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Mauritius on a Dime: 8 Epic Adventures Plus Cost Guide

Imagine turquoise waters that whisper tales of adventure, Mauritius beckons with secrets for your senses. Ready to explore without breaking the bank? Let's dive into a paradise that promises memories without the price tag.

Tobi Miles
December 20, 2019

Mauritius is a tropical wonderland of dazzling beaches, crystal waters and coral reefs! Located 160km of the coast of Africa, Mauritius has been colonised by the British, Dutch and French over the years...meaning there are plenty of historic landmarks to visit.

The population is a cultural mix of African, European, Indian and even those of Chinese decent.  The land is complete with vast mountains and lush forests which contrast with white sand beaches such as Belle Mare and Trou aux Biches.

In this post I will answer some Frequently asked questions submitted

by readers of  Town & Tourist, these include the following:

  1. 8 Memorable things to do in Mauritius?
  2. Is Mauritius Expensive to Travel?
  3. Mauritius Travel Budget Calculator
  4. Mauritius Costs (Detailed)
  5. Is Mauritius Safe for Tourists?
  6. Do you need a Visa to Enter Mauritius?
  7. When is the Best time to Visit Mauritius?
  8. Where to stay in Mauritius?
  9. Favourite tours in Mauritius?
  10. 3 Essential Travel Tips? (Packing Guide)

A. 8 Memorable Things to do in Mauritius?

1. Visit the Bustling Markets of Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius, here you will find a vibrant & bustling markets which sell local goods from spices & fruits to handmade souvenirs.

Port Louis Mauritius

2. Take Photos of the Colonial Architecture of Port Louis

The Colonial Architecture of Port Louis is captivating & definitely worth a few photos.

Just be sure you have some high quality Travel Photography Gear

3. Relax on the incredible Beaches!

Mauritius has some of the most stunning beaches in the world, favourites include: Belle Mare, Trou aux Biches and Flic en Flac

4. Dive right in on the Island of Rodrigues

The Islands of Rodrigues is a great place for a day trip, the coral reefs here make it heaven for a diver!


5. Watch the fire walkers at Maha Shivaratri Festival

Head down to Grand Bassin, one of the two natural lakes in Mauritius and a sacred hindu site.

Be sure to visit the Maha Shivaratri Festival, where you can watch pilgrams walk over fire!

6. Visit the laid back town of Mahébourg

This historic town was built in 1805, back then it was a bustling port town.

7. Party in Grand Baie Town

Grand Baie Town is offers a vibrant nightlife in addition to many restaurants and shops.

8. Visit the turquoise water at Ile Aux Cerf Island

Hop on a ferry for a popular day trip to see the white sandy beaches & turquoise waters of Ile Aux Cerf Island.

Ile Aux Cerf Island Mauritius

B. Is Mauritius expensive to travel?

Mauritius is mid range when it comes to travel costs, due to the lack of "Street Food" culture eating out can be expensive in restaurants.

A budget traveller should budget $55 (USD) per day,

while a mid range traveller should budget $80-100 (USD) per day.  

This includes the cost of accommodation, food and transport!

These prices are similar to many parts of Australia. In Addition,  to the USA & western Europe, UK, France, Germany, Italy.

The good news is Mauritius is cheaper than New Zealand, for the most part!

C. Mauritius: Travel Budget Calculator

To help you budget your next adventure to Mauritius

Dive into our interactive Travel Budget Calculator below

User Guide: Simply select your “Travel Style”,  ” Number of Persons” and Number of Days Traveling.

Top Tip: “Group” travel budget gives the total budget for 4 people! To find out how much that is each simply divide by 4.

Family Budgets:

Families would be best using the Group selector, or those with small children should select “Couple” if the children are young enough to share a room.

We have compiled the data in the table above from our vast travel experience & other reliable sources.

What is the Currency in Mauritius?

he Mauritian Rupee is the currency of Mauritius. Rs.

1 USD =37 Rs

1 GBP = 47 Rs

1 EURO = 40 Rs

D. Mauritius Travel Costs (Detailed):

i. Budget Backpacker Travel Costs:

Budget Mauritius Travel CostsBudget DataCost (USD)Average Daily cost:$55Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel)$22Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$35Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$7Food & Water$8Entertainment$5Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)N/A

ii. Mid Range Travel Costs:

Mid Range Budget:Mauritius Travel CostsBudget DataCost (USD)Average Daily cost:$80Accommodation (Single Occupancy, Hostel)$40Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$60Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$10Food & Water$15Entertainment$9Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)N/A

iii. Luxury Vacation Travel Costs:

Mauritius Luxury Travel CostsBudget DataCost (USD)Average Daily cost:$130Accommodation (Single Occupancy)$60Accommodation (Double Occupancy, Hotel)$100Local Transport (Taxis, Buses, Subway)$15Food & Water$20Entertainment$15Intercity Transport (Transport between neighbouring cities)N/A

E. Is Mauritius safe for tourists?

According to the UK Government & US Government

Mauritius is a safe country for tourists, with Crime levels being very low.

Fun Fact: Around 140,000 British tourists visit Mauritius every year. Most visits are trouble free.

However, like in any busy area be sure to not carry too much cash and exercise caution in crowded areas such as, train and bus stations, airports to avoid pickpockets.

I recommend purchasing a hidden money belt, I take mine everywhere. See: Travel Accessories

F. Do you need a visa to enter Mauritius?

Many countries can get a visa on arrival when they enter Mauritius.

US Citizens:

According to the US Department of state:

You will be given a Visa on arrival when you enter Mauritius

, your passport will be stamped allowing entry to the country for 60 days.

You’ll need to be able to provide evidence of onward or return travel.

UK Citizens:

According to the UK Government:

You don’t need a visa to enter Mauritius.

On arrival, your passport will be stamped allowing entry to the country for 60 days.

You’ll need to be able to provide evidence of onward or return travel.

Insider Tip:

All governments advise on a valid Travel Insurance policy before traveling.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years.

G. When is the Best time to visit Mauritius?

The best time to visit Mauritius is between the months of May to December. At this time of year the the weather is cool, dry and sunny.

The island has a idyllic tropical climate with warm weather year-round.

Insider Tip:

If you plan on staying longer (3-6 months+) in Australia then you can get cheaper flights during the aussie winter or spring.

(So our summer if your in the northern hemisphere) For example, Flying out between June-October could get you a big saving.

H. Where to Stay in Mauritius?

For a complete list of our recommend hotels in Mauritius, follow the link HERE

I. Favourite Tours in Mauritius?

Mauritius is an epic place to take a bucket list tour,

from speed boat rides to island hopping, Mauritius has alot to offer!

For a list of my Favourite Tours in Mauritius follow the link HERE

Mauritius travel budget calculator:tours

Mauritius is an exceptional place to take a tour![/caption]

J. 3 Essential Travel tips?

1. Invest in a quality Travel Camera!

Capturing the Memories of your adventure is essential!

You will be able to show your friends, family and even grand kids all the wonderful photos captured.

For more info see, our recommend Travel Photography Gear

Make sure you are equip with some great Photography Gear!

2. Important! Are you insured?

Be aware that you will need separate travel insurance if you are traveling to Mauritius!

If you get ill or have an accident it will be a very costly experience!

All travellers to Mauritius should have a robust travel insurance to avoid paying out thousands of dollars.

I always recommend World Nomads, I’ve used these for years,

they are the best and most reliable insurance, they also provides an unlimited medical budget!

Travel Insurance

Getting hit with a large hospital bill after getting sick or injured, could really add to your worries! Get some Travel Insurance


For more info see: Why you NEED Travel Insurance?

3. Be sure you have your Travel Essentials  

(Things You can’t travel without!)

A high quality Tent & backpack can also be great investments to help you cut costs and have more of an adventure while traveling!

To learn about our secret Hotel Hacks check out: How to find the Best Hotel Deals??

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Article updated:
January 5, 2024

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