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La Serena Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to La Serena, Chile in 2024?

Planning a trip to Chile? La Serena, known for its beaches, colonial architecture, and Elqui Valley, is a top pick. Wondering about safety? We have insights.

Tobi Miles
March 29, 2024
La Serena Safety: Am I Safe to Travel to La Serena, Chile in 2024?

Safety is a complex topic, but La Serena generally stands out as a safe option for tourists. However, like any popular destination, it has its share of safety considerations. Let's dive into what makes La Serena a relatively safe choice for your next adventure and what you should keep in mind to ensure a worry-free visit.

Key Takeaways

  • La Serena is generally considered a safe destination for tourists, with lower rates of violent crimes compared to national averages, but visitors should still be vigilant of petty theft, especially in crowded areas.
  • Adopting preventative measures such as securing belongings, staying in well-lit areas at night, and utilizing reputable transportation services can significantly enhance safety during your stay.
  • The presence of the Chilean National Police, enhanced security initiatives like CCTV installations, and a community policing approach contribute to the overall safety and security of La Serena, making it a welcoming environment for tourists.
  • Utilizing local emergency services, including the dedicated Tourist Police unit, can provide additional support and assistance to international visitors, reinforcing La Serena's commitment to tourist safety.
  • Preparing for visits to more remote areas like the Elqui Valley requires additional precautions such as ensuring vehicle reliability, carrying sufficient water, and informing someone of your travel plans to mitigate risks.

Safety in La Serena

When considering a trip to La Serena, it's natural to wonder about the safety of the destination. The good news is that La Serena is largely deemed safe for tourists. However, like any popular tourist spot, it has its share of petty crimes such as pickpocketing, especially in crowded areas. Your vigilance is your best defense in these situations.

To give you a clearer picture, let's look at some data:

Crime Type


Safety Measures

Petty Theft


Keep valuables secure

Violent Crime


Stay in well-lit areas



Be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals


High Safety

Use verified taxi services

Always secure your belongings and avoid displaying expensive gadgets or jewelry that may attract unwanted attention. When exploring the area, it's advisable to stay in groups especially during the evening.

Emergency Services in La Serena are reliable. Should you need assistance, the local police are generally responsive to the needs of tourists. Additionally, emergency medical services are available and accessible, ensuring your safety is a priority during your stay.

For those venturing into the Elqui Valley or surrounding areas, it's essential to prepare for remote conditions. Although the region is beautiful, its isolated nature can pose risks if you're not adequately prepared. Ensure your vehicle is in good condition, carry sufficient water, and let someone know your itinerary.

  • Use ATMs in secure locations
  • Stay informed about local news
  • Respect local customs and laws

By staying informed and cautious, your visit to La Serena can be both enjoyable and safe, allowing you to fully immerse in the beauty and cultural richness of this Chilean gem.

Crime Rates in La Serena

When planning a trip to La Serena, Chile, understanding the local crime rates can help you make informed decisions about your safety. Generally, La Serena is considered safer than many other cities in Latin America, but like any popular tourist destination, it has its share of crime.

Petty theft is the most common issue tourists face. This includes pickpocketing, bag-snatching, and other forms of opportunistic theft, especially in crowded areas and tourist hotspots.

Here's a quick look at the crime rates in La Serena:

Crime Type

Rate per 100,000 Inhabitants

National Average










Vehicle Theft



Data sourced from the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the Chilean National Police.

These statistics illustrate that La Serena has significantly lower rates of violent crime, such as homicide and robbery, compared to the national averages. However, the risk of theft, while lower than in many parts of Chile, is still present.

To navigate La Serena safely, it's recommended to adopt preventative measures such as:

  • Always watching your belongings in public places
  • Avoiding poorly lit or deserted areas at night
  • Using reputable taxi services or ride-sharing apps
  • Staying in accommodations with good security measures

Be particularly vigilant during festivals or large public events, when petty criminals are more active. Despite these precautions, it's heartening to know that La Serena remains a relatively safe city for tourists, offering a tranquil atmosphere compared to the bustling urban centers. With the right precautions, your visit to La Serena can be both enjoyable and secure.

Police Presence and Security Measures

In assessing the safety of La Serena, it's crucial to understand the role of police presence and security infrastructure in maintaining low crime rates. Unlike some other tourist destinations where police are rarely seen, La Serena has made significant strides in boosting its security detail, particularly in areas frequented by tourists.

Chilean National Police, known as Carabineros, are highly visible throughout La Serena. Their presence is not just symbolic. They're involved in proactive measures to deter crime and provide assistance when needed. Major plazas, beaches, and markets often have patrols, ensuring that both locals and tourists feel safe in their surroundings.

Enhanced Security Initiatives

Recent years have seen a push towards enhancing La Serena's security infrastructure. This includes the installation of CCTV cameras in strategic locations, such as public squares, major streets, and near landmarks. The aim is clear: to create a vigilant environment that can both prevent incidents and provide clear evidence if a crime occurs.

Moreover, La Serena has adopted a community policing approach, where officers actively engage with residents and visitors, fostering a sense of trust and cooperation. This initiative not only helps in crime prevention but also ensures a quick response when issues arise.

Tourist Police Services

Understanding the needs of international visitors, La Serena has a dedicated Tourist Police unit. This team is trained to assist non-Spanish speakers, offering help ranging from navigating the city to reporting lost or stolen items. Their services are a testament to La Serena's commitment to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors.

With these measures in place, La Serena reinforces its reputation as a secure destination. The visibility of the law enforcement and the strategic implementation of security technology work hand in hand to maintain public safety. As you explore the city, you'll quickly appreciate the sense of security these initiatives provide, allowing you to focus on enjoying everything La Serena has to offer.

Tips for Staying Safe in La Serena

When you're exploring La Serena, your safety is paramount. Luckily, with a few smart precautions, you can ensure a worry-free visit to this beautiful city. Here are some must-follow tips that will keep you safe and secure.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings
Even in a city as safe as La Serena, it's crucial to stay alert. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places. Tourist areas are often targets for petty crime. Keep your belongings close and be cautious when using electronics in public spaces.

Use Official Transportation
For getting around, opt for official transportation. Licensed taxis and registered public transport are your best bet for safety. They are not only reliable but also prevent the risks associated with unregistered transportation services. Check for identification and use apps where possible to book your rides.

Follow Local Guidance
The Chilean National Police and Tourist Police are there to help. They can offer advice on safe areas to visit and any local scams to watch out for. Don't hesitate to approach them if you're feeling unsure about your safety.

Secure Your Valuables
Hotel safes are there for a reason. Use them to secure your passport, travel documents, and any expensive items you don't need to carry with you. When you're out and about, keep your valuables out of sight to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Beach Safety
La Serena's beaches are stunning, but remember ocean safety. Always swim in designated areas and heed the lifeguards' advice. Sudden currents can be dangerous even for the most experienced swimmers.

By following these practical tips, your visit to La Serena will not only be memorable but also safe. Your vigilance, combined with the city's robust safety measures, makes La Serena a top destination for tourists seeking both beauty and security.


Exploring La Serena promises an enriching experience, blending its scenic beauty with a sense of security. By adopting simple yet effective safety measures, you're setting the stage for an unforgettable visit. Remember, your vigilance, coupled with the city's dedicated efforts to protect its guests, plays a pivotal role in ensuring a serene and secure journey. So, pack your bags with confidence, knowing La Serena awaits to offer you not just its picturesque landscapes but a safe haven for your adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some safety tips for travelers visiting La Serena, Chile?

To stay safe in La Serena, be vigilant, aware of your surroundings, use official transportation, follow local guidance from the Chilean National Police and Tourist Police, secure your valuables, and practice beach safety.

How can I ensure my belongings are safe while exploring La Serena?

Secure your valuables by using hotel safes, carrying minimal cash, and keeping belongings close or hidden, especially in crowded areas.

Is it safe to use public transportation in La Serena, Chile?

Yes, it is safe to use public transportation in La Serena, but it's recommended to use official taxi services or apps and to avoid unregistered taxis for added security.

What role do the Chilean National Police and Tourist Police play in ensuring the safety of tourists?

The Chilean National Police and Tourist Police provide local guidance, safety recommendations, and assistance to tourists. They play a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment in La Serena.

Are there specific beach safety tips visitors should follow in La Serena?

When visiting the beaches, always swim in designated areas, follow lifeguard warnings, and never leave belongings unattended. It's also important to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated.

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