!

The colorful wildlife & the cascading water falls of this lush tropical paradise will truly mesmerize you & create memories which will last a lifetime!

El Yunque Rainforest Puerto Rico in the winter. (Puerto Rico 4 day Itinerary)

Popular Attractions:

Be sure to check out the breath taking La Mina Falls and take a trip to the top of El Yunque Tower.

As you meander through the path ways keep at look out for the elusive Parrot of Puerto Rico, which was close to extinction before the forest staff helped to reignite this colorful breed!

La Mina Falls- El Yunque Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico 4 Day Itinerary)

La Mina falls is a fantastic place to go for a swim and relax in the natural waters!

Top Tip:

Remember to bring a small light, umbrella as there can be light rainfall in the day, which ends quickly, leaving a captivating mist leading you deeper into the rainforest!

For Lunch, best to bring a picnic with you that you can enjoy deep in the jungle! I suggest picking some lunch before up from one of Puerto Ricos Panaderías or Local Bakeries!

Panadería Don Nico, is not your average bakery here you can get an taste bud tingling selection of sandwhiches and local pastries. There is one of these Bakeries along route 3, as you head to El Yunque.

Insider Tip:

If you didn’t rent a car at the start, now is definitely the time! It is the best way to explore a national treasure of Puerto Rico – El Yunque National Forest.

Luquillo Beach:

When Returning from the rainforest head along Route 3 east and look out for signs saying Luquillo Beach. A beautiful beach, popular with the locals!


On Route 3, there are a variety of roadside cafes & small restaurants. Not the best quality but enough to keep you going.

Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico guide (Puerto Rico 4 day Itinerary)

Day 3: Fajardo

After El Yunque, continue east and you will come to the nearby Fajardo. Where you will come across a natural wonder of Puerto Rico, Laguna Grande.

Here you will find arguably the  most captivating bio luminescent bay in Puerto Rico & the 2nd largest in the country.

Laguna Grande (Bio Bay):

Night trips at Laguna Grande:

To truly experience Laguna Grande you must take an evening couples trip!

This promises to be a bucket list experience of a lifetime which will definitely bring you closer together.

As under the twinkling stars, you will see the glowing waters twinkle back majestically.

Science Bit:

The glowing water is caused by Bioluminescent micro organisms, light up as the boats oar wades through the evening waters.

Recommended Tours at Fajardo?

It is recommended you take this trip with a tour guide or part of an excursion. This will ensure you have the most memorable & safe time!

The professional tours are aware of the rules required when wading through the shimmering waters at night, to preserve the natural habitat.

We loved the kayak ride through Bio Bay! But if you would prefer something more chilled take the boat ride.

To check availability of the Bio Bay Tour we took, follow this link HERE

Insider Tip:

Places can sell out fast for the best tours, so book well in advance.

For a our full list of recommended Fajardo boat tours, follow this link HERE

Where to stay in Fajardo?

For a list of our recommended places to stay in Fajardo, Follow the link HERE

Fajardo Resort Puerto Rico

Day 4. Relax on San Juan's Beaches

San Juan has some breath taking beaches offering sweeping ocean views! My Favorite beach here is Condado Beach, located on the north east coast.

This area has some of the most fantastic beach resorts in Puerto Rico!

San Juan is a vibrant, historical city with a strong Culture!

San Juan (Puerto Rico 4 Day Itinerary)

Evening: Enjoy San Juan Nightlife:

Fancy some electricity,  head to explore San Juans nightlife. First head for dinner at one of these great restaurants.

Old San Juan:

Dragonfly ( offering Latin-Asian fusion), Bodega Chic (Calle Cristo 51)Barú and (creative Puerto Rican) . These all serve exquisite tasty food & covert into lounges during the night.

When you’ve had dinner head to Nuyorican Café  for some sexy salsa dancing and live entertainment.

Isla Verde:

The Water & Beach Club Hotel:

If you fancy some excitement head to the The Water & Beach Club hotel for a night. Have dinner, a Tangerine, a sexy restaurant with a naughty inspired menu, before heading upstairs to Wet, the hotel’s incredible open-air rooftop lounge

San Juan (Puerto Rico 4 Day Itinerary)

Miramar & Puerta de Tierra:

For some romantic dining & world renowned foods, head to Delirio or Chayote, in Miramar.

These are ran by Puerto Ricos very own celebrity chef, Alfredo Ayala. After dinner, hop in a quick cab to the N Lounge, a stylish venue at the Hotel Normandie.

Souvenir Shopping:

San Juan is the perfect city to start & end your 4 day vacation to Puerto Rico.

It's close to the airport just 10km away, so you can relax on it's breath taking beaches, enjoy San Juans Vibrant nightlife and really unwind without worrying about missing the plane!

It's also the perfect city to pick up some souvenirs or gifts for friends & loved ones before the flight home.

That way you don't have to worry about carrying them to the islands & even damaging valuable gifts if your on a rainforest adventure!

Where to stay?

For a list of our recommended places to stay in San Juan, Follow the link HERE

Marriot AC Honeymoon Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

Favorite tours in San Juan?

For a guide to our favorite tours & activities in San Juan, follow the link HERE

Best time to Visit Puerto Rico?

In General, the best time time to travel to Puerto Rico is in the winter, when Puerto Rico has the best weather. This is Peak Travel season.

San Juan Harbor – 4 Day Itinerary- Puerto Rico-1

Winter in Puerto Rico?

Winter in Puerto Rico has the BEST WEATHER, with temperatures between high 60’s – low 80’s ‘F. (src)

The season is great for, Surfing – If your into surfing or would like to try, then this is the season!

The season is no so great for...

Due to the great weather & surf, this is not surprisingly Puerto Ricos Peak travel season.

So expect it to be more crowded with longer queues at restaurants & landmarks.

Winter in Puerto Rico is a great time to visit!

Summer in Puerto Rico:

Travelling to Puerto Rico, during summer offering lots of rain & the start of Hurricane season!Although on the plus side you can get cheaper flights, and there is some really hot weather! However, you may have to reschedule plans due to rainfall!

I would recommended getting some good travel insurance in case you struggle to make the trip due to unexpected hurricanes!

Spring in Puerto Rico:

Spring offers warm weather but with less crowds & tourists, which is great if your trying to get reservations at a restaurant.

Spring also has the least rainfall, so great for beach bums who wish to dip there toes in the warm sands & relax.

Fall in Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico during the fall is cooler than the summer with the least amount of tourists.

This is the cheapest time to travel, especially between September-October as many hotels offer discount rates and the lower airfares.

When you should you travel?

Deciding when to travel depends on your budget, what activates you wish to do, and whether you will be more adventure, relax or sight seeing!

For example, Fall is great for more adventure on a budget, and sight seeing but Winter is better for relaxing on the beach & enjoying some surfing!


Puerto Rico in just 4 days will be an scenic, fun packed and exciting adventure! Perfect for groups of friends, Solo travellers and even couples who want some romance!

Need help Planning!?

  • Do you find planning a trip time consuming & even stressful?
  • Would you like a tailored Bucket List vacation?
  • Would you like an experience designed to keep EVERYONE Happy?

If you answered YES, to these questions then you should contact a Travel expert to take care of everything for you!

Taking an organised tour or tailored vacation is great, as they will organize your flights, hotels, car rental, activities &  Insurance!

To find out more check out: Which are the Best travel Tours?

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Avoid gigantic $15,000 Medical Bills! see: Why you NEED Travel Insurance in 2020?

Getting hit with a large hospital bill after getting sick or injured, could really add to your worries! Get some Travel Insurance

Want a couples guide to Puerto Rico?

Check out: Puerto Rico Honeymoon/Couples Itinerary!

If you need help budgeting check out: Puerto Rico: Is it cheaper than Mainland USA?

Puerto Rico Travel Budget Calculator

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