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Unveiling Novembers Top 50 US Escapes: Where to Roam Now

November's chill whispers tales of hidden gems and vibrant spectacles across the USA. Buckle up, as we reveal 50 must-see destinations that promise unforgettable adventures and stories to tell.

Tobi Miles
September 20, 2022

November is a great month to travel in the US. Many hotels lower their rates this time of year and popular attractions are less crowded. If you want to take a trip within the US, you may be wondering where the best places to visit in November are.

Charleston, SC is one of our favorite US destinations in November. This charming city has stunning fall foliage and many events to look forward to. New York City hosts the famous Thanksgiving Day parade in November. If you want to visit a city with warm weather, Miami, Kauai, and San Diego are some of the best destinations late autumn.

While November may be a shoulder season, travelers can still have an amazing vacation in the US. Today, we're going to discuss 50 of the best places to visit in November in the USA. We will let you know where you can find the best events in late autumn and enjoy the last of the season.

1. New York City (New York)

Credit: National Geographic

New York City is famous around the world. It's the largest city in the US. Travelers come from around the world to visit because NYC is rich with history, has activities for every interest, and has a very diverse entertainment scene. Every day is exciting in New York City.

Why Should You Visit New York City In November?

Many travelers visit NYC at the end of the month to watch the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person. On top of that, there is a diverse shopping scene to get a head start on your holiday shopping. As the city gets ready for the holiday season, visitors can enjoy walking tours to see more of what the city has to offer.

  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 54F/ 5 to 12C
  • Best Activities: boat rides, museums, live entertainment

2. Kauai (Hawaii)

Credit: Go Hawaii

Kauai is without a doubt the prettiest island in Hawaii. It's known for its natural sites, like the mountains beaches, and sugar cane fields. As other parts of the country begin to cool down towards the end of the autumn season, Kauai maintains summer-like weather in the 70s.

Why Should You Visit Kauai In November?

November is one of the quietest months for tourism in Kauai. If you travel this time of year, you can enjoy more of the popular attractions and not feel guilty about taking your time. This is one of the most relaxing months to visit.

  • Location: Kauai, HI
  • Average Temperature: 59 to 73F/ 15 to 23C
  • Best Activities: paddleboarding, boat rides, hiking

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3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park (North Carolina & Tennessee)

Credit: Lonely Planet

Great Smoky Mountains National Park spans the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. This destination is ideal for all nature lovers. You can explore over 500,000 acres of lush forest and wildflowers. There are also several waterfalls and streams within the park.

Why Should You Visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park In November?

The weather is ideal for hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in November because it's the driest month of the year. This area is known for frequent rainstorms throughout the summer. By waiting until the later autumn season, you can avoid having your day ruined by rain.

4. Charleston (South Carolina)

Credit: Wikipedia

Charleston is one of the trendiest cities in South Carolina with a lot of curb appeal. A day downtown is always enjoyable because there are many shops and attractions. There is also a great selection of restaurants where you will receive friendly southern hospitality.

Why Should You Visit Charleston In November?

Many events and festivals take place in Charleston throughout November. You can enjoy events like National Cake Day and National Sandwich Day. The Charleston International Film Festival is also held in November. If you visit over Thanksgiving, you can watch the annual Turkey Day Run & Wobble Gobble.

  • Location: Charleston, SC
  • Average Temperature: 54 to 68C/ 12 to 20C
  • Best Activities: dining out, film festival, walk down the rainbow row

5. Miami (Florida)

Credit: World Atlas

One of the top places to visit in Florida is Miami because this city offers beautiful weather year-round. Miami is a great place for people of all ages because there are activities for all interests, like sports, historic landmarks, and live entertainment. This city is also popular for its selection of waterfront bars and restaurants.

Why Should You Visit Miami In November?

November is when the weather in Miami shifts from summer to winter. While the days are still warm and the water is ideal for swimming, the hot and humid summer days have come to an end. It's also one of the best months to avoid crowds in this popular city.

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Average Temperature: 70 to 79F/ 21 to 26C
  • Best Activities: beach days, hiking, museums, shopping, nightlife

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6. San Diego (California)

Credit: National Geographic

Some of the best beaches in California can be found in San Diego. If you want to escape your busy lifestyle and take a stroll on the beach, this is the best destination. There are approximately 70 miles of coastline along this beautiful city. That's why it's California's top destination for water activities.

Why Should You Visit San Diego In November?

November is the best month to explore the trails and outdoor attractions in San Diego. Days are nice and sunny, with temperatures in the high 60s. The conditions are perfect for spending the days outdoors without getting too hot.

  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Average Temperature: 54 to 70F/ 12 to 21C
  • Best Activities: hiking, visit the zoo, aquarium, nature center

7. Telluride (Colorado)

Credit: Telluride

In 1964, Telluride was designated a historic landmark. It's one of Colorado's top tourist destinations because travelers enjoy visiting historic buildings, local shops, and luxury hotels. This charming mountain town is also popular for its range of outdoor activities for all seasons.

Why Should You Visit Telluride In November?

November is one of the nicest times of year to go for a hike and enjoy the fall foliage. You will be able to catch the end of the fall colors before the first winter snowfall. Hiking trails are covered in deep orange and yellow leaves. Towards the end of the month, several of the ski resorts and seasonal restaurants open.

  • Location: Telluride, CO
  • Average Temperature: 14 to 45F/ -10 to 7C
  • Best Activities: hiking, shopping, spa

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8. Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

Credit: Vogue

Jackson Hole is a popular tourist destination in Wyoming because of its variety of activities. This is a great destination for people that are seeking an outdoor adventure because it's the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton, and Bridger Teton National Forest.

Why Should You Visit Jackson Hole In November?

November hosts a variety of fun events in Jackson Hole. Several ski resorts have their annual opening day. The local hockey team, Jackson Hole Moose, plays several games in town. If you visit towards the end of the month, you can watch the annual town lighting event.

  • Location: Jackson Hole, WY
  • Average Temperature: 16 to 39F/ -9 to 4C
  • Best Activities: dining out, hiking, scenic drives

9. Salem (Massachusetts)

Credit: Vogue

Most people think of the witch trials when they think of Salem. However, this town is an excellent place to visit when you're in Massachusetts. There are several great local shops and restaurants in this area. People who are eager to learn more about this town's interesting history can explore the local museums.

Why Should You Visit Salem In November?

November is one of the best months to travel to Salem because the crowds have thinned out. This is good news for people that want to visit the local attractions. Places like Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery and the Salem Wax Museum are a lot less busy than they were a few weeks prior.

  • Location: Salem, MA
  • Average Temperature: 36 to 52F/ 2 to 11C
  • Best Activities: gift shops, museums, arcade, live performance

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10. Sante Fe (New Mexico)

Credit: Travel and Leisure

The top US destination for every history buff is Sante Fe. This is the oldest capital city in the country and it has over 400 years of history to it. There are many historic attractions throughout the city to fulfill a curious mind. Sante Fe also has a very diverse cultural scene.

Why Should You Visit Sante Fe In November?

The first snowfall in Sante Fe usually takes place in November. If you enjoy cool weather, it's a wonderful time of year for a hike. To warm up afterward, there are several great restaurants and coffee shops in the area. This city also has a variety of indoor attractions, like Casino Santa Fé 176 and Museo Municipal de Artes Visuales.

  • Location: Sante Fe, NM
  • Average Temperature: 25 to 52F/ -4 to 11C
  • Best Activities: specialty museums, local cuisine, art galleries

11. Las Vegas (Nevada)

Credit: Carriage House Las Vegas

The best nightlife scene in the US is in Las Vegas. You can find a variety of exciting casinos, nightclubs, and other venues for adults. However, this city is also a great place for a family-friendly trip. There are so many fun activities for all ages, like indoor skydiving, the shark reef aquarium, and Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix Family Fun Center.

Why Should You Visit Las Vegas In November?  

November is one of the best months for a budget-friendly trip to Las Vegas. You will be able to find cheaper rates at popular hotels and resorts compared to peak travel months. A lot of travelers prefer November for outdoor activities in the city because the summer humidity is gone for the season.

  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Average Temperature: 36 to 70F/ 2 to 21C
  • Best Activities: live performance, casino, nightclubs

12. Buena Vista (Colorado)

Credit: Expedia

Buena Vista is a beautiful destination in Colorado for people that enjoy outdoor activities. This area is popular for its abundance of wilderness, national forest, and mountains. There are fun activities to enjoy the outdoors during every season and a great selection of indoor attractions.

Why Should You Visit Buena Vista In November?

November is an excellent month for people that enjoy exploring in the cool weather. It remains sunny for the majority of the month, so there will be clear weather to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take some professional-looking pictures.

  • Location: Buena Vista, CO
  • Average Temperature: 19 to 48F/ -7 to 9C
  • Best Activities: hiking, visit distilleries, museums, dining out

13. Lost Maples State Park (Texas)

Credit: Texas Hill Country Visitor

Lost Maple State Park is one of the best places in the US to enjoy the autumn foliage. This destination is popular for families that are seeking outdoor fun. You can enjoy a variety of activities from hiking to fishing, and more.

Why Should You Visit Lost Maples State Park In November?

Lost Maples State Park is famous for its bigtooth maple trees. These trees don't change color until mid to late autumn. November is the best month to see the leaves when they are shades of red, orange, and yellow. Leaves often change color all the way through to the end of the month.

  • Location: Lost Maples State Park, TX
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 70F/ 5 to 21C
  • Best Activities: hiking, photography, biking, bird watching

14. Atlanta (Georgia)

Credit: Travel and Leisure

Atlanta is a city with a lot of character. It's famous for its diverse neighborhoods, with each section of the city having its own atmosphere. People enjoy visiting Atlanta for its nightlife, live entertainment, and unique shopping scene.

Why Should You Visit Atlanta In November?

No matter what time of year you visit Atlanta, there will be plenty of fun activities and events going on. November is a fun month because the city is beginning to ring in the holiday season. Visitors can start their shopping at the Christkindl Market, see a holiday-themed live performance at Fox Theatre, or enjoy ice skating.

  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 64F/ 5 to 18C
  • Best Activities: shopping, live performance, visit World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta zoo

15. Nashville (Tennessee)

Credit: Totochie

Nashville is the #1 tourist destination in the US. It's known as the Music City of the US but there's so much more to take in when you visit this city. Nashville has its own culture, with southern hospitality, good food, and tasty beverages. It also has venues for all interests, hosting everything from art exhibits to sporting events.

Why Should You Visit Nashville In November?

Tourism is much lighter in November, but there are still plenty of fun things to do. Sports fans can catch a Tennessee Titans or Nashville Predators game. The Nashville International Auto Show takes place in the middle of the month. People can also enjoy the annual Christmas Village at the Fairgrounds.

  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Average Temperature: 39 to 61F/ 4 to 16C
  • Best Activities: dining out, music venues, museums

16. Palm Springs (California)

Credit: Tripsavvy

Palm Springs is the most popular resort city in the US. It's a great destination for a relaxing holiday. This city also has a lot of interesting attractions, like the aerial tramway, botanical garden, and living desert zoo.

Why Should You Visit Palm Springs In November?

Palm Springs continues to have tropical-like weather in November, with temperatures in the mid to high 70s. You can forget that winter is right around the corner and enjoy soaking up the sun with a drink on the patio.

  • Location: Palm Springs, CA
  • Average Temperature: 52 to 80F/ 11 to 26C
  • Best Activities: golfing, spa, hot springs, vintage shops

17. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

Credit: Discover Philadelphia

A lot of America's "firsts" took place in Philadelphia. This includes the first museum, zoo, art school, and more. Philadelphia is also the best art city in the US. It has the biggest selection of public art galleries, exhibits, and museums to explore.

Why Should You Visit Philadelphia In November?

Towards the beginning of the month, you will be able to catch the last of the fall foliage. If you visit towards the end of the month, you can enjoy it when the city begins getting in the festive spirit. In November, there are fun holiday events like the Macy's Christmas Light Show and Christmas Village.

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 55F/ 5 to 13C
  • Best Activities: Apple Festival, arts & craft fair, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

18. Joshua Tree National Park (California)

Credit: National Parks Conservation Association

The #1 destination for hiking in California is Joshua Tree National Park. This desert area has 100 miles of trails to explore for the curious traveler. There are a lot of beautiful things to see in this area, like palm grove trees and a 60-foot waterfall.

Why Should You Visit Joshua Tree National Park In November?

November is one of the best months to visit Joshua Tree National Park. Many travelers prefer this destination throughout the autumn months because the weather is comfortable and there are almost no crowds. It's one of the best months to take your time and enjoy the beautiful views at your own pace.

19. Denver (Colorado)

Credit: PODS

It's easy to stay in a good mood when you're in Denver. There are 300 sunny days a year, allowing visitors to enjoy plenty of outdoor fun. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, with bright blue skies and mountain views. In the city, there are various landmarks and historical attractions to explore.

Why Should You Visit Denver In November?

November is the best time to enjoy a trip without draining your bank account. It's the first month of the season to enjoy off-season rates at hotels. On top of that, there are several attractions offering free admission throughout the month. National parks allow free entrance on veterans day, while the Museum of Art and Denver Zoo have select free days throughout the month.

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Average Temperature: 27 to 57F/ -3 to 14C
  • Best Activities: museums, nature walks, shopping

20. Chicago (Illinois)

Credit: City Experiences

Chicago is an urban city with a lot of history. People of all ages can find activities they enjoy when they visit this destination. There are great places to eat, a lively nightlife scene, and many interesting museums and attractions to explore.

Why Should You Visit Chicago In November?

The last of the autumn foliage can be enjoyed in November. Then, the city starts to prepare for the holiday season. Visitors can enjoy festive events like The annual lighting of the city Christmas tree takes place in mid-November. Visitors can also enjoy the German Christmas market, holiday city tours, and ZooLights.

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Average Temperature: 39 to 50F/ 4 to 10C
  • Best Activities: live performances, holiday activities, shopping, nightlife

21. Phoenix (Arizona)

Credit: New York Magazine

One of the most famous US desert cities is Phoenix, AZ. It's not difficult to see why people love this destination because the sun is shining all year round.  Phoenix also has several historic neighborhoods where you can find museums, art galleries, and other cultural attractions.

Why Should You Visit Phoenix In November?

Phoenix is the perfect place to escape the cold damp weather. While other places around the country are getting cooler, Phoenix remains warm, with temperatures in the high 60s and 70s. This is great news for travelers that want to enjoy a vacation outdoors. Phoenix has plenty of trails, desert, and mountain areas to explore.

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Average Temperature: 50 to 77F/ 10 to 25C
  • Best Activities: hiking, museums, botanical garden

22. Portland (Oregon)

Credit: Travel and Leisure

Portland is becoming a more popular tourist destination in the US. More travelers are falling in love with this city because of the selection of craft breweries and world-renowned chefs. It also has one of the best selections of food carts in the country.

Additionally, you'll find activities here that you won't find in every major city, like spots to paddleboard, half-day waterfall tours, and more.

Why Should You Visit Portland In November?

As the weather cools down, the city begins to ring in the holiday season. This is a great place to start holiday shopping because there are several markets open throughout the month. Portland also has several fun events that take place in November, like Gay Skate, Portland Latin American Film Festival, and Portland Book Festival.

  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 52F/ 5 to 11C
  • Best Activities: shopping, dining out, nature walks

23. Kanab (Utah)

Credit: My Perfect Itinerary

Kanab is a small town that has made a name for itself as one of Utah's top tourist destinations. This is the perfect place in Utah to book your accommodations because it's nearby several top attractions. It's driving distance to the east entrance of Zion National Park,  the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon.

Why Should You Visit Kanab In November?

November is the shoulder season, which means that there are fewer travelers visiting the area. This is ideal for people that want to take their time and get some great pictures of the attractions. It will feel like you have the place to yourself.

  • Location: Kanab, UT
  • Average Temperature: 30 to 59F/ -1 to 15C
  • Best Activities: hiking, museums, visit sand dunes

24. San Antonio River Walk (Texas)

Credit: Trip Savvy

San Antonio River Walk is the most exciting place to visit in Texas. This area has a lot of fun attractions to keep visitors entertained, like theme parks, museums, and live theatres. You can also find a diverse selection of restaurants, luxury hotels, and local shops along the riverwalk.

Why Should You Visit San Antonio River Walk In November?

If you want to enjoy a budget-friendly trip, you should visit in November. The rates of the hotels drop at this time of year making it an ideal month to consider planning your visit. San Antonio River Walk also puts up a beautiful display of Christmas lights in November, making evening strolls magical.

25. Bell Mountain (Georgia)

Credit: Eugene Buchko Photography

Bell Mountain is a fascinating tourist destination in Georgia. This mountain was once known for its steep incline, making it a challenging hike to the top. However, the community has built an observation deck with stairs to make it easier to get up and down. On top of the mountain, there is a breathtaking view of Lake Chatuge and Hiawassee.

Why Should You Visit Bell Mountain In November?

November is a great month to visit Bell Mountain Park because the crowds will have thinned out. This allows you to take your time and view the different works of graffiti on the rocks as you climb to the top.

  • Location: Bell Mountain, GA
  • Average Temperature: 30 to 59F/ -1 to 15C
  • Best Activities: hiking, sightseeing

26. Knoxville (Tennessee)

Credit: Expedia

Knoxville, TN is a great city for many travelers because there's something for nearly every interest. It's one of the best places in Tennessee for an outdoor adventure because of the city's natural beauty. There are also several exciting attractions in the city, like the Neyland Stadium and Zoo Knoxville.

Why Should You Visit Knoxville In November?

Knoxville is a great destination for sports fans. You won't have to go far to find a sports bar with great food that's airing a game. The Neyland Stadium and other venues often have local sporting events as well. Some other events to look forward to in November are the Old City Market, Celebration of Lights, and Fantasy of Trees.

  • Location: Knoxville, TN
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 61F/ 5 to 16C
  • Best Activities: visit parks, shopping, nature center, sporting events

27. Hawaii Island (Hawaii)

Credit: Off The Beaten Path

Hawaii Island is better known by its nickname "The Big Island". The name suits this island perfectly because it's twice as big as the other islands that make up Hawaii. One of the reasons people are fascinated with Hawaii Island is that it has the most dynamic landscape in the US.

Why Should You Visit Hawaii Island In November?

One of the main reasons to visit in early November is for the Hawaii Kona Coffee Festival. Throughout the rest of the month, people can still enjoy outdoor activities and have fun in the water. While winter is just around the corner, the Big Island stays summer-like with temperatures in the low 80s.

  • Location: Hawaii Island, HI
  • Average Temperature: 70 to 84F/ 21 to 29C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, snorkeling, boat tours

28. Birmingham (Alabama)

Credit: Landing

For a historic experience in Birmingham, we suggest visiting Birmingham, AL. This southern city has award-winning museums, beautiful parks, and some of the nicest gardens in the state. It's also home to some of the best barbecue cooking in Alabama.

Why Should You Visit Birmingham In November?

The largest Veteran's Day celebration in the US takes place in Birmingham. This is because Veteran's Day was first recognized here. There is a celebratory parade and awards dinner.

  • Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Average Temperature: 39 to 50F/ 4 to 10C
  • Best Activities: museums, art exhibits, bbq food, sightseeing

29. Plymouth (Massachusetts)

Credit: New England

Plymouth is one of the most charming towns in New England. This area is located along the seashore and it's popular for whale-watching and other water activities. It's also popular for tours that keep the history buffs entertained. Some of the most talked-about tours are the Spirit of Plymouth Walking Tour and Plymouth Night Tour.

Why Should You Visit Plymouth In November?

Plymouth is known as a pilgrim town. Visitors can enjoy attractions like the Pilgrim Hall Museum and Mayflower II. Since November brings chillier weather, indoor attractions are your best option. Places like Mayflower Brewing Company, Spa Mirbeau, and Fuller Craft Museum are fun to visit this time of year.

  • Location: Plymouth, MA
  • Average Temperature: 34 to 54C/ 1 to 12C
  • Best Activities: tours, spa, shopping, sightseeing

30. Hartford (Connecticut)

Credit: World Atlas

Hartford is best known as a city that's vibrant with art and entertainment. It's a top destination for bookworms because they are able to tour the homes of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe. There is also a very lively nightlife scene in Hartford, with many exciting bars and clubs.

Why Should You Visit Hartford In November?

Hartford has an amazing culinary scene, with many great restaurants and bars to visit. This city does comfort food to perfection, and November is one of the best months to try seasonal dishes as the weather cools off. It's also a great time of year to warm up with a locally-made apple cider or sample some homemade chowder.

  • Location: Hartford, CT
  • Average Temperature: 34 to 52F/ 1 to 11C
  • Best Activities: scenic drive, tours, museums, try the local beer

31. Napa Valley (California)

Credit: Britannica

Napa Valley is loved for its beautiful countryside and summer-like weather every season. However, it's mostly famous for the wine. There are over 400 wineries in the area that invite guests in for tastings.

Why Should You Visit Napa Valley In November?

Napa Valley is an excellent destination for a luxury vacation. It has a great selection of 5-star hotels, Michelin-rated restaurants, and spas. We recommend visiting in November because there will be few visitors in the area. The places you want to see should be less crowded.

  • Location: Napa Valley, CA
  • Average Temperature:41 to 64F/ 5 to 14C
  • Best Activities: scenic drive, wineries, shop at local boutiques

32. Salt Lake City (Utah)

Credit: Conde Nast

Salt Lake City is a popular destination in Utah with beautiful landscapes. People come here to explore the parks and mountains. It's also close to major state attractions like Capital Reef and Zion National Park. Another reason people love this city is for the diverse culinary scene. While there are many great restaurants, SLC is best-known for bbq food.

Why Should You Visit Salt Lake City In November?

November is a great month to consider visiting Salt Lake City. The crowds and humidity of summer will be gone, yet the extreme winter conditions are still several weeks away. Another bonus is that it's easier to find discounts on hotels. Local cafes typically stay booked with live music events throughout the month and sporting events take place at Vivint Arena.

  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Average Weather: 36 to 50F/ 2 to 10C
  • Best Activities: visit Temple Square, Hogle Zoo, Clark Planetarium

33. Lake George (New York)

Credit: World Atlas

One of the most relaxing destinations in New York is Lake George. This is a popular place to visit for couples and families that want to escape the busy city and get some peace and quiet. There are breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor activities in this area.

Why Should You Visit Lake George In November?

Things get quieter in November at Lake George. However, the tourist hotspot is still open with fun things for travelers to do. The Cool Insuring Arena will have local hockey matches. You can also find fun things going on at local bars and pubs in the area.

  • Location: Lake George, NY
  • Average Temperature: 28 to 48F/ -2 to 9 C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, nature walks, scenic drives

34. New Orleans (Louisiana)

New Orleans is a favorite destination for many travelers because there are non-stop parties, amazing food, and attractions for every interest. This city is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations and diverse culture. It also has a captivating entertainment scene.

Why Should You Visit New Orleans In November?

A not-so-well-kept secret about New Orleans is that November is the best month to visit. The city is lit up with holiday decorations. Summer and holiday crowds are nowhere in sight. On top of that, there are plenty of fun activities, like live music, football, and seasonal food.

  • Location: New Orleans, LA
  • Average Temperature: 54 to 72F/ 12 to 22C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, live music, holiday shopping

35. Los Angeles (California)  

Credit: Wikipedia

If you're an entertainment buff, Los Angeles is the city for you. This is the entertainment capital of the world! There are several famous landmarks and attractions throughout the city. Los Angeles also has a fantastic selection of beaches, wineries, nightclubs, and boutiques.

Why Should You Visit Los Angeles In November?

Los Angeles is a big city with a lot of attractions. November is a great month to consider visiting if you have several places on your LA bucket list to visit. You will arrive (and leave) before the madness of the holiday rush begins. This way you can enjoy a trip that's both relaxing and fun.

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Average Temperature: 54 to 73F/ 12 to 23C
  • Best Activities: monthly film festival, wineries, nightclubs, tours

36. Williamsburg (Virginia)

Credit: Wikipedia

In Williamsburg, you don't just learn about history, you get to experience it. When you visit this charming town, it feels like you've stepped back to the beginning of America. There are several historic buildings and shops. You may also catch a live reenactment of historic moments.

Why Should You Visit Williamsburg In November?

Williamsburg is best-known for its historic attractions. Since November is the month of Veterans Day, it is one of the best months to visit these attractions. Places like the American Revolution Museum and Jamestown Settlement are very interesting this time of year.

  • Location: Williamsburg, VA
  • Average Temperature: 39 to 63F/ 4 to 17C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, historic landmarks, museums

37. Savannah (Georgia)

Credit: Wikipedia

Savannah is best known for its southern charm. It's the oldest city in Georgia and still one of the most popular places to visit. It has unique architecture, beautiful greenery, and white sand beaches. If you're interested in learning more about Georgia's history, this is a great place to visit.

Why Should You Visit Savannah In November?

The Rock n' Roll Marathon is the biggest event in Savannah in November. It features live music and 5k races. There is also an annual fall festival nearby in Springfield. Some other fun events to look forward to in November are the Thanksgiving play, live concerts, and car shows.

  • Location: Savannah, GA
  • Average Temperature: 50 to 70F/ 10 to 21C
  • Best Activities: hiking, tours, dining out

38. Memphis (Tennessee)

Credit: Trip Savvy

Memphis is another great tourist destination in Tennessee. This city boasts many great restaurants, museums, and cultural hotspots. It's most famous for Graceland, where Elvis Presley lived.

Why Should You Visit Memphis In November?

November is the first month that it begins to feel like winter in Memphis. Almost all of the attractions in this city are open year-round so you won't miss out on anything by waiting for the busy traveling season to pass.

  • Location: Memphis, TN  
  • Average Temperature: 43 to 63F/ 6 to 17C
  • Best Activities: tours, visit Graceland, live shows, dining out

39. Raleigh (North Carolina)

Credit: 365 Traveler

Raleigh is one of the most beautiful cities to explore in the US if you enjoy being surrounded by nature. This area is known for its lush greenery, the array of trails, and stunning landscapes. It's also home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, Pullen Park.

Why Should You Visit Raleigh In November?

Restaurant week takes place in November. During this time you can find set prices on many local restaurants' best dishes. This is also a great month to watch a live symphony or visit the Old North State Storytelling Festival. The autumn spirit can still be felt in November at the annual Gourd Arts and Crafts Festival.

  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Average Temperature: 41 to 63F/ 5 to 17C
  • Best Activities: sightseeing, dining out, live shows

40. Houston (Texas)

Credit: Kayak

Houston ranks #4 among the largest cities in the US. This city boasts a lot of fun attractions, like shopping centers, a variety of restaurants, and a fun nightlife scene. Kids enjoy this city because they can visit cool venues, like the aquarium, nature center, or science museum.

Why Should You Visit Houston In November?

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican tradition that's celebrated every year in November in Houston. Another big event is the Texas Renaissance Festival. The annual Nutcracker Market also makes an appearance towards the middle of the month.

  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Average Temperature: 54 to 70F/ 12 to 21C
  • Best Activities: dining out, shopping, museums, nightclubs

41. Indianapolis (Indiana)

Credit: Expedia

Indianapolis is an underrated city in the US for family-friendly vacations. There are a lot of fun activities and attractions for people of all ages here. You can learn about the city's history, check out local art, or even get in a round of mini golf.

Why Should You Visit Indianapolis In November?

The annual Indy International Film Festival is often held in November. This time of year, the city begins to get ready for the holiday season. Lily House mansion offers holiday tours and there are several holiday-themed live performances at venues in the city.

  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Average Temperature: 34 to 52F/ 1 to 11C
  • Best Activities: specialty museums, nature walks, sightseeing

42. Orlando (Florida)

Credit: Conde Nast

The #1 destination in the US for family-friendly theme parks is Orlando, FL. It's home to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and other popular parks. Orlando also has the best selection of accommodations. There are over 450 lodging options in this city, with everything from campgrounds to resorts and more.

Why Should You Visit Orlando In November?

November is one of the best months to visit these famous theme parks. Since there aren't any major events, the crowds are thinner allowing you to enjoy more rides, games, and attractions. Hurricane season is also coming to an end, so you won't have to put up with humid weather.

  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Average Temperature: 59 to 79F/ 15 to 26C
  • Best Activities: theme parks, shopping, sightseeing

43. Dahlonega (Georgia)

Credit: Explore Georgia

Dahlonega is one of the top places to travel to in the south. There are picture-perfect views all over this charming town, making for beautiful photos no matter where you go. It's one of the most beautiful spots in Georgia, which is why it's often used as the setting for movies.

Why Should You Visit Dahlonega In November?

Dahlonega is one of the top Christmas towns in America. The locals take this holiday very seriously, so you can expect to see classic decorations and beautiful lights when you visit in November. Dahlonega's Old-Fashioned Christmas extravaganza takes place throughout the entire month of November.

  • Location: Dahlonega, GA
  • Average Temperature: 36 to 61F/ 2 to 16C
  • Best Activities: holiday lights, coffee shops, holiday markets

44. Reno (Nevada)

Credit: Lonely Planet

Reno is a very trendy city for an adult's vacation. There are museums for nearly every interest, from arts to vehicles. There are several local breweries where you can enjoy craft brews. The city also has parks where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll in nature.

Why Should You Visit Reno In November?

November is one of the quietest months in Reno. You will be able to check out many of the local attractions without having to deal with long waits and crowds. It's also the first month of the year that Reno gets snow, which put people in the festive spirit.

  • Location: Reno, NV
  • Average Temperature: 28 to 55F/ -2 to 13C
  • Best Activities: specialty museums, dining out, hiking

45. Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

Credit: National Parks Service

The Grand Canyon is one of the biggest mysteries in the US. Part of the reason this destination is fascinating is that the rocks are billions of years old, but the formations are only hundreds of millions of years old. Nobody knows what happened to the missing layers of rocks to cause the formations of this canyon.

Why Should You Visit Grand Canyon National Park In November?

The Grand Canyons offers breathtaking views that can't be matched. Since November is a quieter month, visitors that make the journey can enjoy a more peaceful experience.

46. New Hope (Pennsylvania)

Credit: Visit Buck County

New Hope is one of Pennsylvania's best places to visit. This small town has a luxurious feel to it. There are several top-rated hotels to stay at and delicious restaurants throughout the town. It even has one of the most unique shopping scenes in the state, including several antique shops.

Why Should You Visit New Hope In November?  

November is the last month of the ghost tours. This tour is hosted every Saturday night throughout the month. It's also one of the best months to join the tour because fewer people are arranging spots allowing you to fully immerse in the full experience.

  • Location: New Hope, PA
  • Average Temprature: 34 to 55F/ 1 to 13C
  • Best Activities: holiday shopping, browsing antiques, scenic drives

47. Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

Credit: Travel And Leisure

Cape Cod is well-loved for its natural scenery and beaches. The National Seashore is one of the nicest places to enjoy a hike any time of the year. There are over 560 miles of shoreline to explore. This town is also known for having some of the best seafood in Massachusetts.

Why Should You Visit Cape Cod In November?

November has many festive events to round up the end of the autumn season. Some of the most popular events that people look forward to are the annual turkey trot, Pilgrim Monument's annual lighting, and Dennis (a tradition honoring veterans). During this month you can also find trolley tours to different local restaurants.

  • Location: Cape Cod, MA
  • Average Temperature: 37 to 54F/ 3 to 12C
  • Best Activities: holiday decorations, scenic drives, hiking

48. Seattle (Washington)

Credit: Conde Nast

Seattle is famous for many reasons, but it's mainly known as a coffee city. It's the home of the very first Starbucks location, among many other great coffee shops. This city is also a popular tourist destination because it has access to many popular outdoor attractions, like mountains and rainforests.

Why Should You Visit Seattle In November?

As the weather cools off, one of the best ways to warm up is with a hot beverage. If you want to enjoy coffee, what better place than Seattle? Visitors can arrange to go on city coffee tours to find the best java the area has to offer.

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Average Temperature: 43 to 52F/ 6 to 11C
  • Best Activities: visit cafes, shopping, hiking

49. Socorro (New Mexico)

Credit: Sierra County New Mexico

Socorro has fun activities and attractions for every traveler. This is a great place to visit with kids, because you can enjoy an array of outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, and rock climbing. There are many unique shops and specialty museums to peak travelers' interest as well.

Why Should You Visit Socorro In November?

Socorro maintains summer-like weather in November. While other parts of the country are cooling off, people can enjoy their favorite warm-weather leisure activities here. Many people visit this area to enjoy golfing, wildlife watching, or drinks on the patio before the winter season hits their hometown.

  • Location: Socorro, NM
  • Average Temperature: 28 to 63F/ -2 to 17C
  • Best Activities: scenic drives, golfing, shopping, biking

50. Key West (Florida)

Credit: Key West

Key West is one of the best tourist destinations for balance. You can enjoy a relaxing day by the beach and then a fun party at night. This city has a very exciting nightlife with several waterfront bars. You can also enjoy an array of water activities here, like jet skiing or parasailing.

Why Should You Visit Key West In November?

Hurricane season comes to an end in November. More people come to the island during this month because the muggy weather has finally cleared. There are also several fun events like the Harbor Walk of Lights and powerboat races.

  • Location: Key West, FL
  • Average Temperature: 72 to 79F/ 22 to 26C
  • Best Activities: sunset cruise, snorkeling, parasailing, shopping

Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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